Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pros/Cons Of Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

Few people in the NFL receive as much bad fan publicity as does Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Ever since Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys, there have been pros and cons to his leadership style. As a Dallas Cowboys fan for almost four decades, I have to come down hard on the cons side in saying that there are few pros in having Jerry Jones as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys football team.

Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones is one of the most narcissistic people I have ever seen. While in relationships and other areas of life narcissism is a negative, when owning and running a multi-million dollar NFL team like the Dallas Cowboys it does tend to help the organization more than it hurt. All narcissist's have one thing in common and that is they always believe their minds are more advanced than the average person. I believe Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones honestly believes that he is one of the top NFL football minds in the nation.

While I believe that the cons far outweigh the pros of Jerry Jones continuing to own the Dallas Cowboys, the one and only person who is capable of making that decision is the Cowboys' owner himself. Later today, new Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett will make his debut as the on-field leader of the team. Right now, I doubt if Jason Garrett's leadership will do much to improve the win/loss ratio of the Dallas Cowboys, but who knows maybe I will be pleasantly surprised? That said, the one thing that would help the Dallas Cowboys win more games than anything else would be for Jerry Jones to sell "America's Team" to an owner who is less hands on.

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