Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Will Jury Give Casey Anthony The Death Penalty?

“Will jury give Casey Anthony the death penalty?” While I think they should, more than likely they will not. Since starting this blog almost five years ago, no single story that I have written about has created more negative reaction than those involving Casey Anthony. Put simply, millions of people around the world believe that Casey Anthony killed her two year old daughter Caylee and most of them want to see Casey Anthony punished with the death penalty for that crime. I too believe that Casey Anthony did indeed murder her own daughter, but when I study the history of what juries do in cases similar to this one – most of the time they show compassion to a young mother like Casey Anthony, by sparing them the death penalty.

While Casey Anthony does deserve the death penalty - if she did kill her two year old daughter, there is a good argument to be made for allowing her to live the remainder of her life in prison – instead of being put to death. For all practical purposes, the death penalty is mainly used by the government to kill people more out of a need of revenge for an angry public than it is to make sure that harden criminals are not someday released or escape from prison. Right now, I more come down on the side of thinking that believes Casey Anthony should receive life in prison. If the State of Florida does eventually put Casey Anthony to death, it will take at least one decade and probably much longer before that sentence is carried out. As everyone already knows, there are many different appeals available to death sentenced inmates, which always drag on for years after the sentence is imposed.

During that 10 year or more period of time, Casey Anthony will still be the center of attention – rather than starting to serve a life prison sentence where she will eventually not even be thought of by most people in the world. While few people completely understand the mindset of a narcissist and sociopath like Casey Anthony, we all understand that their lives would mean nothing to them if no one paid any attention to what they said or did. Right now, even though it is for the worst possible reason – I believe that Casey Anthony is basking in the attention of worldwide media coverage that is being given to her - because she likely killed her own daughter. If she is convicted of murder later this year, I will be hoping that the jury decides to give her life in prison - instead of the death penalty.

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