Friday, November 12, 2010

NY Reporter Claims Dallas Cowboys Are Dead Men Walking

It's terrible when a reporter from the city of the team you are about to play refers to your team as "Dead Men Walking". However, that description does fit the 2010 Dallas Cowboys as they have played like and earned the reputation as to worst team in the NFL in 2010. As a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan for decades, I would normally be upset when a reporter from NYC talked that way about my favorite team. However, in 2010 - the Dallas Cowboys have played so terrible that their head coach was fired in the middle of the season.

Now, the Dallas Cowboys have a new head coach - but sadly that person has been responsible for calling all the offensive plays this season which have lead to a total disaster. While some, like Troy Aikman, say that judging new Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett on his performance for the rest of the season is wrong, I say it is not - because Mr. Garrett has been a part of the Cowboys organization for many years now. The Dallas Cowboys need new blood at head coach, starting quarterback and most importantly at team owner. Two out of those three are possible and owner Jerry Jones needs to start cleaning house at Valley Ranch.

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