Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's See If We Can Do It Again For Kevin Skinner

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Why is Kevin Skinner not being played on the radio? A few weeks ago, I asked that question of my blog readers and immediately received emails and responses in my forum about that touchy subject. Apparently, there has been a small but vocal group of Kevin Skinner fans who have been working the phones of local country music radio stations around the country already with limited success. Maybe we can help them? I remember about one year ago when most experts did not give Kevin Skinner much of a chance to win "America's Got Talent". However, in the end - millions of regular everyday Americans banded together and called AGT to make sure that Kevin Skinner won last years competition. So why don't we do that again? If you are having trouble getting one of your local country music radio stations to play Kevin Skinner's music, please visit my forum and add your voice to the others around the nation who want the same thing? It might also benefit you with radio station program directors to include a link to those forum message when you email them about adding Kevin Skinner to their music play-list (URL to copy and paste: Millions of fans of Kevin Skinner came through for him last year when he won America's Got Talent and if there are other people, like myself, who want to here Kevin Skinner on country music radio. Maybe fans from all over the country will come through for Kevin once again? Click Here to help get Kevin Skinner played on the radio.

Sandra Bullock Shows How Quick Divorce Is In Texas

People in Hollywood were amazed at how quickly Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James' divorce was finalized. Hey, if you want to get a quick divorce - move to Texas? In Texas there is a 60 day waiting period before a divorce petition can be ruled final. Sure, some divorces here in Texas take longer - but most people I have known over the years who file for an uncontested divorce get it granted shortly after that 60 day waiting period is over. It's easy to get married and divorced in the State of Texas and that may be one of the reasons why Sandra Bullock list her permanent address as Austin, Texas. It was learned today that Jesse James will soon be moving to Austin, too and who knows what will happen after that?

Kyron Horman's Stepmom (Terri) Hires Defense Attorney

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Late word tonight from says that Terri Horman has hired a prominent Portland defense attorney to represent her. If true, my thinking is that Terri Horman will be arrested for something before the weekend. While it has not been announced how Terri Horman could afford one of the top defense attorney's in her city, I'm sure more information will be released in the next few days now that she is represented by a lawyer. Since the weekend, strange things have been happening in the Horman home. First Kyron's father filing for a divorce/restraining order against his wife and now with Terri Horman hiring a big time defense attorney from Portland - there will certainly be more to come in this case, soon.

Hurricane Alex Interrupts Network TV Coverage

As TV technicians and most owners of satellite dish's know, heavy clouds and rain do interfere with the transmission and reception of satellite signals. Today, while I was watching Fox News, CNN and MSNBC for updates on Hurricane Alex - all three of the major cable news networks experienced at least some problems transmitting a satellite signal from their reporters in the field back to network studios in New York City. Honestly, when I turn on television for updates about Hurricane Alex - I am looking for current information and not some grandstanding young reporter trying to show how macho he or she is by standing in the middle of hurricane winds. We all know that high winds accompany hurricanes without some bozo trying to stand up outside when winds are blowing in excess of 100 MPH.

Someone Called 911 From Horman Home On Saturday

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The mystery seems to grow by the day in the case of missing Kyron Horman. On Saturday, Kyron's dad packed up his belongings and left the family home with his 19-month-old child. On Monday, he filed for divorce from his wife Terri Horman who was the last person to see Kryon three weeks ago. It was reported today, that a 911 call was placed from the Horman home on Saturday - but no additional information has been released about that call. Right now, Mr. Horman is reportedly living in an undisclosed location that is even being kept secret from his wife. Court records of the Horman divorce filing have been sealed by the judge in the case.

Hurricane Alex Bears Down On South Padre Island Texas

Over the next few hours, South Padre Island Texas will be hit with high winds, high tides and flash flooding as Hurricane Alex makes land-fall in Mexico. Over night, Tropical Storm Alex was upgraded to a Category 1 storm. Hopefully, most people took the advice of authorities and evacuated South Padre Island hours ago - because now it's too late as Hurricane Alex approaches the shoreline. Sadly, TV reporters from the major networks have already taken up their posts near the Gulf of Mexico - so they can entertain people back home as they try to stay upright as the hurricane comes ashore.

Will Kyron Horman's Stepmom Be Arrest Soon?

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Right now, it's almost a for gone conclusion that Kyron Horman's stepmom (Terri) will be arrested soon. On Tuesday night (June 29, 2010), the news media was filled with stories about how Kyron's dad had moved out of the family home and taken his 19-month-old baby with him. To add more mystery to this already strange missing child case, a family court judge in Oregon allowed Kyron's dad to not only move out of his house with his infant child, but the judge also said that the birth mother of that child (Terri Horman) would not be allowed to see her own child or know where the father was keeping it. I understand that police investigations take time to complete, but it's completely obvious now that Oregon authorities and a judge believe that Terri Horman is responsible for Kyron's disappearance and sadly that fact will probably lead to the discovery of his dead body in the near future.

Brownsville Texas Hurricane Warning Issued (Alex)

About one hour ago (June 30, 2010) TS Alex was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane. At that same time, a hurricane warning was issued for Brownsville, Texas as an estimated (ETA) landfall of late afternoon Wednesday was predicted. Texas Governor Rick Perry issued a State of Emergency for the Texas Gulf coast as Hurricane Alex approached the shoreline. People in and around the Brownsville, Texas area are urged to find a safe place to ride out this storm. Most experts predict that serious injuries and/or death will most likely occur from either a storm surge or flash flooding as Hurricane Alex is expected to drop up to 12 inches of rain on the Brownsville, Texas area.

Is Kyron's Stepmom Terri Horman Mentally Ill?

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Sometimes it's hard to read police when they are investigating a case of a missing child and in Oregon the case of missing child Kyron Horman is no different. On Monday, Kyron's father filed for divorce and a restraining order against his wife. There must be something going on here that no one outside the police department, Kyron's father and the judge in the case has knowledge of for an Oregon court to take away a mother's rights without even hearing her side of the story. I believe Terri Horman will be arrested for Kyron's murder within the next few days and I also think that she is suffering from some kind of mental illness. Otherwise, a family court judge in Oregon would not have allowed such a ruling to be entered into place without giving Terri Horman a chance to speak in her own defense.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Texas Under State Of Emergency (Hurricane Alex)

Sometime before sunset tomorrow, Hurricane Alex is expected to slam the Gulf coast of Texas near Brownsville. Right now, Alex is still a tropical storm - but almost every expert believes it will make landfall, Wednesday June 30, 2010), as a Category 1 hurricane. Most of the media attention has been focused on what Hurricane Alex will mean to clean-up efforts of the Gulf oil spill near Louisiana. Right now, it appears that Hurricane Alex will not effect efforts there - but in and around Brownsville, Texas the news is not so good. Even a Category 1 hurricane can cause a bunch of damage from high winds and downed power-lines. However, most meteorologist fear what flash flooding will do the the Texas coastline around Brownsville. Upwards of 12 inches of rain are expected.

Rielle Hunter Tells Today Show About Her Love For John Edwards

When it comes to the sympathy card, both John and his wife Elizabeth played it well. A couple of years ago, former Senator John Edwards was running for the democratic nomination for President when he and his wife went before TV cameras and said that his campaign would continue even though her cancer had returned. Even then, Elizabeth Edwards knew that her husband was having an affair with Rielle Hunter - but she said and did nothing to warn the American people about the flaws in his personal character. It's easy to blame John Edwards and Rielle Hunter for their reckless behavior when the cameras were not rolling. However, in my mind, Elizabeth Edwards was the really evil person here - because she put her own desires to be First Lady ahead of everything else including the best interest of her country.

Larry King Ends LKL After 25 Years At CNN

Tonight at the beginning of his show on CNN, Larry King announced to the world that he will be ending his show Larry King Live (LKL) this fall. Like millions of other people, I regularly watch the Larry King Show on CNN and will miss him. Rather than entering a full blown retirement, King said that he will just be stepping down from the show that bears his name so he can spend more time with his family. Larry King's announcement seemed to catch everyone off guard including some of his long time friends like Nancy Reagan and Diane Sawyer. I first heard the name Larry King when he hosted a late night (nationwide) radio talk show back in the 1970's. Good luck Larry with the rest of your life.

Did Terri Horman Kill Stepson Kyron?

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Tonight, I watched the Nancy Grace Show on HLN where the entire hour was about the ramifications of Kaine Horman filing for divorce and leaving the family house with a strict restraining order against Terri Horman put into place that keeps her away from he and their young 19-month-old child and firearms. I expect that within the next 24 to 48 hours, Terri Horman will be arrested and charged with the murder of Kyron Horman. There is something that has just not felt right when it comes to Terri Horman's actions ever since her stepson Kyron went missing weeks ago. According to the Nancy Grace Show, Kaine Horman has gone into hiding at an undisclosed location. For a judge to go along with that, there must be some damning evidence against Terri Horman that has not been released to the public as of yet.

Did A Vampire Cause A Car Wreck In Colorado?

Over the years, I'm sure police officers have heard many excuses after a person wrecks their car - but in Grand Junction, Colorado recently, a lady had a pretty unique one. According to this lady, her recent traffic accident was cause by a Vampire that was chasing her down the road. I must admit, I had never heard that one - but I'm sure experience police officers probably have. I wonder if a cross, wooden stake and/or silver bullet were found in this lady's car? The good news is she was not physically injured. However, it's unclear if mental trauma may have occurred.

Track Hurricane Alex Through Brownsville/South Padre Island

Sometime before Wednesday, Hurricane Alex is expected to create problems for US residents in Brownsville and South Padre Island, Texas. NOAA has created a tracking map that you may access below for addition information. As we all know, Hurricanes have a mind of their own so if you live in the South Padre Island/Brownsville areas - please keep a close eye on the ever changing weather conditions. At the present time, Hurricane Alex is expected to be a Category 1 or 2 storm when it makes landfall.

Michael Hastings (Rolling Stone) Interviewed On MSNBC

Few things divide Americans more in 2010 than the war in Afghanistan and few reporters are more sought after today for an interview about that war than Michael Hastings from Rolling Stone Magazine. As everyone now knows, Michael Hastings' story in Rolling Stone Magazine recently brought about the firing of the commander of military operations in Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Last night, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC interviewed Mr. Hastings about his story and his opinions about continuing the war in Afghanistan. Watch the Rachel Maddow's interview with Michael Hastings in the video box below.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gel Manicures Lead To Health Problems For Some People

Until today, I had never heard of a gel manicure. However, apparently the procedure has caught on around the country and for most people the process usually goes off without a hitch. There are sometimes though complication to a gel manicure, which are unforeseen and occasionally nerve damage can occur if the person doing the gel manicure is not properly train or makes a mistake and damages the skin during the procedure. In the video clip below, ABC News investigates what happened to one woman who had her skin damaged before chemicals were applied in a gel manicure procedure.

Missing Ohio Dog Returned To Owner After Nine Months

In a heart warming story, a dog that was struck by a car nine months ago and then wondered off into the woods supposedly to die was found over the weekend and returned to it's owner. We have all heard stories where a dog somehow crosses the country after being left behind and this story kind of reminds me of those. Watch this great story from the video box below.

Will Hurricane Alex Make Landfall Near Brownsville, Texas?

Within the next 12 hours, Tropical Storm Alex is expected to be upgraded to hurricane status. The current conventional wisdom among meteorologist is that Hurricane Alex will make landfall in Mexico, but there is an almost 50% chance that this storm will drift further to the north and instead make landfall near Brownsville, Texas.

Baby Killed In Central Park (NYC) By Falling Tree Branch

Over the weekend, a terrible accident happened in Central Park in New York City. As a father prepared to take a picture of his wife and baby child, a tree branch fell striking the baby and it's mother. In the end the mother was injured, but sadly the baby was killed. This is just another one of those freak accidents that no one can explain or rationalize. What a terrible thing to have happen to a family who was just out enjoying a beautiful summer day.

Toy Story 3 Nears $250 Million At Box Office

Some things just get better with time and that appears to be the case with the Toy Story movie franchise. Again last weekend, "Toy Story 3" was number one at the box office as it's total US earnings approached $250 million. "Grown Ups" and "Knight & Day" rounded out the top three grossing movies for the last weekend of June 2010.

Watch Video Of Good/Bad Ideas For Cleaning Up Oil Spill

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Thousands of ideas and products have been submitted to British Petroleum (BP) and the US government for consideration to help clean-up the millions of barrels of crude oil that have leaked into the Gulf of Mexico. While many of these ideas and products are silly and unworkable, some are turning out to be promising. Watch the video below to see some of the ideas Americans have come up with so far to clean-up the Gulf oil spill.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dick Clark Brought To Tears On Daytime Emmy Awards Tribute

"Dick Clark Brought To Tears On Daytime Emmy Awards Tribute." As a child of the 60's and 70's, no one person is of more importance in the world of music than the long time host of American Band Stand - Mr. Dick Clark. On Sunday night, Dick Clark was brought to tears as a tribute to has impact on music was shared with a television audience of millions. Dick Clark's new friend, Ryan Seacrest, hosted that portion of the 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards and did a fantastic job. I will always have the utmost respect for the impact Dick Clark has had on music.

Will Hurricane Alex Make Landfall In Texas Or Mexico?

"Will Hurricane Alex Make Landfall In Texas Or Mexico?" What is now Tropical Storm Alex is expected to be upgraded to a hurricane once it reaches the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico early this week. Current hurricane tracking maps point to a Mexico landfall of a then Hurricane Alex around mid-week. However, there is also a possibility that Hurricane Alex could move northward and threaten the Gulf coast of Texas. Stay tuned, more to come.

Watch Chris Brown Tribute To Michael Jackson (2010 BET Awards)

"Watch Chris Brown's Tribute To Michael Jackson (2010 BET Awards)." Singer Chris Brown paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson at the 2010 BET Awards Sunday night. In the video clip below, you may watch as Brown did an outstanding job that would have made Michael Jackson proud. One year ago last Friday, Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest and died in Los Angeles, California.

Oliver Stone Tells CBS News That America Is A Sick/Paranoid Country

"Oliver Stone Tells CBS News That America Is A Sick/Paranoid Country." In a recent interview with CBS News, legendary film director Oliver Stone said that he believes the United States of America is a sick and paranoid country. It's sad when some in Hollywood want to put down the US simply because most people don't subscribe to it's liberal point of view. I think Oliver Stone should stick to making movies and keep his political opinions to himself.

Senator Robert Byrd In Serious Condition At Washington Hospital

"Senator Robert Byrd In Serious Condition At Washington Hospital." The longest serving Senator of the United States, Robert Byrd, is in serious condition in a Washington D.C. hospital tonight. Few details have been released about his prognosis, but what we do know is that Senator Byrd was admitted to the hospital suffering from dehydration. Senator Byrd is 92 years of age.

NYC Good Samaritan Mugger Has Change Of Heart

"NYC Good Samaritan Mugger Has Change Of Heart." Recently, a New York City (NYC) mugger had a change of heart after he knocked down an almost 90-year-old woman while stealing her purse. In the video below, you may watch this mugger who did keep the lady's purse - but who also turned around and returned to help her back to her feet after violently knocking her down during his crime. Sometimes, I wonder if criminals have their own strange type of code of conduct when it comes to their behavior when steal things that don't belong to them? This story makes me wonder if that kind of thinking is really true?

Watch Latest Tracking Information Of Tropical Storm Alex

"Watch Latest Tracking Information Of Tropical Storm Alex." The first major storm of the 2010 hurricane season has been named Tropical Storm Alex. While there is still a slight chance that Tropical Storm Alex will threaten oil capping and clean up operations along the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida coastline - most current tropical storm/hurricane tracker maps are predicting that Topical Storm Alex will make landfall near Brownsville, Texas sometime early this week. For more information, watch the video below.

Listen To Audio Of Police Interview With Al Gore Accuser

"Listen To Audio Of Police Interview With Al Gore Accuser." This weekend, audio tape from an interview police conducted with a massage worker who accused the former Vice-President of inappropriate conduct was released to the media. While I am no fan of Al Gore, I do believe that the charges this woman has leveled against him are not true. From the box below, you may listen to this woman's accusations to police against Al Gore - as she describes what he allegedly tried to do to her during one of their massage sessions.

Should BP Be Driven Out Of Business As Example To Others?

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"Should BP Be Driven Out Of Business As Example To Others?" The US federal government has long used it's power to put some companies out of business as an example to others of what might happen to them if they don't play by the rules. So, is it time for the US government to drive British Petroleum (BP) out of business? Right now, I'm not sure if BP is a lost cause or not - but they are getting close as they have lied and underestimate the amount of oil that is still spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. The current Gulf oil disaster is not the first time BP has found itself in trouble with federal regulators and the time might be soon that a powerful message will need to be sent to other oil companies of exactly what might happen to them if they follow BP's insubordinate lead.

Watch Access Hollywood's Kate Gosselin's Interview

"Watch Access Hollywood's Kate Gosselin's Interview." For those of you who are still interested in mother Kate Gosselin, the television show Access Hollywood recently conducted a sit down interview with her. When I first saw that video of this interview with Kate Gosselin was available on the Internet, I thought that this would be just another Access Hollywood "softball" talk session with a reality TV star. However, I was wrong, because there are several hard hitting questions asked of Kate Gosselin in that interview and you may watch it by clicking the video box below.

Huge Oil Skimming Ship In Route To Help Gulf Oil Clean-up

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"Huge Oil Skimming Ship In Route To Help Gulf Oil Clean-up." Many of the clean-up operations in the Gulf of Mexico have been delayed because of federal government red-tape. However, there is a new tool available in the battle to clean-up millions of barrels of crude oil that shows promise and hopefully the EPA will allow it's use. In the video below, you may see this huge oil skimming ship that is on it's way to the Gulf of Mexico and it has the capacity to clean-up more oil from the surface of the water in one day than has been cleaned up in over a month by smaller ships.

Tropical Storm Alex Nears Mexico/Brownsville Area

"Tropical Storm Alex Nears Mexico/Brownsville Area." The good news for workers who are trying to stop the Gulf oil spill, that Tropical Storm Alex was heading west turned into bad news for people near the tip of Texas in Brownsville and in northern Mexico as new storm maps show Alex moving in a westerly direction. Of course, we all know that tropical storms and hurricane's do tend to change their direction as they near landfall - but as of right now it appears workers trying to cap the Horizon oil rig well-head will not be delayed in their important work, because of Tropical Storm Alex.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Continental Airlines San Antonio Emergency Landing

"Continental Airlines San Antonio Emergency Landing." This weekend, a Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Mexico lost cabin pressure and was forced to make an emergency landing in San Antonio. Many of the passengers aboard this fight were angry at Continental Airlines, because they failed to communicate to the passengers exactly what was going on when this problem occurred.

Watch Highlights Of The USA/Ghana World Cup Game

"Watch Highlights Of The USA/Ghana World Cup Game." For fans in the United States, today's game between team USA and Ghana did not turn out the way we had hoped. However, compared to years past - team USA is better than ever and as the years go by, more and more Americans will start to follow the sport of soccer just like other nations around the world do. Final score (USA 1 GHANA 2) in extra time.

Abercrombie & Fitch Goes Back To Trashy Catalog

Abercrombie & Fitch Goes Back To Trashy Catalog." For clothing retailer of the young, Abercrombie & Fitch, has decided to start selling it's trashy catalog again this year. About seven or eight years ago, they pulled their catalog because of a tremendous number of complaints from parents. Now, with their sales down 5% or more - I guess Abercrombie & Fitch is throwing customer service to the wind in a last ditched effort to improve their bottom line.

Will Team USA Defeat Ghana Today (June 26, 2010)?

"Will Team USA Defeat Ghana Today (June 26, 2010)?" Right now (2:00pm CDST), team USA is behind 0-1 in it's big game against Ghana. Americans have high hopes that our team will come from behind once again at World Cup (2010) as millions of new fans appear in the United States of America. Let's all turn on our TV sets and cheer team USA as they try to come from behind and beat Ghana this afternoon.

Watch User Review Of New iPhone 4

"Watch User Review Of New iPhone 4." Already hundreds of thousands of iPhone 4 devices have been sold. Today, I watched a review of this new phone/data gadget on the CNN websites and I thought you might like to watch it too. While there have been complaints from some consumers about reception problems when the iPhone 4 is held in a certain way - for the most part it appears that the iPhone 4 is a big improvement over the old iPhone 3 device.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Former VP Dick Cheney Hospitalized (June 25, 2010)

"Former VP Dick Cheney Hospitalized (June 25, 2010)." Former Vice-President of the United States (VP) Dick Cheney was hospitalized tonight complaining of discomfort. Many a person really believed that when President George W. Bush was President of the United States, VP Dick Cheney was really running the show behind the scenes. I do not believe that rubbish, but when it comes to his health - it is a well known fact that Dick Cheney has fought many a battle over the years with heart problems and those battles go back decades to a period of time when he was still a very young man.

Watch Video Of Worlds Dumbest Criminals

"Watch Video Of Worlds Dumbest Criminals." In life there are two types of criminals. Some of them are smart, but most are dumb as dirt. In the later category, you may watch some young criminals caught on camera below who did not stay at large for that long after robbing a store. The vast majority of honest citizens should thank our lucky stars that most criminals do not have a clue what they are doing when they try and steal the property of average people. I just love watching surveillance video of stupid criminals.

New Quadricopter (Drone) Powered By Apple iPhone

"New Quadricopter (Drone) Powered By Apple iPhone." In the neat video below, witness a new flying device called a "Quadricopter Drone" that is controlled via an iPhone. I may be an older guy, but this new type of personal flying machine looks like it would be fun to operate. It will still be a few month before everyone will be able add an application (App) to their iPhone in order to pilot this cool new flying machine.

Michael Jackson Family Still Believes He Was Murdered

"Michael Jackson Family Still Believes He Was Murdered." There seems to be a high level of denial with family members of the late Michael Jackson when it comes to the choices their loved one made, which eventually lead to his death. One year ago, when Michael Jackson died suddenly - I first started hearing rumors that some members of his family believed that he was murdered via some type of conspiracy. Then as well as now, I think that Michael Jackson saw his own worst enemy every time he looked in a mirror and it's sad that his family members are still trying to find someone else to blame.

John Isner Tells GMA How He Won Worlds Longest Tennis Match

"John Isner Tells GMA How He Won Worlds Longest Tennis Match." Friday morning - John Isner, the guy who won the longest tennis match in history at Wimbledon this year, told the world how he kept it all together to win a match that last 11 hours and took place over a period of three days. Mr. Isner said that he basically ate everything in sight and drank water by the gallon just to stay hydrated. I have played tennis before and after about 30 minutes I am worn out. Needless to say, John Isner is in outstanding physical condition.

New Orleans Federal Judge Held Stock In Exxon/Mobil

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"New Orleans Federal Judge Held Stock In Exxon/Mobil." It was learned today that the federal judge who overruled the Obama administrations ban on offshore oil drilling not only held stock in oil giant Exxon/Mobil, but he also sold those stock holdings on the day that he made his ruling. There is no doubt that this federal judge (Judge Martin L.C. Feldman) of New Orleans should have rescued himself when this case came before his court. However, he did not and now it appears both from his actions and inaction's that he might have been putting his own personal financial self-interest ahead of judging this case based on it's merits.

Tropical Depression Could Slow Gulf Oil Spill Work

"Tropical Depression Could Slow Gulf Oil Spill Work." No one is for sure yet whether or not a new tropical depression nearing the Gulf of Mexico will threaten oil clean-up efforts. Sadly, if this tropical depression eventually becomes a tropical storm or worse a hurricane - the very people who are working 24/7 to stop the Gulf oil leak and clean up the shoreline will be forced to evacuate the area. Early next week we should know more about this pending storm.

Tips To Improve iPhone 4 Reception

"Tips To Improve iPhone 4 Reception." This morning, Good Morning America (GMA) outlined a problem with the new iPhone 4 when it comes to reception and call quality. The new Apple design for the iPhone 4 has an antenna system that encircles the device instead of having a single internal antenna. While in theory this new antenna design should improve iPhone 4 reception, in practice it seems to have the opposite effect. In the video below, GMA instructs consumers on how the may improve the number of bars and reception they receive from their new iPhone 4.

Watch Kyron Horman's Parents Interviewed On The Today Show

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"Watch Kyron Horman's Parents Interviewed On The Today Show." This morning (June 25, 2010), Kyron Horman's parents were interviewed on NBC's "Today Show". You may watch a video replay of that interview below. It has been three weeks now since Kyron went missing in Oregon. So far, there are few promising leads as to what happened to him. In recent days, Kyron Horman's stepmother has taken two lie-detector tests. She was the last person to see Kyron before he went missing.

Dolphins Are The Latest Victims Of Gulf Oil Spill

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"Dolphins Are The Latest Victims Of Gulf Oil Spill."All along the Gulf of Mexico shoreline, dolphins have started to beach themselves this summer. Most likely the dolphins are confused because of lower oxygen levels in the water and/or their food supply (other fish) has been contaminated by crude oil before they ate it. Both man and fish alike are suffering because of BP's oil spill and there is no way to know for sure when the oil leak will be stopped and the millions of barrels of oil will be cleaned up.

Casey Anthony Case (5000 Pages Of Evidence) Released Today

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"Casey Anthony Case (5000 Pages Of Evidence) Released Today." For people who love to follow the Casey Anthony case, today will be a big one because over 5000 pages of evidence will be released. Before Casey Anthony goes on trial for the murder of her two-year-old daughter (Caylee) next year, several rooms filled with evidence and discovery documents could be filled. It will be interesting to see what the State of Florida releases to the public in regards to Casey Anthony later today. It should make for some interesting reading this weekend.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Home Sales Drop Big Time During May 2010

"Home Sales Drop Big Time During May 2010." No matter what the US government throws at the problem of poor home sales, the problem just seems to get worse. Many people believe that a total crash of the real estate market will be necessary before people want to get back into the home buying market. Like with recent run-ups in other markets, real estate got way ahead of itself over the past five years and it needs to be allowed to go down before it will go back up again. I believe the poor showing in homes sales during the month of May 2010 proves that point.

Alabama Fisherman Commits Suicide Because Of Oil Spill

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"Alabama Fisherman Commits Suicide Because Of Oil Spill." It was reported this morning by CBS News that at least one man has committed suicide because of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. No one knows how many others have also made the decision to take their own life now that the only way of life their families have known for generations has been stolen away through no fault of their own. As Americans along the Gulf coast continue to suffer both in a financial and emotional way, crude oil continues to spill into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate as high as 100,000 barrels per day with no end in sight.

Destin FL Beach Covered With Tarballs (June 25, 2010)

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"Destin FL Beach Covered With Tarballs (June 25, 2010). One of the most beautiful places on Earth (Destin, Florida) has become the latest casualty of still leaking BP crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico. In the video below, there are children running up to their parents begging them to clean the oil off their feet. Not only have tens of thousands of people lost their livelihoods in the fishing industry, but also people who have invested billions of dollars into businesses and real estate in the Destin area are also suffering. I know the world is not fair, but if it were - British Petroleum (BP) would never be allowed to drill for oil again anywhere in the world.

Fans Allowed To Visit Michael Jackson's Burial Site

"Fans Allowed To Visit Michael Jackson's Burial Site." Tomorrow (June 25, 2010), fans will be allow in for the first time at Michael Jackson's burial site at Forest Lawn Cemetery. However, fans will only be allowed as close as the outside of the mausoleum where Michael Jackson's body resides. Police and the Jackson family are expecting thousands of fans to show up at Michael's burial location on Friday, which is the one year anniversary of his death.

Friends Remember Farrah Fawcett One Year After Death

"Friends Remember Farrah Fawcett One Year After Death." Last year on this date, millions of fans of Farrah Fawcett were awaiting her pending death. However, within hours of the passing of Farrah Fawcett came the shocking news that Michael Jackson had died, too. Today, one of Farrah Fawcett's friends talked about her life and relationship with Ryan O'Neil in the video below. Farrah was one special lady.

Watch Video Of A Bear Soaking In A Hot Tub

"Watch Video Of A Bear Soaking In A Hot Tub." There was a neat piece of video shown on the "Today Show" this morning of a mother bear soaking in a hot tub. This video takes place in Alaska and it appears that this bears cubs wanted to join mom in the hot tub, but she didn't appear to be in the sharing mood. Click the video box below to watch.

Joran van der Sloot's Mom Talks To GMA

"Joran van der Sloot's Mom Talks To GMA." Joran van der Sloot's mom sat down to talk with Good Morning America (GMA) today. While I think her son is a cold blooded serial killer, I did feel sorry for this lady as the evidence against Joran continues to pile up. No one could blame any mom for standing behind their son even through the darkest of times and the same thing goes for Joran van der Sloot's mom. You may watch this morning's GMA interview in the video box below.

Provincetown Massachusetts Offers Condoms To Kindergarten Students

"Provincetown Massachusetts Offers Condoms To Kindergarten Students." In the video story below, a small town in Massachusetts (Provincetown) has decided to offer condoms to all of it's students and will provide them free of charge to any student who requests one from kindergarten to sixth grade. This has to be one of the stupidest decisions a school district has ever made. Hopefully, they will rethink their policy.

Seinfeld Calls Lady Gaga A Jerk

"Seinfeld Calls Lady Gaga A Jerk." In a recent interview on a NYC sports talk radio station, comedian Jerry Seinfeld called Lady Gaga a jerk. Seinfeld's outburst was caused when a rowdy Lady Gaga was escorted from the VIP section at a New York Mets game recently and placed in Jerry Seinfeld's private box. Seinfeld was not attending that night's game, but when he learned about what happen - he made some choice and not so nice comments about Lady Gaga.

Drop-Side Baby Cribs Recall (June 24, 2010)

"Drop-Side Baby Cribs Recall (June 24, 2010)." Some drop-side cribs from: Evenflo, Delta Enterprise, Child Craft, Jardine Enterprises, LaJobi, Million Dollar Baby and Simmons Juvenile were recalled today by the CPSC - because of child suffocation concerns. The US "Consumer Product Safety Commission" has urged parents who use effected drop-side baby cribs to contact the manufacture for either a repair kit or a refund. More information about this drop-side baby cribs recall may be found at the CPSC website.

Fall IPO To Take General Motors (GM) Public Again

"Fall IPO To Take General Motors (GM) Public Again." As early as this fall (2010), General Motors (GM) is expected to take their company public again. Only a couple of years ago, GM shareholders found themselves holding worthless stock certificates as the once most powerful company in America found itself in bankruptcy court. So will there be millions of people and pension fund managers eager to buy GM stock once again? My guess is yes, but I will not be one of them. I still believe that the best bet for investors who want to play the US automobile market is found at the Ford Motor Company (F).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama/Democrats In Election Trouble (NBC News Poll)

"Obama/Democrats In Election Trouble (NBC News Poll)." If the old saying is true that politicians love to be popular, then President Barack Obama and his supporters in Congress are not happy tonight after the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll was released (June 23, 2010). For the first time ever, more Americans believe that President Obama is doing a poor job - rather than a good one. There is little doubt that the BP oil spill has hurt President Obama with some Americans and there was nothing good about President Obama being forced to fire General Stanley McChrystal in the Oval Office today. I believe President Obama needs to stay off the golf course for awhile and be more hands on in getting the Gulf oil gusher plugged in upcoming days.

Cap Is Back On British Petroleum (BP) Well

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"Cap Is Back On British Petroleum (BP) Well." After an accident that forced BP to remove their cap from the top of their submerged well-head yesterday, that repaired cap was once again lowered more than a mile below the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and is capturing as least some of the still leaking crude oil. New estimates place the amount of spilling oil at up to 100,000 barrels per day and we are still months away from the relief wells being close enough to stop the current gusher.

Should Rolling Stone Magazine Be Blamed For McChrystal's Firing?

"Should Rolling Stone Magazine Be Blamed For McChrystal's Firing?" This afternoon, I watched a few stories on Fox News and the general tone from people on the right politically was to blame "Rolling Stone Magazine" for Gen. McChrystal's firing. Sure, I can see how some on the right might be angry at "Rolling Stone" - but honestly do we really want a man leading over 100,000 American soldiers, when he allows such an interview to be conducted in the first place? If I had a son or daughter serving in Afghanistan, I would not want their commander to be a man who used such poor judgment.

Quebec (Canada) Earthquake Rattles Windows/Nerves

"Quebec (Canada) Earthquake Rattles Windows/Nerves." Earlier today, a 5.0 magnitude Earthquake rattled the City of Quebec, Canada. In the video below, you may watch the Earth shaking as it was recorded on live television as it occurred. Reports suggest that this Earthquake was felt as far away as New York City. Minimal damage and few injuries have been reported, but millions of people were scared to death as their homes and businesses shook along with the ground.

Dallas Cowboys Number 19 (Miles Austin) Falls For Kim Kardashian

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"Dallas Cowboys Number 19 (Miles Austin) Falls For Kim Kardashian." There have been rumors for well over a week now that Dallas Cowboys player Miles Austin was dating reality TV star Kim Kardashian. For the sake of the Dallas Cowboys, I hope number 19's love life does not hurt his on the field play in the same way Tony Romo seemed to become utterly distracted when he was dating Jessica Simpson. Last year, Miles Austin became one of the biggest rising stars on the Dallas Cowboys team and as a selfish fan - I don't want anything to distract him from catching the ball and scoring touchdowns.

Judge Seidlin Wants Anna Nicole Smith Case Reopened

"Judge Seidlin Wants Anna Nicole Smith Case Reopened." If ever there was a person more strange than the late Anna Nicole Smith, that person would have to be be Judge Larry Seidlin. Recently, on the NBC Today Show - Judge Seidlin said that he wants the Anna Nicole Smith case reopened. Along with Judge Seidlin, there are scores of other people who are now claiming that Anna Nicole Smith was murdered. The official cause of death listed for Anna Nicole Smith was "accidental overdose".

Loose Lips Sink Ships & Careers (Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal)

"Loose Lips Sink Ships & Careers (Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal)." People have long used the term "loose lips sink ships" when referring to members of the military. Now after President Obama accepted the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal as the commander of military forces in Afghanistan - we can now add "loose lips sink careers" as well. It has been clear since yesterday, that if Gen. McChrystal had not resigned when he met with President Obama today, he would have been fired.

Watch Video Of Earthquake Aftermath In Canada (June 23, 2010)

"Watch Video Of Earthquake Aftermath In Canada (June 23, 2010)." People who have lived through Earthquakes before know just how scary they can be. Today in Quebec, a 5.5 magnitude Earthquake shook residents and as far south as New York City - people reported feeling at least something. In the video below, a resident of Canada talks about the immediate aftermath of today's Canadian Earthquake and it's easy to hear the fear in her voice as she talks about what happened in her neighborhood.

Vitamin D Helps The Body In So Many Ways

"Vitamin D Helps The Body In So Many Ways." For years, I have taken over 1000 IU's of Vitamin D per day and within the past year I have increased my dose to 5000 IU's daily. There are new research studies coming out all the time showing the benefits of high levels of Vitamin D in the blood. In generations past, most people received all of the Vitamin D they needed simply through sun exposure. However, modern life and medical warnings of skin cancer risk has driven most people out of the sun, which has dropped the blood level of this important Vitamin to dangerously low levels in most people.

Judge Says NO To Offshore Oil Drilling Ban

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"Judge Says NO To Offshore Oil Drilling Ban." A federal judge in New Orleans said no yesterday to President Barack Obama's ban on all new offshore oil drilling. It is usual in American politics for the government to make public policy in a "knee Jerk" fashion after a disaster and President Obama's decision to stop all offshore oil drilling after the BP Horizon oil rig disaster - is just another example of that type of political thinking. President Obama has disappointed many Americans since he became President of the United States in January of 2009. I would venture to guess that most people who voted for President Obama in 2008 - did not think he was an old style liberals like Ted Kennedy. However, with the passage of of time, he has turned out to be just one and the same. I long for the old Senator Barack Obama who said all the right things, but once he was elected he forgot the promises that he made and went about the business of leading this great country in an extreme liberal way.

Is The Government Obsessed With Making Everyone Thin?

"Is The Government Obsessed With Making Everyone Thin?" Hardly day goes by without someone in the government coming out with a new way to try and force the American people into thinness. I admit that I am overweight, but in reality I feel happier and more healthy now than back during the days when I watched everything I ate and exercised five days per week. There seems to be some kind of "you must be thin" mentality in Washington D.C. as new health care reports are put out almost on a weekly basis that point to the dangers of being overweight. Sometimes, I wonder if the government is not trying too hard to control every aspect of our lives, which includes every choice we make on what we want to eat? Sadly, the US government does not provide that good of a role model track record when it comes to fresh and new ideas on almost anything.

General McChrystal Helps Obama Kick Some Ass

"General McChrystal Helps Obama Kick Some Ass." About one week ago, President Obama told an interviewer that he was ready to kick some ass when it comes to the Gulf oil spill. Since that time, both supporters and opponents of President Obama have been waiting for him to carry through on his promise to "kick some ass". Later today, General Stanley McChrystal will have his ass kicked by the President of the United States, because of some terrible things - which were said by he and his staff about members the Obama administration. Sadly, President Obama should be kicking the asses of BP executives - instead of General McChrystal. However, in fairness to the Obama administration, Gen. McCrystal has only himself to blame for being used as a target by a President who must find some high level official somewhere that will satisfy his "kick some ass" promise to the American people.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crime Scene Photos (Peru) Joran van der Sloot Over Kill?

"Crime Scene Photos (Peru) Joran van der Sloot Over Kill?" Some of the crime scene photo of the aftermath of Joran van der Sloot's rage killing of Stephany Flores have been leaked to the press. Tonight, on the "Nancy Grace Show" on HLN - some of the crime scene photo's of Joran's hotel room were shown to the public for the first time. From what I have read and seen so far, it is clear that if Joran van der Sloot did indeed kill Stephany Flores - there was an amount of "over kill" that should prove just how unstable he really is. While some of the photo's shown in the HLN clip below are disturbing, it is important for everyone to know exactly what kind of person authorities are dealing with when it comes to the temperament and personality of Joran van der Sloot.

Twin 12 Year Old Boys Become Skateboard Stars On YouTube

"Twin 12 Year Old Boys Become Skateboard Stars On YouTube." I just finished watching a neat story about twin 12-year-old boys who have become an almost overnight sensation on YouTube. These two youngsters are great on their skateboards and when I think back to what I was doing at age 12 - my life was boring indeed. CBS News recently did a story about these two young boys and if you don't mind seeing a few wipe-outs as they practice - you may watch that report below.

I Really Thought General McChrystal Was Smarter Than That

"I Really Thought General McChrystal Was Smarter Than That." It's a well known fact that when politicians serve too long in office they tend to start believing their own PR and become arrogant. Apparently, the same thing happens to long serving leaders in the military too as Gen. Stanley McChrystal will likely be fired tomorrow when he meets with President Obama - because of statements he and his staff have made about their civilian bosses. Of course, some smart by half GOP conservatives are standing up for Gen. McChrystal simply because they dislike anything President Obama does. However, it's safe to say that if Gen. McChrystal and his staff had said the same things about President Bush and his administration that they said about President Obama and his staff - all of those conservative voices that are in support of Gen. McChrystal today would be demanding his immediate termination.

South Carolina Voters Love Nikki Haley

"South Carolina Voters Love Nikki Haley." As a man, it's hard not to like Nikki Haley. First she is beautiful to look at and she talks the talk when it comes to bedrock GOP issues. Tonight, Nikki Haley won the GOP nomination to run as Governor of South Carolina in November and as of right now - she is the odds on favorite to win in the general election. Even after two opponents came after her and accused the married Haley as having an extramarital affair with them - she still won the GOP runoff election, which was held today. Is Nikki Haley the next Sarah Palin? Maybe!

One Year Anniversary Of Michael Jackson's Death

"One Year Anniversary Of Michael Jackson's Death." Friday, will be the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. In some ways, it seems like it has been longer than a year since Jackson passed away. I still remember how shocked I was when I heard that Michael Jackson had died. Only a few days before Michael Jackson's death - both Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon died, as well. Like many famous singers before him, Michael Jackson has become more famous after death than he was in the last few years of his life.

Will/Should President Obama Fire General Stanley McChrystal?

"Will/Should President Obama Fire General Stanley McChrystal?" The talk all around Washington D.C. today is about whether or not President Obama will fire General Stanley McChrystal? While some Republicans are against McChrystal's firing, solely because of partisan political reasons, most right thinking Americans understand all too well that Gen. McChrystal has to fired to show that civilians and not the military are in change of the United States of America. Gen. McChrystal is an old time soldier that should have learned from history what happens to military leaders if they disparage the President of the United States. I hope Gen. McChrystal packed all his stuff, before he left Afghanistan to return to the US to meet with President Obama - because I don't think he will be going back.

Does Coffee Prevent Some Types Of Cancer?

"Does Coffee Prevent Some Types Of Cancer?" In a new study, it appears that coffee prevents some types of cancer - mainly in the mouth area. For coffee lovers like me, this is good news - but there are downsides to drinking too much coffee - especially if you want to get a good night's sleep. However, it's nice to see a research study that reports something millions of people already do each day is good for them, instead of causing harm.

Is Joran Van Der Sloot Mentally Ill?

"Is Joran Van Der Sloot Mentally Ill?" Confessed killer, Joran van der Sloot's mother, has been on every TV show that will have her recently trying to convince the public that her son is mentally ill. I don't blame any mother for trying to stand up for her own son, but when it comes to the crime he has confessed to and the likelihood that he also murdered other young girls (including Natalee Holloway) - Joran van der Sloot's mom's comments ring hollow to me. It's a certainty that Joran van der Sloot has some kind of mental issue or problem, but should that medical or mental problem allow him a pass on murder charges? I think not.

Has France World Cup Team (2010) Lost It's Mind?

"Has France World Cup Team (2010) Lost It's Mind?" As an American, I have often wondered if the nation of France has sometimes lost it's mind - but the actions of the members of the French Soccer team at the 2010 World Cup championship in South Africa have to take the cake as the most self-centered and narcissistic citizens of France, ever. In fact, players from France have gone as far as to say they may not even show up for today's (Tuesday) match, simply because they are upset by a coaching change. Oh, please guys - grow up.

Is Stepmom Of Kyron Horman Responsible For His Disappearance?

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"Is Stepmom Of Kyron Horman Responsible For His Disappearance?" A few days ago, I wrote about how police in Oregon seem to be focusing heir attention on the last person to see Kyron Horman, his stepmom, before he went missing weeks ago. In fact, Oregon police have gone so far as to say that residents should not fear that some kind of serial child kidnapper is still at large and who might threaten their own children. Major news media outlets seem to be following the lead of Oregon police and also focusing their attention now on Kyron Horman's stepmom as the primary suspect in his disappearance.

Holly Hunter's (Saving Grace) Character Dies In Final Episode

"Holly Hunter's (Saving Grace) Character Dies In Final Episode." I hope it's late enough that I am not spoiling the ending of the final episode of "Saving Grace" for anyone, but in the end police officer Grace dies. I did not watch last night's series finale of "Saving Grace", but the Internet is alive and filled with stories of how Holly Hunter's character dies at the end of the show. Hopefully, later this week I will have time to watch the series finale of "Saving Grace", too, on the Internet.

iPad Placing Downward Price Pressure On Amazon Kindle

"iPad Placing Downward Price Pressure On Amazon Kindle." Before Apple introduced the iPad to millions of people around the world, Amazon's Kindle reading device only had small competition. However, now that the iPad is growing in customer strength, Amazon had been forced to lower the price of it's electronic book reader called the Kindle and who really knows where this segment of modern book delivery will be over the next few years?

John Glenn Wants To Keep Space Shuttle Fleet In Service

"John Glenn Wants To Keep Space Shuttle Fleet In Service." Former Senator and astronaut John Glenn told NBC today that he wants to keep the Space Shuttle Fleet in service for missions to the International Space station, rather than Americans hitching rides with the Russians at a cost of millions of dollars per ride. I must say, that someone does seem to either be either asleep at the wheel in Washington or extremely short sighted - if they think depending on Russia to get our astronauts into space is a good and well thought out idea.

Robert Redford Tells Larry King It Was Preventable

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"Robert Redford Tells Larry King It Was Preventable." Last night, during a telethon hosted by CNN's Larry King - actor Robert Redford said that the 2010 BP Gulf oil spill was not a questions of if it would happen, but a question of when. According to Robert Redford's interview, which you may watch below - he believes that warning signs of this disaster have been around for decades, but no one wanted to connect the dots before tragedy struck.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dallas Police Chief's Son Killed By Lancaster Officer

"Dallas Police Chief's Son Killed By Lancaster Officer." In a strange turn of events in Lancaster, Texas (a suburb of Dallas) - the son of Dallas Police Chief David Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. Chief Brown's son was a resident of an apartment complex where a Lancaster, Texas police officer was called - because of a disturbance. Apparently, Chief Browns son shot and killed that police officer and was then killed himself by another Lancaster police officer. It's been a tough few weeks in the Dallas Police Department. Recently an off-duty Dallas police officer fired her gun into the floorboard of a police car - while being given a ride home after having too much to drink at a Dallas bar.

Is Lady Gaga Crazy Or Just Crazy Like A Fox?

"Is Lady Gaga Crazy Or Just Crazy Like A Fox?" Last night, singing sensation "Lady Gaga" got a little drunk and got into trouble in the locker room of the New York Yankees baseball team. About a week earlier she acted in the same way at a New York Mets game. So, is Lady Gaga really crazy or is she just crazy like a fox? My guess is the later.

Tony Hayward Not That Popular In Destin, Florida

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"Tony Hayward Not Popular In Destin, Florida." Hundreds of tourist, last weekend, rushed to Destin, Fl to enjoy the beach before too many tarballs washed up. As you may see in the video below, few if any of those tourists have a positive opinion of BP CEO Tony Hayward who was, at the same time, sailing on clear waters back in his homeland of England. It's not just Destin tourist who dislike Tony Hayward, because of his narcissistic arrogance, but business owners along the Gulf coastline - who feel let down not only by Tony Hayward and BP - but the US government as well.

Tiger Woods Rude To Reporter At US Open

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"Tiger Woods Rude To Reporter At US Open." In the video below, it appears that Tiger Woods was being rude to a reporter from NBC Sports simply because the former golfing great did not play up to his own standards. On Saturday, Tiger Woods played some of the best golf of his life and then on Sunday - he completely fell apart. Tiger Woods needs to learn some humility, especially since reporters are walking on egg shells just to make his life more bearable after returning to the PGA tour. Frankly, after Tiger Woods' rude response to that reporters question today - I think the gloves should come off from all members of the sports media when it comes to asking Tiger Woods' questions. Enough is enough already.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some Minnesota Tornadoes Thursday Were EF4 Strength

"Some Minnesota Tornadoes Thursday Were EF4 Strength." Last Thursday, dozens of tornadoes pushed across the State of Minnesota with at least one of them being recorded as being EF4 strength. The vast majority of tornadoes never reach that level. Over 30 people were injured in last Thursday's Minnesota Tornadoes. Heaven only knows what this years hurricane season will be like, considering the numbers and strength of tornadoes tearing a path across northern US states during the month of June.

Some Campbell's Spaghettios Recalled (Undercooked Meat)

"Some Campbell's Spaghettios Recalled (Undercooked Meat)." Late last week, Campbell's recalled 15 million pounds of Spaghettios because the meat inside may have been undercooked. In the video below, there is addition information on what the lot numbers are of the effected packages. So far, no one has reported getting sick from eating Campbell's Spaghettios - but parents should check their cupboards to make sure that none of the effect Spaghettios are in their pantry. Hopefully, this will all turn out to be a false alarm - but it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to an issue like this one.

Fans Of Kevin Skinner Need To Get Him On The Radio

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"Fans Of Kevin Skinner Need To Get Him On The Radio." I just did a search of Billboard Magazine and nowhere on that music site did I find anything related to Kevin Skinner or his music. I'm really not sure why country radio has not started playing some of Kevin Skinner's new music from his "Long Ride" CD, but they have not. As a former country music DJ, I do know that when enough fans write, call or email to hear a certain artist - eventually even the biggest radio stations in the country will start to take notice of that artist. Maybe it's time for all Kevin Skinner fans to start calling their local country music radio stations and ask them to start playing his music? (Help Kevin Skinner Get Played On The Radio)

Toy Story 3's $150 Million Opening Weekend

"Toy Story 3's $150 Million Opening Weekend." Toy Story 3 knocked it out of the ballpark on opening weekend as it scored ticket sales in excess of $150 million. Wow, it is amazing just how many Americans really want to get away from the bad news of the day and lose themselves in a fantasy world at a movie theater on the weekend. There are certain animated brand names that always seem to make a bunch of money at the box office and one of those brand names in Toy Story.

Ford Beats Toyota In Quality Control Study

"Ford Beats Toyota In Quality Control Study." It's hard to image things getting any better for the Ford Motor Company. First, their new line of vehicles are being warmly accepted by the American public and now the coveted JP Powers & Associates (2010) award for the best quality cars on the road put Ford in their #5 position, while at the same time Toyota dropped all the way down to #21. Americans appreciate that fact that Ford Motor Company did not take taxpayer bailout money and with new Ford models getting better gas mileage than ever before - things are definitely looking up for the Ford Motor brand.

New/Old Scams Emerge As Gulf Oil Spill Continues

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"New/Old Scams Emerge As Gulf Oil Spill Continues." This weekend I learned of some new and old scams that are making the rounds ever since crude oil started leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. CNN money expert, Clark Howard, recently did a show that outlined how some criminals are trying to line their own pockets with cash by taking advantage of people who want to help clean-up efforts in the Gulf. If you missed Clark Howard this weekend on the HLN network, you may watch it is the video below.

Lie-Detector Test Given To Kyron Horman's Stepmother

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"Lie-Detector Test Given To Kyron Horman's Stepmother." The latest news coming out of Oregon about missing boy Kyron Horman surrounds his stepmother being giving a Polygraph (Lie-Detector) test in regards to his disappearance. While police have not identified Terri Horman, the stepmother of Kyron, as a suspect or a person of interest - it does appear that police are zeroing in on her as possibly knowing more about what might have happened to Kryon than she has told police so far.

What Is The Event / Watch NBC Trailer

"What Is The Event / Watch NBC-TV Trailer." Coming soon to a television near you is a new series called "The Event". NBC-TV has posted an Internet trailer of this new show, which you may watch below. All I can say is WOW. If this new show called "The Event" is half as good as it's trailer, it should be one of the best show of the year.

Johnson/McDowell/Woods Fight For US Open Title (2010)

"Johnson/McDowell/Woods Fight For US Open Title (2010)." Soon, the final round of the 2010 US Open golf tournament will begin in Pebble Beach, California. The top three golfers after yesterday's second round are Dustin Johnson, Craeme McDowell and Tiger Woods. Which one of those three PGA pros will win or will someone else play like Tiger Woods did yesterday and come from behind for a surprise victory? In a few hours we will all know the answer to that question. View video highlights of Saturday's round below.

CNN Reports That Wild Goat's Are Entering Georgia Apartments

"CNN Reports That Wild Goat's Are Entering Georgia Apartments." In a story on CNN that at first seems funny, some residents of Georgia have reported an increase in wild goats not only entering their neighborhoods, but on one occasion - a goat actually broke into an apartment. More than likely these wild goats are simply in search of food, but a wild goat could not only do damage to property, but one could also hurt a small child or domesticated animal - if they are charged. Residents in Georgia are taking matters into their own hands by putting up metal fences in an effort to try and capture these wild goats running from around the state.

Senate Debates Giving The President Authority To Shutdown The Internet

"Senate Debates Giving The President Authority To Shutdown The Internet." In what has been referred to recently as a "kill switch", the US Senate will debate, in the near future, a law that would give the President of the United States the authority to shutdown all or part of the Internet - if he (the President) deems the national security of the United States or some other country in the world is in jeopardy. Do we Americans really want to allow one world leader to have that much power over the Internet? I think not and the potential of politics getting into the decision making of what is and is not a national security threat, will most certain play a part in any presidential decision to shutdown the Internet.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dad / I Still Miss You So Much

"Happy Father's Day Dad / I Still Miss You So Much." In October of 2001, my father took his last breath after suffering for months from the horrible and painful effects of Pancreatic Cancer. Many a Father's Day has come and gone since that time, but the positive effects that my dad had on my life have not diminished over time. My dad was a simple man that always believed in a strong work ethic and that one principle always meant that my sister and I never wanted for anything, of a financial nature, while growing up. Tomorrow, will be another holiday when I will not have a dad to call to wish Happy Father's Day to. My father is with the heavenly father now and I look forward to reuniting again with dad one day to catch him up on the rest of my life.

Watch Saturday Tiger Woods Highlights From The US Open

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"Watch Saturday Tiger Woods Highlights From The US Open." We all knew that eventually the golf game of Tiger Woods would return, but few people expected it to happen at the 2010 US Open Championship. Today (June 19, 2010), Tiger Woods put himself into contention to win the US Open tomorrow afternoon. NBC Sports put together a great video that shows how Tiger Woods took his mediocre golf game and transformed it into something for the history books this afternoon. You may watch those video highlights by clicking the box below.

Man Murders Family At San Bernardino Del Taco Restaurant

"Man Murders Family At San Bernardino Del Taco Restaurant." Saturday afternoon (June 19, 2010), a man walked into a Del Taco Fast Food location in San Bernardino, California and opened fire on his family who were dining there. When all the shooting stopped, the gunman, his own grandson and son-in-law lay dead - while other members of the family were taken to local hospitals. There is no rhyme or reason as to why this mid-50's man decided to kill his entire family and himself today. You may watch more on this breaking story via the video box below from KABC-7 in Los Angeles.

Did Shannon Price Cause The Death Of Gary Coleman?

"Did Shannon Price Cause The Death Of Gary Coleman?" While most tabloid TV shows this weekend are talking about whether or not Shannon Price has been selling pictures of a dying Gary Coleman in his hospital bed, I have wondered from the beginning if she (Shannon Price) had something to do with what happened to him? Sure, it is very suspicious that she pulled the plug on his life supporter within one day of him falling into a coma - but I wonder, if she in some way caused Gary Coleman's head injuries at a house they shared in Utah - which lead to him being hospitalized in the first place?

Joran Van Der Sloot's Mom Tells GMA He Is Not A Monster

"Joran Van Der Sloot's Mom Tells GMA He Is Not A Monster." Listening to Joran van der Sloot's mother talk about him reminds me of how Scott Petterson's parents stood by him even when all the evidence proved that he had killed his wife. ABC News recently interviewed Joran van der Sloot's mom, Anita, which you may watch below - where she still supports her notorious son.

Friday Night (June 18, 2010) Chicago Thunderstorms

"Friday Night (June 18, 2010) Chicago Thunderstorms." Large thunderstorms tore through the Chicago area last night (Friday). When the skies cleared, two people were left dead and countless others were injured. Friday's thunderstorms in Chicago came on the heals of several tornadoes that crisscrossed neighboring states earlier in the week.

US Team Plays Well At 2010 World Cup

"US Team Plays Well At 2010 World Cup." So far, so good for team USA at the 2010 World Cup Championship in South Africa. After one legitimate tie game and one where the US team was cheated by an official - a world championship for team USA is still within reach. Unlike most nations of the world, the United States does not treat soccer in the same high esteem as most other countries. However, it would be great if the US team brought home the world title.

Missing Oregon Boy Profiled On America's Most Wanted (AMW)

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"Missing Oregon Boy Profiled On America's Most Wanted (AMW)." Kyron Horman, age 7, went missing a few weeks ago from his Oregon school. Few promising leads have been developed by police since that disappearance. Tonight (June 19, 2010), Kyron's case will be profiled on national television by America's Most Wanted (AMW). In recent days, it appears that police are focusing their attention on Kyron Horman's step-mother who dropped him off at school. However, police say that is not the case and they are only paying close attention to her - because she was the last person to see Kyron before he went missing.

Watch Baby From Brazil (Luiz Otavio) Dance The Samba

"Watch Baby From Brazil (Luiz Otavio) Dance The Samba." By now - millions of people around the world have seen the little baby from Brazil, in diapers, dancing the Samba on a kitchen table. However, after a long hard week - I though you might want to see this amazing video again. Every time I watch little Luiz Otavio do his little Samba dance - it puts a smile on my face.

What Is It Like To Die By Firing Squad?

"What Is It Like To Die By Firing Squad?" Yesterday, a convicted murder (Ronnie Lee Gardner) was put to death by "firing squad" in the State of Utah. Witnesses to that execution sat down and told what they witnessed as the shots were fired ending Mr. Gardner's life. While the world has come up with new and more humane ways to carry out executions, death by "firing squad" has been around for centuries. You may watch what the witnesses to this execution had to say after Ronnie Gardener was put to death by clicking the video box below.

Will BP Fire Tony Hayward Because Of Gulf Oil Spill?

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"Will BP Fire Tony Hayward Because Of Gulf Oil Spill?" People are fired each day around the world for doing a poor job, but when it comes to firing the CEO of a company - the process is more difficult than for just a rank and file worker. That said, it does look like the Board of Directors of BP are paving the way to fire CEO Tony Hayward at some future date. Sadly though, there seems to be no one at BP who understands how to stop the oil leak and be able talk to the American people - without inadvertently putting them down.

Is British Petroleum (BP) A Good Credit Risk?

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"Is British Petroleum (BP) A Good Credit Risk?" It was learned on Friday (June 18, 2010) that BP has approached seven banks in Europe and asked each one of them to loan the company one billion dollars each for a total of seven billion dollars. More than likely, BP is trying to raise as much cash as possible in order to fund the $20 billion escrow account they promised the U.S. government this week - which will be used to pay claims to thousands of people effected by the Gulf oil spill.

Backstage Pass For Miley Cyrus/Bret Michaels (GMA)

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"Backstage Pass For Miley Cyrus/Bret Michaels (GMA)." On Good Morning America (GMA), Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels preformed in front of millions of fans. Watch below a video clip from GMA that shows all of the stuff that was going on back stage during this live event. When it comes to top musical artist, they don't get much bigger than Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus right now.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kinect Motion Control Device From Microsoft

"Kinect Motion Control Device From Microsoft." Something really new is coming down the pike from Microsoft this Christmas (2010). It is called a Kinect Motion Control Device and what makes it so neat is that a person or group of people can play games on their TV sets without having to use any type of controller. The Microsoft Kinect Motion Control Device contains a new high tech camera that will read the motion of your body and then transmit that information into the system. Watch a demonstration of this new device in the video below provided by CNN.

Utah Man Faces Death By Firing Squad

"Utah Man Faces Death By Firing Squad." In a few hours, if a high court does not stop it - a Utah man by the name of Ronnie Gardner is set to be put to death by a "firing squad". Death penalty opponents are rushing to defend Mr. Gardner from what they believe to be cruel and unusual punishment, but more than likely Ronnie Gardner will get his wish and be put to death by executioners bullets before sunrise today (June 18, 2010). The Utah option of allowing a convicted capital murderer to be put to death by a "firing squad" has been on the books for decades. However, most killers in Utah choose to die a different type of death through lethal injection.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joran Van Der Sloot Will Die In Prison (International Attorney)

"Joran Van Der Sloot Will Die In Prison (International Attorney)? An international attorney was interviewed by CBS News the other day to talk about the dreadful prison conditions in the nation of Peru. Already, confessed murderer Joran van der Sloot is being housed in one of the worst prisons in the world and if he is eventually convicted in a court of law - he will spend his time in a prison setting that is not like anything to be found in the United States of America. I have said from the beginning that van der Sloot is unlikely to survive a prison sentence in Peru and the CBS interview with a international attorney only convinces me more that I am correct in that belief.

Lakers Take Celtics In Game Seven Of NBA Championship

"Lakers Take Celtics In Game Seven Of NBA Championship." It's now all over except for the cheers from LA Lakers fans and the tears from those who wanted the Boston Celtics to win the 2010 NBA Championship. A few minutes ago, Game Seven of the 2010 NBA season championship came to an end with the LA Lakers on Top and that victory earns the Lakers the title of NBC Champion for 2010. While I am not a fan of either team, I was secretly hoping that the Celtics would pull out a long shot victory against the Lakers.

Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart Marry In New Mexico

"Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart Marry In New Mexico." After a longer than most courtship, mega film actor Harrison Ford and TV actress Calista Flockhart recently were married in the State of New Mexico by Governor Bill Richardson. I want to wish these two celebrities many years of happiness together. While Harrison Ford has played many great film roles over the years, I will always remember him for his starring role as the President of the United States in the blockbuster movie, "Air Force One".

Watch Video Of South Dakota Tornado (June 16, 2010)

"Watch Video Of South Dakota Tornado (June 16, 2010)." Wednesday night, some pretty large tornadoes were spotted on the ground in parts of South Dakota. Below, you may watch video of one of those South Dakota tornadoes. Mother Nature is often times at her worst during tornado season and a person need not live in "Tornado Alley" to face danger.

CNN Exclusive Video Of Joran Van Der Sloot's Jail Cell

"CNN Exclusive Video Of Joran Van Der Sloot's Jail Cell." Today, CNN provided video of the jail cell where Joran Van Der Sloot is housed in Peru. We have all heard reports of how terrible the living conditions in Peruvian prisons are and this new exclusive CNN video gives everyone an idea of how Joran van der Sloot is spending his days and nights since he confessed to killing a girl in that country a few weeks ago. Click the video box below to see for yourself.

Protester Diane Wilson Interrupts Tony Hayward's Opening Statement

"Protester Diane Wilson Interrupts Tony Hayward's Opening Statement." At congressional hearings this morning, a protester named Diane Wilson interrupted the opening statement from British Petroleum (BP) CEO Tony Hayward and was physically removed from the hearing room by Capital Hill police. Wilson is reportedly a 4th generation shrimper from Louisiana, who believes that Tony Hayward and other BP executives should go to jail because of the Gulf oil spill.

Shakedown Of BP Is Wrong (Rep. Joe Barton)

"Shakedown Of BP Is Wrong (Rep. Joe Barton)." According to Texas congressman Joe Barton, it was wrong for the Obama administration to insist that British Petroleum (BP) put $20 billion into an escrow account to help pay for the massive oil clean-up along the Gulf of Mexico coastline. While Rep. Barton's comments might have some merit, his timing could not have been worse and it's likely that he will pay a political price for standing up for BP at today's congressional hearings.

Johnson & Johnson Expands Recall (June 17, 2010)

"Johnson & Johnson Expands Recall (June 17, 2010)." Today, Johnson & Johnson expanded it's recall of medicines to include Benadryl Allergy Ultra Tablets and Extra Strength Tylenol Rapid Release Gel Caps. Some consumers have reported that these medications seem to have a bad smell similar to that of mold when they are consumed. Earlier this year, Johnson & Johnson recalled other Tylenol containing medications as well.

Big Man Tony Hayward Testifies To Small People At Hearing

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"Big Man Tony Hayward Testifies To Small People At Hearing." Tony Hayward did not use the words "small people" yesterday referring to the residents who live along the Gulf coast, but most certainly he will catch the brunt of the criticism during a congressional hearing today. Tony Hayward will not only be on the "hot seat" for that "small people" comment made by his boss at the White House yesterday - but also he will face the heat of the American people about his company's, as of yet, unsuccessful efforts to stop the Gulf oil spill. It has been years since I have witnessed a huge company self-destruct as quickly as British Petroleum (BP).

10 Foot Tall Bigfoot Spotted In North Carolina

"10 Foot Tall Bigfoot Spotted In North Carolina." In the video below, you may watch one of the funniest clips every put online to view. Last night, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann presented a guy from North Carolina (NC) who says that he not only spotted the legendary "Big Foot" near his home, but he also says that he scared that huge creature/man from his property using a stick. There are so many serious stories in the world right now, but this guy in the video below describing his encounter with "Big Foot" will make you laugh and feel better about this complicated world we all live in.

British Petroleum (BP) Cares About The Small People

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"British Petroleum (BP) Cares About The Small People." I think most of the 300 million American citizens were offended yesterday when Chairman of British Petroleum (Carl-Henric Svanberg) said that "BP cares about the small people". For well over a month now, it seems like every time someone in senior management of BP opens his or her mouth, they stick their foot right into it. It's a sad day for the once high and mighty company known as British Petroleum (BP). As of now, it appears their PR department is just as well trained as their oil safety and containment personnel.

TV Land Premieres Series Hot In Cleveland

"TV Land Premieres Series Hot In Cleveland." For years, I have turned to TV Land to watch something good when everything else on television is a rerun, silly or both. Now the TV Land cable network has released a new show called "Hot In Cleveland", which stars Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves (Daphne from Frasier) and Wendie Malick. I am a bit nervous about what an origional comedy series will mean to the future of the TV Land cable network, but when it comes to the summer months - it will be nice to have a choice of something new to watch on TV each week. When it came time for TV Land to produce an origional comedy show (Hot In Cleveland), I must give credit to the management there for signing up four strong and well known female characters to play the starring roles in their first origional series.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alice Tan Ridley The Next Kevin Skinner On AGT?

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"Alice Tan Ridley The Next Kevin Skinner On AGT?" During the summer of 2009, a young man by the name of Kevin Skinner shocked the world with his amazing talent when he appeared on America's Got Talent (AGT). Last night, Alice Tan Ridley had that same effect on millions of people as she flat out "knocked the socks" off the judges and the people watching at home. After Kevin Skinner finished his first audition last year, I had a gut feeling that he would eventually win AGT 2009. Now that I have seen and heard the first audition of Alice Tan Ridley, I feel the same way about her.

Is Miles Austin (Dallas Cowboys) Dating Kim Kardashian?

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"Is Miles Austin (Dallas Cowboys) Dating Kim Kardashian?" Say it ain't so, but apparently it is that Dallas Cowboys reciever Miles Austin is dating Kim Kardashian. Oh my, the last time a major Dallas Cowboys player dated a Hollywood lady, it was starting quarterback Tony Romo who connected for a short time with Jessica Simpson. All Cowboys fans sadly remember what happened to Tony Romo's football game while he was dating Ms. Simpson. If it's true that Miles Austin and Kim Kardashian are now dating, I hope his football play does not deteriorate in the same way that Romo's did a few season's ago.

Vitamin B6 Cuts Lung Cancer Risk In Half

"Vitamin B6 Cuts Lung Cancer Risk In Half." In Lyon, France a medical research company called the International Agency for Research on Cancer announce today that Vitamin B6 along with methionine could cut the risk of lung cancer in half for both smokers and nonsmokers alike. Researchers are not sure why people who have higher levels of Vitamin B6 and methionine are less likely to develop lung cancer, but apparently they are.

Is It Time For iPhone To Drop AT&T As Exclusive Provider?

"Is It Time For iPhone To Drop AT&T As Exclusive Provider?" As of today (June 16, 2010) both Apple and AT&T have sold out of the new iPhone 4 devices that have been widely anticipated for months now. However, most of the complaints I have heard about involving the iPhone 4 and other Apple devices surround their exclusive provider of data service AT&T. So, is it time for Apple to open up iPhone service to more companies than AT&T? Maybe so.

Wall Street Tuesday (June 15, 2010) Gains / Real Or Head-Fake?

"Wall Street Tuesday (June 15, 2010) Gains / Real Or Head-Fake?" Yesterday, stocks on Wall Street were up across the board as some market professionals seemed relieved that there were still some counties and wealthy individuals willing to buy European and United States debt. Rather than looking at a one day rally and telling yourself that a "Bull Market" has returned, everyone should be focused on whether or not governments around the world are taking steps to live within their means? Honestly, I do not believe the bottom has been seen in stock markets around the world - because the United States, Europe and many other nations still have not made the hard choices - which will be necessary to fix the financial mess we all are in today.

Four Indonesian Earthquakes (6.4) (7.0) (5.1) (6.2) Within One Hour

"Four Indonesian Earthquakes (6.4) (7.0) (5.1) (6.2) Within One Hour." In a huge display of the force of Mother Nature, on Wednesday June 16, 2010 four Earthquakes shook the earth beneath Indonesia within a period of one hour. The first Earthquake was initially reported to be of 7.4 magnitude, but was later downgraded to only a 6.4. quake. Then over the next one hour, three more Earthquakes rumbled through the same area, which were 7.0, 5.1 & 6.2 respectively. It must be hard to live in Indonesia without reliving the nightmare when a massive Earthquake caused a Tsunami, which killed hundreds of thousands of people only five years ago in 2005. There will likely be more Earthquakes and aftershocks as the day progresses.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gulf Oil Leak Will Continue Until September (T. Boone Pickens)

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"Gulf Oil Leak Will Continue Until September (T. Boone Pickens)." On Larry King Live tonight, legendary oil man and recent convert to windmill power T. Boon Pickens said that he estimates it will be mid-September before relief wells are able to stop all the crude oil from leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. While it's difficult for me to believe anything BP is telling the news media or the American people these days, I still trust T. Boone Pickens on this issue - because he does not have a dog in this fight. Heaven only knows what the Gulf of Mexico will look like come September, after almost six months of constantly leaking raw crude oil spilling into it.

Watch Replay Of President Obama's Speech (June 15, 2010)

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"Watch Replay Of President Obama's Speech (June 15, 2010)." Tonight, President Barack Obama went on national television to talk about the Gulf oil spill, British Petroleum's (BP) response and what the federal government is doing to mitigate the damage all that leaking crude oil is doing to people, animals and the environment. Thanks to YouTube, you may watch a replay of President Barack Obama's address to the nation tonight in it's entirety below.

Laurie David Says Al Gore Affair Rumors Are Untrue

"Laurie David Says Al Gore Affair Rumors Are Untrue." Earlier today, I wrote about a published report in Star Magazine - which will go on sale tomorrow that states that Al Gore and Laurie David have been having a three year long affair. Late tonight, Laurie David said that rumors of she and Al Gore being involved in a sexual relationship were untrue. I certainly hope that Laurie is telling the truth, because it was not that long ago when another politician (John Edwards) lied for months about his own affair and fathering a child with a woman other than his wife. For me, I will wait and see what kind of evidence is produced by the Star Magazine when it goes on sale tomorrow.

Earthquake (7.4) Shakes Papua Indonesia (June 16, 2010)

"Earthquake (7.4) Shakes Papua Indonesia (June 16, 2010)." About this same time last night, a mild Earthquake shook millions of people in Southern California and then today (Wednesday June 16, 2010) early report suggest a strong Earthquake (7.4 magnitude) has hit offshore near Papua Indonesia. This is breaking news and there are no reports of injuries, deaths or damage as of yet. Also, no word as to whether a Tsunami warning will be issued.

An Inconvenient Truth / Al Cheats On Tipper Gore

"An Inconvenient Truth / Al Cheats On Tipper Gore." Frankly, no one likes a person with a "know it all" attitude and for millions of people around the world - Al Gore comes across as one of the most uptight and "know it all" persons around. A few years ago, Al Gore put out a movie called an "Inconvenient Truth" where he played the role of "Chicken Little" in proclaiming the pending end of the world because of "Global Warming". Today, Star Magazine reported another inconvenient truth when it comes to Al Gore and that is he has been cheating on his wife Tipper for almost three years with a lady by the name of Laurie David. Several weeks ago when news broke that Al and Tipper Gore's 40 year marriage was breaking up, most people did not know what to make of that news. However, if it turns out to be true that Al Gore was cheating on his wife with Laurie David - we will all know the inconvenient truth as to why their marriage broke up.

Al Gore Affair With Laurie David?

"Al Gore Affair With Laurie David?" Star Magazine is reporting that there was more to the recent Al and Tipper Gore break-up than just irreconcilable differences. According to the magazine, Al Gore has conducted a two year affair with a lady by the name of Laurie David. Laurie, is the ex-wife of Larry David. This story is just breaking and there will be more to come later.

I-75 Landmark (Touchdown Jesus) Struck By Lighting/Destroyed

"I-75 Landmark (Touchdown Jesus) Struck By Lighting/Destroyed." Along Interstate 75 (I-75) near Monroe Ohio, thousands of people over the years have gazed at a statue of Jesus Christ with his arms stretched into the air signaling a football touchdown. Last night, lighting struck this six story statue and by the time the flames were extinguished - it was completely destroyed. The actual name of this statue was "King of Kings", but locals and people who have viewed it usually call status by it's nickname - "Touchdown Jesus". People in Monroe, Ohio plan to rebuild their landmark in the near future. Click the video box below to watch as flames destroy the "Touchdown Jesus" landmark.

What Will President Obama Say On TV Tonight (June 15, 2010)?

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"What Will President Obama Say On TV Tonight (June 15, 2010)?" This evening, President Obama will give his first speech from the "Oval Office" in regards to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and clean-up efforts. Whether you support President Obama or not, the problem of leaking crude oil and spoiled beaches and wildlife habitats are a reality that everyone dislikes. Put simply, President Obama is "between a rock and a hard place" when it comes to offshore oil drilling. On one hand, much of his political base is opposed to increased offshore drilling - but the reality is that without it, the United States will continue to become more dependent on unfriendly nations for our energy needs. It will be interesting to see what the President has to say in his first "Oval Office" address to the nation tonight.

Cindy/George Anthony Talk To Good Morning America (GMA)

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"Cindy/George Anthony Talk To Good Morning America (GMA)." As I was watching the GMA interview of Cindy and George Anthony this morning, my mind kept thinking about that $200,000 ABC paid to them earlier. Besides that, nothing has really changed about those two expect that George showed off his new "Sunshine tattoo" that he said was in honor of little Caylee. Maybe I have been following this story for too long, but the more Ashley Banfield allowed Cindy and George Anthony to play victims on national television - the more angry I became. The Good Morning America interview today was just more of the same old stuff from Cindy and George - who like their own daughter Casey Anthony, love to try and make the American people view their whole family as nothing but victims.

What Happened To General Petraeus (June 15, 2010)?

"What Happened To General Petraeus (June 15, 2010)?" This morning (June 15, 2010), General David Petraeus was testifying before the U.S. Senate when he apparently collapsed for a few minutes. Either from a lack of sleep or food, for a few second General Petraeus passed out. The Senate hearing was promptly canceled and Gen. Petraeus was rushed from the room by Pentagon officials. Senator John McCain was asking the general a long and draw out questioned just before Gen. Petraeus passed out. All reports say that the general will be OK and to prove that, Gen. Petraeus said that he promises to eat breakfast - before his next session of testimony on Capital Hill.

Are Oil Dispersants Making Matters Worse In The Gulf?

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"Are Oil Dispersants Making Matters Worse In The Gulf?" At one time or another in all our lives, we have either slid something under the bed or put another thing we did not want to clean-up at the time at the back of a closet. Keeping that in mind, is British Petroleum using crude oil dispersants in the water to do the same thing in the Gulf of Mexico? When crude oil dispersants are applied to oily water, their effect is to break up the heavy crude oil and turn it into something that is harder to see and more difficult to clean-up. In recent days in Destin, Gulf Shores, New Orleans and other beaches along the Gulf of Mexico coastline, there are strange things happening not only to the shoreline, but also to the water that is washing up. It is possible and I would say even likely that British Petroleum (BP) is just trying to get rid of the eyesore of floating dark crude oil, without giving any forethought as to what these oil dispersants are doing to the Gulf of Mexico waterways and shoreline over the long haul.

World Cup Soccer Brings Down Twitter Network

"World Cup Soccer Brings Down Twitter Network." Late last night (June 14, 2010) I wrote about the Twitter network being down for much of the evening for some users. Now, I have learned that the reason why Twitter kept giving those "Twitter Is Over Capacity" messages was due to a worldwide overload by Twitter users who were twitting about "World Cup" soccer matches. My guess is that all of us are going to need to get use to these "twitter is over capacity" annoying messages until World Cup soccer ends in South Africa. Most nations of the world are completely focused, once per year, as almost every nation fields a team to compete at the World Cup Championship. Now that Twitter is part of our world in almost every way and location on the planet, downtime is something we will need to get use to when it comes to the free Twitter Internet service we all love.

5.7 Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles (LA) June 14, 2010

"5.7 Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles (LA) June 14, 2010." Fox News reported late Monday night, LA time, that a 5.7 magnitude Earthquake had shaken citizens of Los Angeles (LA) California. In recent months, everyone around the world is more aware of Earthquakes and the damage they can inflict in a short period of time. So far, there are no reports of injuries, deaths or property damage from the Los Angeles (LA) Earthquake of June 14, 2010. More to come if needed.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Twitter Is Over Capacity Again (June 14 & 15, 2010)

"Twitter Is Over Capacity Again (June 14 & 15, 2010)." It has been an extra long day (Monday June 14, 2010) for Twitter users as millions of people continue to receive the dreaded screen that shows that Twitter is over capacity message. What is so frustrating for most people is that they don't know why they keep getting the Twitter over capacity screen for hours on end and they don't know when the problem will be fixed. I too do not know the reason why there has been so many problems accessing Twitter today, but my guess is that hackers and millions of users twitting about the "World Cup" soccer championship games in South Africa - could be working together to stop Twitter in it's tracks by producing more traffic than Twitter can handle.

Will There Be A Future For The Big-12 Conference?

"Will There Be A Future For The Big-12 Conference?" My hometown is Waco, Texas - which is also the home of Baylor University. The past few weeks, nothing has been more the talk of the town than the potential future demise of the Big-12 conference. For a smaller school like Baylor, the demise of the Big-12 as a conference would be a huge financial blow and could cause havoc here in Waco and Central Texas. Simply put, the PAC-10 is trying to buy the biggest teams in the Big-12 and if they are successful, smaller teams like Baylor will be left in the dust. There was some good news today that maybe the Big-12 will not fall apart, but I have my doubts as to whether that kind of talk is based on reality or just wishful thinking? Hopefully, the Big-12 will stay intact - but if it does not, the bigger schools in the conference will all depart for the highest bidder - while smaller schools like Baylor will look for another college conference that will have them.

Girl On Boogie Board Attacked By Shark

"Girl On Boogie Board Attacked By Shark." There was an interesting interview on the CBS "Early Show" this morning with a young girl who was bitten by a shark while she was surfing on her "Boogie Board". Luckily for this young lady, her boyfriend was close by and was first able to get her to the shoreline and then call for medical attention. This was a scary and interesting interview that you may watch in the video box below. While having fun in ocean waters is a wonderful pass-time, we need to all remember that there are dangerous creatures out there as well. The good news is this young lady is going to be fine and fortunately for her she did not lose any of her limbs to this sudden and painful shark attack.

Flooding Hits Oklahoma City (OKC) Area

"Flooding Hits Oklahoma City (OKC) Area." Monday morning brought heavy rain, which lead to flash flooding in the Oklahoma City (OKC) area. Hundreds of people on their way to work found themselves trapped in their cars, because of rising flood waters. In the video below provided by CNN, watch the rising flood waters in Oklahoma City cover roadways and even submerge some automobiles. At this time there are no reports of injuries or deaths from the flooding, but certainly there will be millions of dollars worth of damage done and a clean-up effort that will take weeks to complete.

President Obama Needs To Take Tony Hayward (BP CEO) To The Woodshed

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"President Obama Needs To Take Tony Hayward (BP CEO) To The Woodshed." The CEO of British Petroleum (BP) will be meeting for the first time this week with President Barack Obama. Why this meeting has taken more than one month to occur is something I do not understand, but when the President of the United States meets with the Chief Executive Officer of British Petroleum (BP) he needs to take this man to the woodshed. Not just because his company screwed up the deepwater Horizon oil rig, but because BP is hiring people who act more like a bunch of thugs in the clean-up effort on the Gulf of Mexico coastline - than employees who really want to help. There is no doubt that some in the UK are terrified of a BP bankruptcy, because that company supports many pension funds there. However, few countries in the world are more liberal and anti offshore oil drilling than the UK, either. It's time for the British government and public to image what they would be thinking right now, if an American oil company had done the same thing to them and crude oil was washing up on shores of Great Britain?