Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kevin Skinner Update: New CD Release April 2010

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"Kevin Skinner update: new CD release April 2010." A few week ago, I wrote that Kevin Skinner would be releasing his debut CD in March. However, just to keep all of you updated - Kevin Skinner's new CD will not be released until April. Let's all hope that there will not be another delay in this highly anticipated CD, which as of today does not yet have a title. Like many of the rest of you reading this post, I fell in love with Kevin Skinner's music and voice the very first time he showed up to sing on America's Got Talent last year.

Sadly, in hindsight - I did not think much of Kevin Skinner when he first took the stage and like so many times before I made the choice to judge a book by it's cover before he opened his mouth to sing. Actually, for many people - Kevin Skinner was their first opportunity to grade their own inter-being when it comes to judging other's before they get a chance to know them. We are all inflicted in one way or another toward judging folks we don't know by old stereotypes that have been passed down through the generations by well meaning family members and friends. Like the judges said so many times on AGT last summer, Kevin Skinner turned out not to be some hick from the sticks - but instead his music worked magic on millions of people around the world.

While many months have gone by since Kevin Skinner first performed on and then won America's Got Talent, I still believe in my heart that when Kevin Skinner's CD goes on sale in April (2010) - hundreds of thousands of people, including myself, will be lined up to purchase that new CD and see what other emotional musical gifts that Kevin Skinner has to share with people who love real country music. Unfortunately, many new acts in country music seem to all sound the same - because of what is referred to as studio magic. Kevin Skinner's unique and down home style is what made him special and those are the same traits that I believe will draw many new fans to his music once his new CD is release and his songs start getting played on the radio in April. (Help Kevin Skinner Get Played On The Radio)

Major California Earthquake Likely This Year

"Major California Earthquake likely this year." With the occurrence of several major Earthquakes the past two months, many experts are starting to express concern that northern and/or southern California could be next. In fact, a major Earthquake along the infamous fault-lines in California is overdue and I would not be surprise if one or more major Earthquakes strike somewhere in that state this year (2010). Over the weekend, some parts of Chile were shattered when a 8.8 Earthquake rattled that nation and countless other people were killed by a tsunami that washed ashore shortly thereafter. Only today, has the full devastation of what happened in Chile early Saturday morning started to be shown to the world via newspapers and television.

Almost no one under the age of 30 really remembers the last major Earthquake in California. The last one I remember, was years ago - which took place during the World Series in the Oakland / San Francisco area. Millions of people around the world learned of that major Earthquake on live television when the TV cameras at the ball game started to shake and within a few seconds all video and audio feeds were lost. Most Americans did not know what to make of a live World Series Game going dark shortly before the opening pitch.

In the hours that followed, many parts of San Francisco were in flames and then later we all learned about a major upper and lower deck freeway overpass in Oakland that pancaked down upon itself, killing and injuring hundreds of people. While the prediction of major Earthquakes is not a real science, there is one unmistakable fact and that is the tectonic plates that run beneath the ground are constantly moving and at some point in time, something has to give and that something is a major Earthquake. It's not a question of if, but when another major Earthquake will strike California and when that time comes - the death toll will likely shock many younger Americans who have never personally seen mother nature at her worst.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Extreme Narcissism Leading To More Murder Suicides?

"Extreme narcissism leading to more murder suicides?" Almost every day, there is someone in the United States that decides that the world has somehow done them wrong, so they decide to kill innocent people and then kill themselves. I believe what is at the root of this growing problem is narcissism that has run amok in the United States of America.  Sadly, far too many people are completely self absorbed and spend most of their time each day trying to think of ways to get more wealth and prestige for themselves, rather than spending some of their time giving aid and comfort to people who are less fortunate than they are.

Many experts believe that times of recession are good for the overall mental health of the world, because tough times tend to grow compassion. While I believe some of that kind of talk is correct, there are also some narcissistic personality types who go completely nuts when they are either not growing financially or from an ego prospective all the time. Everyone of us come into contact with narcissists on a regular basis. Those people who never talk or think about anyone but themselves, tend to drive the rest of the people around them crazy because of their self-centered attitude.

The worst kind of narcissists are the ones that becomes so enraged at how life has treated them, that they decide to seek out those they perceive as the enemy and kill them before killing themselves. It's one thing to become so depressed that a person believes that they can no longer go on with life, but it takes a complete narcissist to kill others in one final attempt to maintain control of their world up until the very last minute of life. While capitalism has created a wonderful way of life for many Americans, in some small way it has also brought out the worst narcissist traits in some - which drive them to do crazy things like murdering people before committing suicide themselves.

Americans Do Not Want Government Run Health Care

"Americans do not want government run health care." It is pretty clear to experts that most Americans do not want the U.S. federal government to run health care. However, President Obama is still working hard to make changes to the health care system - that involve more government control. It's easy for me to see why most Americans do not look to the federal government for solutions to complex problems, because on almost every single issue - government involvement in a problem tends to make it worse and not better.

What angers Americans more than anything else about politicians in Washington D.C. is the way both liberals and conservatives try to push their narrow points of view on everyone else, rather than looking for points of agreement and compromise. In yesterday's health care summit moderated by President Obama, both conservatives and liberals talked past each other rather than finding any common ground to build upon. Frankly, I believe the only reason why President Obama called that summit was to build support for pushing through government run health care with a 51 vote majority rather than the 60 votes that it should take.

Odds are that democratic leaders in Congress and President Obama will now try to pass health care reform in the Senate under what is called reconciliation, which will require only 51 votes to become law. In my view, both Republicans and Democrats are hypocrites when it comes to reconciliation because both have used it to pass laws in the past when there were not 60 votes available. In fact, I will go one step further and say that the 60 vote super majority that is required to pass major laws in the U.S. Senate should be abolished to where a majority vote is all that is required to pass legislation in the future.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Inflation Will Bankrupt Us All

“Health care inflation will bankrupt us all.” I watched for a few minutes, on TV today, the “dog and pony” show that was billed as a frank discussion of ideas between Republicans and Democrats to improve health care in the United States. Put simple, today's conference between President Obama and Democratic / Republican leaders in the Congress was more boring than listening to Alan Greenspan testify before Congress, many years ago, when he was the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

The sad thing is, that if something is not done about the run away increases in the cost of health care, the U.S. government could go broke within the next 20 years. However, for many people the ideas that President Obama and liberal Democrats have to fix the problem – smacks of socialism and most Americans long ago moved away from desiring that type of federal government control over their personal lives. GOP leaders are thrilled that President Obama and democratic leaders in Congress continue to try and force an unpopular health care law down the throats of the American people, because in November they hope to repeat what happened to President Clinton during the 1994 mid-term elections, because of this same issue.

There is a big problem facing this country, in the future, because the cost of federally mandated health care for senior citizens will eventually bankrupt the U.S. federal government. In better financial times, the Congress and President's at the time were all too eager to offer well funded retirement packages to all Americans through Social Security and Medicare that would not withstand the test of time. Soon, the full financial weight of these programs will all hit at one time and there will not be enough money to pay beneficiaries without drastically increasing taxes on younger Americans.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Need Credit Scores For CEO's

“We need credit scores for CEO's” Every time I turn on the TV these days, there are advertisements running where some company is trying to entice customers to find out their credit score. In addition to those TV ads, there are other television ads that encourage consumers to keep their credit score as high as possible – because that will lead to easier borrowing for them in the credit markets and also effect the interest rate that banks and other financial institutions charge them to borrow money.

A few days ago, I got to thinking that if having a good credit score is so important for regular people – why doesn't the government create some kind of credit score system that would judge CEO's based on their effectiveness at running large companies? I'm sure that most CEO's would not like my idea, but millions of Americans that have low credit scores don't like being judged that way either. In fact, many of Americas largest companies use credit scores when they hire new employees or when they make loans to the general public.

I think the time has come to judge future CEO's of major companies based on a credit scoring system that lets the Board of Directors and stockholderd of that company know, in black and white, if the man or women they are hiring for the highest paying job in their company is a good solid corporate citizen or nothing more than a mouth piece with a poor previous track record of success in running a large business. Why isn't it more important for a company to demand that their highest paid employee have a good CEO credit score? The rules should be uniform across an entire company and by the government creating a CEO credit score system, if that company goes ahead and hires a loser to run their business - then that company will not be offered government bailouts in the future, if their CEO's choices destroy the financial fabric of the company's they run.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Conservatives Battle Libertarians For Control Of GOP

“Conservatives battle libertarians for control of GOP”There is a great battle being waged right now in the Republican Party between conservative forces that have ruled the party since the days of Ronald Reagan and a new brand of libertarian voter that seems to be growing by the day. While conservatives and libertarians share some points of view, there are major difference between these two groups of voters. Both libertarians and conservatives tend to act a bit extreme when it comes to their political beliefs and that extremism will make it difficult for these two political ideologies to ever get along long enough to create a winning national election strategy.

What is interesting for me to watch is how the old hand conservatives in the Republican Party are dealing with all these new libertarians that want to not only take up residence in the Republican Party, but also effect which candidates will represent the party in general elections around the country. Let me put it this way, most die-hard conservatives do not like or want these new libertarians in the Republican Party – so before long there is likely to be a civil war begin between various leaders of these two factions with Rush Limbaugh leading the conservative side and Glenn Beck cheering on the libertarians.

This war in the GOP is going to be nasty and it very well could spell doom for many GOP candidates in this years congressional elections. The last time there was a major war within the GOP, it occurred back in the late 1970's when moderates in the GOP were under attack from conservatives. In the end, the conservatives won that political battle and have ruled the GOP since that time. However, it is now clear that a new outside force is gaining ground in the GOP and those voters are strict libertarians. So, I expect another war within the GOP to rage soon between conservatives and libertarians and it would not surprise me at all – if the libertarians are just as successful in changing the GOP in the future as the conservatives lead by Ronald Reagan were back in the late 1970's.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Beginning Of The End Of Citibank

“The beginning of the end of Citibank” Over the years, I have written many times about Citibank. At one time, Citibank was the shining star of American and international business – but then a few years ago, this once giant financial institution started to go bad - so the U.S. federal government made the decision to bailout Citibank with taxpayer money and give them another chance.

Now, from the latest news reports that I have read – Citibank is about to commit business suicide by removing all DDA checking accounts from their list of services. For people that don't understand banking, let me explain what a DDA checking account is. When you or anyone else opens a non-interest bearing checking account at a bank, that account is usually referred to as a DDA (Demand Deposit Account) account. DDA checking accounts are wonderful because they allow you to withdraw all of your funds at any time of your choosing without the bank restricting those withdrawals. Savings accounts and most certificates of deposit account (CD's) are opened with language that allows the bank to hold some or all of the money deposited for a certain length of time during extraordinary circumstances.

If the news reports are correct about the changes that Citibank has made to their checking accounts, in the future – a customer of Citibank will have no guarantee that a check they write will clear their bank, if the bank decides to put a hold on that account holder funds. Just image the embarrassment of some Citibank customer having their rent or mortgage payment check refused when they had available funds in the account when that check was written?

If these new terms of service for Citibank checking accounts don't cause all of their customer to withdraw their money from that bank, then those customers are destined to see their financial future ruined by a bank that is trying to save itself by using their best customers as monetary pawns. Run, don't walk, to another financial institution and withdraw all of your money from Citibank. This new policy is not a good thing for Citibank customers and more than likely it will hurt many people in what will be an eventually futile attempt of this once proud bank to stay out of bankruptcy court.

Kevin Skinner Prepares For March 2010 CD Release

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"Kevin Skinner prepares for March 2010 CD release" According to Kevin Skinner, his first CD (album) will be released at the end of next month (March 2010). This new CD from the 2009 winner of America's Got Talent has not been named yet, but Skinner says that it will be filled with songs that he has personally written over the years. Millions of people in the United States became instant fans of Kevin Skinner when he first auditioned on America's Got Talent.

Recently, created a link on their website where fans eager to be one of the first to order Kevin Skinner's new CD could receive email alerts when that new CD goes on sale. If you would like to receive these email alerts to notify you when Kevin Skinner's new CD goes on sale, click here. Like millions of other people, I want to be one of the first to buy Kevin Skinner's new CD when it goes on sale next month.

It's easy to see that scores of fans have not forgotten about Kevin Skinner since he won the 2009 edition of AGT last summer. In the beginning, I was concerned that most people would completely forget about how Kevin Skinner music made them feel as he fulfilled his AGT contract with small performances in Las Vegas and then more recently in Connecticut. However, I was wrong and it now appears that hundreds of thousands of people are eagerly awaiting the end of March when Kevin Skinner's new CD will be released to the world. (Help Kevin Skinner Get Played On The Radio)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tax Victim Andrew Stack Crashes Plane Into IRS Building

“Tax Victim Andrew Stack crashes plane into IRS building” A crazy and narcissistic man by the name of Andrew Stack of Austin, Texas – woke up this morning and decided to kill his family and then take out his rage on employees of the IRS by flying his small plane into one of their buildings. Before Andrew Stack started a fire at his own home and then boarded his small airplane in Georgetown, Texas for a short flight to Austin to try and kill as many IRS employees as he could, Mr. Stack wrote a seven page letter that he posted on his personal website.

After reading Andrew Stack's suicide note, it was clear that he was an extremely narcissistic man because he talked only about himself as a victim of almost everyone in the world, including the IRS. We all know people like Andrew Stack from our daily lives. Fortunately, most of them don't go off the deep end and start killing people who they think have wronged them. It is clear to see from Andrew Stack's Internet post that he was one sick cookie when it comes to mental health and the only good thing that came out of his attempt to kill a bunch of people today in Austin, Texas is that in addition to himself – only one or possible two others lost their lives.

Maybe it's just me, but it seem like there are more narcissistic people walking around today than every before. Almost everyday, I run across someone that is angry that either someone or the government is responsible for bringing them down or holding them back from the success that they deserve. As I have said on many occasions, the real tragedy when someone like Andrew Stack decides to murder people and then take their own life is that the order of people killed is backwards. I hope with time, mental health professionals will be able to better detect “ticking time-bombs” like Andrew Stack, before they ruin the lives of people they don't even know.

Cheney/Biden Debates Leave Many People Scratching Their Heads

“Cheney/Biden debates leave many people scratching their heads.” What in the world is going on in the United States of America right now? If we had all been asleep for the past few decades and just woke up to hear former VP Cheney and current Vice-President Biden slugging it out on national television about national security, we might just be scratching our head in wonder about what is going on in the world today. Sadly, the world of politics in Washington D.C. is so partisan today that neither a conservative Republican or a liberal Democrat dare anger their base by trying to reach a compromise with the other side. Gladly, the American people are rushing to the center and becoming independent voters in large numbers - because both the liberal and conservative extremes are scaring the hell out of most folks.

In my view, narrow mindedness leads to disaster in the world today. However, in the a country where few people bother to show up and vote – the vast extremes of people are ruling the day in the Halls of Congress and in the White House, which leaves most Americans in the middle left out when it comes to political decisions. I had hoped that when President Barack Obama took office in early 2009, he would buck the current trend of extremism in Washington. However, sadly he quickly moved his base of operation from a centrist position to one that more resembled that of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. Now, a little over one year after Barack Obama became our new President – almost 50% of the American people think that he (President Obama) is doing a bad job as our leader. In the final analysis, all that really changed when Barack Obama replaced George W. Bush as President was to replace one political ideology (conservatism) with another (liberalism).

When I was young, extreme liberals and conservatives were referred to as nothing more than a bunch of crazy people that most folks wanted to stay away from. However, during the 1960's as liberalism first took hold in the United States and then later on when conservatism became successful under former President Ronald Reagan – the political extremes have completely taken over the government of the United States and both of them are to blame for the mess that we find ourselves in today. It's darn near impossible to find a true liberal that would do anything to help a business, while at the same time it is just as impossible to find a real conservative in Washington D.C. that would have anything good to say about a labor union. All of this extremism goes against everything that our founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the U.S. Constitution over 200 years ago. The only hope for the United States going forward is for voters to take a dim view of both political extremes when they show up on election day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiger Woods News Conference / What Will He Say?

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“Tiger Woods news conference / what will he say?” It was announced earlier today that disgraced professional golfer Tiger Woods will speak to the pubic on Friday morning. Rather than putting himself out in front of reporters that might ask him some embarrassing questions, Woods has decided on a different approach that might end up only prolonging the eventual need for him to face the press and answer questions that he does not want to be asked. Instead of a regular type of news conference, Tiger Woods has decided to have a sit down discussion with close friends and associates where a TV camera will be present. At that time, Tiger Woods' agent said that Woods will apologize to everyone he has hurt because of his numerous affairs.

To me, this whole Tiger Woods mess would have been better handled by the golfer standing up like a man much earlier, taking responsibility and making things right not only with his wife – but also the millions of fans that expected better from him. Now that Tiger Woods is allegedly going to conduct a news conference without any reporters around to ask him embarrassing questions – seems to be nothing more than another cop out by Woods as this extramarital affair story continues to drag on for way too many months. It is perfectly understandable that Tiger Woods does not want to be asked tough and embarrassing questions by members of the media, but that's just how things go when a person does something stupid like having multiple extramarital affairs against their wife, while at the same time telling the media how you always put your family first.

Many members of the mainstream news media were quick to condemn Tiger Woods for his half hearted attempt to set the record straight on Friday, by hogging the TV camera for himself – without members of the news media being able to ask him any questions. While I many times disagree with the news media, on this issue they are completely right and I will go one step further and state that major cable news channels like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News should consider not giving Tiger Woods free airtime on Friday, just so he can talk without having to face the music about his poor actions. In a nut shell, Tiger Woods Friday TV event will be little more than a short TV show that has been scripted in a way that will make Tiger Woods look better than he really is. The time has come for Tiger Woods to stop hiding and start talking to the public about his numerous extramarital affairs and hypocritical statements about family values while those affairs were still going on.

American People Continue To Reject Liberal Agenda

“American people continue to reject liberal agenda.” For the past 50 years, American voters have declared on election days that “old-style liberalism” is not wanted in this country. However - traditional liberals or as they call themselves today, progressives, refuse to listen to the will of the people and continue their socialistic tendencies. The latest attempt of liberals to socialize the United States of America has presented itself in the ideas of President Barack Obama. Like millions of other Americans who usually vote for the GOP - I mistakenly got caught up in the Obama movement, which promised moderate leadership during his presidential election campaign in 2008. It did not take long for the self described moderate President Barack Obama to turn into just another liberal democrat, once he took the oath of office in January 2009.

The last time a moderate democrat was elected President of the United States, the same thing happened to him. When President Bill Clinton ran for and successful won his campaign for President, he too ran on a moderate platform for change. However, it did not take long before President Clinton's liberalism raised it's ugly head and soon thereafter – the American people began to turn on him. Being a smart political thinker, President Clinton was able to steer away from those liberal ideas and eventually he was successful in getting reelected as President of the United States. President Barack Obama is also a smart man and I expect before long, he too will return to center/right policies - if he desires to first save Congress for the democratic party in 2010 and improve his own reelection chances in 2012.

In some very important ways, extreme liberalism is like a religion to the people who believe that socialism is the best form of government. To these extremist, it matters less what the American voters wants – than perpetrating an ideology on a nation that does not want it. In fairness, extreme conservatives also treat their ideology in the same religious way. While there is tremendous gridlock in Washington between liberal and conservative extremist today, the good news is that more Americans everyday are declaring themselves as independents. If politics in America continues to move in the future in the same direction as today, eventually both the Democratic and Republican Party's will be completely dominated by extremist and at that point a new (moderate) American political party will be born. We are not there yet, but it won't be long until a vast majority of Americans reject both current major political party's platforms and that is the time when a new party will be born.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ask For Linda At Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant (Waco)

A few days ago, my wife and I traveled to a Waco, Texas Mexican Food Restaurant to celebrate Valentines Day. That restaurant is Don Carlos and the lady's name that waited on us is Linda. By the time we were finished eating our wonderful meal of beef and chicken fajitas, which was topped off with a desert of sopapilla's with honey and whipped cream, we both realized that we had just enjoyed the best sit down restaurant experience of our lives. My wife and I have visited Don Carlos restaurant in Waco, Texas many times before and after reflection – we both believe that our most recent stop there was made extra special by the professional service that was offer to us by our waitress, Linda.

Don't get me wrong, we have never experienced bad service at Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant – but as we discovered this past weekend, there is something better than good service and that is what we experience with Linda. Rather than greeting us with a fake smile that later turns into a happy attitude when it's time to pay the bill and provide a tip, Linda treated us both like we were good people that deserved special treatment on Valentines Day. There were so many little things that Linda did when she waited on us last weekend, like offering us more tortillas to take with our left overs and then she delivered a bag for our “to go” containers and then she packed them securely in that bag before our departure.

My wife and I eat out most of the time. Generally, we receive good service at all of the restaurants we regularly frequent. However, we have never experienced the exceptional level of service that was given to us by Linda at Don Carlos Restaurant on Valentines Day weekend. Before we left the restaurant, I made sure that I found a manager – so I could express to him how lucky he was to have Linda working there. Also, as we were leaving – I told Linda that I thought she was very good at her job. If you find yourself visiting Don Carlos Restaurant in Waco in the near future, I think you should ask for a waitress named Linda to take care of you, if you want to make your night out experience the best it can possibly be.

Lessons Learned From Amy Bishop's Murderous Rampage

“Lessons learned from Amy Bishop's murderous rampage.” While it is a tragedy of the worst kind, what happened in Huntsville Alabama last week when Amy Bishop killed three of her coworkers – there are lessons that should be learned by all in this case and others that put mass killers on display for everyone to see. The biggest lesson everyone should learn is that mass and serial killers usually are people that everyone would least suspect as the type of person who would murder and kill others. Unlike in the movies, where the good and bad guys are easy to determine by their demeanor and dress – in real life, many potential killers look and act like “the person next door” and present few clues of what they are capable of doing.

In fact, many of the worlds most successful murderers are extremely intelligent and they use all of that brain power to draw in their prey for the kill. Sadly, most people are brainwashed by Hollywood movies and TV shows to believe that it is easy to spot the good people from the bad based solely on old stereotypes. An intelligent killer, like Amy Bishop, understands completely how most people wrongly think when it comes to their defense mechanism against danger. Just like what has been the case for decades, when Amy Bishop went on her killing rampage last week – few if any of the people around her saw the real evil that was living inside of her heart, before it was too late.

History proves that in most cases, mass and serial killers are intelligent and extremely quite. Unfortunately for most victims, human nature teaches us at an early age not to fear smart and quite people – but instead to focus on people who are poorly dressed and those that boast about the bad things they will do to people, if they don't get their way. This is the main reason why after killing rampages, like the one that took place in Huntsville Alabama last week, are soon followed by dozens of people who tell news reporters that they detected nothing wrong with a person like Amy Bishop, before her killing spree began. Most people need to reprogram their internal fear barometer, when it comes to they type of people they fear.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bill Clinton OK After Chest Pains

“Bill Clinton OK after chest pains.”Former President Bill Clinton had a close call last night when he arrived at a New York hospital complaining of chest pain. According to news reports, former President Bill Clinton had not been feeling well for several days and finally decided to check himself into a hospital to see what the problem was. NYC doctors said, that Clinton had suffer a blockage in one of his bypass arteries - which were installed during surgery back in 2004. To solve the problem, two stents were placed in the block artery and in addition to resting comfortable tonight, he is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow.

Late tonight, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rushed to the bedside of her ailing husband - but late word suggests that she could be on a plane as early as this weekend to attend a meeting in the Middle East. As mentioned before, former President Bill Clinton has suffer from heart problems before - which eventually lead to him receiving a four bypass surgery back in 2004. The good news for Bill Clinton is that three of those original bypasses are clear and working as they should be. However, the forth bypass was the cause of his most recent pain - because it had become blocked and required stents to open back up the blood flow to his heart.

Doctors report that former President Bill Clinton suffer no heart damage from this latest episode and they also said that if he wanted to return to work as early as Monday, it would be fine with them. As a man that has seen more than his share of heart problems in my own family, I am happy that former President Clinton listened to his body and went to the doctor today. Sadly, too many people ignore the almost silent warning signs that God gives them - which many times leads to them seeking medical treatment too late for any productive medical treatment to be offered.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Do Consumers Hate Large Banks?

“Why do consumers hate large banks?” In a recent survey, American consumers came down hard on some of the biggest financial institutions in the United States. When asked if their bank put the customers interest above that banks “bottom line”, the largest banks in the U.S. came in dead last. While it may be true that huge banks like Citibank, Chase and Bank of America might have suffered a “black eye” in this survey - because some of them took bailout money from the federal government through the TARP program, I believe there is more at work here than just an unpopular taxpayer bailout of huge financial institutions. I believe that what is at the heart of why big banks did not score well in this recent customer survey of banks has more to do with the profit at all costs mentality of major companies and a top down mentality that is at the heart of what drives most large public companies in the United States.

Unlike their large counterparts, small and medium sized banks offer greater customer service at their main and branch locations. This has always been the case, but in more recent times – as Wall Street bailouts took care of the rich bankers at taxpayers expense, the public's willingness to look the other way in this situation started to diminish. Now, many major banks and financial institutions in the United States are looked upon by their customers as nothing more than “double dippers” when it comes to lining their pockets with the hard earned money of millions of low to middle income Americans. First, huge banks like Citibank took billions of dollars in taxpayer bailout money and then to add insult to injury they also started raising fees on their best customers at the same time.

That greed and lack of customer service by America's largest banks is causing a bunch of people to take a second look at smaller and more community oriented banks and credit unions. In my opinion, small banks and credit unions are the place where most of this nations wealth should be housed – rather than in corporate giants that have no clue what is even happening in the communities they claim to serve. It's clear to me that the biggest financial institutions in the United States did not learn a lesson from their recklessness in the lead up to the Wall Street and banking meltdown of 2008. Instead, they were rewarded for failure and in my view – it will only be a few short years until more of that same reckless behavior leads to another round of big banks showing up in Washington D.C. again, begging for another taxpayer bailout.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Some Are Asking – What Global Warming?

“Some are asking – what global warming?” For many parts of the United States, the winter of 2009/2010 has been one of the coldest in memory. Strangely silent during these times of extreme cold weather conditions are the scientists and liberal politicians who have told us all that our planet is doomed - if we do not lower carbon emissions, which are reportedly leading to Global Warming (Climate Change). Every time summer temperatures heat up, Global Warming extremist are quick to blame carbon emissions for the hot weather we are experiencing. However, as the snowfall in the northeastern United States stacks up to three feet or more over the next few days – nowhere in sight are the doomsday voices spouting their words of mankind demise.

Most Americans want to do the right thing when it comes to the environment. However - it has become abundantly clear that, in recent years, the international Global Warming movement has cheated on their climate change models and in turn they are also quickly losing support of people around the world. Over the course of the past couple of decades, the international Global Warming movement has made the case that if mankind does not change it's polluting ways – future generations of world citizens could face death from a dying planet Earth. Now, some of that previous information and scientific data is being brought into question – because many of the scientist that have been pushing Global Warming as a climatological disaster, might have been doctoring their own data to get results that are more politically correct than sound science.

While it is still to early to know for sure, there is a small chance that the single issue of Global Warming fraud could lead to the undoing of liberal governments around the world. In no other country is that event more likely to occur than in the United States of America. It is true that most Americans are equally dissatisfied with conservatives and liberals at the present time. However, if it eventually is proven that Global Warming was indeed cooked up at a long term liberal strategy to perpetuate more socialism, then I think the entire United States liberal movement could become extinct in the process. Within one short year, the extreme liberal policies of President Obama have caused many Americans to question the sincerity of any democratic politician that claims to be a moderate leader. If Global Warming turns out to be a hoax, there will be little left of the once strong and growing liberal movement in the United States.

Media Treating Sarah Palin Like Reagan

“Media treating Sarah Palin like Reagan”. I remember when Ronald Reagan took the country by storm in the late 1970's and back then, long before he was elected President of the United States, I remember how angry it made me when the mainstream liberal media would make fun of him. Now days, it is almost like history is repeating itself as liberal pundits and reporters take daily glee in putting down Sarah Palin. Sadly, these smart by half liberal talking heads are only increasing the support of Palin with the American public every time they make snide comments about her or try to make fun of her conservative beliefs.

This past weekend, Sarah Palin spoke to a convention of angry Americans that rightly believe that the U.S. federal government is out of control when it comes to spending our tax money. Rather than focusing on what Sarah Palin had to say at the “Tea Party” convention in Nashville last weekend, the mainstream liberal media decided to poke fun at her - because she wrote down notes on the palm of her hand, which she referred to during her speech. These same kind of cheap shots that are currently being directed at Sarah Palin are the same type that were directed toward Ronald Reagan 30 years ago. There is no doubt that the liberal media are angering the American people again with their degrading of another American political leader that is fondly thought of by most conservative Republicans.

When it comes to common sense, members of the elite mainstream liberal news media usually come up short. Every time they go out of their way to poke fun at likable conservative politicians like Sarah Palin or Ronald Reagan, they cause that person to grow even more popular with millions of Americans that make up the great Heartland of this country. If the mainstream media is just as successful in creating a future President in Sarah Palin as they were with Ronald Reagan – it would serve them right for always looking down their nose at regular hard working Americans, who still believe that the best way to get ahead in life is to work hard and treat their family with the respect they deserve.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Colts/Saints Superbowl – Cowboys Next Year?

“Colts/Saints Superbowl – Cowboys next year?” Like over one hundred million other Americans, I finished watching the 2010 Superbowl game a few hours ago between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. After the Dallas Cowboys were defeated a few weeks ago, I decided to support my second favorite team in the NFL (Indianapolis Colts) – but at the end of tonight's big Superbowl game it was not Payton Manning and the Colts celebrating a victory at the 50 yard line and being handed the winners trophy, but instead the New Orleans Saints were the better team, tonight.

While I was cheering for the Indianapolis Colts during tonight's Superbowl game, I must say that I was extremely impressed by the amount of heart and spirit that was displayed by the New Orleans Saints. Tonight, the Indianapolis Colts did not lose the Superbowl, they were soundly defeated by a team that played better on the field. I must hand it to New Orleans head coach Sean Payton for not only coaching a great group of players, but also for not being intimidated by another football team that most experts thought would win.

I am a huge Dallas Cowboys football fan who was terribly disappointed when the Vikings defeated them in the playoffs this year. As I watched the New Orleans Saint rally around the 50 yard line to be honored with the Superbowl victory trophy tonight, my mind kept wondering when the Dallas Cowboys and their fans will find themselves in that same exciting situation once again? With any luck, the Dallas Cowboys will make history next year by playing the Superbowl at their home field (Cowboys Stadium) in 2011. However, it will be a long off season for every non Saints football fan this year - as we wait and wonder if our favorite team will be next years Superbowl champion.

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