Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Things Mean A Lot To Electorate (Boehner To Fly Commercial)

It was announced today, that when Congressman John Boehner takes the gavel as the next "Speaker of the House of Representatives", he will not travel back and forth to his district via a private Air Force Jet like Nancy Pelosi did. Instead, he will take a commercial flight like he has always done. Most certainly, this is a small step to save the taxpayers some money - but to an angry electorate, Boehner's choice will be received as welcome news.

Even today, the contrast between incoming "Speaker of the House" John Boehner and outgoing "Speaker" Nancy Pelosi is like the difference between day and night. Even after costing her party more seats in this years election than has happened since the days of FDR, she is celebrating her accomplishments and plans to run for Minority Leader in the next Congress. The saddest part of this story is that most of the Democrats left in the "US House of Representatives" are likely to vote for her again to lead their party into the future.

Republicans, like John Boehner, must be ecstatic at the prospect of Nancy Pelosi returning to Congress next year in a leadership position. In fact, the best thing that has happened to the GOP in decades has not been their new ideas about cutting government waste and spending, but the way in which Nancy Pelosi reminds millions of people back home just how stupid pure liberalism is at it's core. With Pelosi out of the leadership in Congress, there would have been more pressure put on Boehner and other GOP leaders to make drastic cuts to save their jobs in two years. However, Nancy Pelosi is the gift that just keeps on giving to Republicans - as she drives her democratic party head-long into a bottomless Abyss.

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