Thursday, November 04, 2010

More Child Murders Today Than In The Past (Zahra Baker Case)?

Making headlines around the world today is the case of missing child Zahra Baker. Over the past few days - police in Hudson, North Carolina have been finding evidence that young Zahra Baker not only was murdered - but also that her body was dumped near that town. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone would murder a child, but sadly there are reports almost on a daily basis of children who are not murdered by strangers - but members of their own family.

In the case of missing Zahra Baker, police have been focusing on her stepmother as their prime suspect and Zahra Baker's own father might also have played a part in her disappearance and likely murder. For years - I have written about the murder of Caylee Anthony, most likely at the hands of her own mother Casey, and also I have written about the still missing and presumed dead young boy Kyron Horman in Oregon. I know it's easy to believe that the entire world is falling apart as we are all faced with news stories of the murder of children on television each day.

I believe there have been child murders within families since people started populating this Earth. However, in the old days, stories like that of Zahra Baker - Caylee Anthony and Kyron Horman were not front page news around the world. Sadly, less than 100 years ago - it was not considered that big of a crime when a family member murdered a child who they were responsible for caring for - so police just looked the other way when reports of child abuse, neglect or murder were reported to them.

While the disgusting crime of child murder seems to be more prevalent today than it was in that past, I really believe the major difference between Zahra Baker - Kyron Horman and Caylee Anthony and child murders in decades past - boils down to the fact that police are now taking child abuse charges more seriously and that the American public is not willing to just sit around minding their own business, while children are treated like property instead of individuals.

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