Sunday, November 07, 2010

Casey Anthony Case Shows Flaws In Criminal Justice System

US history is littered with excesses in the US criminal justice system and the Casey Anthony case should show everyone that the judicial system has drifted too far toward the rights of the accused in recent years. I remember on several occasions watching old western movies where the judge would proclaim that he would conduct a murder trial in the morning, so the suspect could be hanged before lunch. That is an example of extreme action by courts in our nations past.

In more recent times, the US court system has gone from the extreme of a person going from arrest, to trial and execution all in one day - to the point where many defense lawyers are nothing more than vultures sucking every last dime out of the taxpayers - before a jury has a chance to even hear the evidence against their client. The later example is how I would refer to the defense tactics of Casey Anthony's attorneys.

While it's wrong to have kangaroo courts where innocent people are brought up on charges and given the death penalty before sundown - it is equally wrong for a group of lawyers to use the US court system to delay justice against a person like Casey Anthony. Sadly, like politics - there are few moderates involved in the US criminal justice system. US courts tend to go from one extreme to the other without finding fair and common ground in the middle. While I do not want to see US criminal courts go back to quick trials and even quicker executions like the old wild west, the balance of our courts need to find a better middle ground - so citizens receive fair trials, but greedy criminal defense attorneys are not allowed to drag out and delay murder trials for years.

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