Saturday, May 01, 2010

Large May Day Marches Against Arizona Law

"Large May Day Marches Against Arizona Law." Every year on May 1st, there are marches all around the world to celebrate workers. Today, in cities from LA, to Dallas, to Washington D.C. - hundreds of thousands of people attended May Day marches to protest a new immigration law in Arizona that most people believe is unconstitutional. It's easy for people in non border states to sit back and throw stones at Arizona's new law, because they are not dealing with the full impact that illegal immigration is having on states like Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona. On the other hand, there are some racists in the mix of supporters of Arizona's new immigration law and those few voices are causing this whole debate to take on a bad appearance. The United States federal government needs to do it's job through "ICE", but unlike most other government agencies - the employees of "ICE" are put through meat grinders of political correctness on a daily basis. The polarization of Washington D.C. has made it almost impossible for our elected leaders to effectively deal with illegal immigration problems by passing comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

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