Monday, December 28, 2009

Will The Dallas Cowboys Win Superbowl 2010?

“Will the Dallas Cowboys win Superbowl 2010?” Two months ago I would have said no, but now I'm not so sure. The 2009 NFL season has been a tough one for most Dallas Cowboys fans. However, now that the 2009 season is drawing to a close and instead of getting worse each week – the Dallas Cowboys are playing better, then anything is now possible. Just a few hours ago, The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Washington Redskins and with that victory they guaranteed themselves a trip to the playoffs in 2009. For several years, Dallas Cowboys fans have found themselves extremely excited during the first part of the season – only to have that enthusiasm doused with cold water as the team fell completely apart during the month of December. However, in 2009 – the Dallas Cowboys seem to be peaking late in the season and that change could lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Superbowl victory in February of 2010.

Earlier this season, I was very hard on the Dallas Cowboys in many of my blog posts. I now regret the strong and harsh words I used against my favorite NFL team. Much of my early season disappointment with the 2009 Dallas Cowboys football team was based around years of poor on-field football play by the team, especially during the month of December. However, during the 2009 football season – Tony Romo and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys players seem to have corrected the “December Jinks” that follow the team for several years. During the 2009 NFL football season, instead of playing great football during the first part of the year and then falling apart during the month of December – the Dallas Cowboys took care of business during December by beating the unbeaten New Orleans Saints last Saturday night and then defeating one of their biggest foes, the Washington Redskins last night.

Now, all Dallas Cowboys fans will be waiting for the next shoe to drop – which will be how well will the team play during their first playoff game of the 2009 season. My hope is that along with the fall of the “Dallas Cowboys December Jinks” - there will be the burial of the always losing the first playoff game jinks that has followed the team for years, as well. This years Superbowl game will be played at the beginning of February next year (2010). Right now, I am cautiously optimistic at the chances of the Dallas Cowboys to play in the 2010 Superbowl game. For the past 35 years, I have watched and cheered for the Dallas Cowboys each and every time they took to the football field. For many years before Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys, most weekends my cheers turned into disappointment as the Cowboys did not show up to play good football on Sunday afternoon. Then, after Jerry Jones fired Jimmy Johnson – there was another long playoff dry spell, when it came to Dallas Cowboys Superbowl appearances. I really hope that the latest Dallas Cowboys losing streak is over and that the next few years will lead to mainly victories for “America Team” the Dallas Cowboys!

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