Thursday, December 03, 2009

How Much Money Will Tiger Woods Wife Get In A Divorce?

It did not take long for the tabloid media to pronounce the marriage of Tiger Woods as being dead. Who knows, maybe the media is right and someday soon Tiger Woods wife will file for divorce from her cheating husband. So, if Tiger Woods and his wife do eventually split up - most people are asking, "how much money will Tiger Woods' wife get in a divorce"? The simple answer, according to many experts, is $300 million. Before everyone starts saying that Tiger Woods wife would be a fool not to divorce him simply because of the amount of money she would likely receive in a divorce settlement - let's all just settle down for a moment and look at this terrible story of a cheating husband in the same way that other people from Tiger Woods' income class might view it.

To regular people like you and me, money in the range of $300 million is something we cannot even comprehend. However, for the super rich - life is always about more than just the amount of money that is divided up in a divorce settlement and I would be surprise if Tiger Woods attitude and that of his wife are any different. In cases like this one, I always remember a line from one of my favorite movies of all time - "Forrest Gump", when he told us all that "mama said that people only need so much money to be happy, the rest of it is just for showing off". I have always remember that line and many others from that great movie and when I think about Tiger Woods and his wife - there is more than enough money for each of them to live comfortably for several lifetimes, whether they stay married or get divorced.

Right now, there has to be a big hole in the heart of Tiger Woods' wife. Soon, she will move to the anger stage - if she is not already there and then is when it is likely to be known if she will be able to forgive him for cheating on her with more than one other woman. A lady friend at work today said that she could not believe that Tiger Woods would cheat on his wife because she is so beautiful. I told this friend that it has been proven time and time again that the beauty of a spouse has little to do with whether or not their mate will have sexual relations outside the marriage. My personal gut feeling tells me that Tiger Woods' wife will not be able to forgive him, simple because she will never be able to completely trust him ever again.

What bothers me the most about the cheating ways of Tiger Woods is the fact that while his wife was at home bearing him two beautiful children, he was out sowing his wild oats with other women. This is the same way I felt when politician John Edwards cheated on his wife - while at the same time she was fight for her life against cancer. Sure it is always bad when either a man or a woman cheats on their spouse. However, for me and many others it just adds insult in injury when a mate commits adultery - while at the same time their spouse is fighting off a potentially life ending disease or what ended up being the case with Tiger Woods - cheating, while his own wife was pregnant with his two children. When you add up all of these marital betrayals, I just can't see Tiger Woods' wife wanting to repair their marriage and I expect her to file for divorce someday soon.

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