Monday, December 13, 2010

Pros/Cons Of Rising Gas Prices

Anyone who has visited a gas station recently knows that the price for a gallon of gas has risen sharply over the past few months. The last time I remember a gallon of gas costing me over $3 per gallon, was back during the summer of 2008. Ever since that time, gas prices have been going down. So, what are the pros and cons of rising gas prices? The pros of higher gas prices revolve around the alternative fuel possibilities, which can never seem to get off the ground as long as there is a plentiful and cheap supply of crude oil to make gasoline with. Back in 2008, when gas prices were going up by the day, dozens of companies began spending money on fossil fuels alternatives. However, as soon as gas prices started going down again - most of those promising new industries started to fade away.

The cons of rising gas prices involve the reduction of dollars consumers have to spend on stuff to get the US economy moving again. As gas prices rise even higher, the amount of a persons paycheck that ends up in their gas tank increases as well. What that means is that, rather than consumers visiting their local Wal-Mart or other retail outlets to buy goods and services like TV's, radio's and new clothing - instead they usually put off those purchases when gas prices rise, because that one commodity has the effect of scaring the daylights out of an average American worker. Almost always, an increased price for crude oil and with it gasoline prices turn good economies of the world into bad ones in a short period of time.

Another thing on the pros side of rising gas prices is that worldwide air pollution and "Climate Change" get worse as more and more carbon is pumped into the atmosphere. Low gas prices always lead to greater consumption by consumers. I am not a big supporter of Global Warming theories, Climate Change or the US governments ideas to totally change the way America provides for its energy needs. However, I do believe all world citizens have an obligation to do what they can to clean-up after themselves on the land, sea and air. There always have been and always will be pros and cons to rising gas prices. The side most Americans come down on, when it comes to the ups and downs of gas prices, depends on what side of the political spectrum they come from and the current condition of the economy and jobs market.

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