Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How Many Affairs Has Tiger Woods Had?

A magazine hinted today that it will soon publish the story of another woman who now claims to have also had an affair with Tiger Woods during his marriage. Right now, I am still willing to give Tiger Woods the benefit of the doubt - but his continuing silence is allowing everyone in the world to have a say so about the future of his life - while he stays hunkered down in his multi-million dollar home near Orlando, Florida with little to nothing to say. Sure, it is Tiger Woods right to say absolutely nothing to the tabloid reporters that are allowing some pretty shady characters to demean his personal character. However, if Tiger Woods continues to remain silent now that a second woman has said that she had an affair with him - the good will that Tiger Woods has built up with people around the world will start to become tarnished.

If Tiger Woods does not break his silence soon, even his most loyal fans will begin to ask the question, "How many affairs has Tiger Woods Had"? Within the past week, the image of Tiger Woods has diminished immensely. For me and many others, it's not the fact that Tiger Woods may have strayed from his marriage that bothers us the most, but it's the way in which he has been handling all the controversy that has come his way since he rammed his SUV into a tree on the morning after Thanksgiving. I still believe down deep inside that Tiger Woods is trying to protect his wife from criminal charges, but I also believe the members of the tabloid trash media will not rest until they force Tiger Woods to come clean about everything.

Right now, Tiger Woods still has time to hold a news conference and answer questions about these alleged affairs before his whole reputation is flushed down the toilet. From what I have read today, the Florida Highway Patrol has pretty much closed the investigation into what happened when he wrecked his SUV last week - so it should be easy for Tiger Woods to go on the record and either admit to having an affair or affairs, while he has been married or tell the world that all of these stories and rumors are untrue. I do not believe that it will be easy for Tiger Woods to talk to the news media, if he has been unfaithful to his wife - but I also believe that there is no way around answering questions about his marital fidelity - if he ever wants to have another moment of peace when he is in public.

Someone was telling me today how sorry they felt for Tiger Woods and in some ways I agree with those sentiments. However, I also believe that the real integrity of a person is tested the most when they are faced with tough choices in life. If Tiger Woods has had extra marital affairs and he comes clean about them and stops that self destructive behavior, I believe the millions of fans around the world that love him and his big dollar sponsors that fund his lifestyle - will forgive him. If, on the other hand, Tiger Woods continues to remain silent in the face of ever going new allegations of affairs, the slow daily drip of negative news stories about his personal life could not only tarnish his golfing career, but it also could end a marriage that might be saved - if he has the intestinal fortitude to tell the whole truth and let the chips fall where they may.

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