Friday, January 08, 2010

Pros/Cons Of Full Body Scanners In Airports?

"Pros/Cons of full body scanners in Airports?" Much has been reported in the mainstream news media recently when it comes to full body scanners being installed in airports around the United States and the world. So, I decided to write a blog post about the pros and cons of using these high tech devices to improve the safety of the flying public. Ever since a man bordered an airliner with explosive material on Christmas Day 2009 and then tried to ignite those explosives unsuccessfully over the City of Detroit, there has been a fast moving force within the U.S. government to rush full body scanner into airports around the country and into nations around the world that have regular airline service between them in the United States of America.

On the pros side of this debate is the fact that full body scanners in airports would allow the TSA to see everything that is hidden beneath the clothing of all passengers bordering a jet aircraft. The cons side of this argument involves the same thing that "the TSA will be able to see everything" that lies beneath the clothing of all airline passengers traveling around and into the United States of America. Living in the dangerous world we find ourselves in today, there are certain trade offs we all make between our personal privacy and the fact that we all want to arrive safely at our destination when we board an aircraft. That said, right now I believe the cons of putting full body scanners at airports around the world far out-way pros that these devices might give the traveling public.

Another reason why I believe the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to installing full body scanners in airports around the world is that the very people who are trying to sell these new devices to the U.S. federal government are some of the same people who use to work in the federal government under the Bush administration who where in charge of keeping this nation safe from terrorists. All experts agree that full body scanners at airports would not have stopped the guy who tried to blow up a plane over the City of Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, so why is there such a rush to install these new controversial devices in all airports?

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