Tuesday, November 09, 2010

One Down Two To Go Before Dallas Cowboys Revival

One of the big three people who needed to be fired by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones got the boot yesterday. After saying one week earlier that he did not want to make a coaching change at mid-season, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones fired his head coach Wade Phillips on Monday. As I wrote yesterday, there are three people at the top of the Dallas Cowboys organization who need to be fired - so we are one down and two to go before a Cowboys' revival can begin.

Sadly, the new head coach of the Dallas Cowboys (Jason Garrett) is one of the three people I think needs to be fired before the Cowboys can start over with a winning attitude. The decision to fire Jason Garrett will be more difficult for Jerry Jones, because he (Jones) has poured money and time into grooming him for the head coaching job for years. A few years ago, I was a Jason Garrett believer - but his play calling on the Dallas Cowboys offense, in 2010, has been worse than terrible.

The third person who needs to be fired from the Dallas Cowboys is starting quarterback Tony Romo. Over the decades that I have cheered and supported the Cowboys team, every time they have been successful - there has been a top tiered quarterback leading them (examples Roger Staubach & Troy Aikman) . Over the past three years, Tony Romo has proven to me that while he is a very good quarterback - he is never going to be great. When I think about how Tony Romo plays on the football field for the Dallas Cowboys, my mind goes back to other players like Don Meredith and Craig Morton. While all three (Romo, Meredith and Morton) were all good NFL quarterbacks, none of them were great.

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