Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Will Steroids/Pain Killers Finish Off Tiger Woods?

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“Will steroids/pain killers finish off Tiger Woods?” It is beginning to look that way. There are reports, which are coming to light more and more each day, that Tiger Woods was not only taking a number of powerful prescription pain medications over the past couple of years, but to make his situation even worse - there are now allegations that he has been taking steroids, as well. What is that old saying, “it never rains but it pours”? Tiger Woods might be thinking about that very saying tonight as both his marriage and now his golf career could completely fall off a cliff in the weeks and months to come. In recent days, I have received some pretty nasty emails and comments on this blog from people who are outraged that bloggers like myself have been too tough on Tiger Woods – because of his extramarital affairs over the past couple of years. To those folks I say, “you ain't seen nothing yet”.

It is a proven fact, if you take the time to study history, that when someone of the size and stature of Tiger Woods is caught having multiple extramarital affairs – usually in short order, even more bad news comes out to show there is more to the story than just a guy who could not control his sexual impulses. I have no doubt that Tiger Woods would prefer to have dozens more women come forward to admit to extramarital affairs with him, rather than to face the severe questions - which will soon be plastered all over newspaper headlines, which will suggest that Tiger Woods might have been taking performance enhancing drugs (steroids) for years to improve his golf game. If these new allegations turn out to be true, Tiger Woods will change the PGA in the future in a totally different way from his past - as regular drug testing could be mandated in future years simple because of him.

Tiger Woods' fall from grace, while tragic, is nothing new in the history books of American athletes from all professional sports. The American way of life has always built up some people to the point where there is nowhere else to go but down. For years, Tiger Woods has been put on display – by the PGA and his corporate sponsors, as the ideal picture of what a successful American male should look and act like. Behind the scenes and over time, Tiger Woods life and lifestyle was completely falling apart – but no one wanted to see or admit to what was happening to him as a person. For the rest of us, there are so many lessons to be learned from Tiger Woods rise and fall in the golf world and most certainly we will all learn even more in the weeks and months to come - as the Tiger Woods affair story, eventually turns into something much bigger and more costly to his professional future.

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