Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Flights Canceled / Iceland Volcanic Ash Is Back

"Flights Canceled / Iceland Volcanic Ash Is Back." As if everyone was reliving a bad nightmare from just a few weeks ago, it was announce today that an Iceland Volcano that disrupted tens of thousands of airline flights and stranded millions of people all over the world has just returned to life. Already there have been flights canceled in Iceland and Scotland. Can the London, Paris and the rest of Europe be far behind? The good news is that the current Iceland volcanic eruption is not as bad as the one that grounded most of Europe a few weeks ago. However, I just wonder how many people with travel plans both in and out of Europe want to take the chance that they will be able to get back home within the next few days if volcanic ash gets worse? All anyone who was camped out in an airport for almost a week wants to see happen is that situation repeat itself again. My guess is that right now in London, Paris and other cities in that region, the telephone lines are ringing off the hook with people who want to cancel their travel plans, just in case. Over a period of time, bad experiences like being strand for days in a city far from home will fade. However, enough time has not passed for business and leisure travelers to forget that last time this happened - so I expect passengers will be proactive this time and canceling their travel plans.

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