Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Eagles Will Play Better This Weekend Against The Cowboys?

"Eagles will play better this weekend against the Cowboys?" I think the answer is yes. Any Dallas Cowboys fan that is under the false impression that the same Philadelphia Eagles team, which showed up last Sunday in Dallas - will be the same team that will reappear this Sunday, is just living in a state of denial. I believe that the Philadelphia Eagle are working hard this week and nothing will give them more determination to play their best this Sunday, than the severe beating they suffer against the Dallas Cowboys last weekend. All Dallas Cowboys fans know all to well how much determination can be built when one team beats another, badly.

I still remember how the Philadelphia Eagles knocked the Dallas Cowboys out of the playoffs at the end of last season. I think about that loss every time the Eagles and the Cowboys meet on the football field. Without a doubt, millions of Eagles fans and the players as well were embarrassed by last Sunday's game against Dallas and when the 2009 playoffs get underway this weekend, a new and more determined Eagles team will take to the football field in Arlington, Texas. That said, I am very encouraged with the late season performance of the Dallas Cowboys this year. I believe the "boys" are, for once, finally peaking at just the right time - so Sunday's game against the Eagles should be one for the historical highlight reels.

A friend told me the other day that he believed that if the Dallas Cowboys can beat the Philadelphia Eagles in their first playoff game, they could likely go all the way to the Superbowl in 2009/2010. I believe this friend is correct. When it comes to football games, there are few that are played in the NFL which are better than games between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. In the 2009 NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys have come up on the winning end of this long lasting rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the last game of the season between the Cowboys and Eagles is this weekend and that game is the most important one of the season for both teams, because the winner moves forward toward the Superbowl, while the loser goes home.

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