Monday, November 15, 2010

Pros/Cons Of Second Obama Term

Soon, Barack Obama will reach the halfway point of his first term as President of the United States and that means enough time has passed to examine the pros and cons of him seeking a second term as our leader. Right now, with the United States still mired in a recession and tens of millions of Americans upset that Obama changed health care in a way they did not like - it seems that the cons to a second President Obama term far outweigh the pros for him seeking reelection. That said, we need to all remember how messed up Washington became under President Bush and a GOP Congress - before we turn out the lights on a second term victory by President Obama.

It could very well be that the political winds in the country will turn what is now a huge con for President Obama winning reelection in 2012 into just as big of a pro as the Republicans found themselves with just a few short weeks ago in the 2010 midterms. The American people are quickly turning their backs on both the Republican and Democratic Party's and in large numbers we have become a nation of independent voters who do not declare ourselves loyal to either major party. That type of political landscape makes it impossible to know whether or not President Obama will be held in high esteem with independent voters in 2012 or not.

Two years ago, the major liberal news media all but declared the GOP dead in future elections. However, 24 months later - the Republicans won the 2010 midterm elections with the highest numbers in decades. So, the big question is - will the Democrats turn the tables on the Republicans in two years and toss out the now conservative leaning US Congress? While there are pros and cons of Obama seeking a second term as our President, before the Republicans have a chance to self-destruct after taking office in January - it's far too soon to know how the growing influence of independent voters will effect the next presidential election in 2012.

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