Thursday, December 02, 2010

Pros/Cons Of Playing Farmville

Until recently, I was not a regular Internet game player. However, a couple of coworkers finally convinced me to give Farmville a try and now I play that game everyday. While there are pros and cons to Farmville, for me the pros far outweigh the cons - because I enjoy the competition of the game. Unlike most people who play Farmville, I really did grow up on a farm when I was a kid. However, unlike Farmville - real farmers face long hard days and low wages for very hard work. The biggest thing on the cons side of playing Farmville is that as your farm grows larger, the amount time needed to take care of your land and farm animal continues to grow longer.

Six months ago, if someone told me that I would enjoy an Internet game like Farmville so much that I would look forward to getting off work to "harvest my crops" - I would have called them crazy. On a funny note, I do think my wife thinks I have gone nuts for Farmville - because I always act excited when it is time to plant a new field of seeds or when my chickens are ready for harvest. Like most newcomers to Farmville, when I first started playing the game - I tried to buy and expand my farm at every opportunity. However, now I think the best way to advance via Farmville's XP system - is to keep your farm at a moderate size and maximize your income using common sense math skills.

Another thing on the cons side of playing Farmville is that the game is very addictive. It is important to set aside a certain amount of time each day for the game and then stay away until the next day. When I first started playing Farmville, it became clear to me within a matter of weeks - that I was spending more and more time playing the game and less and less time doing other things in my spare time that I enjoyed. Just like everything in life, the best things are enjoyed in moderation. So, don't let the fun of playing Farmville become an obsession. Instead, play Farmville in moderation and enjoy the game for many years to come.

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