Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pros/Cons Of Hiring Bill Cowher As Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

It was learn late this week that legendary Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher wants to get back into coaching in the NFL. That news is probably not good for Dallas Cowboys interim head coach Jason Garrett, who has taking a terrible football team and turned them into a respectable bunch in only a few short weeks. What are the pros and cons of Jerry Jones hiring Bill Cowher to be the new head football coach of the Dallas Cowboys? The pros overwhelm the cons, because by any measurement, Bill Cowher is one of the best football coaches ever in the NFL. However, if Jerry Jones turns his back on new coach Jason Garrett in favor of Bill Cowher and Cowher fails - the fans might never forgive Jones for that choice.

Fifty three year old Bill Cowher has racked up some winning percentages in the NFL that have been touch by few coaches, ever. Cowher has 149 victories in 15 seasons as a head football coach in the NFL and he has coached in two Superbowls and won one of them. All the cons of Jerry Jones hiring Bill Cowher to be the new coach of the Dallas Cowboys revolve around what such a decision would mean to current head coach Jason Garrett. While I think Bill Cowher could take the Dallas Cowboys to new heights, I also believe Garrett could do the same thing. The biggest nightmare I have is that once Jason Garrett is let go from the Cowboys, he will end up joining another NFC East team and then coach them to victories for the next couple of decades against his former team.

While I like the coaching style of Bill Cowher, I must admit that I think the cons of hiring him as the new Dallas Cowboys head coach - far outweigh the pros of letting Jason Garrett go. When I see what Jason Garrett has done for the Dallas Cowboys in just a few short weeks, I wonder why any NFL owner would want to see that kind of coaching ability go to a competitor? While Jason Garrett is much younger than Bill Cowher, he is not without coaching experience in the NFL. Six weeks ago, I would have said that getting rid of Jason Garrett and hiring Bill Cowher would be a huge positive for the Dallas Cowboys. However, now that I have seen what Garrett is capable of in a short period of time - it would be wrong to let him take his magic to another team.

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