Monday, December 14, 2009

Will Nike Stick With Tiger Woods After Sex Scandal?

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“Will Nike stick with Tiger Woods after sex scandal?” There have been some major sponsors which have become “weak in the knees” when it comes to having Tiger Woods endorse their products in the near future, but Tiger's biggest sponsor is Nike and so far they have been sticking with him in the same way they have done with other major sports figures who also got into trouble in their personal lives. Put simple, I do not believe that Nike will drop Tiger Woods as an endorser of their products. Instead, Nike is likely to go in the opposite direction and even send more money Tiger Woods way now that he is not as clean cut of an athletic figure as he was before news broke that he had cheated on his wife with numerous other women.

One major sports figure, Dennis Rodman, said recently in a Fox News Channel interview that Nike loves controversy and if that statement by Rodman is correct – then Nike must love Tiger Woods more today than they have in the past. Most older Americans do not buy Nike products, because they are very expensive. However, kids and young adults are drawn to the Nike brand name – because of the expensive price and the fact that well known athletes endorse their various products. While Tiger Woods has disappointed most of his fan base, there are many younger sports fans that are still a bit wild by nature and the numerous affairs that Tiger Woods has admitted to having will cause them to like him even more. That is why Nike will stick with Tiger Woods, while at the same time many other mainstream companies will flee his endorsements like the plague.

For Nike, their business model is all about branding. So, while most people around the world were disappointed in Tiger Woods cheating ways – more than likely Nike was seeing huge dollar signs in their near future, because some young people will want to buy anything with Tiger Woods name on it now that he has messed up his personal life. There always has been and there always will be a certain percentage of the American population that desires to live a counter culture type lifestyle. When I was young, those folks were called hippies. Now days however, when a good clean cut guy like Tiger Woods strays and cheats on his wife – most people will be disgusted, but that still leaves millions of Americans who always believe the opposite of the majority on any moral issue and it is those Americans who will spend tens of millions of dollars on Tiger Woods Nike products even more now that he is not long considered a clean cut nice guy anymore.

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