Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Suicide By Cop Foiled In Clackamas County Oregon

"Suicide By Cop Foiled In Clackamas County Oregon." Video below from KOIN (Channel 6) in Clackamas county Oregon shows the last minute of a carjack suspect's attempt to first escape police and then with no other options - he attempts to be killed by what police officers refer to as "suicide by cop". In the end this suspect, Donald Wade Evanger, was shot by a taser instead of a handgun. This video shows how desperate Evanger was to escape as he was first chased by a police dog down the banks of the Clackamas River and then after jumping in the river to escape he climbed out and refused to follow the orders of a police officer standing on the bank. With a gun in one hand and a taser in the other, the police officer kept telling Evanger to get on the ground and surrender. Instead, Evanger decided to try and walk away and then in an attempt to commit suicide, he reaches for a gun while the police officer is within feet of him. In that split second the police officer decides to shoot him with the Taser gun - instead of ending his life with a handgun. This is one of the most telling videos I have ever seen when it comes to what real life police officers deal with everyday and the type of life and death decisions they must make within a split second.

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