Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's See If We Can Do It Again For Kevin Skinner

Click Here to help get Kevin Skinner played on the radio.

Why is Kevin Skinner not being played on the radio? A few weeks ago, I asked that question of my blog readers and immediately received emails and responses in my forum about that touchy subject. Apparently, there has been a small but vocal group of Kevin Skinner fans who have been working the phones of local country music radio stations around the country already with limited success. Maybe we can help them? I remember about one year ago when most experts did not give Kevin Skinner much of a chance to win "America's Got Talent". However, in the end - millions of regular everyday Americans banded together and called AGT to make sure that Kevin Skinner won last years competition. So why don't we do that again? If you are having trouble getting one of your local country music radio stations to play Kevin Skinner's music, please visit my forum and add your voice to the others around the nation who want the same thing? It might also benefit you with radio station program directors to include a link to those forum message when you email them about adding Kevin Skinner to their music play-list (URL to copy and paste: Millions of fans of Kevin Skinner came through for him last year when he won America's Got Talent and if there are other people, like myself, who want to here Kevin Skinner on country music radio. Maybe fans from all over the country will come through for Kevin once again? Click Here to help get Kevin Skinner played on the radio.

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