Monday, December 14, 2009

Is Tiger Woods Hiding Out On His Yacht Named Privacy?

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“Is Tiger Woods hiding out on his yacht named Privacy?” Tabloid news reports say that Tiger Woods is currently hiding out from scores of reporters and the general public on his yacht, which he named “Privacy”. Tiger Woods yacht is said to be anchored not far from Palm Beach, Florida. The reason why many reporters now believe that Tiger Woods is hold up on his yacht is, because there is much tighter security surround that location now than was the case just a few days ago. Could it be that Tiger Woods and his wife are spending time on their yacht to try and repair their marriage or is Tiger Woods living there all by himself in order to give his wife some time to herself to reevaluate their marriage?

I have no clue if Tiger Woods is living on his Yacht named “Privacy” all by himself or if his wife is there with him. One thing is for sure and that is that Tiger Woods has not been photographed in public since he wrecked his SUV on the morning after Thanksgiving. While it is true that Tiger Woods is a very private man, except when it comes to having affairs – I believe it is likely that no one has been able to photograph Tiger Woods for over two weeks, because more than likely he suffered severe damage to his face after that traffic accident. All police reports of Tiger Woods accident said that his airbags did not deploy and if he was not wearing a seat belt – he most certain hit the steering wheel of his SUV with enough force to knock out several of his teeth and cause major damage to his face.

What better place for Tiger Woods to hide out from reporters and the general public at large than on a yacht that is surrounded by security personnel? My own gut feeling is that Tiger Woods already knows that his marriage is over, so right now he is just trying to heal his body enough so he can show up on television and try to explain why he had so many extramarital affairs. Time will tell if all of Tiger Woods injuries were suffered in that traffic accident near his home or if his wife is responsible for some of them – because she discovered that he had been cheating on her for years. Either way, it is not going to matter to the future of Tiger Woods the golf professional. Someday, he will return to the PGA tour and at that time he will start winning golf tournaments once again. I only hope that when that happens, Tiger Woods decides to remain single - so none of us have to watch this whole bad marriage experience play out once again, with a new wife.

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