Monday, November 01, 2010

Tale Of Two Teams | Dallas Cowboys & Texas Rangers

Most years when the first of November rolls around, all the sports talk in Texas is about the Dallas Cowboys. However, in 2010 - few fans use the words Dallas Cowboys without adding some colorful negative words surrounding them. Monday night, the Texas Rangers lost their bid to become the 2010 World Series Champions as the San Francisco Giants defeated them at home in Arlington, Texas. In 2010, many Dallas Cowboys fans have deserted the team as poor coaching and owner leadership has let a team of Superstar players drift into a world of disgrace.

The Texas Rangers may have lost the World Series on Monday night, but few Rangers fans feel negatively about their team - because the Rangers played their hearts out during every single game. Now compare the 2010 Dallas Cowboys to the Texas Rangers. Instead, of taking to the football field each week with a mission to win - the Cowboys are not only disgracing themselves every Sunday on national television, they are also causing some of their fans to consider wearing brown paper bags over their heads during each game in shame.

In 2010, the Texas Rangers have shown the people of Texas what it feels like to have a national championship caliber team in the state. During this same year, the Dallas Cowboys have given fans the complete opposite feeling as they show little energy or aptitude as they take to the field of play. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is election day across the State of Texas and if Jerry Jones was on the ballot to remain the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, his chances of winning would be considerably less than a long term democratic Member of Congress who voted for Obama Care.

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