Friday, December 03, 2010

Pros/Cons Of Fox News Channel

The most popular news channel on cable television today is the Fox News Channel. When compared to it's competition of CNN and MSNBC, Fox News Channel totally dominates it's competitors in the ratings during all hours of the day and night. So, what are the pros and cons of the Fox News Channel and does the network live up to it's slogan of "Fair & Balanced" news coverage? The pros of Fox News Channel involve a mix of right wing political news coverage that is carefully mixed with stories of a personal and sensational nature. It is not uncommon for the Fox News Channel to lead with a hard news story and then within minutes be discussing some sensational news item no one else in the news business is covering.

Another thing on the pros side of the Fox News Channel is that all of their anchors are easy on the eyes when it comes to physical appearance. Sometimes when I am watching the Fox New Channel and their good looking anchors are discussing a terrible news event, my mind remembers an old song from Don Henley called "Dirty Laundry". One line from that hit song about a "bubble headed bleach blonde coming on at 5 and talking about a plane crash with a gleam in her eye", does sometimes seem to fit the way the Fox News Channel coverages some aspects of the news. While there are pros to the Fox News Channel there are plenty of cons, as well.

The biggest thing on the cons side of the Fox News Channel is the way they view all political events in Washington D.C. from a conservative point of view. I consider myself a right of center Republican, but on some of the political stories of the day - the Fox News Channel seems even further to the right than Rush Limbaugh. Some peole say that the Fox News Channel is only covering national news in a conservative way, because much of the mainstream media has a liberal bias to their coverage. I would have to agree with that thinking. However, the Fox News Channel is no longer just another cable news network - when you consider that more people tuned into their election coverage in November than the other three broadcast networks combined, at times. At this time, there are pros and cons to the Fox News Channel - but in my view, the pros far outweigh the cons.

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