Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time For Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve 2010

“Time For Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve 2010” Folks in the eastern time zone have already brought in the New Year, but millions of other Americans are still waiting to see the one person that assures us all that the new year is just around the corner. As has been the case for years, Dick Clark will once again bring in the New Year in Times Square along with his co-host Ryan Seacrest. This years New Years celebration from New York City will mark the first time in years that the New Year celebration takes place during a “Blue Moon”.

In a recent interview, Dick Clark was asked if he planned on showing up for the show once again in 2011 and he told the interviewer that he had not decided yet, but more than likely if his health holds out – he will once again be in the homes of millions of Americans when we celebrate the beginning of 2011 in twelve short months. Most people already know that over five years ago, Dick Clark suffer a stroke and ever since that time he has had difficulty speaking in an clear and understandable voice. During that same interviewer, Dick Clark said they he still shows up to do the “Rockin New Years Eve Show”, because many people have told him that he gives hope to other people who have also suffered strokes.

Here in the Central Time Zone, midnight will occur in about 30 minutes. Like everyone else, my wife and I will be switching over the the ABC television network to watch Dick Clark from “Times Square” for his annual ball dropping show. Let me also take this opportunity to thank all the people who visit this blog on a regular basis and to wish each and everyone of you a happy, health and prosperous New Year!!

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