Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hate Mongers Wanted Rush Limbaugh To Die

“Hate mongers wanted Rush Limbaugh to die” I was thinking to myself this morning about all the hypocrisy there is on both sides of the current U.S. political divide. Last night, as news was breaking that Rush Limbaugh had been taken to a hospital in Hawaii with chest pains – hundreds of far left websites wrote articles of glee about his condition, while a few went as far to to claim that Rush Limbaugh had died. That same type of shameful behavior has been practiced by some on the political right as well, as they have hoped for bad things to happen to President Obama. The political extremes in the United States of America are nothing new, but in recent years – the news media has taken sides in this nasty battle, which leaves the vast majority of Americans that are on neither side just sitting around the country as ignored bystanders.

When I was a young man, the people that made up the political extremes in this country were laugh at as crazies. However, over the years as the major news media has elevated some of them to nationwide status by asking them to constantly give their opinion on radio and television shows. Today, it is impossible to watch any of the big three cable television news channels – without being lead down one of two paths of political extremism. What most extremist seem to miss is that while they believe passionately in their own political ideology, the other side thinks the same way – while neither side will work together for what is in the best interest of this country.

I am happy that Rush Limbaugh is going to be OK. However, the shock that was felt yesterday when the news broke that Limbaugh might have suffered a heart attack should be a wake up call for all political extremes and the moderates - which have always made this country great, to try and find common ground on some of the issues that divide us. All Americans have more in common with each other than we sometimes realize, but if we spend too much time focusing on the few issues that separate us – eventually the United States of America will find itself exactly like a third world country, where half of the population is in a constant state of war with the other half.

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