Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How Will Health Care Changes Effect Most Americans?

“How will health care changes effect most Americans?” In a nutshell - most Americans will not notice any difference in their current health insurance once President Obama's new ideas are put into effect. However, the changes that will impact most Americans will be felt later on – when increased taxes at both the federal and state level are passed to pay for all these changes. From the beginning – I have considered it to be some type of cruel joke for Democrats tell the American people that the U.S. government can cover 20 million people that have no health insurance right now and at the end of the day that decision will save the taxpayers money.

In a strange sort of way, President Obama and democratic leaders in the Congress have stolen a play from the GOP playbook when it comes to using “smoke and mirrors” to sell their ideas to the country. For decades, GOP leaders have told the American people that by cutting taxes – the federal government would take in more money. Now, the Democratic Party is trying to use that same type of technique when it comes to selling health care reform to the voting public. Both Republicans and Democrats alike are less interested in what is best for the people that elected them to office, than they are in making sure that their priorities are satisfied by their public service. Only in Washington D.C. does the math work out that spending more money always leads to more money coming into the federal government.

I have joked before that if any of us outside of government visited our own personal banker and told him or her that the best way for us to get out of debt would be for them to loan us as much money as we could spend – our banker would have us thrown out of the office or at least he or she would laugh uncontrollably at our financial ignorance. Tax cuts do not lead to more money coming into the federal government and covering 20 million people with health insurance at the governments expense is not going to save the nation money, either. If all of these foolish ideas were not so serious, we could all just sit back and laugh as Washington politicians make up their own mathematical tables for the simple purpose of increasing their own power-base and financial future.

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