Sunday, November 07, 2010

Are The Dallas Cowboys The Worst Team In the NFL?

The 2010 Dallas Cowboys have gone from pre-season hopes of a Superbowl birth to the worst team in the NFL in eight short weeks. Tonight, I watched the Dallas Cowboys play and lose at Green Bay in what I believe to be the worst game in NFL history. For half of the game tonight, the NBC commentators were going down the list of possible replacements for head coach Wade Phillips. You know a game is going badly when that happens.

The Dallas Cowboys are not the worst team in the NFL in 2010 because of their coach. The problem goes much higher than coach Phillips and that problem could be seen in the owners box at the Green Bay Packers game Sunday night. Jerry Jones is the problem because his ego will not allow him to hire a coach that might take attention away from him personally.

Since the late Tom Landry, the Dallas Cowboys have only had one great coach and his name was Jimmy Johnson. When Johnson took the Cowboys to back to back Superbowl wins, it became clear that Jerry Jones could not tolerate sharing the limelight of a winning season with his own head coach. So he fired coach Jimmy Johnson. Since that time, no Dallas Cowboys coach has come close to the talent of Jimmy Johnson and unless Jerry Jones grows up and accepts the fact that he will be forced to share glory with a head coach in future years - the Dallas Cowboys losing streak will continue to get worse.

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