Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will Jerry Jones Fire Coach Wade Phillips?

“Will Jerry Jones fire coach Wade Phillips?” Now that the 2009/2010 football season is history for the Dallas Cowboys, the next big question that will be asked by Cowboys fans will be whether or not Jerry Jones will fire Wade Phillips as the head football coach of the Dallas Cowboys? Right now, I do not have a clue what Jerry Jones will do when it comes to renewing the contract of head coach Wade Phillips – but at this time, I am leaning toward believing that Wade Phillips will be around for at least one more year as the leader of the Dallas Cowboys.

In more ways than one, Jerry Jones has said himself that he believes the Dallas Cowboys future resides in the hands of Wade Phillips. In fact, in a recent interview – Jerry Jones said that the current coaching staff of the Dallas Cowboys should produce a team that will win the Superbowl, on paper, soon - but he (Jerry Jones) was waiting to see if that “on paper feel good feeling” translated into football reality. There are many Dallas Cowboys fans that have wanted Wade Phillips fired for years and in the early Wade Phillips years I wanted him fired, too. However, as the end of the 2009/2010 season approached - the defensive coaching wisdom of coach Wade Phillips, began to finally start to take shape as the Dallas Cowboys soundly defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in their first playoff victory in more than a decade.

I have written here about personal feelings, many times before, when it comes to who I think would be the best future coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Dungy is the only coach that I would like to see lead the Cowboys into the future, but the 64,000 dollar question is would Cowboys owner Jerry Jones want a strong willed coach like Dungy leading his team and could Coach Dungy be convinced to come out of retirement to lead the Dallas Cowboys to another Superbowl win as their new head coach? Since it is unlikely that Jerry Jones or Tony Dungy will ever get together on the same page, right now I would like to see coach Wade Phillips NOT be fired as the head football coach of the Dallas Cowboys by Jerry Jones. The end of the 2009/2010 Dallas Cowboys season was such a breath of fresh air for victory hungry Cowboys fans, that I think Jerry Jones should give Wade Phillips one more year to try and transform the Dallas Cowboys into a Superbowl contention team.

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Cowboys/Vikings Game Time: 1pm EST / 12pm CST Sunday

“Cowboys/Vikings game time: 1pm EST / 12pm CST Sunday.” In less than 12 hours, the Dallas Cowboys will play the Minnesota Vikings (Game Time: 1pm EST / 12pm CST on the Fox Television Network). This game will decide which team will continue in the 2009/2010 playoffs and what team will go home. As I have written for many days now, the Dallas Cowboys are playing the best defense in the NFL right now and I will be shocked if Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback Brett Favre has much time to connect with his receivers during today's playoff game, because of a strong pass rush that will be delivered by DeMarcus Ware and the rest of the Cowboys defense.

It's already well past my bedtime, but like millions of other Dallas Cowboys fans – the wait between last weeks first playoff victory against the Eagles and today's game against the Minnesota Vikings has seem to be much longer than one week. Of course, every time the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in contention to play in the Superbowl – my month of January and February of those years are more exciting than the norm. I really believe that the Dallas Cowboys will beat the Minnesota Vikings tomorrow and when that happens there will be only one more game to play this season before the Superbowl.

All last week, the Dallas Cowboys went through their daily workouts with blaring music and crowd screams pumped into the background of the workout fields as they practiced. To me, that was a smart move by the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff - because it is common knowledge that the fans in Minnesota like to make a bunch of noise so offensive play calling is difficult for opposing teams during Vikings home football games. All Cowboys fans in Texas will be tuning their TV sets to Fox television later today at 12pm for the opening kickoff of the Cowboys/Vikings game. At that time, I will join millions of other Dallas Cowboys fans in eating some hot pizza, drinking some cold beer and following each and every play of this exciting game.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cowboys Predicted To Defeat Vikings On Sunday

“Cowboys predicted to defeat Vikings on Sunday.” Tonight, I was visiting some well known sports websites on the Internet when I was amazed to discover that some of the best known people in the sporting business are now predicting a Dallas Cowboys win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Wow, only a few months ago – none of these same experts believed that the Dallas Cowboys had a chance to win even one playoff football game, not to mention two. The reason why so many sports pundits now believe that the Dallas Cowboys are the “real deal” in 2009/2010 is because of the outstanding leadership of Demarcus Ware on the Cowboys defense and Tony Romo / Miles Austin on offense.

The past thirty days, it has been exciting to be a Dallas Cowboys football fan. Ever since the Cowboys defeated the New Orleans Saints in the later part of this season, the fortunes of the entire team seemed to change overnight. As I wrote earlier this week, I give most of the credit for this years Dallas Cowboys turn around to DeMarcus Ware - who after leaving the football field injured during the New Orleans Saints game, came back the next week to transform the Dallas Cowboys defense from a mediocre group of football players to one of the best in the NFL today.

All over the State of Texas, Dallas Cowboys fever has spread faster than the “swine flu”. People who have talked little about the Dallas Cowboys as a team for years are now alive and cheering their favorite football team. The last time I remember hearing so many people talk positively about the Dallas Cowboys was back in the mid 1990's. All I can say is that if the Dallas Cowboys do defeat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, as many of the pundits believe, there will be a huge party taking place all over the Lone Star State as every “boys” fan starts to believe that the Cowboys could go all the way to the Superbowl this season.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Cowboys/Vikings Playoff Game Could Set Ratings Record

“Cowboys/Vikings playoff game could set ratings record.” Last weekend, when the Dallas Cowboys won their first playoff game of the 2009/2010 NFL season against the Philadelphia Eagles - over 30 million people watched that football game on NBC television. This Sunday afternoon, when the Dallas Cowboys play the Minnesota Vikings in their next playoff game – Fox Sports could find themselves with the highest rated football game, so far, this season. While many fans in the NFL love to hate the Dallas Cowboys, there is no doubt that when the Cowboys are on fire and in the playoffs – millions of extra eyeballs find their way to television sets to watch their games in local restaurants and bars - and on big “flat-screen” TV's in homes around the country.

While NFL team support may have changed over the past 20 years or so, I still remember a time when a poll asked NFL football fans what their favorite team was and the results of that poll showed that the Dallas Cowboys were favored by almost a three to one margin compared to the next highest NFL team. I believe to a certain extent, there is still widespread fan support for the Dallas Cowboys in cities and in small towns around the country and that is why the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles first playoff game was such a ratings winner for NBC. I also believe tremendous Cowboys fan support will boost this Sunday's NFC playoff game ratings between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys into sport TV history.

While there are Dallas Cowboys fans that love their team even when they win few games in a given season, there are multi-millions more Cowboys fans that come to life when the team crawls out of a mediocre year like 2009 and sprints into the playoffs like a bolt of lighting. Right now, the Dallas Cowboys are playing better football than any other team in the NFL and that fact should make this Sunday's playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings a ratings winner for Fox Sports. I believe 50 million people will watch this Sunday's playoff game between the Cowboys and Vikings.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dallas Cowboys DeMarcus Ware Big Factor In Vikings Game?

“Dallas Cowboys DeMarcus Ware big factor in Vikings game?” With the possible exception of Tony Romo, no single player on the Dallas Cowboys football team will have a greater impact on Sunday's playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings than DeMarcus Ware. During the late part of the 2009/2010 Dallas Cowboys season, I have watched with amazement at how much pressure DeMarcus Ware has been able to put on opposing teams quarterbacks. Fast forward to this Sunday afternoons playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings and it could very well be one of the longest afternoons in Brett Favre's professional football career, if DeMarcus Ware is able to successfully defeat the offensive line of the Vikings and pressure Favre on every single passing play.

After leaving the football field on a stretcher during the New Orleans Saints/Dallas Cowboys game several weeks ago, DeMarcus Ware returned to the football field with enough enthusiasm and raw human emotion to pump the entire Dallas Cowboys team up and make them a winning football team in 2009/2010. I do not believe the Dallas Cowboys would be playing the Minnesota Vikings in this Sunday's playoff game without the late season leadership of DeMarcus Ware.

All I can say is wow - every time I think back to the fire that DeMarcus Ware first lit under the britches of the Dallas Cowboys defense and then within a short period of time the Dallas Cowboys offense as well - when he returned to the football field after that terrible injury scare he had in New Orleans. People in the NFL have said repeated over the years that when a professional football player like DeMarcus Ware goes through the fear of a career ending injury, those players either become timid in their future play or they come back afterward with a new intensity for the game of football. Every Dallas Cowboys fan is very thankful this year to a guy by the name of DeMarcus Ware, because without him we probably would not be watching the Dallas Cowboys in another playoff game this Sunday.

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Kevin Skinner Performs At Foxwoods MGM Casino

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“Kevin Skinner performs at Foxwoods MGM Casino.” Last fall, Kevin Skinner and the rest of the top finalist of America's Got Talent 2009 performed in front of thousands of excited fans in Las Vegas. Now, Kevin and the rest of the gang from last years AGT show are ready to take their show – hosted by Jerry Springer, to the East Coast of the United States where they will perform live on stage at the Foxwoods MGM Casino in Mashantucket, CT. Live concerts are already scheduled at the Foxwoods MGM Casino from January 17th – February 7th with ticket prices ranging from $25 - $69. To reserve your seat for this exciting show call 1-866-646-0050.

Still no word yet as to when a CD from Kevin Skinner will be released, but my good friends at have set up a free email alert system to let everyone know when Kevin Skinner's first album with be released to the public (Click Here For More Information). More than likely, there will be several more live concert appearances starring Kevin Skinner and the rest of the 2009 AGT finalist before Kevin is released from his contract with America's Got Talent. Once that contract is satisfied, I expect Kevin Skinner to release a new CD soon thereafter to his hungry and eager fans.

While the rest of us in the Heartland of the United States wait patiently for Kevin Skinner to release his first CD, first folks on the West Coast had a chance to watch him sing live in Las Vegas last year and now for a few weeks – people in the New York and Connecticut area will be able to watch Kevin and the other finalist of AGT 2009 perform live at the Foxwoods MGM Casino. My hope is that after AGT takes it's road show to both the East and West Coast of the United States – they will soon thereafter schedule a show in the Central part of the United States - so the rest of us landlocked Americans will have a chance to watch Kevin Skinner live on stage, without driving thousands of miles. (Help Kevin Skinner Get Played On The Radio)

Finally, A Cowboys/Colts 2010 Superbowl Game?

“Finally, a Cowboys/Colts Superbowl game?” For many a year, I have hoped for a Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts Superbowl game and finally in 2010 that dream of mine could become a reality. Of course, for the Cowboys and Colts to meet in the Superbowl in three weeks - it will require both teams to keep winning, but at the end of the 2009/2010 NFL season – that possibility seems pretty likely. Both the Dallas Cowboys and the Indianapolis Colts are playing at the top of their game right now and I expect that type of performance to continue.

During that long dry spell, when the Dallas Cowboys wondered in the wilderness of bad seasons - I also had the Indianapolis Colts as a fall back team to watch. Sadly, more than a decade has gone by since the Dallas Cowboys were in a position to make it to and win the Superbowl – so during many end of the NFL seasons, I found myself pulling for the Indianapolis Colts to win the big game. However, during the end of the 2009/2010 NFL season – the Dallas Cowboys have come back to life in a way that I have not seen since Jimmy Johnson coached them to two back to back Superbowl wins a long time ago. This year, it's not only possible that the Colts and Cowboys could meet in the Superbowl in February – but I now consider that match-up to be more likely than not.

As many of you already know, for a long time now, my favorite coach in the NFL has been Tony Dungy. Of course, Coach Dungy retired recently and now works for NBC Sports – but my hope would be that if Jerry Jones decides to make a change at the head coaching position of the Dallas Cowboys, that he would seek out and convince Tony Dungy to come out of retirement and coach the Dallas Cowboys. While I may have followed and supported the Indianapolis Colts through many a bad Dallas Cowboys years, make no mistake about it – if the Colts and Cowboys end up playing each other in the 2010 Superbowl, my full faith and allegiance will be squarely focused on a Dallas Cowboys victory.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Will The Dallas Cowboys Defense Stop Brett Favre

"Will The Dallas Cowboys Defense Stop Brett Favre?" As Sunday's big playoff game nears between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings, the biggest question I have is will the Cowboys defense be able to stop Brett Favre? I believe the Dallas Cowboys defense is playing better right now than any other team in the NFL. However, the reverse is true as well that Brett Favre is playing the the best he has played as quarterback this year too. Sunday's game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys should be a "barn burner" of a game that could come down to the final few plays of the game to decide the victor.

For me, the Dallas Cowboys offense only started to play really well once the Cowboys defense stepped up and started to make teams like New Orleans suffer on the football field. While big named offensive players like Tony Romo usually get most of the media attention - it is a well known fact to most NFL fans that a teams defense is usually the place where tough playoff games are won and lost. That is why I believe the Dallas Cowboys will come out of Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings with a close victory. The past three weeks, I have seen the Dallas Cowboys defense play better than any other Cowboys defense in my lifetime and if they play that same way on Sunday against the Vikings - it really won't matter how well Brett Favre plays, because his efforts will not be enough to claim a victory when the final whistle blows.

Right now, the Dallas Cowboys are playing football at a higher level than any other team in the NFL. The only real question most Cowboys fans still have is will this new momentum that the team has found in the last month continue all the way to the Superbowl or will it fizzle out before then? Sadly, the first part of the 2009 NFL season showed the Dallas Cowboys at their worst and I think all fans of the Dallas Cowboys are a little uneasy about this new and dynamic team that has played the past 30 days. Sunday's game against the Vikings will either lift the spirits of Cowboys fans even higher or we might just find ourselves feeling the same way we did at the beginning of December of 2009.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dallas Cowboys Could Go All The Way

'Dallas Cowboys Could Go All The Way'. In the words of a famous sports broadcaster from ESPN, the 2009/2010 Dallas Cowboys could “go all the way” to the Superbowl this season. Yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles for the third time this season and they are pumped and ready to travel into enemy territory next weekend (Minnesota) to beat the Vikings in order to keep their 2009/2010 playoff season alive. The past three weeks, the Dallas Cowboys have tamed their NFC rivals the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles with easy victories. Now, as the Dallas Cowboys travel to play the Minnesota Vikings next weekend – we will all see if the aging Brett Favre and his Vikings' teammates have what it takes to beat the late 2009/2010 season Dallas Cowboys in a do or die playoff game in their own hometown.

There is no doubt that Brett Favre has created a bunch of excitement for Vikings' football fans in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul – but Tony Romo has created equally as much fan enthusiasm in the Texas cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth during the month of December/January 2009 & 2010 for Cowboys fans, as well. Will the 2009/2010 NFL season for the Dallas Cowboys be the one that will take the team back to respectability in the NFL or will the teams first playoff victory against the Philadelphia Eagles last night - turn out to be their last of this season? Finally, I can say that I believe that the 2009/2010 Dallas Cowboys are the real deal and I also believe they could and will go “all the way” to the big Superbowl game next month.

In a way, I feel terrible about the early season blog post I wrote about Tony Romo. Like many other Dallas Cowboys fans, early on in this season I did not believe that Romo had what it would take to bring the Dallas Cowboys back to Superbowl contention in the near future. However, I now believe I was wrong about Tony Romo - as he has given new life to the Dallas Cowboys football team at just the right time of the season. I look forward to next weekends NFL playoff match-up between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings. If, as I expect they will do, the Dallas Cowboys wipe up the field and defeat Brett Favre's Vikings next weekend. The 2009/2010 Dallas Cowboys will be on their way to a victory in Superbowl 2010.

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Romo v. Favre – Cowboys/Vikings Playoff Game

'Romo v. Favre – Cowboys/Vikings Playoff Game'. When the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings meet on the football field next weekend, everyone that watches the NFL either as a professional or a fan will be talking about the similarities and the differences between the two starting quarterbacks. To me, there are similarities in the playing styles of Tony Romo and Brett Favre, but there is one striking difference. While Brett Favre is at the end of his NFL career, Tony Romo has just started his and it will be interesting to watch these two great quarterbacks take to the football field in an NFC playoff game next weekend.

Being a Dallas Cowboys fan, next weekend, I will be on the side of Tony Romo. However, I am also a fan of the NFL and there is no doubt that Brett Favre is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play professional football. Like many other fans of the NFL, I have been concerned that Brett Favre is addicted to playing professional football and that addiction is the main reason why he cannot go into retirement and stay there. That said, in 2009 Brett Favre is playing the best football of his NFL career and for that matter so is Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo.

I believe the real difference between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings going into next weeks playoff game will be the Cowboys defense. On offense, I believe both Brett Favre and Tony Romo will do an excellent job getting their teams on the score board with enough points to win the game. However, I believe there is no NFL defense that is better than the late season Dallas Cowboys (2009/2010) and that edge should lead to a small Cowboys victory against the Viking next weekend. All this week, I look forward to listening to the pundits for both the Cowboys and Vikings on talk radio as they go about their business of taking apart each and every strength and weakness of both teams. Then next weekend in Minnesota, I expect to watch one of the best NFL playoff games in a long time.

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Dallas Cowboys Are For Real In 2009

"Dallas Cowboys are for real in 2009". Less than one hour ago, I finished watching the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in a blow out NFL Wildcard playoff game in Arlington, Texas. Not since the year 1996 have the Dallas Cowboys won a playoff game and not until several years before that have I been so excited about the chances of the Dallas Cowboys to go all the way and win the Superbowl in February of 2010. It has been a long dry spell for Dallas Cowboys fans ever since owner Jerry Jones fired the best coach the Cowboys ever had, Jimmy Johnson, right after he took the team to back to back Superbowl championships.

Now, in 2009 - there is a real chance again for a new group of Dallas Cowboys players to go all the way and win the Superbowl in Miami in February of 2010. As everyone already knows, the first part of the 2009 NFL season started off badly for the Dallas Cowboys - but in what has in recent years been their worst month of football, December, this year the Dallas Cowboys beat the undefeated New Orleans Saints and then marched forward to the end of their regular season with victory's against the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles. Then in January, the Cowboys defeated the Eagles twice in just as many weeks to move forward into this years NFL playoffs.

Put simply, Tony Romo is hotter than a pancake right off the grill right now and during tonight's post game interview on NBC - he sounded humble, but also resolved to take each game as it comes in the 2009 NFL playoffs. Wow, what a difference one month can make in the NFL and with the Dallas Cowboys. At the end of November, no one thought that Cowboys had a chance to even make it to and win the first game of this years playoffs and now some folks are even using the "S" word (Superbowl) when they talk about the team. In Dallas and all over the State of Texas tonight, millions of Dallas Cowboys fans will sleep good tonight - knowing that finally our favorite NFL team is peaking at just the right time of a season.

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Will Dallas Cowboys End Playoff Slump Tonight?

"Will Dallas Cowboys end playoff slump tonight?" In less than 24 hours, we will all know if the Dallas Cowboys playoff slump is over or not. I certainly hope that it is, but I must say that I am nervous that the Cowboys have won two times against the Philadelphia Eagles this year and their third match-up is for all the marbles. It does not really matter in any given year if the Cowboys are good or if the Eagles are fielding a better team. Every time the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles meet on the football field, there is usually a big battle that is fought before the end of the game.

Later tonight as the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles play for a chance to continue their 2009 football season into the playoffs, both Cowboys fans like myself and millions of Eagles fans as well will be biting their nails as the opening kickoff approaches. The biggest question in my mind as tonight's game gets started is how well will Tony Romo lead the Dallas Cowboys during the first few offensive series of the game. At this time, I feel comfortable the the Cowboys defense will play well against the Eagles. However, the Dallas offense is the part of tonight's Cowboys game-plan that gives me the most concern. That said, I am much more confident in the Dallas Cowboys chances of beating the Philadelphia Eagles tonight than I was a few years ago.

For the first time since Tony Romo's first starting season with the Dallas Cowboys - he seems to finally not be distracted by off the field romances that effected his game-day play over the past few years. For that fact, I am grateful and I hope that all the knowledge that Tony Romo has learned over the past few years, which has lead to the best end of the season play for the Cowboys in a decade - will still be at the top of his mind when tomorrow night's game against the Eagles gets underway. In the NFL, all football players must play as a team - if that team is to win a Superbowl championship. However, without a strong leader at quarterback - no team is ever going to make it to and win the biggest game of the season.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Eagles Look For Revenge Against Cowboys Saturday Night

"Eagles look for revenge against Cowboys Saturday night". One of the first playoff games of the 2009 NFL season could turn out to be one of the best of the year. For the third time in 2009, the Dallas Cowboys will play the Philadelphia Eagles in a home playoff game tomorrow night (Saturday) at their new football stadium in Arlington, Texas. The first two regular season games this year between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles turned out to both fall into the victory column for the Dallas Cowboys - but the last game of the 2009 NFL season between the Cowboys and Eagles will turn out to be more important than the first two put together. The winner of Saturday nights game will remain alive in the playoffs - while the loser gets to stay home and watch the rest of the playoff season and the 2010 Superbowl on television at home, like the rest of us.

Put simply, as a Dallas Cowboys fan - I am concerned that the Philadelphia Eagles will play the best game of the season tomorrow night. If the late season 2009 Dallas Cowboys show up to play on Saturday against the Eagles - then that potential situation does not bother me, but if the first part of the season Dallas Cowboys show up on Saturday to play the Eagles in the first playoff game - then the Cowboys could find their season over at the end of tomorrow nights game. My gut feeling tells me that the confused Dallas Cowboys team that played during the first part of this season is long gone and now Tony Romo has his team running on all cylinders for the first time in many years during the playoffs.

While it is likely that the Eagles will be looking for some revenge Saturday night when they play the Cowboys in Arlington, Texas. I doubt if those feelings of revenge will take the Eagles that far if Tony Romo and the rest of his team play with the same intensity and enthusiasm as they did last weekend. For the first time, in a long time, I believe the Dallas Cowboys have what it takes to travel all the way to the Superbowl this year if they just don't fall back on the bad habits of making stupid mistakes at the wrong time during football games. Like all Dallas Cowboys fans, I am tired of getting to the playoffs and losing the first game. Hopefully, the Dallas Cowboys will break that bad streak this season and beat up "big time" on the Philadelphia Eagles tomorrow night in Arlington, Texas.

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Pros/Cons Of Full Body Scanners In Airports?

"Pros/Cons of full body scanners in Airports?" Much has been reported in the mainstream news media recently when it comes to full body scanners being installed in airports around the United States and the world. So, I decided to write a blog post about the pros and cons of using these high tech devices to improve the safety of the flying public. Ever since a man bordered an airliner with explosive material on Christmas Day 2009 and then tried to ignite those explosives unsuccessfully over the City of Detroit, there has been a fast moving force within the U.S. government to rush full body scanner into airports around the country and into nations around the world that have regular airline service between them in the United States of America.

On the pros side of this debate is the fact that full body scanners in airports would allow the TSA to see everything that is hidden beneath the clothing of all passengers bordering a jet aircraft. The cons side of this argument involves the same thing that "the TSA will be able to see everything" that lies beneath the clothing of all airline passengers traveling around and into the United States of America. Living in the dangerous world we find ourselves in today, there are certain trade offs we all make between our personal privacy and the fact that we all want to arrive safely at our destination when we board an aircraft. That said, right now I believe the cons of putting full body scanners at airports around the world far out-way pros that these devices might give the traveling public.

Another reason why I believe the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to installing full body scanners in airports around the world is that the very people who are trying to sell these new devices to the U.S. federal government are some of the same people who use to work in the federal government under the Bush administration who where in charge of keeping this nation safe from terrorists. All experts agree that full body scanners at airports would not have stopped the guy who tried to blow up a plane over the City of Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, so why is there such a rush to install these new controversial devices in all airports?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Eagles Will Play Better This Weekend Against The Cowboys?

"Eagles will play better this weekend against the Cowboys?" I think the answer is yes. Any Dallas Cowboys fan that is under the false impression that the same Philadelphia Eagles team, which showed up last Sunday in Dallas - will be the same team that will reappear this Sunday, is just living in a state of denial. I believe that the Philadelphia Eagle are working hard this week and nothing will give them more determination to play their best this Sunday, than the severe beating they suffer against the Dallas Cowboys last weekend. All Dallas Cowboys fans know all to well how much determination can be built when one team beats another, badly.

I still remember how the Philadelphia Eagles knocked the Dallas Cowboys out of the playoffs at the end of last season. I think about that loss every time the Eagles and the Cowboys meet on the football field. Without a doubt, millions of Eagles fans and the players as well were embarrassed by last Sunday's game against Dallas and when the 2009 playoffs get underway this weekend, a new and more determined Eagles team will take to the football field in Arlington, Texas. That said, I am very encouraged with the late season performance of the Dallas Cowboys this year. I believe the "boys" are, for once, finally peaking at just the right time - so Sunday's game against the Eagles should be one for the historical highlight reels.

A friend told me the other day that he believed that if the Dallas Cowboys can beat the Philadelphia Eagles in their first playoff game, they could likely go all the way to the Superbowl in 2009/2010. I believe this friend is correct. When it comes to football games, there are few that are played in the NFL which are better than games between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. In the 2009 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys have come up on the winning end of this long lasting rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the last game of the season between the Cowboys and Eagles is this weekend and that game is the most important one of the season for both teams, because the winner moves forward toward the Superbowl, while the loser goes home.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Dallas Cowboys Win NFC East, Defeating Philadelphia Eagles

"Dallas Cowboys win NFC East, defeating Philadelphia Eagles". Wow, it was certainly a good day for Dallas Cowboys fans as "Americas Team" defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in a blowout game at Arlington, Stadium. It has been more than a decade since the Dallas Cowboys entered the NFL playoffs in such a strong position. Unlike the past several years, the Dallas Cowboys are peaking at just the right time this season and they are going to need that momentum as they must play the Philadelphia Eagles again next week in the first playoff game of the 2009 football season.

The 2009 Dallas Cowboys have been a story of contrast throughout most of this season. Early on, it appeared that the Cowboys new football stadium was turning out to be some kind of jinks when it came to them winning home games. However, the excellent way that the Cowboys played as a team today at home against the Philadelphia Eagles gave me a lot of hope that Dallas could go all the way to the Superbowl this year. The biggest unknown facing the Dallas Cowboys as the 2009 NFL season began was whether or not Tony Romo could or would step up and be the type of quarterback the "boys" needed. During the last few games of the 2009 regular season, Tony Romo passed that test with flying colors.

Right now, I find myself so excited about the 2009 Dallas Cowboys that it will be tough for me to wait until next weekend to see them play the Philadelphia Eagles once again. That said, there is a small sinking voice in my gut tonight that is saying that Philadelphia will be coming back next week against the Cowboys as a team that will be much better prepared than they were today. It's so strange the way the NFL in structured these days where two teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles can and do qualify to play each other in games that are back to back. However, right now - I am just going to savor today's Cowboys victory over the Eagles and focus on next weekend later on in the week.

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Dallas Cowboys/Philadelphia Eagles NFC East Title Game

"Dallas Cowboys/Philadelphia Eagles NFC East title game" Within the next few hours, the Dallas Cowboys will take on the Philadelphia Eagles in a home game that will decide who will win the NFC East in 2009. One month ago, I not only thought that the Cowboys would not be playing for the NFC championship at the end of this season - but at that time I did not believe the Dallas Cowboys would even make the 2009 NFL playoffs. Then like magic, the Tony Romo to Miles Austin match up started to work and as some people often say - "the rest is history". I am still a bit concerned that the Dallas Cowboys of the past couple of weeks might be absent from the football field on Sunday when they play the Philadelphia Eagles, but I am much more confident in the Cowboys chances tomorrow than I was one month ago.

Will the Dallas Cowboys of the past two weeks show up to play the Philadelphia Eagles at home tomorrow afternoon (01/03/10)? While it is much more fun to watch the Cowboys win games going into the playoffs, than to watch them get off to a great start and then fizzle at the end of the season - 2009 is proving to be a "crap shoot" when it comes to predicting the on-field play of the Dallas Cowboys. There has been little consistency in their efforts all season long. I told a friend that other day that it is nice that the Dallas Cowboys are playing better at the end of the 2009 NFL season, rather than getting everyone's hopes up early in the year and then falling completely apart once the playoff games get started. Sunday's game between the Cowboys and Eagles will tell the tail of whether or not the Dallas Cowboys are "for real" in 2009.

In addition to the on one week and then off the next play by the Dallas Cowboys, there is a new problem that has emerged this season that I thought was totally impossible before it began. During the debut season of the new Dallas Cowboys Arlington Stadium, the "boys" have been playing better on the road than at their new billion dollar plus football stadium. That "better on the road than at home" football play by the Dallas Cowboys causes me concern - when I try to figure out if the Dallas Cowboys are going to show up to play football tomorrow afternoon at Arlington Stadium against the Philadelphia Eagles. My hope is that with the NFC championship title on the line, the Dallas Cowboys will play their best tomorrow afternoon at Arlington Stadium - which will be their final home game of the regular 2009 season. Go Cowboys and beat the Eagles tomorrow.

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Is Up In The Air A Good Movie?

“Is Up In The Air a good movie?” The answers is both yes and no. My wife and I ventured out this New Years Day to see a new movie called “Up In The Air” starring George Clooney. As we made our way through the massive crowds who were showing up to see “Avatar” and Sherlock Holmes” - we eventually found ourselves in a small theater in the back of a giant movie house that housed 16 movie screens. The decision to watch “Up In The Air” today was all my idea, because I had read recently that this movie had been nominated for numerous “Golden Globe Awards” and there has been buzz that this movie could get a “Best Picture” nomination for an Oscar.

First let me say that this movie was not at all what I was expecting from the various movie trailers that I had seen both at a theater and also via the Internet online. Sure, the main premise for the movie was about a young, good looking man played by George Clooney, who traveled around the country firing people – but the level of depression that this movie left us with was totally unexpected. Put simply, if you are thinking about paying around $10 per ticket to watch “Up In The Air” and expecting a happy ending – please save your money. Both my wife and I said as we departed the theater today, that “Up In The Air” was a very depressing flick from start to finish.

On a positive note, I thought that George Clooney did a fantastic job in playing the lead character of Ryan Bingham and Vera Farmiga was drop dead gorgeous playing the part of George Clooney's love interest Alex Goran. In my opinion, “Up In The Air” would have been a much better movie if the director Jason Reitman would have taken the ending of this movie in a different direction. In hindsight, I am glad that we saw “Up In The Air” today, but knowing what I know now – I would have preferred to watch it on DVD at some future date - rather than spending almost $20 for both of us to watch it in a first run theater. There is a message for people who travel for a living to learn from this movie and that is not to do it – if you ever want to have any real meaning to your life.

Happy New Year, Dick Clark Inspires Us All

“Happy New Year, Dick Clark inspires us all”. It would not be New Years Eve without the big ball drop in New York's “Times Square” or without Dick Clark welcoming in another New Year for people around the world. As most people already know, Dick Clark suffered a massive stroke many years ago, which paralyzed some parts of his body and rendered his once amazing speaking voice to a whisper. As I wrote earlier, during this years “Dick Clark Rockin New Years Eve Show” – his speaking voice was much stronger than in years past since his stroke and that should give all stoke victims and their families hope that they too can come back from such a terrible event in their own lives.

As has been the case for several years now, Ryan Seacrest has co-hosted this annual event with Dick Clark from “Times Square” in New York City. During the first few years after Dick Clark suffered his massive stroke, I felt sorry for him as he stood before the nation and did his best to continue a tradition that he started decades before. However, during the 2010 NYC ball drop – Dick Clark's voice was stronger than it has been in years and that event made me smile more than anything else that was presented on this years ABC telecast. It is always touching for my wife and I when at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, Dick Clark always kisses his wife on national television. That is the one thing we both look forward to seeing each and every year.

Soon, the NYC ball will drop for millions of Americans on the West Coast. I hope that my friends and neighbors out there are inspired by the improvement in Dick Clark's voice and condition as we were several hours ago when we watched that same New Years Eve ball drop from our home in Texas. Dick Clark should inspire both young and old alike with his stubborn, will not quit, attitude. Everyone of us has had a close friend or family member be stricken by a stroke and we all can take comfort in knowing that rather than that event being the end of a good and solid life, it could be nothing more than a maturing event that leads us all to a better, but different life in the future.

Was Dick Clark's Voice Stronger This Year?

“Was Dick Clark's voice stronger this year?” The answer is yes. My wife and I both thought that when Dick Clark counted down the seconds until the start of 2010 on this years “Rockin New Years Eve Show” that it was much easier to understand him than has been the case in years past since he suffered a stroke. As I wrote earlier, Dick Clark gives hope to thousands of people around the world who have also lost their speaking voice because of a massive stroke. It's hard to believe that Dick Clark will turn 80 years old in 2010, because he looks much younger than that. When I was a kid we use to joke that Dick Clark never ages and even now 30 years later – that statement is still true.

There are still several more times zones to go before Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve is seen all across America, so if you have not had a chance to watch Dick Clark countdown till midnight in Time Square NYC yet this year, please turn on the TV, because I think you might be surprised at the amazing new strength in Dick Clark's voice. In my family, and maybe in yours too, there is a history of stroke. Fortunately, most of the stokes that have been seen on my side of the family have been of a mild nature where touch, walking and speech have not been that badly effected. However, it is clear that Dick Clark's stroke was massive in the damage it caused to one side of his body and to his once amazing and recognizable speaking voice - millions of people remember on “American Bandstand”.

So if you live out west, say in the mountain or pacific time zones, you still have time to watch the big ball drop in Times Square New York for 2010 and you also can witness a truly remarkable turnaround in the speaking voice of Dick Clark. In my generation, Dick Clark has always been larger than life and it's great to see him still at work on New Years Eve – bring smiles to the faces of both new, and long time fans like myself as we all hope for better times in the year to come. Happy New Year!