Friday, April 30, 2010

President Likely To Slow Offshore Oil Drilling

"President Likely To Slow Offshore Oil Drilling." Just weeks after President Obama said that he would open up more offshore U.S. waters to drilling, the United States is facing one of the worst man-made natural disasters in our nations history. Light sweet crude oil continues to leak from a well head in 5000 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico. The outrage that has been building ever since the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig caught fire over a week ago, will effect how the public views the practice of offshore oil drilling. For the most part, I have been a proponent of increasing offshore oil drilling because I believed what the oil companies were telling me about measures they had in place to prevent massive oil leaks if something bad happened. Now however, I believe the oil companies might have been lying to the government and the America people about their oil containment efforts in the event of a terrible disaster. President Obama is likely to slow offshore oil drilling now and if he does that is the right decision. Sadly, it seems that the safety information that has been released by oil companies in recent years was nothing more than hype to get permission to drill in even more offshore locations.

Casey Anthony Jury To Be Sequestered (Judge Perry)

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"Casey Anthony Jury To Be Sequestered (Judge Perry)." There was a new Casey Anthony court hearing this morning, which you can watch below. Today's hearing was the first for Judge Perry, who replaced Stan Strickland about one week ago. During this mornings hearing, Casey Anthony attorney Todd Mancuso asked to be dismissed from the case because he is facing disciplinary action in his home state of California. I guess everyone already assumed that Casey Anthony's jury would be sequestered once the trial starts in 2011, but Judge Perry state as much in this morning's hearing. The judge also said that he expected Casey Anthony's murder trial to last from four to seven weeks. If Casey Anthony's current trial date of May 11, 2011 holds, at that time it would have been almost three years since two year old Caylee Anthony first went missing. Millions of people around the world have follow the case of missing Caylee Anthony since the very beginning. During that same period of time, hundreds of other children have also gone missing and some have been found dead. However, no other murdered child case has captured the public's interest as much as this one - probably because Casey Anthony has a custom made personality that everyone seems to hate.

Will Obama Be Blamed For Gulf Oil Spill?

"Will Obama Be Blamed For Gulf Oil Spill?" As an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico continues to grow by the day, some people are starting to ask if President Obama will be blamed for the damage that will result on the shoreline of the Gulf coast? While it's not President Obama fault that the deepwater oil rig Horizon sunk, he could very well be blamed if clean-up efforts do not move as quickly as most people think they should. For an example, just look back to President George W. Bush and Hurricane Katrina. President Bush did not cause Hurricane Katrina, but he paid a huge political price when the public saw thousands of homeless people living in the lawless streets of New Orleans while he vacationed in Crawford, Texas. Soon, millions of barrels of crude oil will begin polluting the Gulf coast shorelines and if clean-up efforts are delayed for any reason, it is likely that the public will turn on the Obama administration and blame them for everything. Late reports today from the Gulf of Mexico state that high winds are delaying the clean-up efforts and those same high winds are also making it impossible to burn the oil off the surface of the water as well.

Should Offshore Oil Drilling Be Stopped?

"Should Offshore Oil Drilling Be Stopped?" Environmentalist who have long opposed the offshore drilling of crude oil in the United States have a powerful new argument today as 5000 barrels of oil continue to leak into the Gulf of Mexico. Late last night and all through this weekend, thousands of gallons of crude oil are expected to wash ashore mainly in the State of Louisiana. While the damage to tourist beach land will be tremendous, the death and destruction that will be caused to wildlife could be catastrophic. In recent days, the U.S. Coast Guard has been trying to clean up as much oil from the surface of the Gulf as possible - but in reality they are fighting a losing battle, at least until the current 5000 barrels of leaking oil is capped. Clean up efforts by BP, the U.S. Coast Guard and the "Defense Department" are ongoing in the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike the thicker crude oil that leaked from the Exxon Valdez years ago, oil in the Gulf of Mexico is usually a thinner grade that can be burned off on the surface of the ocean and more easily cleaned up on the shoreline. However, no one should under estimate the damage that is headed for the shoreline of Gulf Coast states right now and the clean up efforts involved will probably take years - if not decades to complete.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Bret Michaels On The Road To Recovery?

"Is Bret Michaels On The Road To Recovery?" If you ever think that one week in your life is not that important, just visualize what rocker Bret Michaels was going through one week ago today (Thursday). Last Thursday, Bret Michaels was rushed to a hospital with a pounding headache that later turned out to be bleeding in his brain caused by a ruptured aneurysm. The stroke that followed caused the Internet to go balistic last weekend as millions of Bret Michaels fans were trying to find health updates about his condition. Now fast forward one week and most of the medical experts are saying that Bret Michaels is improving and some people are even saying that he might be ready to go on tour again this summer (2010). Those tour rumors are premature in my view, but the fact that a promoter is suggesting that he might be well enough to handle the travel and other stresses of a nationwide concert tour does give me an occasion for hope. Having a stroke is not small time thing, in fact upwards of 50% of the people who suffer a stroke like the one Bret Michaels had - are not alive after the first 30 days. I hope to have more positive updates about Bret Michaels health condition this weekend - so stay tuned.

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Arizona Stands Alone With New Immigration Law

"Arizona Stands Alone With New Immigration Law." It became clear today, that the State of Arizona will be standing alone when it comes to tough new state laws that are designed to crack down a growing problem. It was already certain that California was not going to pass a law against illegal immigration like Arizona did and then today both New Mexico and Texas leaders are standing up against this new Arizona law, as well. It's difficult for me to see the new Arizona immigration law as anything short of a racial profiling law that gives police in that state too much discretionary power. Also, when it comes to real conservatives - the bedrock principle that almost every conservative believes in with all their heart is a smaller government that does not impose it's will on the citizens of the United States. The new Arizona immigration law is not conservative, but something more akin to way out there nut cases that blame all of this country's problems on people who cross the border with Mexico illegally. The federal government is in charge of regulating the borders of the United States with other countries and states like Arizona should not be passing laws that interfere with this nations sovereignty. Resident in the State of Arizona will pay a huge price tag in the short run because of this short sighted law that will eventually be thrown out as unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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New Prostate Cancer Vaccine Has Big Price Tag

"New Prostate Cancer Vaccine Has Big Price Tag." The FDA gave approval to a new prostate cancer vaccine today, which will give hope to the millions of men who are in the last stage of this deadly disease. My father died of pancreatic cancer in 2001 and even since that time I have paid extra close attention to anything new that comes along to help conquer cancer once and for all. While this new prostate cancer vaccine does show promise in help men who have not responded to other forms of treatment, for the average person the cost of three treatments of prostate cancer vaccine will run about $90,000 and most insurance probably will not pay for it. So once again, even with health care reform now passed in the United States - the people who have the money to pay the $90,000 price tag for this treatment will have better odds at survival than the many who cannot afford the price or who have insurance that will not pay for it. With or without health care reform in the United States there are always going to be breakthrough treatments for cancer and other serious diseases that will not be covered by insurance or the federal government. Sadly, still in the United States if you are not rich - your life's value is being decided by either insurance companies or now the federal government itself.

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Wildlife/Beaches Suffer From Large Gulf Oil Spill

"Wildlife/Beaches Suffer From Large Gulf Oil Spill." Millions of gallons of crude oil have already spilled into the Gulf of Mexico and tens of millions more will flow freely before there will be any hope of capping a leak that developed after the "Horizon Oil Rig" sank last week. In what first was reported as a 1000 barrel per day leak in 5000 feet of water has turned out to be three times that much as submersibles have further examined the damage on the ocean floor. Tonight, oil started washing ashore on the outer islands of Louisiana and the mainland is likely to be hit sometime tomorrow. Sadly, there is little anyone can do to prevent thousands of barrels of oil from washing ashore - so beach front property and wildlife preserves are going to be devastate with a thick coating of crude oil soon. In addition to Louisiana, further east along the Gulf of Mexico coastline there are huge vacations resorts in and around Destin, Florida. Millions of people per year visit these vacation resorts because of the clear Gulf water and white sandy beaches. It is likely that over the next few weeks, some of the crude oil will make it's way to Destin and other resorts along the Gulf Coast and the damage costs could run into the billions of dollars.

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Gulf Coast Faces Oil Tarballs Tonight

"Gulf Coast Faces Oil Tarballs Tonight." It is not going to be a beautiful "May Day" in some parts of Louisiana this weekend as oil begins washing up on the coastline. In what has turned into the biggest man made disaster in history, the former oil rig Horizons is leaking at least 5000 barrels of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico and there is no way to clean up that oil fast enough to keep it from washing ashore and ruining beaches and wildlife habitats spanning hundreds of miles. To show just how bad this oil spill is in the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama order the military to help in anyway possible to clean up the ever growing oil spill and also to provide assistance to civilian and local government leaders who are trying to find a way to stop the oil from leaking further.

My grandfather told me once that everything in life happens for a reason. He said that sometimes you just can't tell what that reason is at the time it's happening. Maybe this current ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is teaching us a lesson about drilling for oil offshore in the United States? Until this current Horizon oil rig disaster, I was under that impression that modern day oil drilling methods were so advanced that a spill of this magnitude was not possible anymore. Whether I misunderstood what was being sold by the oil companies or was outright lied to is still an open question. However, I now believe that oil companies have a long way to go before they can prove that they can handle a huge oil spill and also be able to shut off the flow of oil in very deep water wells - if a disaster happens to the oil rig above.

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Will Arizona Pay A Financial Price For Immigration Law?

"Will Arizona Pay A Financial Price For Immigration Law?" Some people who do not support Arizona's new tough immigration law are encouraging business and government to boycott that state with tourism dollars. So, will Arizona pay a financial price for passing a tough new immigration law? I think they will in the short run, but over a longer period of time - Americans tend to forget. Years ago, Arizona also was the only state in the union that refused to honor the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. At first, people boycotted Arizona for that decision - but over time people forgot about it and tourist dollars started returning to the state.

Whether it's a good or bad thing, on almost every hot button political issue - the American people tend to get mad quickly and then move on and forget about what made them so angry in the past. My guess is that over the next one to two years, Arizona will pay a financial price for their new tough immigration law - but after that, most people will forget the anger they feel today and tourist dollars will once again start to flow to Arizona. What should concern Arizona residents more is the fact that millions of people around the world look at their state as being backwards in some ways and that type of thinking will last longer than initial anger at one silly law.

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Todd Macaluso (Casey Anthony Attorney) Must Withdraw?

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"Todd Macaluso (Casey Anthony Attorney) Must Withdraw?" If it was possible for the profession of practicing law image to get any worse, it possibly happened today when one of Casey Anthony's lawyers (Todd Macaluso) asked Judge Perry to be removed from her murder trial - because his home State of California has suspended his license to practice law in that state. From the beginning, the legal process surrounding Casey Anthony's case has quickly turned into a full blown cirrus as both the defense and prosecution have been slow to get this trial started. Now as Casey Anthony is preparing to go into court tomorrow to face a new judge (Perry), news is released today that one of her attorney's may not even be able to continue to practice law or represent her.

I remember less about Todd Macaluse than I do Jose Baez when it comes to Casey Anthony's legal representation in court. However, over the past months I do remember Macaluso showing up on television a few times and spouting off comments that seemed to fly in the face of conventional wisdom. It's very likely that Judge Perry will allow Todd Macaluso to withdraw as a legal representative for Casey Anthony now that he cannot practice law in his home State of California. I just hope that Todd Macaluso's removal as one of the legal representatives of Casey Anthony in court, does not further delay justice in this long and drawn out case.

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VH1 Special Tribute To Bret Michaels (Thursday)

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"VH1 Special Tribute To Bret Michaels (Thursday)." Hundreds of people have left well wishes for rocker Bret Michaels on VH1's website in recent days, so the music channel has decided to run an encore presentation of it's show "Behind The Music" featuring the music of Bret Michaels. That special presentation will take place on VH1 tonight (Thursday April, 29) at 11pm EDST / 10pm CDST. Late reports suggest that Bret Michaels has been blown away with all the fan support he has received since suffering a stroke caused by an aneurysm one week ago today.

Today's update on Bret Michaels health is more upbeat and he seems to be recovering in a slow but sure fashion in a hospital in Arizona. Yesterday, the person who is handling the promotion surrounding his upcoming summer tour said that he will ready for those shows - but my gut feeling is that it might take longer than a month or two before Bret Michaels is ready to take on the hard work of touring nightly, which involves extensive travel around the country. At this point in time, I am just thankful that Bret Michaels seems to be getting better and I hope his recovery from a stroke continues to go well.

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Louisiana Prepares For Gulf Oil Slick

"Louisiana Prepares For Gulf Oil Slick." The state that is closest to the sunken Horizon oil rig, Louisiana, is preparing to be hit by floating crude oil as early as this weekend. In addition to thousands of miles of coastal areas that are currently being threatened by this disaster - the people who manage the traffic in and out of the Mississippi river are watching carefully to make sure that raw crude oil does not wash up into that waterway and interfere with shipping traffic. So far - neither the Coast Guard or BP, who owned the Horizon oil rig, have been able to stop or even slow the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

The next question many Americans will be asking is, do we really need to be drilling for oil in ocean water that is 5000 feet deep? The biggest obstacle to capping the still leaking oil from the former Horizon oil rig is the extreme debt of the water involved. A giant dome is currently be constructed onshore that most people believe will stop the flow of leaking crude oil from the site. If that does not work, then residents on the Gulf coast from Texas to Florida could be in for a long battle against crude oil washing up on their shorelines for months and maybe even years to come.

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Should Tiger Woods Embrace Bad Boy Image?

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"Should Tiger Woods Embrace Bad Boy Image?" Ever since Tiger Woods was caught having multiple affairs, he and the people around him who manage his career have been trying to repair the old Tiger Woods image. Now that several months have gone by since Tiger Woods had a wreck just feet from the front door of his house, I wonder if Tiger Woods and the people around him are making a mistake in trying to bring the old Tiger back? Whether it's a good or a bad thing, millions of Americans love to follow bad guys as they make their way around the country. Sometimes those bad guys are in the music business and sometimes they play in the NBA - but all the time those bad reputation guys get a lot of attention and seem to always be able to make a bunch of money too in the process.

I noticed this week as Tiger Woods prepares to play in his second PGA tour event this year - he is now sporting a goatee beard. Could it be that the new rough looking Tiger Woods is something his handlers could try and market, instead of a bad boy who somehow found his way and who will act moral from now on? Frankly, I don't think it's possible to recreate the old Tiger Woods image anymore and for those that are trying to do so - I think they will fail miserably. The reason why is that Tiger Woods has never been a shining role model for adults and children to follow. Instead, the old Tiger Woods was nothing more than a sham PR campaign that was marketed to the public as something that could not stand up to public scrutiny.

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Casey Anthony To Attend Friday Court Hearing

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"Casey Anthony To Attend Friday Court Hearing." On Friday, Casey Anthony is expected to appear again in court - but this time she is facing a new judge in her murder case. As everyone now knows, Casey Anthony's defense team made a motion for Judge Stan Strickland to recuse himself from her upcoming trial and after a few days of deliberations he agreed to do so. On Friday, for the first time - Judge Perry will be sitting on the bench when Casey Anthony is brought once again to a Orange County Florida court room and I will be watching to see how Judge Perry not only treats the prosecution and defense during this first hearing - but I also want to see what if anything he has to say to the defendant Casey Anthony.

More than likely, Friday's (April 30, 2010) Casey Anthony court hearing will be just be more of the same old boring stuff spectators of this trial have grown to expect. However, the big question mark right now with me and others is how will Judge Perry be different than Judge Strickland when it comes to pre-trial motions and what I consider to be an unending series of delaying tactics by Casey Anthony's defense team. Usually, when you watch a court hearing where only pre-trial motions are heard and ruled upon - it is difficult to know exactly what a judge is thinking or what he or she will do. However, there is nothing about the Casey Anthony murder case that is usual or uncovered by the news media.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Getting Worse By The Day

"Gulf Oil Spill Getting Worse By The Day." Until today, we knew that at least 1000 barrels of crude oil were spilling into the Gulf of Mexico from the now sunken "Horizon Oil Rig". However, now we know that there is more than one oil leak from that previous drill site and sadly there could be even more. Now a huge ecological problem is quickly turning into possibly the worst oil spill ever seen in the United States of America. Today, the U.S. Coast Guard began burning off oil that is floating in the Gulf - but even under the best of conditions, all that oil will not be stopped before it starts washing up on shore all around the Gulf coast.

What is making the situation worse at the former oil rig site of the Horizon is that the well head, on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico is 5000 feet deep. The only way to try and repair a leak in water that deep is with unmanned submersibles - which as it turns out to be a long and drawn out situation. It's safe to say that if efforts to shut off the current oil flow at the well head fail, it could be months or even a year or more before oil stops leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. The whole Horizon oil rig tragedy is quickly going from bad to worse.

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Kentucky Derby Time / I Still Think Of Barbaro

"Kentucky Derby Time / I Still Think Of Barbaro." As the 2010 "Kentucky Derby approaches, my mind keeps thinking back to 2006 when a horse by the name of Barbaro won. Then only a few short weeks later, Barbaro broke down at the beginning of the Preakness Stakes and after valiant attempts to save him failed -was later put down several months later. There was a song out once that was titled "One Moment In Time" and now when I think back on Barbaro's racing career, that tune always comes to my mind.

Now it's almost time for another "Kentucky Derby" and when that race is ran on Saturday, I will cheer for the new horses that will run this year - but in the back of my mind I will be thinking about Barbaro. Something about the way Barbaro ran and his tremendous strength to hold on and survive after suffering a massive leg injury - forever molded a picture of him in my mind. Some years, I wonder if there will ever be another "Triple Crown" winner. I still believe to this day if Barbaro had not broke his leg at the beginning of the Preakness States in 2006 - he would be in the record books right now as the latest winner of the Triple Crown.

Arizona Law On Immigration Debated Loudly

"Arizona Law On Immigration Debated Loudly." Ever since Arizona passed the toughest new law in generations against illegal immigration, voices from the right, left and center have been debating the wisdom of this new law and it's constitutionality. A few other states want to join Arizona's lead with tough new illegal immigration laws as well, but the vast majority of states want nothing to do with the new Arizona law on illegal immigration and some of them are promising boycotts of that state if this new law is not repealed.

On thing all sides of this hotly contested debate agree upon is that this new Arizona law would not have been passed in the first place, if the federal government in Washington D.C. was doing it's job. Like every other major issue that has faced Washington law makers in recent years, the powers that be in both the Republican and Democratic Party's are too busy fighting with each other to give a darn about what is happening out here in the real world. It's time for our elected representatives to start leading, instead of fighting over every little issue that comes their way.

Bret Michaels Feeling Better Today

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"Bret Michaels Feeling Better Today." There are some reports out today that Bret Michaels is feeling better and that's good news. The type of stroke that Bret Michaels had is considered very painful and it's logical that some of his slow and slurred speech could have as much to do with strong medication he is taking for the pain as it does long term side effects of his stroke. People from far and wide have been sending their well wishes to Bret Michaels and I'm sure that he is astounded at just how many people give a darn whether he lives or dies.

I did read a report today that stated that most people who suffer the type of stroke that Bret Michaels did, usually do not remember anything about the first few days after that stroke ever again. My guess is that since a stroke kills off brain cells - it somehow has an effect on the short term memory of people who suffer one. I believe that is also a good thing, because early news accounts stated that Bret Michaels was in tremendous pain when he was admitted to the hospital last Thursday. More to come as information about Bret Michaels condition leaks out.

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Sandra Bullock Files For Divorce In Austin, Texas

"Sandra Bullock Files For Divorce In Austin, Texas." Entertainment news websites have been speculating for weeks now about when and where Sandra Bullock will file for divorce from her husband Jesse James. Those questions were answered today when it was announced that Bullock has filed for divorce in Austin, Texas where she has a home. It was also revealed today that Sandra Bullock has an adoptive son. Sandra Bullock had just finished the best year of her acting life, by winning an Oscar for "Best Actress" in a movie called the "Blind Side" when her husbands mistress decided to tell the world that she was having an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband.

Now, it's just a matter of time before Jesse James and Sandra Bullock from a legal prospective will no longer be man and wife. In Texas, there is a 60 day "cooling off period" in divorce cases - so a dissolution of their marriage will likely take place sometime in late June or early July of 2010. From my personal point of view, Jesse James' mistress did Sandra Bullock a favor by letting her know that her husband was nothing more than a two faced fraud. Sure, it hurts to find out your spouse is going behind your back and cheating with someone else - but it's important to know those things so you can get about the business of living the rest of your life without them. I wish Sandra Bullock well in the living of that rest of her life.

Did Lifestyle Cause Bret Michaels Stroke?

"Did Party Lifestyle Cause Bret Michaels Stroke?" It's common knowledge that Bret Michaels loved to party, which included the consumption of large amounts of alcohol. Some doctors this morning are suggesting that when added to his medical issue of type one diabetes, Bret Michaels was at an increased risk for a stroke. I know people will always take pot shots at others when bad things happen and I kind of think that is what's happening here as some doctors try to blame what happened to Bret Michaels on unhealthy lifestyle choices. I have never known a rocker musician that did not live in a party atmosphere at least some of the time. That just goes with the role of that person and no one should be shocked that Bret Michaels loved to party as well.

In my opinion, sometimes bad things just happen to people and I think that's what happened to Bret Michaels on Thursday. Many Americans eat too much, don't get enough sleep and certainly smoke and drink. All of those people know that this type of activity is not good for their health, but they choose to do it anyway. When it comes to Bret Michaels diabetes, he more than most people knew what the risks were in drinking and smoking too much and also not getting enough sleep. However, Michaels is no different from the rest of us in the fact that few people want to live to 100 years old - if in doing so there is no fun left in life.

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Will Deepwater Horizon Disaster Stop Offshore Oil Drilling?

"Will Deepwater Horizon Disaster Stop Offshore Oil Drilling?" Almost since the first day I started writing this blog, I have written about offshore oil drilling in the United States and how I believe increasing that drilling is a good thing for America. Then came the explosion and fire on the deepwater oil rig Horizon and then it's sinking, which could cause an environmental disaster that will be ongoing. Sadly, the United States of America is so fragmented right now between hawks on the left and right, no one in the mainstream news media seems to be think about what most Americans consider as a good and workable offshore oil drilling government policy. Sure, there are risked to offshore oil drilling - but there are also benefits. Most Americans believe that offshore oil drilling is a good thing if the practice is carefully regulated and government inspectors are doing their job of protecting the environment when the worst happens.

If anything good has come out of the explosion and sinking of the Horizon oil rig in the Gulf Of Mexico, it's the fact that now we all know that these offshore "deepwater" oil rigs pose different challenges from shallow oil rig platforms where the ocean floor is easily maintained and serviced by underwater divers. Late reports and updates state that about 1000 barrels of crude oil are still pouring into the Gulf Of Mexico each day from the sunken Horizon oil rig and as of right now - none of the efforts, so far, by business or government have slowed that leak. Keep a careful eye on Destin, Florida - because if this oil spill washes ashore there - future political problems with all offshore oil drilling in the United States will be greatly effected.

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Casey Anthony Defense Team Waste Of Taxpayer Money?

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"Casey Anthony Defense Team Waste Of Taxpayer Money?" Yesterday, I wrote about the latest motion that Casey Anthony's defense team put in front of Judge Perry and everyone who emailed me - said that the reasoning to remove the death penalty from this murder trial because the prosecution wanted to financially ruin Casey was completely stupid and wrong headed. Nearly all legal experts now expect that Casey Anthony will be found guilty of murder when she stands trial in 2011. For me, it was one thing when Casey Anthony was paying for her defense representation out of her own pocket or with funds from her parents Cindy and George. However, now that the taxpayers are footing the bill for her legal defense - the legal techniques and challenges her government paid attorney's are making, are not what is in the best interest of justice or even their client Casey Anthony.

In some ways, I think Casey Anthony entered the pre-trial and trial portion of the case with some kind of fantasy type of mental thinking. From all outward appearances, it seemed that Casey Anthony had some kind of a crush on her defense lawyer Jose Baez from the very beginning. We all now know that Casey Anthony partied her butt off during the month when Caylee Anthony first went missing and even after she was arrested (Casey Anthony) she seemed to be fixated on Jose Baez as a man she might like to manipulate - more so than the one person who was best equipped to represent her in a court-of-law fighting capital murder charges.

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Is Whitney Houston In Denial About Drug Use?

"Is Whitney Houston In Denial About Drug Use?" The past few months have added to years of speculation that Whitney Houston is suffering from severe drug abuse issues and to make matters worse - she seem to be in complete denial about what all those drug cocktails are doing not only to her career - but also her body. From Australia to the UK, audiences have paid good money to see Whitney Houston in concert only to be disappointed when she takes the stage. There have been reports recently that Whitney Houston will take the stage at a live concert, sing a few songs and then disappear for 30 minutes or so before returning with a completely different attitude and singing style.

That kind of behavior is just one of the signs that someone has a substance abuse problem and when you add to that the fact that every time Whitney Houston acts strange or does not put on a good show in recent months - she always has someone else or some legitimate medical problem to blame it on. To me, Whitney Houston is in a state of denial when it comes to her drug abuse and she is far too old for anyone in her family to be able to reach out and help her through this issue. The only hope now for Whitney Houston is for her alone to face her likely drug abuse problem, get help and follow that long path to sobriety. You can listen below to Whitney Houston's best selling song, "I Will Always Love You",which was recorded long before she met Bobby Brown or massive drug use entered her life.

Has Noah's Ark Been Found On Turkish Mountain?

"Has Noah's Ark Been Found On Turkish Mountain?" There were news reports yesterday that a team of searcher had found Norah's Ark on some mountain in Turkey. Whether or not this latest Noah's Ark find is real or not will be left up to the eye of the beholder and whether or not you believe in the King James version bible in the first place. I am a believer in God and I believe that there was once a man named Noah who followed the word of God and loaded a huge Ark with men, women and animals in order to save some things when a massive and catastrophic flood was sent down to Earth by God.

Surely, many of you reading this post will also think that the old biblical story of Noah and his Ark has nothing to do with reality and you have a right to your opinion. Frankly, I am skeptical about yesterday's reported find that has been declared by a group of evangelical Christians as a 99% certainty of being the actual Ark that Noah used 4,800 years ago. For generations, people have been climbing mountains in Turkey in search of Noah's Ark and there have been other people who have discovered old wood in this same area and they also claim that their discovery is the real Noah's Ark. Did Noah's Ark really exist 4,800 years ago? I believe it did, but right now I do not believe the claims of the people who made their discovery yesterday - but I will keep an open mind.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bret Michaels Health Update April 28th

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"Bret Michaels Health Update April 28th." According to Bret Michaels Facebook page, the singer suffered a setback yesterday in his recovery from a stroke that was caused by a brain hemorrhage. According to his representatives, Bret Michaels sodium levels were extremely low and that is one sign that indeed he did suffer some kind of stroke.

Right now, Bret Michaels prognosis is still uncertain because doctors are unsure exactly what type of stroke they are dealing with. It was learned late yesterday that Michaels will soon undergo brain surgery to attempt to stop the bleeding so he can begin to recover. According to some doctors, the recovery period for a stroke like this one could take months and the pain that Bret Michaels will feel in the process with be great.

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Arizona Law Draws Fire Around The Country

"Arizona Law Draws Fire Around The Country." It's hard to understand why a law that is designed to arrest people who have entered the United States illegally is so controversial, but that is the case with a new law in Arizona designed to crack down on illegal immigration in that state. While stopping people at the border is pretty much universally supported, when it comes to laws to find illegal immigrants once they are in this country - that's where most people part company. While I believe the United States should toughen up border controls, I am totally against one provision of the new Arizona immigration law because it enables police to stop anyone at their digression and demand proof of citizenship. There is no doubt that this broad new power will not only lead to racial profiling, but it will certainly cause some rogue police officers to use that reason to detain anyone they want to without any other valid reason. While I am very interested in stopping illegal immigration in it's tracks, this new Arizona law will not work and will soon be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Bret Michaels Faces Surgery / Long Recovery

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"Bret Michaels Faces Surgery / Long Recovery." There was a little more news released today about Bret Michaels. As most people had feared, the bleeding inside his brain is the result of a stroke and according to doctors surgery and a long and painful recovery could face him in the weeks and months to come. As Donald Trump has said many times before, Bret Michaels is a fighter and he is going to need all that strength and the prayers of millions of fans to get through his recovery process. Tonight, on Larry King Live - some of Bret Michaels celebrity friends discussed him and his current medical condition. You can watch that show by clicking the box below.

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Defense Says Death Penalty Used To Financially Ruin Casey Anthony

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"Defense Says Death Penalty Used To Financially Ruin Casey Anthony." In what has to be the dumbest motion yet, Casey Anthony's attorney's are asking the court to force the prosecution to remove the death penalty from her case because they say it was used to financially ruin their client Casey Anthony. What? While many of the motions made by Casey Anthony's attorney's seem simple minded, this one is completely out in left field. I think the defense knows their client is guilty and will be convicted at trial and that is why they are making these silly motions with the hope that if they throw enough stuff against the wall - something will stick when it comes to a post conviction appeal.

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Bret Michaels Health Update Tuesday April 27th

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"Bret Michaels Health Update Tuesday April 27th." There have been few news released by Bret Michaels family or doctors since he was rushed to a hospital on Thursday complaining of a bad headache. This morning, Matt Lauer of "Today Show" on NBC talked to Donald Trump about Bret Michaels and before that interview he spoke with Dr. Nancy Snyderman about what might have caused Michaels to suffer a stroke and what his future might look like. I really believe that Bret Michaels condition is dire and that is why his doctors and family are avoiding the news media and his fans. I hope everyone will continue to pray for him and at least for me - I'm going to still hope for the best.

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Sunken Deepwater Horizon Rig Still Leaking Oil

"Sunken Deepwater Horizon Rig Still Leaking Oil." Days after the deepwater Horizon drilling rig sunk to the bottom of the Gulf Of Mexico, oil continues to leak from the bottom of the ocean as environment experts try to come up with a way to stop it. The latest idea to stop the oil from flowing into the water is to cover the hole oil is flowing from with a dome. If that does not work, the next step would be to drill a relief well near by - but that process could take weeks or months to complete.

For the most part, I believe that offshore oil drilling is a good idea considering how dependent the United States is on foreign imports of crude oil. However, the longer oil continue to leak from the former deepwater Horizon oil rig the more public opinion will turn against this process. Sadly for major oil companies, this ecological disaster occurred within weeks of the most liberal President (Obama)in years stating his support for more offshore oil drilling. Pretty bad timing for the oil industry.

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta Discusses Bret Michaels Condition (LKL)

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"Dr. Sanjay Gupta Discusses Bret Michaels Condition (LKL)." In the video clip below from CNN last night, Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses with Larry King the potential brain problems and/or damage that might face Bret Michaels in the future. While no one that really cares about Bret Michaels is willing to say with certainty that he may not be able to speak or sing again in the future - we all know down deep inside that could be a possibility. In this interview of Dr. Gupta by Larry King, the doctor is blunt and talks about how damaged Michaels brain might be in the future even with quality treatment.

Also, Larry King asked Dr. Sanjay Gupta about Bret Michaels diabetes and it appears at first glace that he ( Dr. Gupta) does not think it had a roll in his brain hemorrhage. When asked if Bret Michaels blow to the head ten months ago at the Tony Awards might have played a roll in his current condition - the doctor also does not think that is a strong possibility. Unlike many of the other stories that have been reported with half-truths and out right lies the past few days - I place a bunch of trust in Dr. Sanjay Gupta who in addition to being a medical reporter for CNN is also a medical doctor and a board certified Neurologist.

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Gizmodo's Jason Chen Broke The Law

"Gizmodo's Jason Chen Broke The Law." While everyone who likes to see new gadgets before they are released thought that Jason Chen was the hero of the month a few weeks ago when he showed the world what the next generation of the Apple iPhone might look like, when you get down to the bare facts of the case - Jason Chen did break the law when he paid $5000 for property that knew did not come from the rightful owner. Sure, I think the police in California have over reacted because one of the top employers in that area (Apple Computer) made a criminal complaint - but when all the dust settles this case is not going to be about the first amendment and freedom of the press any more than it would be OK for the New York Times to buy a stolen GM or Ford concept car from some guy that stole it or just found it sitting on the street with the keys left in the ignition.

There is no doubt that Jason Chen knew that the iPhone he paid $5000 for was the property of Apple Computer. However, rather than encouraging the person who tried to sell it to him to return it to it's rightful owner - instead Jason Chen decided to buy property when he knew the person selling it was not authorized to make that transaction, legally. In simple terms, Jason Chen purchased stolen property from it's rightful owner and what he did was no different than someone who goes into the streets to buy merchandise for nickels on the dollar when they know that property is not really being sold by it's manufacture. This is not a first amendment case, but instead just another person who knowingly bought stolen merchandise.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Before Brain Hemorrhage / Bret Michaels & Miley Cyrus

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"Before Brain Hemorrhage / Bret Michaels & Miley Cyrus." As I have read through pages of medical research the past couple of days in regards to what causes and what the prognosis is for a person who suffers a severe brain hemorrhage, one thought kept going through my mind. You know, most of us go through our lives without giving a second thought about something bad happening to us. My guess is that on Thursday, Bret Michaels was doing the same things he does everyday and the last thing on his mind was that he would soon be facing a life changing situation that no one saw coming. We have all had events happen in our own life that shook us to our very core and more than likely that is how Bret Michaels feels tonight.

Below, is a song that Bret recorded with Miley Cyrus. When I think about big time musical duets, the last two people that come to my mind together are Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus - but this is a pretty good song. My hope is that there will be more songs to come from Bret, but there is always that chance that the duet with Miley Cyrus could be his last.

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Brain Hemorrhage Research / Bret Michaels Condition Unchanged

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"Brain Hemorrhage Research / Bret Michaels Condition Unchanged." Throughout the weekend, millions of people around the world searched the Internet for new information on the health condition of Bret Michaels. Then today, Monday, there were still few official reports from Bret Michaels doctor as to what happened to him and whether he will make a full recovery. Below are a few websites that have talked to medical professionals about what causes a person's brain to bleed. Most of the information from the links below are of a very negative nature for those of us that are praying and hoping that Bret makes a full recovery - but none the less it seems like quality information that might help all of us understand what might have happened to Bret Michaels.

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Did Bret Michaels Suffer A Ruptured Aneurysm Stroke?

"Did Bret Michaels Suffer A Ruptured Aneurysm Stroke?" During the day, many health experts have started to weigh in on what might have caused Bret Michaels' brain to start hemorrhaging. The most likely reason is that Michaels suffered a ruptured aneurysm which lead to a stroke. Sadly, the long term prognosis where an aneurysm ruptures and leads to a stroke is not good. In fact, about 30% of people who suffer a ruptured aneurysm die within a matter of hours and an additional 15% to 20% die within a few weeks. Let me state that doctors treating Bret Michaels have not released to the public what caused his brain to start bleeding.

There are many different types of strokes with a ruptured aneurysm being one of the worst kind. My hope is that a less drastic type of stroke is the real reason why Bret Michaels suffer a brain hemorrhage, but reality is starting to sink in as it takes representatives and loved ones of Michaels a long period of time to give the public any type of real update on his current health condition. Even Bret Michaels friend Donald Trump has been less than positive about his future prognosis.

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Bret Michaels Is A Fighter (Donald Trump)

"Bret Michaels Is A Fighter (Donald Trump)." It has been reported that Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump has referred to Bret Michaels as a fighter and Trump suggests that he expects Michaels to fight his way back after a brain hemorrhage landed him in the hospital on Thursday. From all appearances, Bret Michaels is an intense competitor on TV and more than likely those traits are ones he has lived with his whole life. Like many other famous people, Bret Michaels must guard his personal life from the prying eyes of the tabloid news media. That is why his closest friends and family are keeping most of the details of his illness secret and that is also why they do not even want to release which hospital is treating him.

All any of the rest of us can do right now is pray that Bret Michaels has a good outcome and that he returns to a normal life as soon as possible. The details of exactly what happened to Michaels on Thursday will eventually be released and it is extremely possible that a blow to his head at the Tony Awards last year had nothing to do with his brain hemorrhage on Thursday. While I understand the need of the famous to careful guard the details of their private life, in a situation like this - Bret Michaels handlers need to realize that millions of people are interested in keeping up with Michaels recovery and hopeful they will provide greater details about his condition/recovery in the coming days.

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Bret Michaels Monday Hospital Update

"Bret Michaels Monday Hospital Update." There isn't much new to report on Bret Michaels condition so far today. I know millions of people around the world continue to pray for his full recovery, but sadly there has only been a tidbit of details released by Michaels friends and family and some of the news media has been reporting stuff that has turned out to not be correct over the weekend. One thing we do know for sure and that is Bret Michaels does have bleeding in the lower part of his brain stem and doctors are trying to find out why his brain is hemorrhaging so they can stop it.

So far today (Monday) the only new information that has been released has been on Bret Michaels Facebook account which states the following:

"Once again we can't thank everyone enough for all the well wishes and prayers being sent Bret's way!

As of now Bret remains in ICU under 24 hour surveillance. Further testing this week will help locate the source of the bleeding.

Look for an official medical report from doctors this week at

Please remember Bret is, and always has been, a fighter and survivor and is under the best medical care possible.

Thank you for your support, thoughts & concern!" - source

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Did Bret Michaels Suffer A Stroke?

"Did Bret Michaels Suffer A Stroke?" Last night, I did some Internet research on what might cause bleeding in the lower brain stem. While I am not a doctor and know nothing about medicine, it seem to me that on some occasion when young people like Bret Michaels have a brain hemorrhage - often times the cause of that brain bleeding is from a stoke. There have been unconfirmed reports that Bret Michaels speech is now slurred which is also a sign that the brain has been deprived of oxygen for at least a short period of time. My family is well aware of what a stroke can do to not only a persons speech patterns, but also their ability to use one side of their body.

My hope is that there is some benign reason why Bret Michaels brain stem started to hemorrhage rather than a stroke. Almost everyone understands the side effects of a stroke and the damage it does to a human beings brain. In addition to a stroke, I had earlier posted reminders to everyone about when Bret Michaels was hit hard on the head at the Tony Awards last year. Sadly, no one knows what is really happening with Michaels health right now except his doctors and they are not talking to the public at least not right now. In the mean time, I will continue to research how and why a persons brain stem might start to hemorrhage (bleed) and report my finding as I learn more.

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