Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pros/Cons Of New Casey Anthony Judge

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"Pros/Cons Of New Casey Anthony Judge." There are certainly pros and cons to Judge Stan Strickland stepping down from the Casey Anthony murder case, so I thought I would write about some of them here today. The biggest pro or winner has to be the prosecution who without any effort on their own part were able to remove a judge from this case who has, in my opinion, allowed the defense to drag this case out for much longer than it should have. Sadly, the Casey Anthony defense team in an effort to try and earn her an appeal after a likely conviction, made that conviction even more likely with their complaints about Judge Strickland - which lead to a former prosecutor (Judge Perry) being assigned to replace him.

On the possible cons side of a new judge being seated in the Casey Anthony murder trial, I see a possibility that it could take more time for the new judge to get up to speed which could delay this case even further. Like most people reading this post, I have believed for a long time that Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her daughter and I have written here often about how slow the legal system in Florida seems to be moving in this case. Anything that further delays Casey Anthony facing a jury of her peers is a con in my opinion and hopefully Judge Perry will do his best to push this case along to trial.

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