Friday, November 05, 2010

New Florida Attorney General Could Effect Casey Anthony Trial

After nationwide elections on Tuesday, it appears that one elected official in Florida might have some impact on the Casey Anthony murder trial next year. That persons name is Pam Bondi and she was elected as Florida Attorney General. According to a story in the Orlando Sentinel - Attorney General elect Pam Bondi has appeared regularly on television in the Tampa Bay area of Florida commenting on the Casey Anthony case.

As if Jose Baez and Cheney Mason needed another excuse to try and muddy up the waters more in this case, now Florida voters have given them something new to complain and delay about. In the end, the only thing that Casey Anthony's attorneys might be successful at accomplishing with this new development is excluding potential jurors from the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Florida is a huge state and if Judge Perry is smart he will just tell Casey Anthony's attorneys that excluding jurors from the Tampa Bay area will be fine with him.

I know that I have been impatient with the pace of the Casey Anthony murder trial, but I do know that she will eventually get her day in court and when that happens it's not going to matter whether her jury is picked from Tampa Bay or some swamp land in the southern part of the state. There is no way that twelve citizens of Florida are going to find her not guilty, when that mountain of evidence is presented to them. Casey Anthony is toast once her trial finally starts and all of these silly delays are finally over.

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