Friday, January 14, 2011

Sagittarius To Change To Ophiuchus / New Zodiac Sign

Until recently there were 12 different Zodiac signs, but if some people who study how these things work, get their way - there will be a new sign called Ophiuchus. I am one of the people who's birthday falls between November 29 and December 17. If the new sign of Ophiuchus is added the the existing "12 signs of the Zodiac", in future years, my astrological sign will change from Sagittarius to Ophiuchus. All the interest in adding a new sign to the existing 12 of the Zodiac has to do with how the Earth's alignment has changed over the past few hundred thousand years. The man spearheading this change is a astronomer by the name of Parke Kunkle.

The proposed new "13 Signs of the Zodiac" will effect most people, because the dates for each one of the old ones must be changed to accommodate the new sign of Ophiuchus. I really don't follow Zodiac signs that closely. However, I do find it confusing and a little bit disturbing that Mr. Kunkle wants to change my Zodiac sign from Sagittarius to a brand new one call Ophiuchus.

Proposed new dates for 12 (13) Signs of the Zodiac:

April 18th - May 13th: Aries
May 13th - June 21st: Taurus
June 21st - July 20th: Gemini
July 20th - August 10th: Cancer
August 10th - September 16th: Leo
September 16th - October 30th: Virgo
October 30th - November 23rd: Libra
November 23rd - November 29th: Scorpio
November 29th - December 17th: Ophiuchus
December 17th - January 20th: Sagittarius
January 20th - February 16th: Capricorn
February 16th - March 11th: Aquarius
March 11th - April 18th: Pisces

Read more about this change: New Zodiac Signs

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