Monday, May 31, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Going From Bad To Worse

"Gulf Oil Spill Going From Bad To Worse." Now that "Top Kill" has been deemed a failure, the options still left for BP and the U.S. government are not good at best and terrible at worse. Within the next couple of days, BP will attempt to cut the shattered and torn pipe at the bottom of the Gulf Of Mexico and place a suction type device over the top of the well head. However, if this suction device fails to capture the leaking crude oil, more than likely cutting away the rest of the pipe will make the leak even worse than it is now. That is why this new idea was not the first choice when BP started trying to stop the Gulf oil leak more than a month ago.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lin Yu Chun Wins Record Deal From Sony Music

"Lin Yu Chun Wins Record Deal From Sony Music." The world has started calling young Taiwanese singer Lin Yu Chun the next Susan Boyle and for good reason. During a recent reality TV competition in Taiwan he was a huge hit when he sang the hit song by Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You" from the movie "The Body Guard". More recently, Lin Yu Chun showed up at a Dodgers baseball game in the United States and belted out a perfect rendition of "God Bless America". Then like magic, a huge record company (Sony Music) signed Lin Yu Chun to a record contract so the whole world can hear his amazing voice. Some people still make fun of reality TV show that try to find new talent that would otherwise not be discovered.

Spend Memorial Day In St. Louis With Bret Michaels

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"Spend Memorial Day In St. Louis With Bret Michaels." Last year, rocker Bret Michaels spent Memorial Day in St. Louis at the Rib America cookout and once again on Monday - he will be back in St. Louis again. A lot of things have changed for Bret Michaels since Memorial Day 2009 and it's safe to say that thousands of people will be showing up at this event in 2010 to not only enjoy some tasty ribs, but also to hear and see Bret Michaels preform live in concert. As everyone now knows, Bret Michaels is a survivor of the first order after he suffered a brain hemorrhage earlier this year. Doctors said that only about 50% of the people who suffer such a medical trauma survive long enough to get to the hospital, but Bret Michaels not only survived - he is moving full speed ahead with his life.

Man Launches Quit Facebook Day On Monday

"Man Launches Quit Facebook Day On Monday." While I believe it's a bit extreme, one man has decided to launch a campaign to get thousands of people to quit Facebook all on the same day. On Monday, Memorial Day, there are already 22,000 people who have signed a petition to say that they will cancel their Facebook account on that day. Like almost everyone else in the world, I use Facebook on a daily basis to keep up with what my friends and family are up to. I know there have been concerns about privacy issues on Facebook, but to be honest with you - anyone that post information on Facebook with the assumption that their comments are privite should have their head examined. There is very little, if any, privacy on the Internet and that is the message that should resonate with everyone who posts information on Facebook or anywhere else.

Sad To Say But Tiger Woods Is Addicted To Sex

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"Sad To Say But Tiger Woods Is Addicted To Sex." I am not one of those people who are always looking for some kind of medical issue to blame bad behavior on, but as the months have gone by I do now believe that Tiger Woods is addicted to sex. Recently, Woods attorney's instructed him to stay away from women while they negotiate with his ex-wife for a divorce settlement. The conduct of Tiger Woods during that short period of time will effect how much money he is ordered to pay his soon to be ex-wife. Even after his attorney's told Tiger Woods to stay away from other women, people started seeing him escorting a young blonde woman on several occasions. What else could explain Tiger Woods self destructive behavior except that he is either addicted to women, sex or both?

Friday, May 28, 2010

New World Trade Center Taking Shape In NYC

"New World Trade Center Taking Shape In NYC." While it took almost a decade to start, the new World Trade Center is starting to take shape in NYC. New Yorkers, people around the world and even the former mayor of New Orleans have mocked the slow progress of getting the new World Trade Center built after the former "Twin Towers" were taken down by terrorist in 2001. Like is often the case in situations like this one, the idea of practicality and raw human emotion must be balance before new construction can begin. There are families who's lives were changed forever because of 911 that never wanted to see anything else built on the old "Twin Towers" sight, but eventually reality must take control over human emotion and that is why new buildings are going up at the place people have long called "ground zero".

Will Bret Michaels Replace Simon On American Idol?

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"Will Bret Michaels Replace Simon On American Idol?" There are rumors coming out of Hollywood that Bret Michaels is at the top of the list of people to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol next season. Let me say this - before hearing these rumors I had not even imaged Bret Michaels taking Simons job on America Idol, but now that I have thought about it - I think it would be a great move both for the show and from Bret too. Wow, just look at how far Bret Michaels has come since his brain hemorrhage a little over one month ago. Not only did Bret Michaels beat the odds between life and death, he also won the title of "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2010. Since then, hardly a day goes by without Michaels appearing on some national television show.

It's Hard To Know If Top Kill Is Working

"It's Hard To Know If Top Kill Is Working." Millions of people around the world are hoping that British Petroleum's (BP) "Top Kill" procedure is working to stop the Gulf oil spill, but like in the past - BP is not releasing that much information as this high risk technique moves forward. It was learned late yesterday that that "Top Kill" had been put on hold for sixteen hours, but no one in the media seemed to know anything about that at the time. At a news conference yesterday, President Obama took responsibility for this oil spill - but he went on to say that there was nothing he or his administration could do that would be an improvement over BP's efforts. I agree with the President and think that it has been ridicules for some Members of Congress to demand that the military take over control of plugging the spilling oil, when they do not have the equipment or the expertise to do the job right.

Another Summer Watching America's Got Talent

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"Another Summer Watching America's Got Talent." Last summer, I really enjoyed watching America's Got Talent on NBC when Kevin Skinner took the world by storm with his unique country voice. Soon, another summer will begin and with it another group of talented and no so talented Americans will take to the stage in an attempt to win that shows one million dollar grand prize. The only negative thing about last years America's Got Talent was the way that shows producers seemed to just ignored Kevin Skinner after his victory and allowed his amazing talent to fade from public view. I still remember Kevin Skinner's great country voice, but I would bet that there are millions of other people who through Kevin was great last summer, but now that he has been off of television for almost a year - they don't even remember what made his so special.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top Kill Seems To Be Working

"Top Kill Seems To Be Working." The news from British Petroleum (BP) this afternoon is good. Early signs show that "Top Kill" seems to be working at stopping the Gulf oil spill. However, officials at BP and from the federal government say that it is still too early to be absolutely sure that "Top Kill" has been a success. Millions of people around the world have been watching a live feed from the bottom of the Gulf that shows spilling crude oil coming out of the ground at very high pressure. The past twelve hours or so, the color of that leaking substance has changed from a dark black to more of a brown mud color. Experts say that change in the color of the discharge shows that "Top Kill" is working.

Keith Urban Rocks In 2010

"Keith Urban Rocks In 2010." Seems like everywhere I look these days, there is country music star Keith Urban on the television. For years, I have enjoyed Keith Urban's music and his famous marriage to Nicole Kidman seems to be withstanding the test of time. A few weeks ago, Keith Urban like thousands of other people in the Nashville area lost much of what they owned because of a record flood that pretty much destroyed the city. In response to that flood, Keith and many other top country music stars went into high gear to help flood victims by raising money through a telethon and also by just giving of their time to assist in the clean up effort. Giving back to communities and the fans of country music is something almost every famous star is well known for and Keith Urban is usually one of the first to sign up to help families in need.

BP Hopes That Top Kill Will Stop Gulf Oil Spill

"BP Hopes That Top Kill Will Stop Gulf Oil Spill." The past 24 hours have been a tough time for residents who live and work along the Gulf coast. British Petroleum (BP) has been trying to stop the current Gulf of Mexico leak more than a mile below the surface of the water with a technique called "Top Kill". So far, so good when it comes to the success of "Top Kill", but we have all heard positive statements from BP before and then days later learned that their efforts did not bear fruit. Everyone both in the Gulf and around the world are hoping that "Top Kill" works as advertised, but to be honest - this type of procedure has never been tried in ocean waters more than a mile deep before.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Carrie Underwood Never Forgot Where She Came From

"Carrie Underwood Never Forgot Where She Came From." Tonight, country singer Carrie Underwood reminded everyone why they like her so much as she returned to the show that made her career possible - American Idol. Sure it was five years ago when Carrie beat out Bo to become that years American Idol, but to some of us it seems like just the other day. I have always enjoyed Carrie Underwood's music and I for sure appreciate the way she has handled her personal life since she became famous. Maybe it's those Oklahoma roots that have kept Carrie Underwood so grounded or maybe it's the fact that she always seems to put the good Lord above at the top of her thank you list. It is often taken for granted how well Carrie Underwood has adapted to fame and fortune, but we should all look at some other young women who have not been as successful in keeping things all together.

Watch Top Kill Live On The Internet (BP Video)

"Watch Top Kill Live On The Internet (BP Video)" Thanks to MSNBC, the American people will be able to watch British Petroleum (BP) attempt to stop the Gulf oil spill. At first, BP did not want a live video of what they were doing down there shown to the world - but after pressure from the media, President and Members of Congress, it appears that BP's attempt to use "Top Kill" to stop the Gulf oil spill will be available for anyone to watch via the Internet. Every American hopes that "Top Kill" will stop the leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico and considering that this story is of tremendous national interest, I hope that the live video link from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico continues to stream as the "Top Kill" procedure begins, hopefully sometime today.

What If Casey Anthony Is Found Not Guilty Of Murdering Caylee?

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"What If Casey Anthony Is Found Not Guilty Of Murdering Caylee?" For well over a year now, I have been following and writing about the death of Caylee Anthony. During that period of time, I have never once thought there was a possibility that her mother Casey Anthony did not either kill her or instruct someone else to do it. Recently, I started thinking about what would happen if a jury decided to find Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her own daughter and what that possible, if unlikely, verdict would do to the U.S. criminal justice system? I believe it's safe to say that many Americans do not have a great deal of faith in the U.S. criminal justice system. It's certain that millions of Americans lost faith in our system of justice when OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murder and if Casey Anthony ends up with that same not guilty verdict - the entire criminal justice system in the United States could completely fall apart.

Destin, FL Beach Party's Memorial Weekend 2010

"Destin, FL Beach Party's Memorial Weekend 2010." In about 72 hours, tens of thousands of tourist will be heading to Destin, Fl for their annual Memorial weekend beach party. To get a flavor of just how crazy some of these beach party's can be, watch the video below. Merchants, hotels and restaurants in the Destin area are thrilled that not only is good weather expected for the 2010 Memorial weekend, but there will not be oil on the beach either. For most people, the long Memorial weekend is the big kick off of summer and in no other location is there a wide variety of people who want to get the summer off to a good start more so than in Destin. Destin, Fl is cool because both young and old equally like to vacation there. It's hard to find beaches anywhere in the United States that equal those on the Emerald Coast.

Will Crystal Win It All On American Idol Tonight?

"Will Crystal Win It All On American Idol Tonight?" If judge Simon Cowell has anything to do with how Americans will vote at home, Wednesday night - Crystal Bowersox will win the title of American Idol 2010. Actually, I have thought for a long time now that it would take something extraordinary like an act of God to keep Crystal from victory in this years American Idol competition. Like in seasons past, far too many of the contestants on American Idol could be confused with each other because most of them sing music in the same style. I believe that contemporary music sales are sluggish right now, simply because there are few artist who are origional anymore.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GMA Interviews Sandra Bullock's Husband Jesse James

"GMA Interviews Sandra Bullock's Husband Jesse James" On Tuesday, an interview was broadcast on ABC's Good Morning America (GMA) with Sandra Bullock's soon to be ex-husband Jesse James. Before watching that interview I had already developed an attitude about James and to be honest I was expecting him to come across as some kind of a victim, instead of an unfaithful husband. The good news is that during Jesse James' interview, which you can watch in the video below, he was calm and did not try to make himself into some kind of a neglected husband who was somehow forced to cheat on his famous wife. Instead, Jesse James appeared almost like the guy next door during his GMA interview on Tuesday morning.

Pros/Cons Of Banking Reform

"Pros/Cons Of Banking Reform" The past month, Members of Congress have been debating and recently passed banking reform in the United States. There are pros and cons to these new banking reform laws and proposals and I thought today would be a good time to discuss them. On the pros side, something needed to be done about the current banking system in the United States. First, it was almost impossible for an FDIC bank to go out of business in the past two or three years - unless they did something extremely stupid.

Pros/Cons Of Home Ownership

"Pros/Cons Of Home Ownership" Ever since I was a young boy, my family always told me that home ownership was better than renting an apartment. I would bet that your family told you pretty much the same thing. However, there are pros and cons to home ownership, which means that while buy a new home does make sense for some people - others should rent depending on their individual circumstances.

Pros/Cons Of Windmill Power

"Pros/Cons Of Windmill Power" Where I live, in the State of Texas, there seems to be more and more windmills popping up that generate electricity. So that got me thinking the other day about the pros and cons of windmill power. In our current economy, it's pretty easy to see the pros of windmill power - but there are some cons as well and I would like to discuss both.

Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) Made Law & Order Fun To Watch

"Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) Made Law & Order Fun To Watch" Last night, a 20 year tradition came to an end as NBC's Law & Order presented it's last new episode. While there have been many great stars that have come and gone during the past 20 years on "Law & Order" the one character I will miss the most is Jack McCoy who was played by actor Sam Waterston.

Lindsay Lohan's Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM)

"Lindsay Lohan's Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM)" In court yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was ordered by the judge in her case to begin wearing a secure continuous remote alcohol monitor or SCRAM for short within the next 24 hours. I'm sure that Lindsay is not happy with the judges decision, since her intention when she went to court was to have some of the courts restrictions on her eased.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Could The U.S. Government Do A Better Job Than BP?

"Could The U.S. Government Do A Better Job Than BP?" An interesting question came up at the White House today when the commander of the Coast Guard took questions from reporters. One reporter asked the Coast Guard commander if the government had considered taking away clean-up authority from BP and the commander answered that question with another one: "and replace them with what or who"?

Watch Donald Trump Tell Bret Michaels You're Hired

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"Watch Donald Trump Tell Bret Michaels You're Hired" It was exciting to hear Donald Trump say the words "you're hired" to Bret Michaels on Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night. If you missed those famous two words or you just want to watch it again - NBC has provided a replay of the 2010 big moment and you may watch it below.

Did Brittany Murphy's Husband Commit Suicide?

"Did Brittany Murphy's Husband Commit Suicide?" 39-year-old Simon Monjack, widow of Brittany Murphy was found dead in his Los Angeles home Sunday night. LA police said there was no evidence of foul play at the house.

If Top Kill Fails / Relief Wells Are Last Hope (Video)

"If Top Kill Fails / Relief Wells Are Last Hope (Video)" Raw crude oil has been leaking from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico now for over a month. Right now, BP is trying to stop the leaking oil with a procedure that is called "top kill". However, if BP fails in stopping the spilling crude oil with "top kill" - then the only real, long lasting, solution in the future will be to successfully drill relief wells to stop the leak.

Venus Williams Wears Next To Nothing At 2010 French Open (Video)

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"Venus Williams Wears Next To Nothing At 2010 French Open (Video)" Sometimes I wonder what is happening to the world of sports. This weekend, famous tennis star Venus Williams showed up at the "French Open" wearing an outfit that would better be suited for a "Victoria Secret" commercial than a professional tennis match.

Will The United States Go To War With North Korea? (Video)

"Will The United States Go To War With North Korea? (Video)" If you would have asked me one month ago, if the United States might go to war against North Korea - I would have said no. However, many things changed over the past few days when it was learned that North Korea sunk a South Korean navel ship and that act is most definitely considered an act of war by all nations of the world.

Ken Salazar Says BP Had Better Get It's Act Together (Video)

"Ken Salazar Says BP Had Better Get It's Act Together (Video)" Ken Salazar, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, has made conflicting statements the past few days when it comes to British Petroleum. In an interview on NBC's "Today Show" he seemed to claim that both the U.S. government and BP are equally to blame for the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan On CBS Early Show (Video)

"Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan On CBS Early Show (Video)" One of the few TV shows my wife and I like to watch together is one called the "Dog Whisperer" starring Cesar Millan. Recently, Cesar was a guest on the CBS Early Show and he offered some good tips on how to walk a dog.

Shrek 4 Dominates Weekend Box Office (Video)

"Shrek 4 Dominates Weekend Box Office (Video)" The last in the series of Shrek movies "Shrek 4" opened strong at the weekend box office, even though some experts said it did not open strong enough. At last count, Shrek 4 took in somewhere between 70 and 80 million dollars this weekend and in my book that's a strong start for any movie.

Bret Michaels Wins Celebrity Apprentice 2010 (Video)

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"Bret Michaels Wins Celebrity Apprentice 2010 (Video)" I was extremely happy tonight when rock star Bret Michaels won the 2010 edition of Celebrity Apprentice. Despite suffering a brain hemorrhage one month ago, Bret showed up live for the season finale and he looked pretty good considering all the health problems he has suffered recently.

Who Will Win Celebrity Apprentice Tonight (Video)

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"Who Will Win Celebrity Apprentice Tonight (Video)" In a few hours, the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice 2010 will be broadcast on NBC TV. The two contestants left are Holly Robinson Peete and Bret Michaels. Which one of them will be declared the winner?

Mama Cat Rescues Kittens Stuck On A Slide (Video)

"Mama Cat Rescues Kittens Stuck On A Slide (Video)" I discovered a cute video this morning where a kitten gets stuck on a slide and the mama cat comes down that same slide to bring it back home.

MacGruber Mocks Old TV Show MacGyver (Video)

"MacGruber Mocks Old TV Show MacGyver (Video)" Sadly, Hollywood is trying to take an old Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit and once again turn it into a movie. Next weekend, a movie called "MacGruber" will open at thousands of theaters across the country - which turns out to be nothing more than a new movie that makes fun of an old popular television show called "McGyver". Every review I have read says that "MacGruber" is a terrible movie and I tend to agree with that opinion based on this movies trailer, even though I have not seen it yet.

Robots Teach Children In South Korea (Video)

"Robots Teach Children In South Korea (Video)" It might seem like a crazy idea in the United States to have robots teaching our kids at school, but in South Korea that is exactly what is happening. As a shortage of teachers assistants continued to grow, a new idea to allow robots to teach some classes has taken root in some counties around the world.

Destin/Fort Walton Beaches Oil Free Memorial Weekend 2010? (Video)

"Destin/Fort Walton Beaches Oil Free Memorial Weekend 2010? (Video)" It's been a tough week in Louisiana as crude oil started washing up in the Marshland's there, but further to the east in Fort Walton and Destin Florida - the beautiful beaches there seem to be untouched by Gulf of Mexico drifting oil. Tens of thousands of travelers are wondering right now what to expect as they travel to Destin and Fort Walton beaches next weekend for the Memorial Day holiday?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

ABC's Lost Series Finale Sunday Night (Video)

"ABC's Lost Series Finale Sunday Night (Video)" From a show that started out interesting and through the years became down right strange, the ABC TV series "Lost" comes to an end on Sunday night. The end of "Lost" occurs several years too late for me to care, because tomorrow night I will be switching back and forth between "Celebrity Apprentice" and the tribute show for "Brooks & Dunn". "Lost" was one of the most interesting shows I had ever seen during it's first couple of seasons - but I lost interest in it quickly.

GoDaddy's Danica Patrick Booed On First Pole Day At Indianapolis 500 (Video)

"GoDaddy's Danica Patrick Booed On First Pole Day At Indianapolis 500 (Video)" A strange thing happened today on the first pole day at the Indianapolis 500. After being interviewed on the public address system at the track, GoDaddy's racer Danica Patrick was booed by some of the fans in the stands. Later on, Danica Patrick seemed hurt that the fans who normally cheer her on - instead decided to boo her today. What brought about the boos at the track in Indianapolis today started when Patrick talked badly about the GoDaddy car and said some less than flattering things about the crew that takes care of that car.

Will BP's Top Kill Stop Gulf Oil Spill? (Video)

"Will BP's Top Kill Stop Gulf Oil Spill? (Video)" Everyone has their fingers crossed in hope that the newest idea from British Petroleum (BP) will be successful. This new idea is called "top kill" where thick liquid, including cement, is pumped into the malfunctioning well-head in an effort to stop it up. Someone on television the other day suggested that what BP is now trying to do to stop the gulf oil spill is similar to someone at home trying to stop up the toilet.

Is The Coast Guard Taking Orders From British Petroleum? (Video)

"Is The Coast Guard Taking Orders From British Petroleum? (Video)" A CBS News crew was told by Coast Guard personnel last week that they (members of the Coast Guard) were working under the orders of British Petroleum (BP). While this is most certainly not true, the Obama administration had better send the word down the chain of command that BP does not run the U.S. Coast Guard. BP has failed on almost every level when it comes to public relations after it's Horizon oil rig sunk and began spilling crude oil.

Couple Adopts Baby Through Facebook Friends (Video)

"Couple Adopts Baby Through Facebook Friends (Video)" It seems like everyone does everything these days on Facebook, so why not adopt a baby through this friend to friend service as well? Recently, a couple that had trouble conceiving on their own turned to Facebook and in pretty short order they found a baby to adopt. Yes, I admit it's strange finding a baby for adoption on Facebook - but is it really anymore strange than traveling half way around the world to Russia or China to accomplish the same thing?

Vole Attends White House News Conference In Washington (Video)

"Vole Attends White House News Conference In Washington (Video)" Some called it a Rat, while others were sure it was a Hampshire - but in the end, the rodent that ran in front of President Obama's podium the other day was a Vole. With so many important decisions to make in our nations capital these days, it was nice to see that little Vole calm the spirits of normally type A politicians and mainstream news media pundits and even create a laugh or two.

Youngest Boy (13) Climbs Mount Everest Record (Video)

"Youngest Boy (13) Climbs Mount Everest Record (Video)" California teenager Jordan Romero recently became the youngest person to ever climb Mount Everest. The life changing and sometimes fatal assent to the top of the world is a challenge many men and women attempt at least once during their lifetime. Jordan Romero is a 13-year-old teenager from the State of California who conquered Everest alongside his father and his father's girlfriend.

Florida Wetlands At Risk From Gulf Oil Spill (Video)

"Florida Wetlands At Risk From Gulf Oil Spill (Video)" Everyone already understands what the effect of the current Gulf oil spill can and will have on people and the beaches they enjoy in Florida, but there is an animal sanctuary called the Florida Wetlands that could be devastated if leaking crude oil finds it's way there. Wild animals like Alligators call the Florida Wetlands home and if crude oil eventually does drift into those off-the-beaten-path locations, there could be damage that will take decades to repair. There are high hopes that a new BP option called "top kill" will be successful this weekend at stopping the Gulf oil leak, but we have all heard positive stories come from BP before and in the end that's all they really were is stories.

Jesse James Talks To GMA On Tuesday (Video)

"Jesse James Talks To GMA On Tuesday (Video)" Sandra Bullock's soon to be ex-husband, Jesse James, will sit down for an interview on ABC's Good Morning America (GMA) on Tuesday. Below you can watch a preview of that interview and it angers me when some creep like James attempts to cry on national television in order to create some kind of sympathy for himself. Sandra Bullock just came off the best year of her professional career and while she was out working hard to better not only herself, but her entire family - her dear old husband Jesse James was playing doctor with some other woman. Jesse James' 15 minutes of fame cannot be over soon enough for me.

Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama Beaches (Video)

"Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama Beaches (Video)" Sadly, it was reported yesterday that crude oil from the Horizon oil rig spill has now reached the marshes of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. In what seemed more like a crawl than a sprint, crude oil that took a month to arrive onshore - is finally taking a big toll on wildlife and careers in these areas. This weekend, BP will try something new called "top kill" to try and plug that oil leak that continues to spill from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. I know we all wish them luck in that endeavor.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rabid Fox Attacks Atlanta Man (Video)

"Rabid Fox Attacks Atlanta Man (Video)" In a terrifying display of how animals infected with rabies can attack people, an Atlanta man was recently attacked by a Fox when he left an auto parts store. In the video below this man repeatedly kicks the fox, but the rabid animal would not give up. This guy had to take rabies shots since the fox did get at least one bite in on his arm.

Warning Stroke/Hole In His Heart - Bret Michaels Setback (Video)

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"Warning Stroke/Hole In His Heart - Bret Michaels Setback (Video)" Bret Michaels was recently admitted to the hospital again suffering what doctor call a "warning stroke". It was also discovered that Michaels has a small hole in his heart. The good news is that Bret Michaels is already out of the hospital again and he plans to appear on live national television on Sunday for the finale of "Celebrity Apprentice". Doctors reportedly told Bret Michaels to slow down a bit after he was rushing headlong into the rest of his life after suffering a brain hemorrhage about one month ago.

GMA Talks To Art Cashin About Market Losses (Video)

"GMA Talks To Art Cashin About Market Losses (Video)" Recently, Good Morning America (GMA) talked to long time Wall Street guy Art Cashin about what is causing the U.S. stock market to drop. Art has been around for a long time and I trust his opinions of the U.S. stock market. According to him, most of the current problems in the U.S. stock market revolve around the growing crisis in Greece - which has caused the Euro to drop very quickly. Watch that interview below:

Did Blowout Preventer Cause Gulf Oil Spill? (Video)

"Did Blowout Preventer Cause Gulf Oil Spill? (Video)" At the bottom of every offshore oil rig there is a device that is called a blowout preventer. It's not clear why that either through human error or because the blowout preventer was not working correctly on the Horizon oil rig - the world is dealing with a huge disaster. To me, an offshore oil rig blowout preventer is pretty much the same thing as airbag in an automobile. Unless something terrible happens, protective equipment like a blowout preventer or an airbag are not adequately tested. Hopefully now that the world has seen first hand what an offshore oil rig disaster looks like, better testing methods will be developed to make sure that every single blowout preventer is triple checked - before it is placed a mile or more below the ocean at an oil drilling location.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Will Lindsay Lohan Be Arrested When She Returns To USA? (Video)

"Will Lindsay Lohan Be Arrested When She Returns To USA? (Video)" When Lindsay Lohan lost her passport a few days ago, she found out that her return to the USA would be delayed, which could lead to an arrest warrant being issued against her - because she would fail to make a court date. Earlier today, a judge did issue an arrest warrant for Lindsay Lohan - but by the time his court-of-law recessed for the day, that arrest warrant against Lindsay Lohan had been recalled. I guess this time, Ms. Lohan lucked out - because she had a valid reason for not appearing in court on Thursday (May 20, 2010). Watch more below:

Is Rand Paul A Racist? (Video)

"Is Rand Paul A Racist? (Video)" A man by the name of Rand Paul won the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in Kentucky on Tuesday. Ever since he won, some in the mainstream news media have been trying to prove that he is a racist. Frankly, I'm not sure if Rand Paul is a racist or just some guy that is ignoring everything that happened in this country over the past 100 years. However, millions of Americans must share Rand Paul vision of what this country should look like and after watching him interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN today in the video clip below, you can make up your own mind about whether or not you agree with his position on race relations and other major issues.

Louisiana Marshlands Smothered In Crude Oil (Video)

"Louisiana Marshlands Smothered In Crude Oil (Video)" We all knew this day was coming, but when it finally happened - forewarning did not make it any less terrible to see. Within the past couple of days, crude oil and other types of pollutants have been washing up in the Marshlands of Louisiana. Employees of the EPA are watching carefully to see what the environmental impact will ultimately be for these offshore marshlands, but most people already know that it could take years to get everything cleaned up along the coast of Louisiana and some endangered species could be wiped out forever.

Child Of Illegal Immigrant Ask Michelle Obama About Papers (Video)

"Child Of Illegal Immigrant Ask Michelle Obama About Papers (Video)" Did you hear about the little girl who asked First Lady Michelle Obama the other day about making it easier for people to get papers in the United States? There's no doubt that this child has heard that kind of talk at home and that's why she asked the First Lady about it. On ABC, I noticed they did not show the face of that little girl on their television news clips, but in the CBS News video below they do.

Gulf Loop Current Takes Oil Spill To Florida (Video)

"Gulf Loop Current Takes Oil Spill To Florida (Video)" There is a constant current in the Gulf of Mexico that takes warm water around the tip of Florida and up the east coast of the United States. This current is called the Gulf Loop Current and sadly it was learned today that some of the still leaking crude oil from the now sunken Horizon oil rig has reached that loop current. Now it is not only possible, but likely that people from Florida to other major cities and beaches on the east coast will be effected by the Gulf oil spill at some future date.

Dow Lost More Than 350 Points Today (Video)

"Dow Lost More Than 350 Points Today (Video)" The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) lost more than 350 points today as worries that European budget problems could spill over into U.S. markets, soon. With worldwide stock markets still unsure about the recent bailout of Greece, it doesn't take much for U.S. stocks to head to the downside. Only people with a strong stomach should be invested in the stock market these days.

Cheerleader Paralyzed During Tryouts (Video)

"Cheerleader Paralyzed During Tryouts (Video)" I just finished watching a video about a cheerleader who was paralyzed after an accident during her tryouts. It's hard to image such a thing happening, but it does and as the difficulty of new cheerleader moves continue to get more difficult and the height at which these girls jump and fall get greater - there will likely be more cheerleader accidents in the future that will lead to serious injury or death.

Watch 2011 F-150 Raptor In Off-Road Demonstration (Video)

"Watch 2011 F-150 Raptor In Off-Road Demonstration (Video)" For men who still what a bunch of power in their pickup truck, there's the 2011 F-150 Raptor. Watch below as the Raptor is put their a grinder course of mud and then watch how well this F-150 version does on a wet test track. Sure, all most people want to talk about right now are cars that get good gas mileage - but there is still a lot of boy left in the hearts of men when it comes to their pickup truck and I'm sure the F-150 Raptor will sell well even in today's marketplace.

Cheating Wife Wants Phone Company To Pay (Video)

"Cheating Wife Wants Phone Company To Pay (Video)" Recently, a cell phone company was sued by a cheating wife that claims that their billing practices lead to her affair being discovered by her husband and that knowledge lead to him filing for divorce. Apparently, the couple decided to bundles their services and afterward the husband was able to see all the calls his cheating wife was making to her lover. What do you think? Should this cell phone company be forced to pay a cheating wife the $600,000 she is demanding? Is this a frivolous lawsuit?

Florida Tar Balls Not From Horizon Rig (Video)

"Florida Tar Balls Not From Horizon Rig (Video)" Yesterday, there was concern that leaking oil (Tar Balls) from the old Horizon oil rig that sank near Louisiana were already washing up on the shores of the Florida Keys. After scientific examination it was determined that yesterday's oil find on the beaches of the Florida Keys was not from the current oil spill near Louisiana. However, unless the spilling oil is stopped soon - there will be crude oil washing up in Florida - but the oil found yesterday was from some other source.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Redford Wants Obama To Take Control Away From BP (Video)

"Redford Wants Obama To Take Control Away From BP (Video)" Superstar actor and long time environmentalist Robert Redford whats President Obama to take away control of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill from British Petroleum (BP) and give it to the U.S. federal government. Redford has long opposed offshore oil drilling in the United States, so his comments today should not surprise anyone who has been following this debate for very long. Each day, thousands of barrels of crude oil continue to spill into the Gulf with no end in sight.

Travolta/Preston Expecting A Baby (Video)

"Travolta/Preston Expecting A Baby (Video)" Actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston are expecting another baby. Earlier this week, I had reported that two of John Travolta and Kelly Preston's dogs had been killed in a freak accident in Bangor, Maine. Everyone should welcome this news from Travolta and Preston, especially after the tragic death of their son many months ago. If my birth calculator is correct, sometime around Christmas or the New Year, Travolta and Preston should hear the cries of a new baby at their home.

Crystal Heading To Finals Of American Idol 2010 (Video)

"Crystal Heading To Finals Of American Idol 2010 (Video)" It will be Crystal Bowersox vs. Lee DeWyze as the final two contestants on American Idol 2010. It's been a long road for AI contestants and my wife still does not like Crystal, but I think she is pretty good. American Idol sure isn't the show it was several years ago and from a look at the late season ratings from Fox TV - much of the public believes so too.

San Antonio Baby Almost Hit By A Bus (Video)

"San Antonio Baby Almost Hit By A Bus (Video)" The video below shows what a close brush with death a baby had in San Antonio when an overnight bus driver saw something in the road ahead and after he slowed down and stopped it turned out that a baby was sitting in the middle of the road. It's easy to image what would have happened if that bus drivers was not paying close attention to the road ahead of him.

Tennessee Sinkhole On Interstate 24 (Video)

"Tennessee Sinkhole On Interstate 24 (Video)" The actions of a single man saved countless lives today when a massive sinkhole opened up in the middle of Interstate 24 in Tennessee. Watch the amazing video below and just image what would have happened to other vehicles if this guy did not take it upon himself and risk his own life to get traffic to stop. It would have been easy for him to just say that it would be too dangerous to walk out into oncoming traffic on a busy Interstate Highway, but he made the right choice and there are people alive today because of his actions.

Is Rand Paul Victory A Sign Of Things To Come? (Video)

"Is Rand Paul Victory A Sign Of Things To Come? (Video)" Son of presidential candidate Ron Paul (Rand Paul) did something tonight his father has yet to accomplish and that is to win a statewide race in the GOP. On Tuesday night (May 18, 2010), Rand Paul won the GOP nomination for Senate in the State of Kentucky. For those of you that have not kept up with Rand Paul's race for Senate in Kentucky, let me just say this - nearly all GOP leaders in Kentucky and their representatives in Washington have been against Rand Paul from the start. Tuesday night's election results from Kentucky where Rand Paul won an easy victory and in other locations throughout the United States should prove to career politicians in Washington D.C. that business as usual is dead - if they want to keep their jobs. While it would be a sign of ultimate stupidity, I still believe that it is likely that current Washington GOP leaders will walk away from Rand Paul in November and that shunning effect will probably lead to a general election landslide for him in November.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is Glenn Beck In An Unhealthy Relationship With Goldline? (Video)

"Is Glenn Beck In An Unhealthy Relationship With Goldline? (Video)" Tonight, on MSNBC, Keith Olbermann went after a host on another cable news network and claimed that the Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck was making money from a company called "Goldline" by convincing his listeners that their bad deal for buying Gold is really a good one. Frankly, I don't care who is right when it comes to this story - because Americans should be exercising more common sense when it comes to their investment dollars. Feel free to watch the Keith Olbermann segment below about Glenn Beck and make up your own mind. Like many other people, I believe Gold is a good investment right now because world governments are pretty much broke. However, there may be better ways to invest in Gold than through the company Goldline - if their commissions are too high.

Long Term Senator Arlen Specter Defeated Tonight (Video)

"Long Term Senator Arlen Specter Defeated Tonight (Video)" In a sign of things to come this November, long term incumbent Senator Arlen Specter was defeated tonight in Pennsylvania. Specter was not defeated in the general election, but instead he could not garner enough support from his own Democratic Party to face a GOP contender in November. Frankly, it really did not matter whether Arlen Specter ran as a Republican or a Democrat because it was pretty much certain for a long time now that he was going down in 2010. Senator Specter is just one of the first career Washington politicians who will be defeated this year. The American people are fed up with business as usual in Washington and many more long serving Members of Congress will be joining Arlen Specter in the unemployment line, soon.

Tar Balls Spread As Gulf Oil Spill Continues (Video)

"Tar Balls Spread As Gulf Oil Spill Continues (Video)" While it is true that British Petroleum (BP) has been successful in stopping some of the leaking crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico, by no means have they stopped it all or even most of it. Everyday, thousands of barrels of oil continue to leak into the Gulf of Mexico and it was even reported today that tar balls have washed ashore in the Florida Keys. While it's still too early to know if these tar balls are the result of the BP oil spill off the coast of Louisiana, it is not only possible that they are - but it's pretty much certain that there will be more of them (tar balls) to come.

John Travolta's Dogs Killed In Airport Accident (Video)

"John Travolta's Dogs Killed In Airport Accident (Video)" It was reported late this afternoon that last week two dogs belonging to John Travolta were killed at the Bangor Maine airport. According to witnesses, John Travolta had arrived at the airport in the early morning hours and an employee or helper was taking the two dogs for a walk when an airport vehicle struck and killed both dogs. The airport made a short statement that said they were sorry for the accident, but did not identify the employee who ran over John Travolta's dogs or if any disciplinary action would be taken against that employee. A reporter asked CNN's Larry King about this story in the video clip below.

Baseball Size Hail Strikes Oklahoma (Video)

"Baseball Size Hail Strikes Oklahoma (Video)" Yesterday (May 17, 2010), OKC and other cities in Central Oklahoma were slammed by hail - some of which were as big as baseballs. A CNN iReporter from OKC submitted video of the worst part of that Oklahoma hail storm which you may watch below. So far, it's been a bad tornado season for Oklahoma - because in addition to yesterday's terrible hail storm - only one week ago, dozens of tornadoes crossed that state and caused millions of dollars worth of damage.

Will Offshore Oil Plumes Destroy Gulf Beaches (Video)

"Will Offshore Oil Plumes Destroy Gulf Beaches (Video)" In the beginning, British Petroleum (BP) and the United States federal government were mainly concerned about leaking crude oil that came to the surface of the water, which would later on wash up on Gulf coast beaches. However, as the Gulf oil spill continues to get worse - many scientist, environmentalist and government employees are growing more concerned with underwater oil plumes that could remain for days or weeks offshore before eventually plowing into Gulf shore beaches and causing catastrophic damage. Some of these oil plumes in the Gulf of Mexico are dozens of miles wide and in some locations they are hundreds of feet thick. Some people now believe that the chemicals that BP and the U.S. government are spraying on the top of the water is just pushing the problem out of sight, rather than breaking up the oil so it can be easily cleaned up from the ocean surface.

Casey Anthony Lawyers To Depose Jan Garavaglia / Dr. G (Video)

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"Casey Anthony Lawyers To Depose Jan Garavaglia / Dr. G (Video)" Accord to new reports from Orlando, Florida - Jose Baez and other members of the Casey Anthony defense team plan to have a busy summer as they depose dozens of witnesses in her upcoming murder trial. At the top of that list of most important witnesses for the prosecution at that trial is chief medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia or better known by TV viewers as Dr. G.. While it is possible that Baez and/or other legal team members from Casey Anthony's defense could shake the testimony of Dr. G at deposition, I find it very unlikely that Casey's lawyers will make a dent in Dr. G's ruling on the cause of death of Caylee Anthony. For years, even before I heard the names of either Casey or Caylee Anthony - I had watched Dr. G on her weekly TV show. While most members of the mainstream news media take a break from stories like the Casey Anthony pre-trial hearings, some of us will still be here looking at all the evidence and trying to keep up with who is winning and losing before Anthony's trial starts next year (2011).

Sandra Diaz-Twine Winner Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 2010 (Video)

"Sandra Diaz-Twine Winner Survivor Heroes vs. Villains 2010 (Video)" On Sunday night, it was revealed the Sandra Diaz-Twine was the winner of the 2010 version of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. Early on, it was clear that the good guys and gals (Heroes) would not have a chance against the bad guys and gals (Villains). The way to win on Survivor is to out think and out cheat others, so who better to take on that challenge than someone who is kind of devious like Sandra? I must admit, I was holding out hope that Colby would make a long short run at victory - but in the end he was not even in the final three. Sandra Diaz-Twine sat down with Julie Chen on the "CBS Early Show" on Monday and talked about her victory. You may watch that full interview below.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Jason Alexander Lost 35 Pounds On Jenny Craig (Video)

"Jason Alexander Lost 35 Pounds On Jenny Craig (Video)" On "Good Morning America (GMA) recently, former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander talked with George Stephanopoulos about how he lost 35 pounds using the diet program of Jenny Craig. I must admit that I have been skeptical of these types of diet programs, but for some people like Jason Alexander they work very well. While most people remember Jason Alexander from his staring role on Seinfeld, I still remember him best when he played the low life attorney of Richard Gere in the movie "Pretty Woman". A big congratulation from me to Jason on his 35 pound weight loss and you may watch his full interview on "GMA" in the box below.

Bret Michaels On Oprah & Celebrity Apprentice Finale (Video)

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"Bret Michaels On Oprah & Celebrity Apprentice Finale (Video)" It's going to be a busy week on television for Bret Michaels as he is set to appear on two nationally televised shows. First, on Wednesday - Bret Michaels will be interviewed by Oprah about his recent illness and how he made such a miraculous recovery. Then on Sunday night, Bret Michaels will appear on the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice where he has a 50/50 chance of winning the grand prize on that show this season (2010). From the previews of the already taped Oprah show on Wednesday, it appears that Bret Michaels becomes very emotion when talking about his recent brush with dead.

60 Minutes Investigation Of Horizon Oil Rig Disaster (Video)

"60 Minutes Investigation Of Horizon Oil Rig Disaster (Video)" The CBS news magazine "60 Minutes" had a good show Sunday night (May 16, 2010) about what really happened when the BP Horizon oil rig first exploded and then sank causing the worst natural disaster in the history of the Gulf of Mexico. Below, you may watch a replay of Sunday's 60 Minutes show via CBS news. As of today, crude oil is still leaking more than a mile underwater where the old Horizon oil rig once sat. Hopefully soon, BP and the U.S. federal government will be able to stop the spilling oil so clean-up efforts can deal with a finite amount of crude oil, instead of an ever growing one.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

60 Minutes -Inside The Collapse (March 14, 2010)

Amazing Recovery Of Bret Michaels (Video)

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"Amazing Recovery Of Bret Michaels (Video)" Less than 30 days ago, people around the world were preparing themselves for the possible death of rocker Bret Michaels. As news spread that Michaels was near death in a Phoenix hospital, most fans prepared for the worst. However, through a sheer will to survive - Bret Michaels in not only still alive today, but he will return to live concerts later this month and he very well could be the winner of the 2010 edition of "Celebrity Apprentice". I am pulling for Bret Michaels to win this years "Celebrity Apprentice" and I'm sure his upcoming concert tour will play to sold out audiences all of the United States.

Summer Weddings On Fort Walton/Destin FL Beaches (Video)

"Summer Weddings On Fort Walton/Destin FL Beaches (Video)" Thousands of young and old couples alike tie the knot on the beaches of Fort Walton and Destin Florida each summer. However, the summer of 2010 is not the normal Gulf coast summer season and with the prospect of spilling crude oil washing up on the white sandy beaches of Destin or Fort Walton a real possibility - some couples might be rethinking their wedding plans. While folks in Washington D.C. and in corporate oil company board rooms continue to point the finger of blame at each other for the current Gulf oil spill, thousands of single people are hoping that their 2010 wedding plans on Destin or Fort Walton beach Florida are not ruined by either a bad smell or black oil covering the beaches there. For those of you that have never visited Destin or Fort Walton beach and enjoyed their beauty, just watch the video below and see how beautiful those two Gulf coast resorts usually are.

Rima Fakih Miss USA 2010 Winner (Video)

"Rima Fakih Miss USA 2010 Winner (Video)" Sunday night, history was made at the Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas as Rima Fakih an Arab-American young women won the crown for 2010. Over the years, the "Miss USA Pageant" has not been as popular with TV viewers as it was in the past. However, there never seems to be a shortage of beautiful young women from all 50 states that show up each year to compete. I found an interesting video that you may watch below that shows some of the hard work that these young women must go through for over a year just to have a chance to be crowned Miss USA. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Is An Underwater Oil Plume? (Video)

"What Is An Underwater Oil Plume? (Video)" The past few days, I have heard oil spill experts in the Gulf of Mexico talk about underwater oil plumes. When I first started hearing the term "oil plume" I did not really understand what they were talking about, so I researched what a ocean oil plume was and I decided to share that information with you. Simply put, an "oil plume" is crude oil that for one reason or another did not make it to the ocean surface and resides somewhere in the water between the bottom and the top. In the Gulf of Mexico right now, there are several underwater oil plumes that have been detected and some people believe that all the chemicals that were applied to the surface of the Gulf only drove the floating oil under the water, rather than breaking it up for easy clean up. For more information on what an underwater (ocean) oil plume is, you may watch the video below.

Will The Hayward Fault Cause The Next Big One? (Video)

"Will The Hayward Fault Cause The Next Big One? (Video)" Many Earthquake experts now believe that the next "big one" in California will not happen on the well known and highly publicized San Andreas fault, but instead it will occur on a fault line that has been inactive for over 100 years. Running inland from central California to the San Francisco Bay area is the Hayward fault and above it live almost five million people. Whether it be from the San Andreas or Hayward faults or some other unstable section of California real estate, it's not a question of if - but of when the next major Earthquake will shake millions of Americans to their very core. Below, watch NBC news anchor Lester Holt talk to a seismologist about what will happen when the Hayward fault causes a major CA Earthquake.

Volcanic Ash Causes Heathrow No Fly Zone Monday (Video)

"Volcanic Ash Causes Heathrow No Fly Zone Monday (Video)" At least until early Monday morning, the City of London has once again fallen under a no-fly zone because highly dense volcanic ash from Iceland has floated toward the Scottish and English mainlands. Normal air travel is not expected to return to Heathrow until at least 7am UK time. Right now, stranded passengers are already starting to accumulate at Heathrow and other London area airports. The good news is, winds are currently high in the skies over Scotland and Britain, which should quickly dissipate this latest gathering of volcanic ash. There are high hopes that this new ash cloud will break up during the early morning hours of Monday (May 17, 2010) over the skies over London.

London Heathrow Airport Closed Monday Morning (Video)

"London Heathrow Airport Closed Monday Morning (Video)" Late Sunday, it was announced that London's Heathrow airport will be closed until at least 7am Monday morning. Volcanic ash from Iceland has once again crossed the sea and is filling the skies above Europe. Hopefully, by midday on Monday airspace over London will be open because unlike in April, there are higher winds blowing over the UK at this time, which should dissipate the volcanic ash cloud more quickly. There is no end in sight for the current Icelandic volcanic eruptions, so the closers of London's Heathrow Airport are not expected to end anytime soon. For more on this developing story, watch the special news video below.

San Diego Old Geezer Bandit Still At Large (Video)

"San Diego Old Geezer Bandit Still At Large (Video)" What appears to be an old geezer has been robbing banks in the San Diego, CA area now for awhile. In recent days, professional makeup artist have been taking a closer look at this bandit and they now believe that he is not an old man in his 70's after all, but instead he or she is probably a younger man or woman who is dressing up as an old geezer to make bank employees less suspicious of him when he enters the bank. San Diego police believe that the gun the "old geezer" bandit is using is real and they also believe that it would be a mistake to underestimate his potential to do harm to others. Watch surveillance video of the San Diego "old geezer" bandit below.

How Will British Petroleum (BP) Stop The Oil Spill? (Video)

"How Will British Petroleum (BP) Stop The Oil Spill? (Video)" News from the Gulf of Mexico has not been upbeat lately as every attempt by British Petroleum (BP) has failed to stop the worst oil spill in the history of the Gulf of Mexico. First they tried a dome, which failed because ice crystals formed and stopped up the pumping operation, then they tried a "top hat" design which did not work either. Now, this weekend, BP is trying to push a smaller pipe inside the larger one in the hope of stopping the oil leak by pumping the still spilling oil to the surface. First reports claim that this new idea has failed, too. Stay tuned.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watch 2010 Preakness Stakes Replay Lookin At Lucky Winner (Video)

"Watch 2010 Preakness Stakes Replay Lookin At Lucky The Winner (Video)" It was a fun Preakness Stakes today May 15, 2010 when "Lookin At Lucky" came up lucky as he defeated the Kentucky Derby winner "Super Saver" and jockey Calvin Borel. Two weeks ago, Borel guaranteed that he would win the "Triple Crown" this year aboard "Super Saver", but his words rang hollow at the end of today's Preakness Stakes as his horse did not even finish in the money. Congratulation to "Lookin At Lucky" at the 2010 Preakness Stakes. You can watch a full replay of today's race below.

British Airspace Could Be Closed Sunday-Wednesday (Video)

"British Airspace Could Be Closed Sunday-Wednesday (Video)" An Iceland Volcano that has caused havoc in Great Britain and throughout most of Europe has become active once again. According to some news reports, British airspace might be closed starting on Sunday and lasting until Wednesday of next week. Seismologist claim that deep under the Iceland Volcano there are rumblings that could precede another massive volcanic eruption, which could ground air travel in and out of the UK once again. This Iceland volcano has become an constant disruption to British air travelers both in the UK and throughout Europe.

Cameron Diaz Knocks Down Tom Cruise (Video)

"Cameron Diaz Knocks Down Tom Cruise (Video)" In a recently released clip from the set of a new movie called "Knight and Day", Cameron Diaz kicks Tom Cruise in the chest and knocks him to the ground. Of course, the producers of this movie hope that people will believe this clip is real - but most folks know it's just a promotional stunt to promote the film. However, I will say that it does look real when Diaz kicks Cruise and knocks him down and the only thing that might have made it funnier would be if it was Brooke Shields doing the kicking instead of Cameron Diaz.

Will Calvin Borel's Super Saver Win Preakness Stakes? (Video)

"Will Calvin Borel's Super Saver Win Preakness Stakes? (Video)" Two weeks ago at the Kentucky Derby, Calvin Borel arrogantly stated that he would ride his new horse "Super Saver" to a Triple Crown victory this year. Today, is "put up or shut-up" time as Calvin Borel once again boards "Super Saver" at the Preakness Stakes. In about five hours, we will all know if 2010 is the year a "Triple Crown" winner is still possible - or will millions of horse racing fans have to wait again until next year? While Calvin Borel's statement about winning the "Triple Crown" this year after his Kentucky Derby victory was arrogant, I would like to see his prediction come to pass.

NBC Cancels Heroes/Mercy/Trauma For Next Season (Video)

"NBC Cancels Heroes/Mercy/Trauma For Next Season (Video)" In addition to "Law & Order", NBC television has decided to cancel thee other shows next season (2010/2011). New shows "Mercy" and "Trauma" got the ax in addition to another longer running show called "Heroes". It's no secret that NBC TV has been living at the bottom of the broadcast network TV ratings race for several years now, but nothing new they try seems to be catching on with the American public. I watched both "Mercy" and "Trauma" a few times, but neither one of those two shows really caught my interest. I did watch "Heroes" for about one full year, until Hollywood writers took that show down a path I was no long interested in. Now when it comes to "Law & Order", NBC is canceling one of it's best shows, which proves to me that the NBC television network has completely lost it's mind.

JFK Film From The Night Before His Assassination (Video)

"JFK Film From The Night Before His Assassination (Video)" While history is made everyday, some piece of United States history often take decades to come to light. Friday, some interesting video of John F. Kennedy (JFK) and his wife were released for the first time to the public. In this video, JFK and his wife (Jacqueline) are seen at a party in Dallas, Texas the night before Lee Harvey Oswald kill him the very next day. This newly released video is in bright living color unlike many of the other film memories of that terrible day - which were filmed in black and white. There always has been and probably always will be an intense interest and fascination with the presidency of John F. Kennedy.

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters

We Built Sioux City On Rock & Roll (Video)

"We Built Sioux City On Rock & Roll (Video)" Over the years I have watched hundreds of videos promoting one city or another, but until today I had not seen the best of the best. From regular citizens, to first responders, to TV anchors, to ministers - they all worked together to turn the classic "Starship" song "We Built This City On Rock & Roll" into something they can really call their own. While watching the video below, I found myself filled with excitement and a smile that I could not wipe off my face. Wow, Sioux City - you did great and while I live in the State of Texas, your promotional video made me want to visit your city (Sioux City, IA) at some future date.

Watch An Octopus Eat A Live Shark (Video)

"Watch An Octopus Eat A Live Shark (Video)" When I first saw an Octopus eating a live shark on Rick Sanchez's show on CNN Friday afternoon, I had to find that footage and share it with you. Of all the strange things I have seen in nature before, this is one of the weirdest and most interesting things ever. This is no small shark either and the ease at which this single Octopus took down what has been referred to often as the scariest creature in the ocean makes me want to stay as far away from an Octopus as possible.

Safari LTD Incredible Creatures Giant Pacific Octopus

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rugby Player Attacks Robber With A Chair (Video)

"Rugby Player Attacks Robber With A Chair (Video)" I just watched an interesting piece of video that shows a masked robber, holding a gun, getting attacked by a famous rugby player. In that video, Martin Richardson a 18-stone rugby player - at first blocks the door so this robber cannot escape and then he picks up a chair and starts hitting this criminal until he goes down to the ground. It turns out that the robbers guns was not real, which is a good thing for Martin Richardson. Most of the time, crime does not pay and for this one robber, it certainly did not pay for him as he now sits in jail.

Will Oil Filled Beaches Await Summer Vacation Travelers? (Video)

"Will Oil Filled Beaches Await Summer Vacation Travelers? (Video)" Just in time for summer vacation season, millions of Americas are debating the wisdom of not canceling their reservations to Gulf coast beach locations like Destin, Florida. As of right now, most Gulf of Mexico beaches are clear of crude oil, but no one knows what the future holds and it is still unknown - if BP will be able to stop the still leaking crude oil from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Tens of thousands of people in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida directly earn their living from the millions of tourist that annually travel to Gulf coast beaches for their summer vacations. That total does not include the State of Texas where it was reported a few days ago that some of this still spilling oil is also headed. It's going to be a financially tough summer for tourist beach locations throughout the Gulf coast.

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Deepwater Petroleum Exploration & Production: A Nontechnical Guide