Friday, November 26, 2010

Do Casey Anthony's Attorneys Have The Cart Ahead Of The Horse?

Everyday, it seems like new motions are filed with the court in Orlando, Florida by Casey Anthony's defense team. One of the latest of those motions was filed recently by Ann Finnell, a new member of the group of attorneys who represent her. Finnell, is an expert in the penalty phase of murder trials. Her concern is that when and if Casey Anthony is convicted of murder, that the testimony given by witnesses might not be honest and truthful - because the people involved might fear a negative reaction from the public, if they testify against giving Casey Anthony the death penalty.

When I first read this filing by Ann Finnell, I was again shocked by how much time and effort is being put into the Casey Anthony defense - just to prevent her from receiving the death penalty. Casey Anthony's murder trial will not even take place for many more months, but at least one member of her defense team is already worried about how a jury might treat her after she is found guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee. I know it's a catch 22 for defense attorneys when representing a clearly guilty client like Casey Anthony, but for regular folks - any time a defense team starts focusing on the penalty phase of a trial, before their client is found guilty - it does raise red flags with the public.

I know that Ann Finnell is just doing her job, but sometimes that job does more to convict your client in the first place - than to save her from a potential death sentence after the fact. Frankly, I don't think Finnell's motion will make any real difference in either Casey Anthony's murder trial or with the follow up deliberations by a jury on whether or not she receives the death penalty or spends the rest of her life in prison. From my own layman's point of view, I am more than ready for Casey Anthony to stand trial for murdering her daughter Caylee and when that trial eventually takes place - there is no way she will ever walk the face of this Earth a free woman, again.

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