Monday, December 14, 2009

Will Tiger Woods Wife Divorce Him In 2010?

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"Will Tiger Woods wife divorce him in 2010?" The answer appears to be yes. Reports, early this morning, suggest that Tiger Woods wife will remain with her cheating husband at least until the 2009 Christmas holiday season is over. Then according to these same sources, Tiger Woods wife will divorce him and move back to her native homeland of Sweden to raise their kids alone. Wow, what a December it has been for the once popular sports figure of Tiger Woods. For several years, while Tiger Woods was out cheating on his wife with at least one dozen other women, both Tiger Woods' wife and millions of golf fans were caught completely by surprise by his self destructive and narcissistic choices to have sex with women outside his marriage – who have reputations that were very questionable at best.

Some people have suggested that Tiger Woods must be a “sex addict”, but to those people I say hogwash. Why is it that every time a famous person who strays in his marriage, like Tiger Woods has done, must be given some kind of mental health label to explain why they cheated? Tiger Woods is not a “sex addict”, but instead he has finally shown his narcissistic and selfish side. Once the news of multiple extramarital affairs, by Tiger Woods, was released to the public by the tabloid news media – Tiger Woods went completely underground and he is said to be trying to repair the damage he did to his marriage and his children at this very moment. Does anyone really believe the Tiger Woods cover story that he decided to take off from the game of golf indefinitely in order to save his marriage? Tiger Woods along with everyone else already knows that what little that is left of his marriage - will soon be toast once the 2009 holiday season is over.

Right now, the billion dollars plus that Tiger Woods has socked away since becoming the most famous and respected golfer in the world will be used to try and improve his public image. Make no mistake, it is in Tiger Woods best financial interest to keep his marriage together for as long as possible and fortunately for him his wife seems to want to make sure that their break-up will not occur during the 2009 Christmas holiday season for the sake of the kids. At least Tiger Woods' wife is acting like a mature adult, while her soon to be ex-husband remains secluded away from the mountain of friends he cultivated in the news media to help perpetuate his house of lies. I really hope that Tiger Woods will learn from this experience, but if history is any guide – before long Tiger Woods will be a single man and his sexual deviancy will lead him to once again marry and yes cheat on his new wife, as well.

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