Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pros/Cons Of Las Vegas Weddings

Well over 100,000 couples per year decided to get married in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many years ago, my wife and I were one of those couples and we have never regretted that decision. That said, there are pros and cons to Las Vegas weddings and I thought I would share with you at least a few of them I know of. There are hundreds of reasons why men and women travel from all over the United States to get married in Las Vegas. High on the list of those reasons is "no waiting period" after a marriage license is issued until the ceremony takes place. In some states like Texas, a couple must wait several days after buying a marriage license before they can actually get married.

The biggest thing on the pros side of getting married in Las Vegas is that the entire city is custom made for having a good time and celebrating the happy occasion. Every large hotel in Las Vegas and hundreds of more small church chapels are eager to take the money of both young and old couples alike who wish to tie the knock in that city. Frankly, it is easier to get married in Las Vegas and have a ready made location for the ceremony, reception and honeymoon than in any other city in the world. While many people only view Las Vegas as a mecca for gambling, in reality there is more diverse entertainment per square mile available in Las Vegas than anywhere else.

Now for the cons of getting married in Las Vegas. The biggest con I can think of is for couples who fly into the city from hundreds or thousands of miles away, without the enjoyment of sharing the experience with their friends and family. While many upper income couples take the whole family along for the ride, many others on a fixed income find themselves in Las Vegas all along and getting married all by themselves. For my wife and I, our marriage was a second one - so there was really not a need to gather both sides of our family together for yet another marriage ceremony. For those of you who want your marriage to not only be enjoyable, but private - there is no better place than Las Vegas to begin your life together.

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