Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cantor/GOP/Tea Party Turn Tables on Democrats

"Cantor/GOP/Tea Party Turn Tables on Democrats." While it is true that GOP Members of Congress could face a backlash if some of their most extremist followers turn to violence because of health care reform - Democrats could also face consequences if they try to act like a bunch of victims, as well. It was reported today, that one of Eric Cantor's Virginia campaign offices was shot at recently - while at the same time, the major U.S. news media is trying to turn the entire "Tea Party" movement into just a bunch of crazy tugs because of their opposition to health care reform changes. Political rhetoric has always been brutal between liberals and conservatives, but for the first time in a long time conservatives have found themselves on the losing end of a major issue and they are angry about that.

GOP leader Cantor was smart to try and get out in front of an all out Democrat and liberal media smear campaign against Republicans and members of the "Tea Party" movement, because of the violence of a few folks. Democrats should not forget that their own far left extremist are also known for not shying away from violence when they don't get their way, as well. For years, extreme environmental leftist have been burning homes and destroying property out West because they are opposed to the tree logging industry. That same group of people have also hammered spikes into trees which would cause grave injury or death to loggers who are just doing their jobs. Sadly, the mainstream liberal news media chooses to only report when conservative extremist act badly - while they conveniently ignore extremist liberals who do the same thing.

All organizations and groups that are formed to pursue a particular political ideology have a few members who are inpatient and want to settle disagreements with violence - rather than using the ballot box to effect change. The good news is that the vast majority of Americans will bide their time and wait for a chance to let their voices be heard on election day and that fact is something we should all be proud of. Please don't let the liberal news media influence you into believing that the whole "Tea Party" movement is nothing more than a bunch of extremist nuts. It is not. Most members of the "Tea Party" movement are good hard working Americans that believe the U.S. government is taking over too many aspects of their private life and they are using the age old American system of public protest to get their message out.

Violence Over Health Care Changes Worry Republicans

"Violence Over Health Care Changes Worry Republicans." There is always a political risk when either Republicans or Democrats whip up their party faithful to the point where violence breaks out. Right now, there are some extreme conservatives that believe that violence against some Democrats who voted yes on health care reform might be justified. Depending on what really happens in the next few weeks, GOP leaders could be in for a whole world of hurt if their rhetoric causes some on the extreme right to believe that violence is the only way to save their way of life. Over the decades and centuries, politicians and political leaders in the United States have been well known for creating a dialog that drives some of the more extremist members of our society to do violence unto others.

It has been a long time since I have seen such a political divide in the United States of America. I believe most of that divide started when President Barack Obama, an African-American man, ran for and successfully won the office of President of the United States. For a long time, there have been a bunch of closet racist that acted like everything was fine in the United States - but in reality the fact that a black man is now the President of this country is not sitting well at all with their internal racism. Then you add to those feeling the fact that the United States Congress just passed health care reform, which was widely opposed by those same group of people and you have the perfect formula for someone, somewhere to do something stupid.

The biggest losers if and/or when someone on the extreme right commits an act of violence against someone in government, is the Republican Party. It's one thing for Republican leaders to whip up their supporters in an effort to get health care reform defeated or to raise money to elect more Republican in November, but all of those fortunes could fly right out the window if some crazy right wing nut decides to start hurting people because he or she does not like what's happening in Washington D.C. right now. Like many other people, I do not like this new health care reform law and I will make my voice heard this November when I have a chance to vote again. However, there are some people who are too impatient or unstable to wait until then and that situation is something that is keeping GOP leaders up at night because without such an event - they are likely to win easy victories in congressional elections this fall.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ABC News / Casey Anthony Connection

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"ABC News / Casey Anthony Connection." About a week or two ago, it was revealed at a Casey Anthony court hearing that ABC News had paid the Anthony family $200,000. The reason I have waited so long to write about this is that I was pretty sure that piece of information has been in the public domain now for a long time. Of course, ABC News will spin this payment of money to the Anthony family to where it puts their organization in a positive light, but I'm pretty sure the general public is not happy about the fact that ABC News gave the Anthony's any amount of money, especially now that it has been revealed that most, if not all, of that $200,000 was used by Casey Anthony's attorney's for their defense of her against murder charges.

It is no secret that many members of the news media routinely pay for interviews or make financial arrangement so they can get insight into what is going on. The tabloid news media has been paying sources for news and interviews for a long time now. So why is it such a bad thing for ABC News to pay Casey Anthony and/or her family for either an interview or for family photos that they can use on their broadcasts? Of course, the mainstream media has said that they are above paying people for news stories, but as the Casey Anthony case reveals - even the biggest of the big can and do offer money to some pretty crazy people just to gain access.

What I like less than some news organization like ABC News paying money to Casey Anthony is the fact that far too many news organizations act like they don't offer money to sources and for interviews - when indeed they do. Why is it OK for TMZ, the National Enquirer or Entertainment Tonight to pay people for interviews and information - but for some reason it is considered wrong for ABC News to do the same thing? The days when it ABC, NBC and CBS were considered different from other TV shows has long past. Sure, the big three TV networks still act like they are only interested in the truth without a personal agenda - but most of their viewing audience knows better.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dr. Murray (Michael Jackson's Doctor) Wrong Place/Wrong Time

"Dr. Murray (Michael Jackson's Doctor) Wrong Place/Wrong Time." The late Michael Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray, was simply a medical professional that found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even before Dr. Murray signed up to be paid over $100,000 per month to be Michael Jackson's personal doctor - the "King of Pop" was already spiraling down hill in a self destructive spin. As is usually the case when a major celebrity dies as a result of an overdose, the last doctor of record for that famous person is usually blamed for that person's death. According to media reports, the State of California either has or will soon revoke the medical license of Dr. Conrad Murray because of his recklessness in contributing to the death of Michael Jackson.

Over the years, dozens of doctors helped Michael Jackson get the drugs he wanted and all of those doctors will walk free - even though they too helped him commit a slow and painful suicide upon himself. However, the low level that Dr. Conrad Murray allow himself to go to during the last few days of Michael Jackson's life does require that the medical system in California take corrective action against him. No doctor should be using "hospital only" drugs in a private home setting and that is the biggest area where Dr. Murray cross the line in my view. Sadly, for Dr. Conrad Murray - Michael Jackson would likely still be dead today - even if he had refused to give him such power medications improperly. I have no doubt that if Dr. Murray had told Michael Jackson no - he would have been fired and another more agreeable physician would have been found to take his place.

It's understandable that lifelong fans of Michael Jackson want and need to place their anger for his death on someone other than he. However, if all fans of Michael Jackson and his family would take a few steps back and just look at the state of Michael Jackson's emotional well being in the weeks and months before his death - they would realize that there were more demons at work in his life than just a bad doctor by the name of Dr. Conrad Murray. I believe that Michael Jackson is in a happier place now where he can be himself without the judgments of others haunting him like here on Earth. Dr. Murray will be punished for his wrong doing, but dozens of other doctors who helped Michael Jackson's self destruction progress over the years will not face any kind of punishment for their bad actions and that is wrong.

Will Rush Limbaugh Leave The Country Over Health Care?

"Will Rush Limbaugh Leave The Country Over Health Care?" Some people in the liberal movement are now encouraging Rush Limbaugh to stick with his word and leave the United States of America now that health care reform has been passed into law. I remember a few weeks back when it was reported that Rush Limbaugh had said on his radio talk show that he would move to Costa Rica is health care reform passed and all of it's provisions were put into place. Of course, Rush Limbaugh was joking in the same way Alec Baldwin was when he said if President George W. Bush was elected, he would also leave the country. The political extremes in the United States always provide plenty of humor when leaders from both side get carried away with their own rhetoric and make statements they never intend to follow through with.

Even since health care reform was signed into law by President Obama, liberal leaders and major progressives in the mainstream news media have been suggesting that Rush Limbaugh should stick to his word and leave the United States of America and take up residence in Costa Rica. My guess is that Rush Limbaugh is laughing his butt off at all of the liberals who asking him to leave the country. More than likely, the one thing that all liberals would agree with is that they universally dislike Rush Limbaugh and his extreme brand of conservatism. Simply put, President Obama won this battle and Rush Limbaugh lost. However, I don't think there is a chance in hell that Rush Limbaugh would give up his golden EIB microphone when his ratings are at an all time high.

From most Americans, health care reform was just a story they kept up with once per day either in the newspaper or on their local TV news. However, the 20 to 30% of the people on the political extremes constantly read stories about the progress of health care reform and honestly believed in the extreme rhetoric the leaders of their various ideologies put out each and everyday. Everyone knows that Rush Limbaugh is on one side of the health care reform debate, while liberal democrats like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were on the other. Yes, health care reform has passed the Congress, been signed by President Obama and is now the law of the land. However, there will be more battles in the future as this massive government program begins to be implemented over the next five to ten years, which will cause Rush Limbaugh to stay right where he is during that fight.

15 Minutes For Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee About Over

"15 Minutes For Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee About Over." If Michelle McGee, with the nickname of 'Bombshell' thought that by exposing her affair with Jesse James the husband of Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock would propel her career to new heights, she was wrong. Instead, as the world has taken a closer look at McGee they have seen a woman that seems to hate other people based on their religion or race. While it is not unusual for both men and women to get tattoos these days, when someone goes overboard to the extent Michelle McGee has - it usually means that something is wrong down deep inside that persons personality and all those tattoos are simply a means to try and cover that up from the public.

It has been reported that some of Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee's tattoos show Nazism in a positive light and that is something only real narrow minded race haters in the United States would approve of. I just don't know what Jesse James was thinking when he hooked up with Michelle McGee? In my opinion, Sandra Bullock is a very attractive young woman who also built her whole world around the love she felt for Jesse James her husband. More than likely, Jesse James was not thinking when he got mixed up with McGee and that lack of good old fashion common sense has probably ruined the best thing he had going for him in his life.

I believe that personal character is something that cannot be taught to individuals. Simply, they either have it or they don't. It's clear now that Jesse James does not have sufficient personal character to be blessed with a wife that seemed to always put his needs and wishes ahead of her own. The next few months will be tough on Sandra Bullock, but she will bounce back strong in short order. The future for Jesse James is much more bleak in my opinion because he had little to show for his career before he and Sandra Bullock were married. As for Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee, the sooner her 15 minutes of fame is over the better. From all outward appearances, she seems to be well on her own way to personal self-destruction at a very early age.

Could GOP Overplay It's Hand Over Health Care Reform?

"Could GOP Overplay It's Hand Over Health Care Reform?" Almost everyone now knows that the U.S. House of Representatives passed health care reform into law late last night. Ever since that time, I have been hearing GOP pundits talk like "Chicken Little" and pledging their undying support for a repeal effort in the Congress. I was no fan of Obama style health care reform either, but when I got up this morning - I still had a house, car, job and health insurance purchased through my employer. Sadly, some Republicans in the Congress are trying to use this loss to President Obama to built a new effort that will claim to be able to repeal this new law. When instead what is actually happening is that GOP king pins are using the angry of the general public right now over Obama health care reform to raise millions of dollar so they can take back power in the Congress after this November's elections.

If anyone took a few minutes to think about the logic of a congressional repeal of Obama health care, they would realize that if the GOP could not defeat the Democrats the first time they tried to stop health care reform, they most certainly will not succeed in the future. If the GOP takes power again after this November's elections and they succeed in repealing the health care reform law, President Obama would simply veto their efforts with a stroke of a pen. What every American should be working at right now is making sure that in future legislation, liberal Democrats do not make a successful move to completely take over health care in America. In my opinion, all of the current posturing by Republicans to try and repeal Obama's health care law will fail miserably and only lead to the GOP raising money - because they failed to stop this law the first time around.

There are millions of angry people in the United States of America tonight, because they rightly believe that President Obama and leaders in the Congress ignored the will of the people and pass unpopular health care reform anyway. People that really want to stop a complete take over of the U.S. health care system by the government need to refocus their energies and money on voting for people in Congress that do not want a government take over of health care either. All this current talk about repealing a law that is less than 24 hours old is just that, "talk" that is used to help raise money for incumbent GOP Members of Congress that seem to always talk the good talk, but are short on results at the end of the day. It you really want to make a change in Congress, consider voting for a non inducement this November and do what people use to in the good old days when Congress got out-of-control - just "throw the bums out".

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tiger Woods ESPN Interview

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"Tiger Woods ESPN Interview." I noticed late last night that Tiger Woods had sat down for an interview with sport cable channel ESPN. Please excuse the fact that I did not watch this interview, because from my point of view - Tiger Woods should have long ago sat down with some sports channel or magazine and set the record straight about his twisted personal life. In fact, I will go one step forward and say that I believe that ESPN must have made certain promises and interview question compromises with Tiger Woods to get that interview in the first place. When it comes to Tiger Woods and his image, control is always the first thing I look for when Tiger Woods talks to anyone. Right now, Tiger Woods is trying to make a comeback at the "Masters Tournament" next month in Georgia and he is baiting the public and the media to get them to play nice when he returns to professional golf.

For anyone to think Tiger Woods has changed his ways after only a few short months, they are just kidding themselves. Tiger Woods has not changed his cheating ways, but instead he wants the general public and PGA golf fans to believe that he has. We all know from our personal lives that the hardest thing we ever do is make a change to our own personality. In my opinion, it takes most people years of hard work to change the bad actions that pulled them down in their personal life. However, right now Tiger Woods wants everyone to think that since he went into sex rehab - he is now back not only in control of his golf game, but his twisted sexual impulses as well. Sorry, but I am not buying into this too soon return to the PGA tour by Tiger Woods - whether it is being push by him (Tiger Woods) in person or by his well paid professional handlers. I think Tiger Woods is in for a shock when fans of the PGA watch him against at the "Masters Tournament" next month.

Now, when I look at and listen to Tiger Woods on television I have a completely different opinion of this man than I did before Thanksgiving night of 2009. Before all hell broke loose at Tiger Woods house then, no one but Tiger Woods mistresses and wife knew what he had been up to with a bunch of women for the past year or two. Because of Tiger Woods mental need to keep all aspects of his life private, the tabloid news media were able to fill in the blanks as they wished when it comes to what kind of man, husband and father the worlds top golfer (Tiger Woods) really was. For me and I think most PGA golf fans, it is going to take more than a softball interview for Tiger Woods on ESPN to change our view of how wrong Tiger Woods was to cheat on his wife and completely embarrass his young children. It also seemed calculating to me on Tiger Woods part to give his first interview to ESPN during the height of the "Final Four" NCAA basketball tournament.

Will Voters Show Democrats The Door In November?

"Will Voters Show Democrats The Door In November?" Most people now believe that Democrats will be in short supply in Washington D.C. once voters get a chance to vent their anger over the "in your face" vote that was taken on health care reform tonight. Without a single Republican standing up for President Obama's health care reform changes in the "House of Representatives", the democratic party went ahead and used it's majority there to pass changes to U.S. health care that most Americans did not like or approve of. Now, the Democratic Party is hoping that in the next six months - the American people will forget how they ignored their wishes and instead focus on what they (Democrats) believe to be the upside of the law they just passed. That is the biggest gamble I can remember any political party taking on voters this close to a major nationwide election.

To understand why the Democratic Party decided to go against the wishes of the American people and passed this unpopular health care reform law anyway - one needs to understand what politically ideology really means to a die-hard liberal believer. Unfortunately, the liberal movement in the United States of America is made up of academics and academic supporters that spend most of their time thinking up ways to help the rest of us better live our lives. To many of these liberal elitist, most of the America people are little more than cave men and women who do not know what is best for their own lives. So, in a superiority complex that would make the Gods of ancient Rome jealous, these liberals make it their mission in life to push changes on regular people for their own good. That is why health care reform was passed by only Democrats in the U.S. Congress tonight.

I am always amazed at the attitudes of liberal academics who spend hundreds of hours thinking up new ways to help the people of this planet live happier and healthier lives on paper, but when those ideas are really put into practice in real life - they usually fail miserably. That failure is the result of the rest of us not buying into a liberal superiority complex and down right detesting smug academics in a university somewhere trying to tell the rest of us how we should live our lives. More than likely, the health care reform changes that were passed into law tonight will lead to more problems than solutions down the road. Any time, one group of ideologues in this country tries to impose it's will on others - a normal human condition called rebellion develops that soon causes all of those well made plans on paper to simply fall apart.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Will Health Care Reform Be Repealed?

"Will Health Care Reform Be Repealed?" Tonight, the U.S. House of Representatives passed health care reform changes that President Obama will soon sign into law. The battle lines over these changes in the U.S. health care system have been clearly drawn for decades, but until tonight liberal democrats had not been successful in making major changes to the U.S. health care system. If anyone needed evidence that elections really do matter in this country, all they need to do is look at how much differently the United States of America has been managed under President Obama and the Democrats versus President Bush and the Republicans. Now, the battle cry for those that lost tonight's vote in the Congress will change from defeating this new law to proclamations of legal repeal if the GOP regains control again after this November's elections.

While GOP lawmakers will talk a good game when it comes to the repeal of President Obama's new health care reform package, I believe it is next to impossible to put the genie back in the bottle once the top have been opened and it escapes. Let's just say that Republican's are just as successful in 2010 as they were back in 1994 when they took a commanding lead over the democrats in the Congress. If that happens, there is no way the GOP will be able to repeal this new health care reform law without President Barack Obama going along with those changes. While a Republican controlled Congress could repeal this new health care law, President Barack Obama would most certainly veto their efforts and render it dead.

I do not like this new health care law and I did not support the way in which Democrats went about passing it into law. However, it is now the law of the land and it is very unlikely that any successful effort to repeal it will present itself. To me, it's kind of like when a jury sentences the wrong man to jail. Once the law has spoken, it's almost impossible to get things changed even if it's wrong. The best hope that opponents to health care reform now have is to try and work the Washington system to keep American health care from being totally taken over by the U.S. government over the next five to ten years. Tonight, President Obama and Democrats in Congress are the big winners - but voter attitudes in the United States can change quickly and that will be the best time to remold this new law into something that does not perpetuate an all out government take over of health care in the United States.

Will Health Care Vote Cause Democrats To Lose In November?

"Will Health Care Vote Cause Democrats To Lose In November?" Tensions are running high in Washington D.C. tonight as the U.S. House of Representatives prepares to vote on health care reform sometime tomorrow. During the months, that now seem like years, that health care reform has been talked about and debated - one constant has always remained in the discussion and that constant is will the Democratic Party pay at the polls on election day, because of their yes vote on health care reform? Most Republicans had already considered dozens of democratic U.S. House of Representatives seats up for grabs anyway, even before health care reform likely passes the Congress tomorrow. However, there is a good chance that many Democratic Congressman who are from Republican leaning districts will likely be less able to win reelection in November - because of their party's support of an unpopular health care reform law.

Many liberal leaders in the Democratic Party are calling on House Members to cast their vote yes for health care reform, even though that vote will most certainly doom their chances for reelection. I just love it when liberal Democrats decide that it is OK for a few moderate members of their own party to lose reelection, when it is the decisions of that same leadership that will cause them to lose. On the other hand, the top leadership of the Democratic Party in Congress come from liberal districts, which means that their jobs are safe, even when they support unpopular health care reform. Wow, what courage it takes to hang someone else out to dry to win a vote when you personally risk nothing. What brave leadership.

As to whether more Democrats will lose this November because they voted yes on health care reform is still an open question. I see and hear a great deal of anger among the American public at the Congress in general and while Democrats may be hurt more in November more because they have more seats to lose or whether it be because of health care reform - in a nut shell it's going to be a bad year to be an incumbent Democrat serving in the Congress. On a side note, I guess all that hope that President Obama brought to office with him last year did not include loyal members of his own party that will pay a high price for his (Obama's) vision of health care reform. If Republican's win big this November, I expect Obama's new health care reform to be repealed shortly after the new Congress takes office in January of 2011.

Will Baylor Produce Two Basketball National Champions?

"Will Baylor Produce Two Basketball National Champions?" The odds are definitely against the Baylor Bears winning two national championships in college basketball this year - but right now it is still possible. During Saturday's games in the early stages of the 2010 NCAA regional basketball tournaments, the Baylor men won their game against Old Dominion and the Lady Bears of Baylor won their game late Saturday night against Fresno State. Like most other Waco, Texas residents - I watched and cheer as the Baylor Lady Bears won the national championship several years ago. For people that live outside of the Central Texas area, Baylor is a small university compared to most teams that play for a final four birth - but when Baylor University has the opportunity to win on a national level, everyone in Waco is eager and ready to support our home team.

Now in 2010, there is a chance that the Lady Bears and the Baylor Men's basketball team could each win the NCAA national championship title in the same year. As I said earlier, the odds are stacked against either the Lady Bears or the Baylor Men's Basketball team winning the national NCAA title on their own - not to mention the even higher odds of both the Lady Bears and Baylor Men's Basketball teams both winning the "Final Four" title in the same year. However, as a long time resident of Waco, Texas - please excuse my excitement at the possibility of the Lady Bears and the Baylor Men's Basketball team both being "Final Four" champions in 2010.

During "March Madness" most of the attention is given to the players on the basketball teams, so I would like to say something positive about the real people who are responsible for putting Baylor University in a position to win two national championships in the same year. The first person I would like to give credit to is Kim Mulkey who in her tenure as the Lady Bears head coach has electrified not only the lady's basketball program at Baylor, but all the other sports on campus as well. The other person I would like to thank is Scott Drew, the head basketball coach of the Baylor Men's team. Both coach Mulkey and Drew will be on the sidelines the next couple of weeks, while their players shine in the TV spotlight. However, I think everyone in Central Texas understands perfectly well that without these two outstanding coaches, Baylor University would not be in such wonderful position during the 2010 NCAA tournament.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Will Obama Health Care Pass On Sunday?

"Will Obama Health Care Pass On Sunday?" Much to the disapproval and down right anger of millions of Americans, it appears that President Barack Obama's version of health care reform in America will be passed into law on Sunday. Just like President Bush before him, President Obama seems to be a one trick pony when it comes to what he really believes is in the best long term interest of the United States of America. For President Bush, all he seemed to care about for most of his presidency was getting rid of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Now fast forward a few years to a new United States President, Barack Obama, and the country is once again faced with a leaders that seems to have "one dimensional thinking". This time however, the President of the United States is not hell bend on war and the destruction of one evil man - but instead President Obama wants to change American health care forever.

What disappoints me the most about President Obama is that when he was running for President of the United States he seemed like a reasonable moderate politician. However, after only a few short months in office - it turned out that President Obama was just as much an extremist as President George W. Bush, but his extremism was to the left instead of the right. Frankly, to a moderate thinking American - there is little difference between President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. Both President's ran for our nations highest office saying one thing and then once they were elected they turned out to stand for something entirely different. In the same way President George W. Bush was able to convince a weak U.S. Congress to take this nation to war against Iraq, most likely on Sunday President Barack Obama will convince that same Congress to change the American health care system as well.

Maybe someday soon, the United States of America will stop electing extremist to lead this country. I really believe extremist from the right and the left are causing a great deal of damage to this great nation and when all the dust settles we really have no one to blame but ourselves for continuing to reelect bozo's to Congress that simply rubber stamp what the President of their party desires. While health care reform will likely pass the Congress on Sunday, I believe that the American people are so angry about the way this whole mess has been handled that it is likely that early next year (2011) - this new health care reform law, will likely be repealed when the next U.S. Congress is seated after this November's election.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Is Trying To Control His Return To Golf

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"Tiger Woods Is Trying To Control His Return To Golf." Like most successful people before him, Tiger Woods has used control to grow his career and improve his golf game. While control is a very useful technique in sports, when it comes to a family situation - it usually ends in disaster. It was announced several days ago that Tiger Woods would make his return to the PGA tour in April at the "Masters Tournament". That choice by Tiger Woods was no accident, because in Augusta, Georgia - there is more control over fan and news media behavior than at any other professional golf event in the United States. Sadly, Tiger Woods is continuing to try and control the public outrage over his marital transgressions, rather than coming forward and facing the music in front of reporters.

Several weeks ago, I wrote about how the former press secretary of President George W. Bush had been hired by Tiger Woods to orchestrate his successful return to professional golf. Like Tiger Woods, professional career handlers are also famous in trying to control the access and questions of reporters. In my opinion, Tiger Woods has more to fear from regular PGA golf fans than from a group of reporters that want to ask him embarrassing questions about his personal life. While the operators of the "Masters Tournament" will do all they can to encourage the gallery at their tournament event this year to be nice to Tiger Woods, in the end there is little they can do to control visitors until they start to yell things at Tiger Woods during the match.

Over my lifetime I have discovered that control is a tool used by many successful people to grow their career and achieve financial success. However, that same type of controlled behavior will most certain destroy any relationship because most folks do not want to be married to a control freak. When Tiger Woods returns to professional golf next month, I expect there will be few distractions for him to worry about during the "Masters Tournament" in Georgia. However, as he moves forward to other tournaments and events in the future - there will be no escaping questions about his personal life. At some future date, Tiger Woods will be forced to face the music and answer questions from reporters and fans. However, that occasion will not be next month when he returns to professional golf at the "Masters Tournament" in Augusta, Georgia.

Announcement At New Jersey (NJ) Walmart Store Insults Black Customers

"Announcement At New Jersey (NJ) Walmart Store Insults Black Customers." A terrible incident that happened in a Washington Township, New Jersey Walmart store on Sunday night was finally reported in the national news media today. While it is still unclear whether a Walmart employee or a customer paged a message to the entire store saying "All black people, leave the store now" - Walmart corporate in Arkansas said they would get to the bottom of it with an investigation. Personally, I want to believe that a customer somehow got access to this Walmart's public address system and made that terrible announcement, but right now - no one seems to know whether the announcement was made by a racist Walmart employee or a racist customer at that store.

I am amazed at the still high numbers of racist Americans walking the street of this country today. Frankly, I do not understand why some people are so stupid that they blame their poor lot in life on someone else simply because of their skin color. However, this is just one incident of many that happen around the United States everyday where some "bubba red neck" decides to make a statement against other people solely based on their race. In addition to those "red necks", I believe there are more people that seem outwardly open to other races - but down deep inside they are just as racist as the man who asked all black people to leave that NJ Walmart store on Sunday night.

Racism is an extremely ugly American disease that should come to an end. However, as long as there are families who do not take personal responsibilities for their own lack of success and continue to blame others for their problems - racism will continue to be an ongoing problem in our nation. I work with Mexican-Americans, African-Americans and Anglo-Americans every single day and do not judge any of them based on the color of their skin. Only the dumbest of the dumb still hate people based solely on their skill color and my hope is that while the U.S. is still filled with many racist individuals, hopefully their numbers will continue to decrease as the years go by.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Will There Be A Jesse James/Sandra Bullock Divorce?

"Will There Be A Jesse James/Sandra Bullock Divorce?" Not since Tiger Woods have I been so shock to hear rumors that appear to be true that Jesse James had an affair against his lovely wife Sandra Bullock. Like Woods, Jesse James seemed to love his wife with all his heart right up until the time his affair allegations started to become public. Now everyone is wondering if there will be a Jesse James and Sandra Bullock divorce? From media reports, Sandra Bullock has already moved out of their family home and my guess is that divorce papers will be served on her husband James before the end of this month. I still remember Sandra Bullock's heart warming words at this years Oscars when she won "Best Actress" when referring to her husband. What a jerk he is and I really think he is feeling like a total loser right now after his transgressions with another woman.

I have always wondered why some men and women cheat on their spouse? I believe most affairs are eventually found out, but apparently in the heat of the moment some people like Tiger Woods and Jesse James are unable to control their desire for adventure and they foolishly fall for satisfying their short term sexual needs by throwing away a good and solid relationship. Right now, actress Sandra Bullock is riding the biggest high of her long and fruitful career. However, through no fault of her own - she has now had water thrown on her wonderful experience because her husband cannot or would not control his sexual desires. It's really strange that so many people look up to the rich and famous as role models when in reality they are the least likely people we should follow when trying to lead a productive life.

I feel terrible for Sandra Bullock and I really believe a divorce is in her near term future. I'm sure the next couple of weeks will be hard on her as she goes through the usual wife guilt after a husband cheats. However, in the end - I believe Sandra Bullock will show Jesse James the door and divorce his butt in short order. Right now, Sandra Bullock is in the best career position of her life and I doubt that she will let a two bit loser like Jesse James hold her back from a great and prosperous future. Make no mistake, over the next few years Sandra Bullock's popularity will continue to rise while her cheating husband Jesse James fades off to a place where no one will remember him.

Should Casey Anthony Be Deemed Indigent At Murder Trial?

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"Should Casey Anthony Be Deemed Indigent At Murder Trial?" Judge Stan Strickland has yet to rule as to whether or not Casey Anthony is indigent. If he agrees with Casey Anthony's attorney's and approves her indigent status, the county and State of Florida will be required to pay her defense cost for her upcoming murder trial. In the beginning, there was money coming in to the Anthony family mainly from news organizations like ABC. However, as this case continues to drag on in a court-of-law and anger developed in the court-of-public-opinion when it came to anyone paying Casey Anthony or her family money - it now appears that Cindy, George and Casey Anthony are completely broke and that will likely lead the judge to declare Casey Anthony indigent.

I guess the next question that should be asked is whether or not Casey Anthony's attorney's have squander the fees they have been paid to date? I am no legal expert, but certainly there has been some waste of financial resources in this case. Everyone that reads my blog already knows that I believe Casey Anthony should already have been put on trial by now. However, that has not been the case as both the defense and prosecution have been dragging their feet now for months. I received an email the other day from a lady that said the endless delays in this case have had one positive effect and that is Casey Anthony has remained locked up and away from other people now for one year. While that is true, I will feel much better about this case when a jury renders their verdict at the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Of all the previous motions that have been presented to Judge Stan Strickland, the one that deems Casey Anthony indigent should be one of the easiest to make. There is little doubt that both Casey Anthony and her parents Cindy and George are completely broke, which makes Casey Anthony eligible for taxpayer help in presenting her defense to murder charges in a court-of-law. While matters continue to run slow in the Florida court system, I know at some future date and time - there will be justice for Caylee Anthony and that one day is well worth waiting for.

Kevin Skinner's New CD 'The Long Ride' On Sale Now

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"Kevin Skinner's New CD 'The Long Ride' On Sale Now." Last summer, I started writing about a contestant on "America's Got Talent" by the name of Kevin Skinner. When I first wrote about Kevin Skinner on this blog, he has just blown away the judges after his first audition on that show and then later on he won the whole competition - where the prizes included a check for one million dollars and a chance to perform live and on stage in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now that Kevin Skinner has finished his appearances in Las Vegas, he is getting ready to release a new CD that is titled "The Long Road". A fan of Kevin Skinner sent me an email message yesterday with an Internet address where fans and supporters of Kevin Skinner can order a copy of his new CD today. If you are interested in purchasing that new CD, click here.

I'm not really sure what is going on with the back end of Kevin Skinner's CD record deal, because before yesterday - provided an email link where people interested in Kevin Skinner's new CD could sign up, but then put up a message that said the promoter of that CD had withdrawn the offer. My guess is that some person thought they had a deal to promote Kevin Skinner's new CD, but when it was time to release Kevin's new CD they did not. I really don't care whether fans of Kevin Skinner purchase his new CD on, at a local record store or via his official website. All that really matter to me is that millions of Americans that want to hear more music from Kevin Skinner, now have a way to purchase his new CD. (Help Kevin Skinner Get Played On The Radio)

More than likely, there are some people around that are trying to make money off of Kevin Skinner's hard work and success. To those people, all I can say is get a life and find a way to make money using your own skills and talents. Kevin Skinner now has an official website where fans of this unlikely country singer can not only purchase his new CD, but they can also view videos of his appearances since winning the 2009 edition of America's Got Talent. I believe the reason why Kevin Skinner caught on so quickly in the United States is because in many ways he reminds us of some friend or family member that also has a dream of being a professional country singer. If you want to buy Kevin Skinner's debut CD right now, click here and order it from his official Internet website. (Discuss Kevin Skinner in my forum)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Listeners Clog Capital Hill Switchboard

"Rush Limbaugh Listeners Clog Capital Hill Switchboard." During Rush Limbaugh's three hour nationwide radio talk show yesterday, he encouraged millions of people around the country who are not happy with the proposed health care changes being debated in Congress to call Congress and express their displeasure. Within a matter of minutes, congressional telephone lines were jammed to the point where busy signals were the rule of the day when the outside world tried to make a call to the U.S. Capital. It is very unusual for Rush Limbaugh to encourage his nationwide audience of over 20 million people to make telephone calls to Congress, but yesterday he did and the results were astounding. While this one act by Rush Limbaugh does prove that his radio audience is extremely large, the real reason why so many people called the U.S. Capital yesterday was because they do not like the changes President Obama is proposing to health care and Rush Limbaugh gave them a place to vent their anger.

In almost every way, the changes democratic Members of Congress and President Obama are trying to pass into law are not wanted by most Americans. While the U.S. unemployment rate continue to rest at high levels and the U.S. deficit is rising in the millions every single hour, what are the Democrats in Congress most concerned with? Taking over our health care system and eventually replacing it with a government controlled program. Rush Limbaugh has tapped into a huge amount of mistrust of the U.S. federal government by many Americans. For the past few decades, voters in the United States have made it clear that they are right of center when it comes to national politics. However, extreme liberalism is a strong force in American politics and it will not die a quick or painless death.

When Rush Limbaugh asked his listeners to call Congress yesterday, he did so more out of desperation than out of power. In recent days it has become clear that President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are likely to get the votes they need to pass health care reform into law. While I believe this new health care legislation is wrong headed and will take the country down a path of even higher budget deficits - the fact of the matter is that it would take a miracle for Obama's health care reform law not to be passed at some future date. It would be nice to believe that Rush Limbaugh's heroic efforts to stop health care reform will work. However, Limbaugh's actions are likely too little and too late to stop President Obama from changing health care law.

Fox News Right | MSNBC Left | CNN Boring

"Fox News Right | MSNBC Left | CNN Boring." Like many other people, I turn to cable news to keep up with what's happening in the world each day. While everyone of the major three cable news networks claim to present the news in a fair way, at least two of them are completely partisan in their coverage - while the third is just boring as hell. Both fans and foes of the Fox News Channel consider that cable news network to be right of center in their coverage of political issues, while MSNBC is one of the most liberal leaning TV networks ever. Then there is CNN, the oldest of the three major U.S. cable news networks and all I can say about them is that they are more boring than listening to Alan Greenspan testify before Congress.

There are some people who believe that it's wrong to have politically extremist cable news networks in the first place. For those folks, every news network or television channel should only report the news on a factual basis - giving each side equal time in the discussion. I believe, that kind of news reporting will lead to a boring telecast and few viewers that want to watch. Whether it is right or wrong, political reporting in the United States has moved to more of a spectator sport where there are winners and losers on every major issue. Reporters at Fox News and MSNBC are like cheerleaders for their respective side and they whip up the base to either endorse or condemn what is up for a vote in Congress.

Then there is CNN, the most boring cable news network in the world. For some reason, the powers that be at CNN seem to think that what most Americans want to watch are a continuous string of victims. If the disenchanted and disadvantaged ever need to get their story out, CNN seems to be their first stop. From the one person out of ten thousands who has a terrible medical condition that has not been properly treated, because there is no government run health care in the United States - to some guy that is trapped in a female body or some other strange story. I think we all learn a bunch from the extremist cable news coverage at Fox News and MSNBC and when it comes to CNN there is a benefit there too, especially late at night when insomnia keeps some of us from sleeping.

Parents Knock Casey Anthony Off The Front Page

"Parents Knock Casey Anthony Off The Front Page." It's no secret to anyone that Casey Anthony is a very narrssistic young lady, which makes me wonder what she must be thinking right now as her parents (Cindy & George Anthony) are getting more attention from the press and TV news media outlets than her? In short order, it was reveled within the past few weeks that Cindy and George Anthony were facing foreclosure on their Orlando, Florida home and also during that same period of time - it was reported that George Anthony has been having an affair. As to the foreclosure story, that has been confirmed. However, George Anthony's attorney has told the media that his client did not have an affair, so stay tuned to see what the truth finally shakes out to be.

My guess is that Casey Anthony must be very angry at her parents because they are getting more media attention than her. Only in a twisted mind is the whole mess that has been going on in Orlando now for more than a year, attention - but I think everyone already knows and understands all to well what is going on inside of Casey Anthony's brain. From jailhouse videos of her talking endlessly about herself to her actions while her daughter went missing told everyone paying attention  all they needed to know about the mindset of Casey Anthony. In Casey Anthony's mind, the whole world revolves around her and what she wants and needs at any given point in time. I believe in Casey Anthony's twisted opinion, now that her parents are getting media attention for their own problems, that will leave less time for the news media to focus on her (Casey) and her terrible life sitting in a jail cell 24/7.

Of course, anyone with a brain understands all to well that Casey Anthony's problems were brought on by her own bad choices and actions against others mainly her daughter Caylee. In the beginning, I remember seeing jailhouse videos of Casey Anthony as she went on and on about how bad her life was now that she was in jail. Very seldom did she talk about her daughter or before Caylee's body was found even bringing attention to the ongoing search for her. I believe that Cindy, George and Casey Anthony are all pretty much cut from the same bad material and when that in mind - it should not surprise anyone that Cindy and George have not made payments on their mortgage for almost a year or that George Anthony might have strayed and had an affair.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Congressman Chet Edwards Votes NO On Health Care Reform

"Congressman Chet Edwards Votes NO On Health Care Reform." It was good news when it was reported recently that Central Texas Congressman Chet Edwards was voting no on the U.S. Senate's version of health care reform. The past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of pressure put on democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives by "Speaker of the House" Nancy Pelosi and President Obama to vote for this unpopular law. However, it was reported again today that Congressman Chet Edward will continue to oppose this bill and he has assured voters back home in the Waco and College Station area that he will stick to his guns and not support this reform package.

It's very likely that if Congressman Chet Edwards had decided to support changes in health care right now, he would find himself voted out of office during this November's election. Frankly, it's amazing to me that Congressman Edwards has been able to survive Texas redistricting, because his new district is made up of mainly conservative Republican voters. However, even after Texas redistricting - Congressman Chet Edwards was able to still win in 2008 and I think it is likely he will win again in November unless he does something very stupid in Congress. While it is true that Congressman Chet Edwards is a Democrat in a highly Republican Texas district, it is also true that Edwards is not your run of the mill liberal Democrat either.

President Obama style health care reform is not very popular at all here in the State of Texas. In fact, I think it is safe to say that very few Central Texans are in favor of in kind of changes when it comes to health care. What most people are afraid of is what Washington will do to our current health care system once they impose political correctness into the equation of providing life saving medical treatment. It's not that politicians in Washington D.C. are evil, it just that their track record on programs which are created to help folks seldom seem to work the same way they were advertised to. Most people in Texas believe in the free enterprise system and for the most part so does Congressman Chet Edwards. If he did not, he would not be such a senior Member of Congress from a heavily GOP Texas district.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Obama's Last Stand For Health Care Reform

"Obama's Last Stand For Health Care Reform." Time is running short for President Barack Obama to find the necessary votes in the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the U.S. Senate health care reform bill, as is. Frankly, I don't believe any Member of Congress really likes the current health care reform law that is making it's way around Congress right now, but if hype is any measure of getting things done in Washington D.C. these days - within the next week to ten days there will be a vote on a health care reform law that almost 75% of the American people do not like. All Republicans and many die-hard Democrats do not like the current health care reform law that the U.S. Senate passed about one month ago. However, the powers that be in the democratic party believe that President Obama must have a win on health care reform or the party is over for Democrats on election day this November.

From my point of view, it would be easier for Democrats to say that they stood up to President Obama and voted down his unpopular health care reform law because the people back home do not like it. However, logic in Washington D.C. is in short supply - so many democratic leaders in the Congress mistakenly believe that the voters will like this new health care reform bill, if it passes and they see that the "sky does not fall". I take a different path to logic than democratic leaders in the Congress and my take is that the American people are going to come down hard on the democratic party this November if they do pass a health care reform law the people do not favor. Sadly, President Obama learned little from former President Bill Clinton when it came to what the wrath of the American people would look like when a politician tried to mess with their present health care.

Right now, it does appear that Nancy Pelosi will find enough Members of the U.S. House of Representatives to go along with this unpopular new health care reform package to make it the law of the land. What most Americans do not realize is that the most unpopular parts of this new health care law go into effect almost immediately, while the best parts do not kick in for years. It has been said by many Republican leaders that President Obama is likely to be a one term President. While it is still to early to know that, one thing is for sure and that is he will have many less friends in the Congress when they go before the people on election day in November - simply because he needed a win on health care reform legislation no matter what.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ari Fleischer Helps Tiger Woods Return To Golf

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"Ari Fleischer Helps Tiger Woods Return To Golf." Most Americans remember Ari Fleischer as the first press secretary to President George W. Bush. Almost every person in the United States of America has seen Ari on television, because of the terrorist attacks on our country on September 11, 2001. For months, Ari Fleischer stood before the world in the White House briefing room as the official voice of the President of the United States. Now, Ari Fleischer has a new career now where he helps sports figures who have made mistakes, revive their tattered image and get back into the game. Ari Fleischer's newest and most famous client to date is Tiger Woods.

When all the news started breaking yesterday that Tiger Woods would make his comeback in professional golf at the 2010 Masters Tournament, behind the scenes it was former President George W. Bush's press secretary Ari Fleischer that was calling the shots. Many people, including myself, believe that April of 2010 is too soon for Tiger Woods to come back to the PGA. However, my guess is that Tiger Woods is very eager to get back on the PGA tour because his whole life has been spent perfecting and winning at the game of golf. Probably due to pressure from Tiger Woods, Ari Fleischer is speeding up Tiger's return to professional golf before enough time has passed to help ease the pain and anger that many golf fans feel, because of Tiger Woods' transgressions against his wife and the people who looked up to him.

At some point in time, it was always certain that Tiger Woods would return to the golf course to continue his wonderful career. However, in sports - just as in life - everything usually revolves around the timing of that return. While I don't know Ari Fleischer, my guess is that he was recommending that Tiger Woods wait a bit longer before returning to the PGA tour. However, when anyone takes a job with a famous athlete of Tiger Woods stature - it's always clear that the ego in that athlete will always force them to return before the time is right. It will be interesting to see how golf fans treat Tiger Woods once he returns to the game. My guess is that he will face many "cold shoulders" before most fans welcome him back with open arms.

Foreclosure Looms For Cindy/George Anthony's Home

"Foreclosure Looms For Cindy/George Anthony's Home." In recent days, Cindy and George Anthony - the parents of jailed and alleged child murderer Casey Anthony have hired an attorney to stop foreclosure by "Bank of America" on their Orlando, Florida home. In what seems like a bad rerun of previous actions by Cindy and George Anthony, they are alleging that "Bank of America" did not legally notify them about mortgage delinquencies - even though they admit to not making any payments on their home mortgage for almost one year. I just wonder how many other Americans have lost their homes to foreclosure within the past year who are looking, once again, at Cindy and George Anthony with contempt?

People who have followed the disappearance of Caylee Anthony from the beginning have heard what turned out to be lies coming from the mouths of the Anthony's on many occasions for a long time now. Any person with a lick of common sense should expect their home to be foreclosed upon a long time before a year is up, when they make no mortgage payments. Now it appears that Cindy and George Anthony are trying to turn the tables on their lender and put the blame on them for not letting them know that their home would face foreclosure - if they did not make mortgage payments for the past ten months. The old saying of "a nut doesn't fall far from the tree" comes to my mind when thinking about this.

It was learned last week that Casey Anthony's murder trial has now been delayed until 2011 and I would not be surprised if Cindy and George Anthony don't try to find a court-of-law that will allow them to stay in their home without making mortgage payments until Casey Anthony's trial is over. For the past year, Cindy and George Anthony have been seen traveling around the country to places where other young children have gone missing. Hasn't either one of them considered getting a job so they can pay their mortgage during that period of time? My guess is that if Cindy and George can delay foreclosure long enough, they are hoping to catch up their payments with money from a book or movie deal - once Casey Anthony's trial is over.

Friday, March 12, 2010

American's Rediscover Ford Cars/Trucks

"American's Rediscover Ford Cars/Trucks." While the current recession is far from over, there is some really good news being reported by Ford Motor Company. In what has turned out to be a disaster for Toyota, accelerator problems and run away car issues have caused millions of Toyota owners to second guess their loyalty to that car brand. When added to the fact that Ford Motor Company did not take federal bailout money and the look and feel of the new cars and trucks at Ford have never been better, 2010 and 2011 should turn out to be fantastic years for Ford. Just the other day, I was reading an article about how poor Chrysler vehicles have been selling this year. Plus, who knows whether General Motors (GM) will ever get it's act back together again?

Right now, the two best brand names in automobiles are Ford and Honda. While many Americans turned their backs on American made cars years ago because of quality issues, in more recent months - more and more people are taking a second look at Ford and that new and increased interest in Ford cars, trucks and vans is helping their bottom line. Long before most people started to take a second look at Ford cars and trucks, I was buying a new Ford Taurus every three to five years - because I have never had a major problem with any Ford automobile. While the quality of Ford vehicles was good, it's now even better and on par with their primary competition, Honda.

I am not against Japanese vehicles being sold in the United States and in many ways, the fact that Toyota and Honda provided such good quality to consumers for many years - forced U.S. automobile companies to improve the quality of their own vehicles. Right now, Ford is in the best position it's has found itself in for decades and I expect the Ford Motor Company to come out of this recession strong and in sound financial condition. Most people have heard the story of how Henry Ford wanted to build an automobile that all American's could afford. Right now, I believe he is looking down from heaven with a smile on his face at how the company that still bears his name is still growing even during a bad recession.

Does Toyota Think Americans Are Liars?

"Does Toyota Think Americans Are Liars?" There has been a mistrust by Americans of the Japanese dating back to Pearl Harbor and World War II. For the most part, until recently, those old feelings had been put to rest in the modern world. However, not long ago - Americans started to notice problems with Toyota cars and the slow response to those issues by Toyota executives in Japan, has brought the once best automobile brand name in America down to Earth in record time. What makes some owners of Toyota cars angry is that it appears at first glance that Toyota executives in Japan seems to believe that Toyota car owners in the United States must be lying about accelerator and brake problems in their cars.

What I believe is happening here is that Toyota does not have a clue what is at the root of these problems and in an attempt to kick the can down the road as far and as long as possible, they are recommending fixes to their cars that are not really fixing the problems at all. At first, Toyota blamed floor mats for accelerator issues and then they attempted to blame another company that provided parts for some of the cars that have had problems. The last thing that Toyota wants is for there to be some kind of problem with the software in some of their vehicles. Not only are software problems hard to solve, but very expensive repairs would be needed to fix those types of problems.

There is a day and night difference between the attitudes and culture of Americans and Japanese. While most Americans are quick to take blame when they mess up, in Japan - the need to save face is more important than almost anything else. So, in my view, American owners of Toyota cars who are reporting problems with their vehicle could soon find themselves being blamed by Toyota for those problems or even worse even be called liars for reporting problems in the first place. Any rational thinking person would know that thousands of people from all over the United States of America, who do not know each other, are not lying because of some kind of conspiracy against Toyota and their cars.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jonathan Garvey (Merlin Olsen) Dead At Age 69

"Jonathan Garvey (Merlin Olsen) Dead At Age 69." Someone died today who had a positive effect on my life. His name was Merlin Olsen and he died from cancer at the age of 69. While many people older than I remember the glory days when Olsen played NFL football for the then LA Rams, I will always remember Merlin Olsen as the soft spoken best friend of Charles Ingalls played by Michael Landon on the long running hit TV series "Little House on the Prairie". I was a late to the party viewer of Little House on the Prairie, but through the years I became a huge fan of that show as it made it's way through re-runs on several different cable networks.

Merlin Olsen's character of Jonathan Garvey came across so nature, it would be difficult for me to picture Olsen in any other role. Millions of Americans loved to watch "Little House on the Prairie", because it portrayed old fashion family values during a time in the 1980's when it seemed like the only thing most people cared about was money, the stock market and themselves. For me, Jonathan Garvey on "Little House" was the type of guy who was the perfect role model for me. I was in my middle 20's when Olsen and Landon brought that show to television back in the early 1980's.

It may sound silly to many of you reading this, but when I heard the news that Merlin Olsen had died today - I felt a deep sense of sorrow as if I had lost a member of my own family. Olsen character of Jonathan Garvey will live on throughout the years in re-runs of "Little House on the Prairie" and I must, in the near future, find a cable channel that still carries that old TV show. May God be with Merlin Olsen's family tonight. I hope they know what a big impact their family member had on millions of people around the world. In my view, Merlin Olsen was a wonderful role model for men even today and I hope that the positive effect that he had on me and many others will continue to be felt for generations to come.

Left/Right Fight For Health Care Dominance

"Left/Right Fight For Health Care Dominance." The time for decision is coming soon in the health care debate that has been raging in Washington D.C. and on the main streets America for months. Most of the political pundits have been on fire recently as conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats fight it out to win this most important battle for both sides. In the beginning, I really thought that President Obama's health care reform ideas were sound, but as the weeks and months have gone by - it now appears that the only thing new in Barack Obama's health care proposal is just more of the same from old style liberal politics. Sadly, President Barack Obama ran and won the office of President of the United States on a moderate platform - but it didn't take long for him to drift over to the left side of politics and that choice might just doom the chances of health care reform in 2010.

It's no secret to anyone with a brain that the current state of affairs in the U.S. health care system will eventually bankrupt our entire economy. However, most Americans do not believe and probably never will go along with the liberals way of thinking that to save health care in the United States we must nationalize it. The idea of making the U.S. government a major insurance company is something most moderate and conservative Americans could never go along with. For far too long, liberal Democrats have tried and failed to socialize the American health care system. Now it appears that President Obama is going to go down fighting just like President Bill Clinton did before him when it comes to health care reform legislation.

As I have said for a long time now, it's not the Republicans who are the biggest problem for President Obama when it comes to passing health care reform legislation - but it is the moderate and conservative members of his own democratic party who could and probably will seal it's doom. Democratic Members of Congress are scared to death of the voters back home, because many of them are up for reelection this year. While it is fashionable in Washington D.C. right now to be a die-hard liberal, in many parts of the United States - democratic Members of Congress are representing moderate to conservative leaning districts in the U.S. House of Representatives. I'm sure those Members of Congress are hearing loud and clear that most of the people who usually vote for them are upset with the current President Obama health care package and that anger could turn voters against them on election day - if they support this unpopular health care reform law.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

David Defeats Jay In Late Night Ratings

"David Defeats Jay In Late Night Ratings." It did not take long for the new to wear off the love of Jay Leno's return to late night on NBC. During the first week of Jay Leno's return to the "Tonight Show", he soundly defeated David Letterman in almost every category. However, as the second week of head to head competition got underway this week - David Letterman's ratings are going up while Jay Leno's are going down. Could it be that Jay Leno's test drive into prime-time could have cost him his valuable late night fan base? Only time will tell the answer to that question, but during the time when Jay Leno was away from the "Tonight Show" on NBC - David Letterman was able to take a commanding lead in the ratings between NBC and CBS, which was not common place back when Leno and Letterman were fighting it out night after night for late night ratings dominance.

It has been said that late night TV shows like the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno and "Late Night with David Letterman" are battlefields that are fought over young and impressionable viewers. The main age group that most advertisers today want to reach are 18-49 year old views and since young people stay up later at night than older folks - both the "Tonight Show" on NBC and the "Late Show With David Letterman" are more interested in attracting younger TV viewers than older people like myself. Will this switch of younger TV viewers from Jay Leno back to David Letterman continue? Frankly, I don't know - but millions of dollars of advertising revenue will be at stake for both NBC and CBS.

From my personal point of view, I believe that Jay Leno stabbed David Letterman in the back when he out maneuvered Letterman with NBC executives to win the "Tonight Show" when Johnny Carson retired. There was a movie released a long time ago that portrayed Jay Leno as the snake in the grass that stole away NBC's Tonight Show from David Letterman even after he (Letterman) was promised a hosting position on that show when Johnny Carson retired. It's said that eventually chickens all come home to roost and maybe that is what is happening right now in the late night TV ratings war between Jay Leno and David Letterman. Stay tuned, there will be much more to come!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Huge Box Office Hit

"Alice In Wonderland Huge Box Office Hit." While the new movie called "Alice In Wonderland" is not my cup of tea, apparently the producers and backers of this new film knew something when they made it, because during it's first weekend of release it earned over $200 million. Now there have been two huge movies that combined have earned almost $3 billion in recent months that were released in 3D format. Actually, 3D movies have been around for decades - but when this new type of movie experience was first introduced to the public, too many times 3D movies featured silly things like horror movies. One of those movie that I still remember watching in the early 1980's was "Friday the 13th" in 3D.

Today's new 3D technology which has been put on full display in movies like "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland" are light years ahead of the simple tricks that were first used in 3D movies back in the 1970's and 1980's. Instead of using 3D effects to freak out the audience, "Avatar" and Alice in Wonderland" have created a movie experience that allows the audience to completely forget they are wearing 3D glasses within a few minutes after the start of the movie. This new twist on an old idea has caught on "big time" in 2009/2010 and it's possible that regular movies might have a hard time competing in the future, if they too are not shot with full 3D effects.

For many years the price of a movie ticket has continued to rise with little improvement being seen by the public. New 3D movies like "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland" are proving that audiences around the world are willing to pay more to watch a 3D movie than they are willing to spend on a regular 2D film. Finally, Hollywood has found a way to get millions of people off their couch and into theaters without complaining about the ever increasing price of a ticket. It is likely that in the years to come, non 3D movies might go the way of silent pictures and black and white televisions. Many in Hollywood will be left behind with these new changes, but a few people like James Cameron will earn a fortune using new 3D technology at the right place and at the right time.

Is Simon Cowell Getting Married?

"Is Simon Cowell Getting Married?" Last night, Simon Cowell appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Unfortunately, I was not able to watch that show - but NBC has provided a clip of Simon's interview with Jay and it was hilarious. In a surprise move, Jay Leno asked Simon Cowell's girl friend, Mezhgan Hussainy, to come on stage and join them. When she did, that was the first time I ever remember seeing Simon Cowell at a loss for words. Mezhgan is a makeup artist which should come in handy in the future since Simon spends most of his time in front of a TV camera.

Click the video box below to watch Simon Cowell and his girl friend Mezhgan Hussainy interviewed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I think you will find this interview very interesting and down right funny. I also thought it was a neat idea when Mezhgan departed the stage at a time and place of her own choosing.

Oscars TV Ratings Were Up From Last Year

"Oscars TV Ratings Were Up From Last Year." Ratings for Sunday night's Academy Awards show were up 14% from last year, which might mean that the addition of five extra films in the "Best Picture" category might be extended to next year as well. In my opinion, the main reasons why the ratings for the 2010 Oscars show were higher than last year included the fact that there was little else on TV to watch during the show and millions of people tuned in to see if "Avatar" would buck the trend and win the Oscar for "Best Picture" even though it made more money than any movie, ever. Of course, we all now know that "Avatar" did not win "Best Picture" and sadly we all know that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are extremely boring when they appear together on the same stage.

For some folks like myself, the annual Academy Awards Show is just something to kill time with on a Sunday night after a long weekend. Sure, there are usually a few categories that I care about. However, for the most part - the first two hours of the show are filled with jokes that are not funny and loads of obscure awards that few people really care about. At some future date, I would love to see one of the other TV networks show something fantastic during the first two hours of the Oscars and then encourage people to switch over to the Academy Awards when the really important Oscars are awarded during the last 45 minutes of the show.

I sure miss the days when great hosts like Johnny Carson and Billy Chrystal hosted the show. Back then, there were some really good laughs to help the audience endure two hours of non sense awards that always lead up to the big ones at the end of the show. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were terrible hosts of this years Oscars. I admit part of the reason why I did not like this duo was because of the actions of Alec Baldwin in his personal life. However, to me these two men are much funnier when they appear separately than when they try to out do each other on stage together. I guess I'm glad the ratings were up for the Oscars show this year, but in the back of my mind I wonder exactly why they were?

Lindsay Lohan v. Etrade Over Baby Commercial

"Lindsay Lohan v. Etrade Over Baby Commercial." Young and troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has filed a lawsuit against the online brokerage firm Etrade. In her lawsuit, Ms. Lohan says that in one of Etrade's commercials - one of the baby's in the ad is named Lindsay and that child bears an extreme likeness to Lindsay Lohan. I have seen and laughed at that commercial many times, but not once did I associate Lindsay Lohan with any of the children presented. Lohan is asking for $100 million in damages. If there was still anyone in the world that didn't think Lindsay Lohan had lost her mind, this lawsuit should clinch it for them.

For years, Lindsay Lohan has suffered with bouts of extreme alcohol and drug abuse and she has also checked herself into drug rehab facilities on more than one occasion. Sadly, the long nights of substance abuse have taken a toll on Ms. Lohan's physical appearance and likely millions of brain cells have also died too as a result of all those drugs. Now, rather than spending her time getting her own life in order - she has decided to sue Etrade in an attempt to collect money in what I believe is a frivolous lawsuit. While it's easy for me to blame many of Lindsay Lohan's current problems on herself, it is true that when it comes to being blessed with good parents - Ms. Lohan came up on the short end of that stick.

Hopefully, a judge will soon throw out Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit against Etrade. What Lindsay Lohan really needs right now is a positive mentor that will convince her to leave the Hollywood area for good. The hard truth is that some young stars can live in Hollywood and avoid the many negative temptations available there. However, there are others like Lindsay Lohan that cannot. When I think now of Lindsay Lohan, I can't help but flash back to what happened to Michael Jackson last year. Both Jackson and Lohan have one thing in common and that is the overuse of drugs. Those drugs cost Michael Jackson his life at the age of 50, but if Ms. Lohan does not get a firm grip on her problems soon - she might be dead long before that.

Casey Anthony Growing Old In Prison

"Casey Anthony Growing Old In Prison." Regular readers already know that I believe this whole Casey Anthony murder trial is lasting longer than it should. Finally, the judge presiding over Casey Anthony's murder trial has set a date of May 9th, 2011 for her trial to begin - but there are still many hurdles to cross before Casey finally get her day in front of 12 jury members from her own community. In fact, in the final analysis - the men and women who will eventually sit in judgment of Casey Anthony could be from somewhere else in Florida, because her attorney's have as of yet not been allowed to fully argue their case for a change of venue. Over the past almost two years, millions of Americans and people around the world have watched the Casey Anthony murder case with intense interest.

It's easy to see that a vast majority of people who have followed the murder case of Casey Anthony for a long time, believe that she is guilty of murdering her two year old daughter Caylee. Yesterday, my wife and I went to see a movie called "Lovely Bones". In that movie a young girl, not a whole lot older that Caylee Anthony, was murdered by a neighborhood predator that few people suspected until the end of the movie. As I watched the movie "Lovely Bones" yesterday, my mind often wonder to the real life case of young Caylee Anthony who was alleged killed at the hands of her own mother. It's bad enough when a person from the neighborhood decides to kidnap and murder a young girl, but when that neighborhood predator turns out to likely be the mother of the child, it changes everything.

For far too long, child predators have been allowed to live among those that they prey upon. However, what does society do with someone like Casey Anthony who likely killed her own daughter simply because her child was cramping her lifestyle? From my simple and yes narrow minded point of view, I do not believe that a person like Casey Anthony can be cured of the impulse to lie, cheat, steal and even murder to get her own way. While child predators are the worst kind of scum that make up this crazy and twisted world, in my view - a narcissist sociopath like Casey Anthony is worse because she brought pain and death upon a member of her own family. My hope is that Casey Anthony grows old in prison and finally when her murder trial is concluded, most people will never give her another passing thought.