Wednesday, December 02, 2009

When Will Tiger Woods Play Golf Again?

The next golf tournament that Tiger Woods is scheduled to play in will be in January of 2010. That gives him a little more than one month to try and repair his badly damaged marriage and a public image that has earned him an income of tens of millions of dollars per year. Earlier today, Tiger Woods released a statement to the news media that I consider to be a confession to his crime of cheating on his wife. While these types of cheating husband stories are common place for most famous people, when Tiger Woods issues a press release admitting to causing pain to his family - that revelation will be front page news around the world.

On a positive note for Tiger Woods golf career, the timing of the news that he has been unfaithful to his wife could not be better. While PGA golf is played in different parts of the world year round, in the United States - December and January are not big months when it comes to golf tournaments and that means that Tiger Woods will not have to face the public again for well over one month. However, there is a negative side to Tiger Woods not playing golf again until January and that revolves around the intense stress he will under by having to face his wife and children on a daily basis at home, while at the same time knowing how much his infidelity has hurt them. In my opinion, it is a good thing that Tiger Woods is not able to run away and play a golf tournament somewhere right now, because he will be forced to stay home and witness the pain that he brought upon his family and that personal shame might keep him from making the same mistake again in the future.

I think every person in the world could learn something from Tiger Woods cheating ways when it comes to the choices they make in their own lives. Men and women cheat on their spouse for different reasons, but with either sex there is a common factor that causes them to stray and that factor is a lack of family loyalty. Sure, some folks will try and blame their infidelity on the other persons actions - but in reality, the real person to blame for an affair is always the one that cheats. Today, when I read Tiger Woods statement about causing pain to his family - I thought he used the right words and I was extremely happy that he did not try to blame his lack of moral character on his wife. If there is not enough pain and heartache inflicted on the person that cheated, the likelihood that another affair will happen down the road will increase dramatically.

Over the next month, most people in the United States will be celebrating Christmas. No other time of year is more dedicated to honoring the family unit than in November and December - so my hope is that while Christmas of 2009 will not be considered one of the happiest that Tiger Woods has celebrated in his short lifetime, it could very well be the one holiday season that will teach him about how important it is to stay loyal to your personal family unit. Tiger Woods is not the first or the last person that will be caught having an affair outside their marriage. However, in closing I would just like to repeat something that I heard a long time ago that says - 'anything that does not kill you, will only make you stronger". Those are good words for Tiger Woods to hear today.

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