Monday, May 30, 2011

Smell Of Death In Casey Anthony's Car

The murder trial of Casey Anthony is only one week old, but on several occasion - witnesses have claimed there was a terrible smell in her truck that reminded them of a decaying body. Even Casey's own father (a retired police officer) stated his opinion that the smell was also of something that was dead. Soon, the prosecution will introduce the tape recording of a 911 call that Cindy Anthony made where she told that operator that she also thought it smelled like a dead body had been in Casey Anthony's car.

If I were on this jury, the testimony of both family and non family members stating that it smelled like a dead body had been in Casey Anthony's car would certainly convince me that smell likely came from the remains of a dead Caylee Marie Anthony. On another note, I find it interesting the way Casey Anthony has been dressing for her court appearances. Talk about dressing a person down. To me, she almost looks like a nun with a consistent bad hair day. Does Jose Baez really believe that this jury is going to see his client as some kind of helpless victim who did not know how to stand up for herself?

If so, I cannot wait to hear his explanation of the party pictures where she was drunk and acting sleazy with her friends when she knew that her daughter Caylee was dead. That's right, even her own attorney has admitted that Casey Anthony knew Caylee was dead when those pictures were taken and that is why the contrast of how he is having her dress during the trial seems pretty stupid - if he thinks the jury is going to see something other than Casey's real personality. Baez is trying to turn Casey Marie Anthony into an innocent victim and I doubt if anyone will really believe that this transformation is truthful or honest.

Cindy Anthony's Testimony Resumes On Tuesday?

Tomorrow, May 31, Cindy Anthony is expected to be called to the witness stand again. On Saturday, she testified for a short time and most experts predict that she will be back to finish her testimony on Tuesday. Before the jury is brought back in on Tuesday morning, Judge Belvin Perry is expected to rule on a new motion filed by Lee Anthony. That motion is asking the judge to allow him to be present in the courtroom during the trial, even though he is on the witness list of people who could be called to testify in the case.

Saturday, was a very emotional day for both Casey and Cindy Anthony. Both women cried as Cindy was on the witness stand answering questions about her dead granddaughter Caylee Marie. In addition to sad emotions, after Cindy Anthony finished her testimony and walked out of the courtroom without looking at her daughter - Casey Anthony became visibly angry. It will be interesting to see if Casey becomes mad at her mother again on Tuesday, if Cindy returns to testify further.

It seems strange that Lee Anthony has filed a motion to be included in the audience of the trial. In most court cases, any witness who may be called to testify is usually not allowed in the courtroom before they are called. However, the courtroom where the Casey Anthony's trial is taking place in is not your normal courtroom - because the proceedings are being carried on television and the Internet. I expect Judge Perry will allow Lee Anthony to attend court proceedings after a short hearing tomorrow morning.

Memorial Day Break For Casey Anthony Murder Trial

Judge Belvin Perry's Orlando courtroom is silent today as the United States observes Memorial Day. On Saturday, the first week of the Casey Anthony murder trial ended with many bombshell accusations from the defense and damning testimony from the prosecution about Casey Anthony's demeanor during the first few days after Caylee Marie Anthony went missing. Tomorrow morning (May 31, 2011), the second week of the trial starts. Feel free to watch the trial, when it is in session, from our live streaming page. Below, are video highlights of the first week of testimony in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Happy Memorial Day to all current and former members of the US armed forces.

Casey Anthony Trial - May/June/July 2011

The Casey Anthony murder trial began during the last week in May (2011) and it is expected to take at least two months to complete. That means that sometime during the month of July 2011, a jury of Casey Anthony's peers will begin their deliberations as to whether she is guilty or not guilty of murdering her two-year-old baby girl Caylee Marie Anthony. Long ago, millions of people developed an opinion as to whether Casey Anthony was innocent or guilty - but right now the decision of whether she goes free or spends the rest of her life, or worse, in prison is in the hands of 12 people from the Clearwater and Tampa Bay, Florida area.

This blog (Hutch Report) has followed the missing person case of Caylee Marie Anthony from the very beginning. In addition to posting new articles during the trial on a regular basis, we also offer "Live Coverage Of The Casey Anthony Murder Trial" when court is in session, which contains a comment section and a live chat room where discussions may take place. The summer of 2011 will prove to be interesting indeed for the millions of people who have followed the Casey Anthony case from the beginning and for those who only recently started following this murder trial.

During the first week of Casey Anthony's murder trial, I discovered that during key testimony it was possible for the main feed from this trial to become overloaded with too much traffic. Starting today, when you visit the Hutch Report Live Streaming Feed Page for the Casey Anthony murder trial - you will see a secondary feed location to use just in case the first one becomes over burdened with too much traffic. Hopefully, between these two Internet locations - there will be no time during this trial when a live Internet connection is not available for everyone to watch.

Casey Anthony's Emotional Hold Over Her Parents

From the first few days I started following the disappearance of Caylee Anthony, it was clear that her mother Casey Anthony had some kind of powerful emotional hold over her parents. While I am no mental health expert, it is common knowledge that victims of sexual abuse do have a great deal of power over their abuser and also those who were complicit in that crime. That is why I believe that Casey Anthony was indeed abused by her father and maybe even her brother as well. I also believe that Cindy Anthony knew about that abuse and did nothing and that is why Casey was able to pull her emotional strings for so long.

Something new started on the first day of the Casey Anthony trial and that was the big secret that gave Casey power over her parents for years was finally told to everyone and in doing so Casey's power over them magically disappeared. For George, Cindy and Lee - they are experiencing the first real freedom from Casey's manipulation in years. Don't get me wrong, if indeed Casey Anthony was abused by the men in her family and that abuse was covered up by the mother - all should face justice in a court-of-law someday. However, for Casey Anthony - her trump card over the family has now been played and in doing so she has lost all control she once had over their lives and choices.

On Saturday, after Cindy Anthony testified - Casey Anthony became angry with her because she would not make eye contact with her. Casey was very angry because for the first time in recent memory, her mother was not a pawn to her lies and manipulations anymore. While Casey Anthony is accomplished at lying and manipulation, she is just a young woman who has limited real world experience in the long term consequences of such conduct. I still believe that Casey Anthony killed her daughter and should be punished for that crime. However, I now find it likely that she was also abused by the men in her home with a mother who turned a blind eye to that abuse.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Oh My God, I'm Such A Good Liar" (Casey Anthony)

In testimony last week, friend of Casey Anthony (Melissa England) said that Anthony bragged once to her that she was such a good liar. When you consider all the other evidence that was presented in the Casey Anthony trial during it's first week - that one statement might not seem that large, but to the jury it might mean everything after hearing Casey's story that Caylee's death was the result of an accidental drowning and not murder.

When it comes to a charge of murder, if I were on this jury and I heard evidence that the defendant bragged about being a good liar - I would likely start to doubt anything that came out of her mouth.

George/Cindy Anthony Testify During First Week Of Trial

It was an interesting first week as both George Anthony and his wife Cindy took the witness stand and testified in a murder trial that could end with their daughter Casey sitting on death row in Florida. While George Anthony was as cool as could be on the witness stand, his wife Cindy cried most of the time. Neither George or Cindy Anthony are going along with Casey Anthony's story that Caylee died in a swimming pool accident that the whole family covered up from police.

At the present time, both Cindy and George Anthony are holding firm to what they have told police from the very beginning. However, daughter Casey has changed her story once again to something that is so crazy I doubt her jury will believe it. Anyone who has followed this case from the beginning knows that Casey Anthony is an accomplished liar and sadly she intends to continue down the fatal path to the bitter end. Most legal pundits claim that Jose Baez's tactic of trying to put the finger of blame on George Anthony, instead of Casey Anthony, has pretty much guaranteed that Casey will have to take the witness stand and testify at the end of this trial. That should be interesting to watch.

Caylee Died In A Swimming Pool?

It's been almost a week since I first heard that according to Casey Anthony's attorney (Jose Baez), Caylee Marie Anthony died in a tragic accident in the family swimming pool. When I first heard that Casey Anthony was going to use a swimming pool death as her defense to first degree murder charges, I imaged just how bad the defense case must be for Casey Anthony as this trial moves forward. Of course, Jose Baez is trying to paint his client as a victim of sexual abused and then trying to spin that likely lie into some kind of battered woman syndrome where his client Casey Anthony was unable to call the police, because her father had such a strong power over her.

From what I have seen, it is not George, Cindy or Lee Anthony who wheel the power in that family - but instead Casey Anthony herself. During the first few days of the Casey Anthony murder trial, some smart-by-half reporters tried to take this case down a road where George Anthony was evil and Casey was just a victim. However, that line of thinking quickly went away when the mountain of evidence against Casey started to pile up in open court. It's difficult for the average American to image a young woman who looks like Casey Anthony being a cold blooded killer. However, over time - I believe the public and jury of her peers will start to pull back the sections of her life and be socked, disgusted and dismayed in her conduct.

During the first week of Casey Anthony's murder trial, she shed more tears than the average person would produce in a lifetime. My experience from a long life of watching others teaches me that truth and genuine emotions are not something Casey Anthony understands or practices. I don't believe Casey Anthony's story that Caylee died in a swimming pool and then her entire family set about covering up that accidental death. Casey's father is a retired police officer, so he would know that taking an accidental death of a toddler and twisting it into a missing child case would make no logical sense and that would be something that could never be covered up indefinitely. Baez and other members of the Casey Anthony defense team have painted themselves into a corner that will likely eventually land their client on Florida's death row.

Casey Anthony Angry At Mom Cindy After Testimony Saturday

When Cindy Anthony got up from the witness stand on Saturday at Casey Anthony's murder trial, it was easy to see that Casey looked very angry at her mother. In fact, it appeared to me that lead attorney Jose Baez got between the eyesight of Casey and Cindy as the mom made her way out of the courtroom. There is an old saying that goes, "if looks could kill" and that is exactly what I was thinking this morning when Cindy Anthony was leaving the room.

Rather than being angry that her mother testified truthfully in court on Saturday, my guess is that Casey Anthony is angry that her mother did not fall in line with her defense strategy that Caylee drown and the entire family covered it up. From the early days of following this case, it has been clear to me and others that Casey Anthony has some kind of powerful hold over her parents. With that in mind, I image that she was abused as a child - but I also believe she killed Caylee and her abuse is no excuse for that.

In the end, I doubt if whether or not Casey Anthony was abused by her father will matter that much to the jury. Either they will believe her story that her little girl drown as an accident or they will believe the State of Florida's evidence that she killed her in cold blood because Caylee was interfering with her lifestyle. Right now, headlines proclaiming that Casey Anthony is somehow a victim in this death will fade as the trial moves forward. The prosecution is taking it's time and laying out their case in detail and when they and the defense are finished the jury will make their decision.

Nancy Grace/Dan Abrams Discuss Casey Anthony's Trial

The first week of Casey Anthony's murder trial is now history and with it came interesting revelations from the defense as to how Caylee Marie Anthony died. Legal pundits Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams recently sat down with ABC News to discuss this trial - including the testimony and evidence presented to date. Nancy Grace has made getting justice for Caylee Marie Anthony the cornerstone of her TV program on HLN for several years now.

Dan Abrams is a long time legal analysis for NBC and ABC News. He also was once the head of MSNBC cable television. These two legal heavyweights know what they are talking about when it comes to the process of criminal trials. You may watch their interview with Good Morning America's (GMA) George Stephanopoulos in the video box below:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cindy Anthony's Testimony Saturday May 28, 2011

Earlier today, Cindy Anthony took the witness stand in the murder trial of her daughter Casey. For much of her testimony, Cindy was in tears as she answered questions put to her. As her daughter has done throughout the trial, Cindy Anthony cried continually as she answered questions. I personally believe that the tears of both Anthony's are more designed to manipulate the jury and viewers at home - than a genuine expression of grief.

If you would like to watch a replay of Cindy Anthony's testimony on the witness stand from Saturday May 28, 2011 - the video in the box below contains many highlights.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Casey Anthony Tax Lien/Civil Lawsuit Follow Murder Defendant

It was learned Thursday that a $68 thousand lawsuit has been filed by the IRS against murder defendant Casey Anthony. Her murder trial began this week and is expected to last about two months. In addition to this new IRS tax lien, Casey Anthony is on trial and charged with the capital murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Marie. In a shocking opening statement, lead Casey Anthony attorney Jose Baez claimed that Caylee Marie Anthony died an accident death in her grandparents swimming pool and that tragic accident was covered up by all of her family members.

If by some miracle, Casey Anthony is found "not guilty" by a jury of her peers in this murder case - she still faces a civil lawsuit from an Orlando woman who claims that she was injured by Anthony's claims that someone with her name had kidnapped Caylee Marie. Right now, Casey Anthony and her lead attorney Jose Baez are focusing solely on keep her from ending up on Florida's death row as a child murderer. However, it is not a good thing when Casey Anthony owes the IRS money and faces a lawsuit that could effectively render her bankrupt when her murder trial is over. Every time I think about Casey Anthony's current situation, my mind remembers that old saying "oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive".

Casey Anthony's Orlando, Florida Murder Trial - Live Coverage

George Anthony/Jose Baez Feud Real Or Just An Act?

Like many other bloggers, I receive email from readers about the Casey Anthony murder trial going on now in Orlando. One thing that keeps coming up is whether or not the trial feud between George Anthony (Casey's father) and Jose Baez (her attorney) is real or just something that has been made up to give Casey Anthony a defense against the charge she murdered her daughter Caylee Marie. There is no doubt that Casey Anthony's family is one dysfunctional unit. However, as to this feud between Jose Baez and George Anthony I must admit that I believe it is being contrived between the two party's so that Casey Anthony will have a defense in this case.

It has been clear from the beginning that all Anthony family members are liars and when a lawyer is brought into that mix - it is easy to image an entire family who would conspire in order to win the freedom of another. Some people are now asking whether or not Casey Anthony was abused by her father. Before the Casey Anthony murder trial began, this was not even a big issue - but now that Jose Baez has mentioned it in open court, some folks will just believe that it is true. I frankly don't care if Casey Anthony was molested by her father or not, because I do not believe the story that Caylee accidentally drown in the family pool and through a conspiracy of other family members that drowning was covered up by everyone for years.

Follow the Casey Anthony Murder Trial Live (when in session) on the Internet here.

Casey Anthony Trial (Video)

ABC News just released a great online video that talks about the first three days of the Casey Anthony Murder Trial. You may watch it below. Also, if you want to watch the trial live when it is in session, CLICK HERE and bookmark the page.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Will Casey Anthony Claim That Caylee's Death Was An Accident?

Some high profile attorney's in Orlando believe that Casey Anthony's defense team will stun the world on Tuesday by claiming that Caylee Marie Anthony's death was an accident. If this turns out to be the case, then their job of defending Anthony against the outright murder of her child will become even more difficult. From the early days of this case, it has been clear that Casey Anthony never seemed sad when Caylee was no longer around - but instead turned her life into a one woman party machine as she lived life to the fullest. Now, if Jose Baez tries to convince a jury that somehow Caylee was killed as a result of a accident - then his job of defending Casey will become even that much harder.

I guess he could argue that Casey Anthony was in such deep depression that rather than telling the truth of what happened she somehow went into a total state of denial, but I doubt if a jury would believe that load of bull. The truth is that Casey Antony's defense team is very limited in what they can and cannot introduce at her trial. There is so much evidence proving that Casey is a liar, that it will be difficult for any jury to now believe that Caylee's death was an accident and somehow Casey just lost touch with reality afterward. It will be interesting listening to the opening arguments of the defense on Tuesday, because anything is likely to be said to justify the unjustifiable. I believe Casey Anthony's defense team knows she will be convicted of murder and their only focus now is to prevent her from getting the death penalty.

Bookmark & Follow Casey Anthony's Orlando Murder Trial Live On The Internet

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Live Internet Coverage Of Casey Anthony's Trial (Chat Room)

Murder defendant Casey Anthony goes on trial for the murder of her daughter this week. Several of the cable news networks are carrying this trial live on TV. However, I know there are many folks who will not have access to television during the daytime hours of this trial - but who are allowed to watch streaming video at work on their computers. When the trial begins on Tuesday, the Orlando Sentinel newspaper is offering a live video feed via the Internet. When the trial is in session, you may watch it live via the video box below.

Will Casey Anthony's Trial Be Fair?

The past couple of weeks, I have heard from people claiming that it will be impossible for Casey Anthony to get a fair trial in the State of Florida. While I understand these concerns, the public at large must have a way to judge potential murder suspects even when their trials become as high profile as that of Casey Anthony. I personally believe that Judge Perry has gone out of his way to make sure that a jury panel was selected that will listen to all the evidence before deciding if Casey Anthony is guilty or not guilty of the charges against her. I was not able to watch as much of the jury selection last week as I would have liked to, but what I did see showed a judge that was extremely interested in selecting a jury that would be fair not only to Casey Anthony, but also to the State of Florida.

Over the next two months, the talking heads on television will be debating the fairness of the murder trial of Casey Anthony. However, considering the hand that Judge Perry was dealt in this case, he has done a wonderful job so far. Considering the last murder trial that was as high profile as this one was the O.J. Simpson case in California decades ago, Judge Perry has not fallen for the media hype like the judge in that murder trial did. I believe Casey Anthony will get a fair trial, but that does not mean that she will be found not guilty. The reason why most Americans believe that Casey Anthony is guilty is not because of the media attention against her, but because of the mountain of evidence that seems to prove that she is the only person who could have committed this terrible crime.

Opening Statements In Casey Anthony's Trial Should Be Interesting

On Tuesday, the prosecution and the defense begin their opening statements in the Orlando Casey Anthony murder trial. Most folks are pretty sure that the prosecution will take a straight forward path in their opening, which will highlight the evidence they have gathered against Anthony. However, the big question surrounding Tuesday's opening statement from the defense is what type of tactic will Casey Anthony's defense team take as this long awaited murder trial begins? I believe Casey Anthony's defense team will point out that there is a lack of real physical evidence and try to convince the jury that nothing more than a circumstantial case will be presented against her.

Soon thereafter, Casey Anthony's defense team will start trying to point the finger of blame at anyone and everyone except their client. Up until the trial begins, the defense has had a pretty easy time getting their way on many pre-trial motions. However, that easy ride will stop on Tuesday and they will be playing under the same rules as the prosecution. My personal thinking is that lead attorney Jose Baez will at some point be found in contempt of court during this trial. I believe he has been in way over his head from the very beginning and when the really good lawyers start working against him on Tuesday, I expect that he will get angry and under that pressure he will spout off and say something that will get him in trouble with the judge. Buckle your seat-belts, because the next two months are going to be a wild ride.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jury Will Soon Hear The Evidence Against Casey Anthony

Soon - a jury of Casey Anthony's peers will sit in judgement of her in Orlando, Florida. For Anthony and millions of people around the world, the waiting for this time has been years in the making. Frankly, the wait has been too long and until Judge Perry took over this case, Casey Anthony's defense team was allowed to drag this process out for too long. Sometime next week, the murder trial of Casey Anthony will begin in Orlando and without a smoking gun proving definitively that she did not murder Caylee, she will be convicted and sent to prison for the rest of her life.

For people who have not followed the evidence in this case, it might be easy to looked at Casey Anthony in a courtroom and see a small, innocent young woman that appears incapable for harming another human being. However, for the rest of us who have watched Casey Anthony from the beginning as she lied as easily as most people tell the truth - there is a different kind of personality buried deep inside her soul. Over the next few weeks, millions of Americans will discover the real Casey Anthony and discover that there is a dark side hidden inside that small body that can lie and cry at the drop of a hat when it suits her.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Fox News: Usama Not Osama And Now No Video Of Bin Laden

I still watch the Fox News Channel everyday, but the folks who are calling the shots there seem to be taking themselves way to seriously. Long ago, I noticed that the Fox News Channel started calling "suicide bombers" "homicide bombers" instead. That unique wording by the Fox News Channel did not really bother me that much. However, in recent days, it has become clear that Fox News wants to distinguish themselves in other ways and some of those decisions seems pretty stupid. The first thing I notice after Osama bin Laden was killed was that every time Fox News put his name on the TV screen they spelled it "Usama", rather than "Osama".

I know the folks at Fox News do know how to spell, so their spelling of Osama bin Laden's first name must be intentional. Every newspaper, television network and local TV station spells Osama bin Laden's name with an O and not a U as the first letter. However, Fox News continues to spell it differently and that move makes them appear incompetent and/or arrogant. Then this weekend, Fox News decided that they would not show Osama bin Laden's videos on-air - because they did not want to spread his propaganda around the world. I know that Fox News dislikes President Obama, but those tapes were released by the military without any sound, so what is Fox News really worried about when it comes to showing those videos? Maybe reminding the America people that President Obama killed him?

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Casey Anthony's Jury Selection In Pinellas County Florida?

Judge Perry has tried to keep the location of jury selection for the Casey Anthony murder trial secret, but it appears that the likely location will be in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area in Pinellas County Florida. Information has been leaking out this week that suggests that the largest court room in this county has been cleared of all pending cases next week and that time-line supports Pinellas County as the place where a jury of Casey Anthony's peers will be selected.

In an unusual move, Judge Perry announced long ago that instead of moving Casey Anthony's murder trial to another city, the jurors would come from outside the Orlando area and be house in a hotel for the duration of the trial. Estimates put the trial length at two months or more. The Casey Anthony Murder Trial will cost the citizens of Orange County Florida millions of dollars. It's been a long several years since Caylee Anthony was found murdered, but the wheels of justice are starting to move a little bit faster now as the trial date nears.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi Next Target Of US Special Forces?

I wonder if the next target of US special forces will be Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi? On Sunday night, President Obama announced to the world that US special forces had killed Osama bin Laden and also took position of his body. Last week, NATO almost killed Gaddafi when his son and other relatives died in an air strike. As I watched President Obama announce to the world the death of Osama bin Laden, I could not help but wonder what is in the back of Muammar Gaddafi mind tonight?

Whether it be through US military action or via his own people, the living days of Gaddafi are numbered. For decades he has acted the part of the brutal dictator and personally been responsible for murders of people all over the world. In recent years, Gaddafi gave off the appearance that he wanted to grow up and play nice in the world - but when his own people tried to remove him from power - he went right back to his previous brutal activities. It took the United States almost 10 years to take justice to Osama bin Laden, I doubt if it will take that long to rid this planet of Muammar Gaddafi.