Saturday, May 01, 2010

Kentucky Derby Wet Track / Safe For Horses?

"Kentucky Derby Wet Track / Safe For Horses?" As I watch the pre-race show on NBC, I have started to wonder if it is safe to have 20 horses race around a wet track? The track was also wet last year (2009) during the Kentucky Derby, but compared to this year (2010) that was nothing. I know a bunch of money rides on the Kentucky Derby each year, but in addition to some of the breeding issues that have cause some horses to come up lame the past few years, doesn't it seem more dangerous than usual to have Thoroughbred's race around a track that is more filled with water than dirt? I certainly hope that there is not a track accident today during the Kentucky Derby because of the weather, but I just have a bad gut feeling that something terrible could happen because the promoters of the Kentucky Derby seem more concerned with this race moving forward than the safety of the horses and jockey's on the track. The latest weather reports from Kentucky suggest that there may be a short break in the rain as post-time nears, but even if the rain stopped right now - there has been over two inches of rainfall at Churchill Downs today and that could make it the wettest Kentucky Derby track in the history of the race.

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