Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jose Baez Closing Arguments June 30 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

Later today, June 30 2011, defense lead attorney Jose Baez could begin his closing arguments in the murder trial of Casey Anthony. Earlier today, Casey Anthony stood up in open court and told Judge Belvin Perry that she would not be taking the witness stand in her own defense. Frankly, I was shocked by that decision considering some of the motions made by the defense over the past few days.

When this trial began, Jose Baez made sweeping statements about how Caylee died in an accident in the family swimming pool and followed those comments with allegations of sexual abuse from George and Lee Anthony. I do not believe Baez proved those allegations in open court, so the big question now is what will the jury think about that?

Krystal Holloway Testimony June 30 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

If jurors believed Krystal Holloway then Thursday was a good day for the defense. However, for many people the words of Holloway sounded like they are from a person who saw someone famous (George Anthony) and decided that she would get something of value from it.

The Casey Anthony trial should end sometime today or tomorrow and the jury could be deliberating her fate over the 4th of July holiday. To me, Krystal Holloway's testimony was little more then a sideshow in a trial that seems more like a circus than the actual search for truth and justice.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Casey Anthony Testimony In Murder Trial (June 29, 30 Or July 1 2011)?

I am almost certain that either on Wednesday June 29, Thursday June 30 or Friday July 1 2011 - the one person everyone wants to hear from will take the witness stand in her own defense. For three years now, the only words most people have heard from Casey Anthony have been in video conversations she has had with her family at the Orange County jail in Orlando, Florida and via home movies back when Caylee was alive and living in the Anthony family home.

When Casey Anthony offers her testimony in open court, all major news media in the USA will stop what they are doing and cover the words she has to say. Over the past 1000 days plus that Casey Anthony has been in the news, she has told lie after lie when questioned about what she knew about the disappearance and/or murder of her two-year-old daughter. There will be some people who for a generation will remember where they were and what they were doing when Casey Marie Anthony took the witness stand at her own murder trial.

Who Will Testify Today At Casey Anthony's Murder Trial (June 29 2011)?

There are still a few witnesses scheduled to offer testimony, for the defense, in the Casey Anthony murder trial. However, for all practical purposes, the only person the jury and millions of people at home want to hear from now is the defendant herself Casey Anthony. Casey Anthony's testimony will likely be heard today, June 29 or tomorrow June 30 of 2011 - if at all.

Over the past several days, Casey Anthony's attorneys have put themselves in a corner when it comes to whether or not their client testifies in her own defense at the trial. As of right now, if Casey Anthony does not testify at the trial - there will be many unanswered questions still remaining in the minds of her jury. If Casey Anthony offers testimony at her trial, the State of Florida will "wipe the floor" with her - because she does not know how to tell the truth.

No Death Penalty If Convicted (Casey Anthony Trial June 29 2011)

I am more convinced then ever that Casey Anthony will be found guilty of killing her daughter Caylee Marie. However, I am less convinced then ever that she will be given the death penalty by a jury or Judge Belvin Perry. In fact, now that most of the evidence and the witnesses have testified at this trial - I think the jury will eventually return a verdict of guilty to something lessor than capital murder.

While the lies have been flowing as freely as water from the Anthony family in recent days, I keep coming back to my origional thinking that Casey Anthony accidentally killed her daughter by trying to put her to sleep using chloroform. If the jury thinks the same way, they will find Casey Anthony guilty of some type of homicide, but not capital murder.

HLN Ratings Up Casey Anthony Trial (June 29 2011)

During the month of June 2011, when the Casey Anthony trial was in session - the HLN network saw their ratings almost double. In fact, the success at HLN did not end at the conclusion of each days live coverage of the trial, but continued into prime-time where Nancy Grace and other anchors saw the highest ratings in the history of their shows during the month of June.

Wow, the popularity of the Casey Anthony murder trial even caused cable news ratings winner "Fox News" to change some of their programming to compete with HLN. The Casey Anthony murder trial is expected to end this week with the testimony of the defendant Casey Marie Anthony herself. I'm sure on that day, HLN will break even more ratings records.

Jesse Grund Testimony June 29 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

It appears that Casey Anthony's defense team may not be able to call former boyfriend Jesse Grund to the witness stand today, June 29 2011, because his testimony is considered hear say evidence. Jose Baez and the rest of his team of lawyers worked through the night to find something in their law books which would allow Judge Belvin Perry to allow Grund's testimony.

On Tuesday, meter reader Roy Kronk and George Anthony were called to testify. It was clear to me that Kronk did not like Casey Anthony's attorney's and regularly seemed angry when he was asked questions by them. George Anthony was asked if he had ever abused his daughter Casey Anthony and his answer was no he had not. The trial begins again this morning at 9am.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

George Anthony Testimony June 28 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

George Anthony took the witness stand today, June 28 2011, and said that he did not have an affair with Krystal Holloway. Casey Anthony's attorneys have accused George of not only having an affair with Holloway, but they also claim that he abused Casey Anthony as a child and also hid the body of his granddaughter after she accidentally drown in the family swimming pool.

Time after time, George Anthony is called to the witness stand to testified by the defense - but so far they have only asked him about their sensational allegation of child abuse in passing and have completely ignored questions about him hiding the body of his granddaughter. To me, that fact is extremely strange and one must wonder what the jury is thinking right now about this whole George Anthony situation?

Roy Kronk Testimony June 28 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

According to an Orlando, Florida TV station - meter reader Roy Kronk has been ordered to court first thing in the morning on Tuesday, June 28 2011, to give testimony for Casey Anthony's defense. Most people remember Roy Kronk as the man who had to call the Orange County Florida Sheriffs office several times in order to get them to actually go out and find Caylee Anthony's body.

Since that time, some of Roy Kronk's family members have said that he told them he was about to be "rich and famous" a long time before someone in the Orange County Sheriffs office actually took his claim of finding Caylee's body seriously. I am more interested in how the prosecution treats Roy Kronk then in how the defense does. It should be an interesting day.

Will Big Three Networks (ABC/CBS/NBC) Carry Casey Anthony's Testimony Live?

So far, millions of people around the country have been watching the Casey Anthony murder trial either on cable television or via live streaming video on the Internet. However, it became clear to many people on Monday - that Casey Anthony is dead set on taking the witness stand at the conclusion of her murder trial and that got me wondering - if the big TV networks of ABC, NBC and CBS will cover her testimony live?

I think the answer to that question is yes and here's why. No one person on the planet today is better known as a liar then Casey Anthony and if and when she takes the witness stand to testify at her own murder trial there will be nothing going on that day most folks would rather watch on TV than her testimony. This trial has been full of surprise and it appears there are more to come.

(Casey Anthony June 28) Defendant Testimony Likely At Trial

It appears that murder defendant Casey Anthony is demanding to testify at her trial, against the advice of her team of lawyers. I believe that is why her entire legal team suggested she was incompetent to assist in her own defense on Saturday. I certainly cannot blame her attorney's for making such a request, because when Casey Anthony takes the witness stand to testify at her own murder trial - the prosecution is going to tear her apart.

I have believed for a long time that Casey Anthony really thinks she can convince a jury of her innocence, if allowed to take the witness stand. To her, lies are nothing more than a mechanism to manipulate others to your way of thinking. It seems certain now that Casey Anthony will testify at her trial, probably as the last defense witness. When that happens, the whole world will stop and listen to the words she has to say.

Monday, June 27, 2011

(NFL Lockout June 27) Will Greed Kill Or Save Football?

In the United States of America, there have always been labor disputes. Sometimes those disputes create a larger entity, while on other occasions they destroy the very thing all parties wanted to save. That brings me to the NFL and their current "lockout". I believe the National Football League could exit this labor dispute as a greater entity, but only if they settle this strike before the 2011 season begins.

At the current time, no other professional sport comes close in the number of fans who follow it then the NFL. However, NFL owners and players need to remember what has happened to Major League Baseball (MLB) after labor problems decades ago. While strikes and lockouts did not destroy MLB, no one would disagree that professional baseball as a sport has been hurt by previous conflicts between team owners and the players.

(Debt Ceiling June 27) GOP/Democrats No Common Ground

I wish I could report today, June 27 2011, that Republicans and Democrats in Washington were closer to reaching a deal on raising the debt ceiling - but I cannot. Instead, both sides are digging in their heals and talking only to the special interest groups that keep their reelection campaigns well funded.

As has been the case in recent history, liberals and conservatives have staked out their extreme position and in doing so they have put the entire United States of America on the brink of bankruptcy. My guess is that 80% of Americans want the two sides in this dispute to reach a compromise of budget cuts and increased taxes. However, when was the last time either the Republicans or Democrats did what the majority of the American wanted them to do?

(US Soldiers June 27) Don't Cut Funds For Returning Troops

Over the next six months, tens of thousands of US soldiers will be returning from the war in Afghanistan. Before most of them get back home, President Obama and the US Congress will be busy cutting government funding to all kinds of programs - which might include the medical treatment these troops need to get their lives back to normal.

During recessionary times like these, it might seem easy to cut the money out of much needed programs to treat US soldiers for both physical and physiological needs. However, the American people do not want this type of money stopped and I hope Members of Congress and President Obama realize that when it comes to trimming fat out of the US budget - US soldiers and their families should be considered "lean meat".

(Dallas Cowboys June 27) NFL Lockout Blues

In less than a week, the month of July will begin. That is the normal month when I start thinking about the next NFL season and the Superbowl chances of the Dallas Cowboys. However - in 2011, it appears that July might pass by without a settlement between the NFL owners and players.

For all practical purposes, the NFL is on strike - even though the technical name of it is a "lockout". As far as I am concerned, the label given to this work stoppage in less important then the real possibility that there will be no US professional football in 2011. Since March, I have matched NFL owners and players talk past each other and as each day goes by without a deal - the two sides seem to get more set in their ways and unable to agree to anything.

(Casey Anthony June 27) Judge Belvin Perry Angry Over Stunts

While he does hide it well, it is becoming clear to everyone watching the Casey Anthony trial that Judge Belvin Perry is about to blow when it comes to the conduct of Jose Baez. In fact - I will be shocked, if Baez does not spend some time in jail for contempt at the end of this trial. While some legal experts chalk up the conduct of Baez to "rookie mistakes", others and myself believe he is messing up on purpose to help his client.

Today, June 27 2011, the Casey Anthony trial will begin again after a short session on Saturday. After first telling the lawyers and jury that court would be in session for a full day, Judge Perry canceled most of Saturday's session without comment as to why. Maybe we will find out more about why Saturday's session was cut short today, but I would not bet on it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Charity For Japan Lawsuit Claims Lady Gaga Took Money

It appears that all of the new has worn off of Lady Gaga and her reincarnation of Madonna. Not only is her new album not meeting sales expectations, it was learned recently that she is now facing a lawsuit - because a charity she set up to help the victims of the recent earthquake/tsunami in Japan is not giving all of the proceeds to the Japanese as was advertised by the rock singer.

At issue is the large dollar amount requested by Lady Gaga's charity for shipping and handling of bracelets sold to raise money to help the victims in Japan. The Detroit law firm "1-800-LAW-FIRM" filed this class action lawsuit to recover damages for victims in Japan. At this time, legal representatives from Lady Gaga have not commented on this lawsuit.

Does "Happy Days" Cast Lawsuit Have Merit?

It appears that a lawsuit filed by four members of the TV show "Happy Days" cast does have merit. Cast members Don Most, Marion Ross, Erin Moran, and Anson Williams are asking for money damages from CBS after noticing that slot machines with their picture on them started showing up in casinos around the nation without royalties being paid to them.

In what some folks in Hollywood are calling "don't ask, don't pay", CBS is claiming that they never had any intention of not paying the royalties to the cast of "Happy Days". I expect this lawsuit to be settled in short order. I also expect CBS to be ordered to pay additional money, because they appear to know they owed the money to the "Happy Days" cast members, but made the choice not to pay them - unless the money was requested.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Breaking News Casey Anthony Plea Deal Being Negotiated (June 25, 2011)?

There is speculation all over the Internet and on cable TV today (Saturday June 25, 2011) that attorney's for the State of Florida and Casey Anthony's defense team are in plea negotiations this weekend. After the morning break, Judge Belvin Perry announced that court was being recessed until Monday morning. Unlike in the past, the judge gave no reason or explanation for the delay.

This is all speculation and when Monday morning rolls around there may be nothing said about what really happened today. I have wondered for a long time why Casey Anthony has not been willing to accept a guilty plea from the State of Florida, but I always assumed that she was either refusing such a move or that the state had not offered one.

If They're Crying They Are Probably Lying (Casey Anthony June 25 2011)

I have been following the Casey Anthony case for three years now and in my memory, no one family I have ever seen or met has constantly lied more about the death of a family member than they have. It is almost like, Casey, Cindy, George and Lee are incapable of understand the truth and it's value in a court-of-law. Yesterday, as Cindy and Lee continually cried on the witness stand - just like clockwork Casey Anthony started crying on the little screen at the top of my TV set.

Call me jaded, but when anyone in that family starts crying - I believe what they are saying is a total lie. In fact, I believe their tears are designed to coverup their deception to the jury and the millions of people watching at home. When the Casey Anthony trial finally ends, there will be book volumes worth of evidence that police departments around the world can utilize to detect lying in the future. Casey Anthony's family are accomplished and experienced lying professionals.

It's Clear That Lee/Cindy Anthony Are Supporting The Defense

After yesterday's testimony from Cindy and Lee Anthony, it's clear to me that both of these family members are 100% on the side of the defense and their argument that Caylee drown in the family swimming pool. I guess it should not surprise me or anyone else that Casey Anthony's family is on her side, but the way they have gone about showing their support is very unsettling to me.

As it has been from the beginning, the ability to look a person straight in the face and lie seems to be a family trait that is worn as a badge of honor. It appears that all of the Anthony's are ready, willing and able to change their testimony based on what is best for them at the time and look completely innocent in the process. Thank God I was not born into that family unit. Saturday's half day trial session begins at 9am ESDT this morning (June 25, 2011).

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lee Anthony Cries While Mom Cindy Continues To Lie In Court

Maybe the only real truth spoken from the Anthony family during Casey's trial was said this morning when Lee remarked that his family was very dysfunctional. Before Lee took the stand, Cindy Anthony was once again called by Jose Baez to add weight to his opinion that Caylee Anthony was not murdered, but instead drown in the family swimming pool.

Almost everything Cindy Anthony has testified about the past couple of days is in direct conflict with what she told the prosecution in depositions over the past three years. Lee Anthony is correct when he says that his family is dysfunctional. It is also true that they lie to each other and others more than the average American family.

Would You Buy A Used Car From Cindy Anthony?

Like the rest of you, I have had a few hours to digest what Cindy Anthony had to say on the witness stand Thursday and the one word that keeps coming to my mind again and again is "liar". Does anyone really believe that Cindy Anthony left work early or at odd times just so she could go home and search for "chloroform" and "neck breaking" on her personal computer?

Cindy Anthony got on the witness stand yesterday and lied to save the life of her daughter Casey. I believe she knows that Casey murdered Caylee, but what mother would want their own child to sit in a jail cell for the rest of their life or get the death penalty? Don't get me wrong, I believe Casey learned well how to lie following her moms instructions as a child. However, Cindy's issues stop at lying - while Casey has many other deep mental problems, which have yet to be explained completely.

Florida's Death Penalty Law Unconstitutional (Casey Anthony Case)?

I just finished reading an article that said a judge had ruled Florida's death penalty law was unconstitutional. Considering that the most high profile case in the nation is taking place in Orlando, Florida right now and the defendant Casey Anthony could find herself facing the death penalty within a matter of weeks, the timing on this decision does create a bunch of interest around the country.

The heart of his ruling (Judge Jose Martinez) revolves around a Florida law that allows the judge to pronounce the sentence of death on a convicted murderer instead of the jury. With all the other stuff that has been going on recently in the Casey Anthony murder trial, this judges decision will take on new meaning even when it was not directly related to this case.

Unimak Pass To Amchitka Pass Alaska Issued Tsunami Warning June 23, 2011

Late Thursday night (June 23, 2011) an earthquake struck near the Aleutian Islands (7.4 magnitude). That earthquake caused US authorities to issue a tsunami warning for some coastal areas of Alaska. Click here to visit CNN for more information.

Casey Anthony Trial Observations June 24, 2011 (Roy Krunk/George Anthony)

With the possible exception of George and Lee Anthony, no one person has been demonized more by Casey Anthony's defense team than Roy Kronk. In fact, I am surprised we have not seen him called as a witness for the defense as of yet.

I still remember how Jose Baez told the jury during his opening statement that Roy Kronk is the person who moved Caylee Anthony's body rather than his client. I can't wait to see how Baez tries to put his whole case of an accidental drowning together where a total stranger stole the body of Caylee after her heartless grandfather discarded the body.

Folks, if this was a book - most people would have already gone back to the store demanding a refund. The story that Casey Anthony and Jose Baez are putting before this jury is one that no level headed person would ever believe. Maybe they are hoping that at least one of the jurors will be more engulfed in fantasy than reality and that one person will save Casey's life.

So far, Baez and Cheney have not called George Anthony or Roy Krunk to the stand as their witness. I guess they are saving these two guys for last with a hope that Judge Perry will be tired and allow them to use character assassinations without objection. Fat chance that will happen. The trial resumes this morning (June 24, 2011) at 9am EDST.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Talks On Raising The Debt Ceiling Are Going Nowhere

The extreme political right and left in the US government are holding the full faith and credit of the nation hostage to political games. On one side, you have extremist liberals who do not want to cut any spending on government programs and who also believe the best way to slow down the increasing US debt is to raise taxes on the rich.

On the other side, you have extremist Republicans who want to cut spending on everything except what is important to them and who under no circumstances want to raise taxes on anyone. If this were not such a big issue, these childish games might be amusing. However, most Americans are not laughing at either extreme in this budget battle.

Cindy Anthony's Testimony A Lie (June 23, 2011)?

Some people are wondering today, if Cindy Anthony lied on the witness stand on Thursday when she said that she was the family member who Google searched the words "chloroform" and "neck breaking". Previously, Cindy had said that she did not make those Internet searches. During Cindy Anthony's testimony today, it really appeared that she was just telling Jose Baez what he needed to hear.

In my gut, I think both Cindy and George know that Casey Anthony killed their granddaughter, but even with that knowledge they do not want to see her put to death or spend the rest of her life in prison. It's totally understandable to me that Cindy could totally believe that Casey was guilty and still not want to see her spent time in jail for that crime.

Casey Anthony Not Innocent (Cindy/George Lawyer) June 23 2011

In an exclusive interview with CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360", the attorney for Cindy and George Anthony said that his clients do not believe that Casey Anthony is innocent. For many years now, I have wondered how Casey's parents could continue to back their daughter, even when there is a mountain of evidence suggesting something entirely different.

As of right now, it appears that the wagons have circled in the Anthony family against Casey. Frankly, what else can they do? Casey Anthony's attorney has already said that her father and brother are criminals. Within the next two to three weeks, we will all know what a jury of Casey Anthony's peers decides about this whole case that has been working its way through the court system for almost three years now.

Casey Anthony's Jury Has Plenty Of Evidence To Consider (June 23, 2011)

As the Casey Anthony murder trial nears an end, the jury who will decide her fate has plenty of evidence to consider. During the first two weeks of her trial, it seemed to most folks that Casey Anthony did not have much of a chance of being found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee. However, once the defense started their case - the evidence is more cloudy than it was just one week ago.

I wonder in hide-sight if Jose Baez wishes that he would not have made those bold claims at the beginning of this trial that Casey Anthony was nothing more than an abused child who was tightly controlled by her father? When it comes to the evidence from the State of Florida, much of it has been responsibly rebutted by the defense. However, most members of this jury are probably waiting to hear how Casey Anthony's defense proves their wild accusations of child abuse during the opening statements of the trial.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Casey Anthony Automatic Appeal Because Of Attorney's Mistakes?

If Casey Anthony is found guilty of capital murder and given the death penalty by a jury, there will be at least 10 different appeals available to her before the sentence is carried out. However, I am beginning to think that the first appeal she will make will be one where her attorney Jose Baez is accused of legal incompetence. If successful, that appeal could grant Casey Anthony a new trial and then all of this mess would be repeated somewhere down the road.

In recent days, Jose Baez has been scolded by the judge for trickery and with these on-the-record warnings to Baez, it is likely that Casey Anthony will be guaranteed a new trial at some point during the appeals process. After watching Jose Baez in the Casey Anthony trial, I believe there should be some rule that does not allow a neophyte like Baez to show up at a high profile trial and use it as a learning experience.

Rhinestone Cowboy Glen Campbell Has Alzheimer's

Glen Campbell's family recently announced that the 75-year-old singer has Alzheimer's. During the 1960's and 1970's, Glen Campbell was one of the hottest singers in the world. Pop and country hits like "Rhinestone Cowboy", "Wichita Lineman", "Gentle On My Mind" and "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" are just a few of the songs that propelled Campbell into a music superstar.

During the 1970's, Glen Campbell also had a top rated weekly TV show. In his youth, Glen Campbell also was surrounded by rumor and scandal as he lived a life filled with over use of alcohol and numerous affairs with women who were not his wife. Campbell hopes to perform several farewell concerts in the weeks and months to come.

Houston Woman Tries To Stop Beer Thieves At Walmart (Video)

In Houston recently, a woman who said she was tired of thieves - took off after several guys stealing beer at a Walmart store. The stores surveillance camera caught this women running from the store in pursuit of these criminals, which included her jumping on their get-a-way cars hood and roof.

On Fox News, this brave lady was interviewed and as she was when this first took place, she showed little fear of anything. I wonder what this world would really be like if everyone went after criminals, instead of just quietly minding their own business as money and property is stolen from others?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jane Bock (Botanist) Offers Reasonable Doubt In Casey Anthony's Trial

According to the rules of law, all a defense attorney needs to do in a murder trial - is create reasonable doubt that his client did not commit the crime and that is suppose to be enough for a jury to return a verdict of "Not Guilty". In court on Tuesday morning, June 21 2011, a botanist by the name of Jane Bock told jurors that it's possible that Caylee Marie Anthony's body was only in that wooded area near Casey Anthony's home for two weeks.

The reason that testimony is so valuable to Casey Anthony's defense team is that Casey Anthony was in jail, two weeks before Caylee's body was discovered. Even though he is racking up several threats of "contempt of court", Jose Baez has done a better job defending Casey Anthony than I thought possible for the past two years. The Casey Anthony murder trial continues this afternoon (June 21, 2011) in Orlando, Florida.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why So Many Lawsuits Against Companies On Wall Street (Chat Room)?

Several times per month, I receive a letter in the mail from a law firm I have never heard of - telling me that a company I once owned stock in has settled a lawsuit and there is money waiting for me. Of course, there are those familiar words warning me that I should not cash their check without seeking legal advice in regards to income tax consequences of taking the money.

It appears that there are more lawyers suing Wall Street companies than any other group of businesses or individuals. Why are there so many class action lawsuits against publicly traded companies on Wall Street? When I buy a stock, I research the companies I invest in and if I lose money - it's no ones fault but my own. In 2011, it seems like every major law firm is suing some company on Wall Street - if they ever finish a quarter without making a profit.

Raise The Debt Ceiling Or Bankrupt The USA Economy

While there are a few people in the GOP who believe that not raising the US debt ceiling would not be that big of a deal, most experts in finance correctly believe that failing to raise it would end up bankrupting the USA economy. Like it or not, the USA has been borrowing money for decades in order to pay the bills. Every month, the United States takes in less money than it spends on running the federal government.

It is simplistic to say the least for some GOP "talking heads" to suggest that failing to meet our nations financial obligations is somehow a good idea. Have USA politicians spent far too much money in recent years? Yes, they have. However, making a choice to not pay our bills as a nation is a terrible idea that would backfire and possibly send the United States of America into a quick bankruptcy - which could last for a generation or more.

Casey Anthony Murder Trial Week 5 (Monday June 20, 2011)

Today, Monday June 20 2011, Casey Anthony's defense team continues their effort to discredit the evidence presented against their client by the State of Florida. On Saturday, most legal experts thought that Jose Baez and Cheney Mason had their best day yet. In fact, one of their experts openly called the autopsy performed by Dr. G and her team in Orlando shoddy.

Along with that good news for Jose Baez on Saturday, there was bad when Judge Perry said that he might be held in contempt of court at some future date. Frankly, Baez and Cheney are doing a better job at defending Casey Anthony than I thought they would. It should be another interesting week at the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good Explanation Why Casey Anthony's Attorney Jose Baez Is In Trouble

Many times, it is difficult for regular folks to understand the hows and whys of a court-of-law. On Saturday, Jose Baez was scolded by Judge Belvin Perry - because he did not notify the prosecution that one of his witnesses was going to testify as an expert about the duct tape allegedly used to murder Caylee Anthony.

On Sunday morning, the "Today Show" on NBC had a segment that brilliantly explained why Jose Baez's actions on Saturday were in contempt-of-court. I thought you might like to watch this segment too, if you missed it on live TV. The full video segment is available for viewing in the box below.

NBC Removes "Under God" From Pledge Of Allegiance At US Open (Video)

Late Sunday, June 19 2011, NBC Sports apologized for not including the words "under God" in a video presentation of the Pledge of Allegiance before the US Open today. NBC claimed that this was a simple mistake, but was it really? It's no secret that NBC is the most liberal broadcast network in the country and it is liberalism that is pushing to remove all comments about God from American public life.

I thought there might be some positive changes at NBC after Comcast purchased the network in recent weeks. However, to date they seem to still be up to their ultra-liberal ways. If you would like to watch NBC's version of the US Pledge of Allegiance, use the video box below?

Were Chicago Comedian's Words Really That Offensive?

After watching Chicago comedian Reggie Brown perform his stand-up act at the Republican Leadership Conference on Saturday, I really did not see what all the fuss was about. It's sad that a political comedian, like Brown, is escorted from a stage simply because some of his words are not politically correct. If the organizers of this event were so afraid of what he might say, why did they invite him in the first place?

From what I could tell from the video below, the audience was laughing out loud at Reggie Brown's comedy. It appeared that the only people who did not appreciate it were the folks who were in charge of running the event. Have political organizations lost their ability to laugh? It appears they have.

Watch Comedian Reggie Brown Video At GOP Leadership Conference (Chat Room)

President Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown got plenty of laughs during his routine at the Republican (GOP) Leadership Conference on Saturday June 18, 2011. However, once he started talking about GOP candidate for President Michele Bachmann - he was escorted off the stage by event organizers.

If you would like to watch video of Reggie Brown's performance at this event, you may watch it via the video box below.

Was Caylee Anthony Murdered On Fathers Day 2008?

Unless you believe Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, Caylee Marie Anthony was likely murdered either on Fathers Day 2008 or within a few days thereafter. Today is Fathers Day 2011 and it's likely that a jury of her peers will find Casey Anthony guilty of the murder of her two-year-old daughter exactly three years to the date that she murdered her. There are a bunch of ironic things about this murder trial, but that fact should really make everyone think.

The last known picture of Caylee Anthony was taken on Fathers Day 2008. No one after that date reported seeing Caylee Marie again, except her mother who has been proven to be a pathological liar. On Monday June 20, 2011 - the defense will call more witnesses to try and prove that Casey Anthony is innocent. The evidence portion of the trial should be complete by months end and the jury with begin deliberating.

Circus Atmosphere Outside Casey Anthony Courtroom (Video)

Millions of people around the United States have been watching the daily coverage of the Casey Anthony trial on TV and the Internet. However, there is a small group of people who show up each day to try and get a ticket to actually sit in the courtroom. As the weeks have passed, the numbers of people who want to watch this trial in person has increased to the point where brawls and fistfights are breaking out in the waiting line at the courthouse.

In the video box below, you may watch one brawl that took place on Friday. Sadly, the public spectacle that has become the Casey Anthony murder trial is bring out the worst in far too many people.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Could Jose Baez Go To Jail While Casey Anthony Walks Free?

I am not a big fan of attorney Jose Baez of Orlando, Florida. Baez is the lead lawyer for murder defendant Casey Anthony. For years, I have watched him prepare for Anthony's trial in a way that did not create a great deal of confidence in his ability to practice law. However, over the past couple of days - Jose Baez has called witnesses that have done a pretty good job at poking holes in the State of Florida's case.

On Saturday, Judge Belvin Perry suggested that Baez might be held in contempt of court at some future date. That possiblity got me thinking that it's possible Jose Baez's client Casey Anthony could walk free at the end of this trial, while her attorney goes to jail. Now wouldn't that be something strange? I believe Casey did kill her daughter, but there is very little direct evidence in this case and I can see how a jury might find her not guilty of capital murder.

Will Rick Perry Run For President In 2012?

Almost half of all Republicans say they are not pleased with any of the candidates running for President in 2012, so that means the field is still wide open. In recent weeks, Texas Governor Rick Perry has gone from a definite no when asked if he will run for President in 2012 to a positive maybe in recent days. As a life long resident of Texas, I know much of the good, the bad and the ugly of Rick Perry.

For those of you reading this who are not from Texas, it's important to keep in mind that voters in the "Lone Star Star" have different views of what a successful government looks like than folks in other parts of the country. I'm not sure if Rick Perry will run for President, but if he does - expect him to run a good race and not back down from other GOP candidates who disagree with him.

Dr. Werner Spitz Testimony June 18 2011 Casey Anthony Trial

Expert defense witness Dr. Werner Spitz took the stand on Saturday June 18 and said that in his opinion, Dr G's lab in Orlando did a "shoddy" job performing the autopsy on Caylee Anthony's remains. His primary concern was that the Orange County Florida Coroners Office did not examine the inside of Caylee's skull during their examination.

The Casey Anthony murder trial is nearing an end. According to Judge Belvin Perry, the jury could be given this case as early as next weekend. Anthony is charged with the capital murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.

Casey Anthony's Attorney Jose Baez In Contempt of Court (Saturday June 18, 2011)?

It was an interesting morning in court today (June 18, 2011) at the Casey Anthony trial as her lead attorney Jose Baez found himself facing contempt of court charges after one of his witnesses went off scripted and started commenting on evidence that was not a part of his deposition in the case. The prosecution objected to this testimony and shortly thereafter, Judge Perry took Jose Baez to the "woodshed" and even threatened him with contempt of court charges, later.

Many observers believe that Jose Baez is playing out-of-his-league since the Casey Anthony's murder trial is his first high profile case. The trial resumes on Monday (June 20, 2011) at 9am EDST.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Missing Dallas Cowboys Superbowl Parades

As I watched some of the parade yesterday devoted to the NBA National Champion Dallas Mavericks, my mind drifted back to the mid-1990's when the Dallas Cowboys' also were honored in the same way. It's been far too many years since the Dallas Cowboys won the Superbowl and like everyone else I had false hope last year that they would become the first team in league history to play as the home team in the biggest game of the year.

Now we are in the year 2011 and none of us are sure if there will be a Dallas Cowboys season due to the NFL lockout of the players. I am really looking forward to see what Jason Garrett can do when he has a full season to coach the team. Hopefully, we won't have to wait until 2012 to find out.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Black Berets No Longer Required For Soldiers

It has been said forever that it takes the military years to correct a mistake, but eventually right does win out. Back in 2001, US Army soldiers were required to start wearing a "black beret" cap that was universally disliked by soldiers in the field. According to some soldiers, the "black beret" cap was extremely hot in the summer and it also required two hands just to position it right on the head.

As of today, the Army patrol cap is now the new approved headgear for all soldiers in the US Army. If you are still on active duty, you may still be required to were the "black beret" to special army functions and official ceremonies. Like most other bad ideas in the army, it took 10 years for the error of this decision to be corrected. However, late is always better than never.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Defense Prepares To Prove Casey Anthony Is Not Guilty

Today, June 15 2011, the State of Florida is expected to finish their case against Casey Anthony. Then on Thursday, the defense will try and prove that little Caylee Marie Anthony was not murdered at all - but instead was the victim of a tragic accidental drowning. Over the past three weeks, the prosecution has made a pretty good circumstantial case to prove that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter.

In his opening statement, Casey Anthony's lead attorney Jose Baez made huge accusations that not only did Caylee drown in the family swimming pool, but he also alleged that Casey's father George and brother Lee molested his client. Now it's time to see if Baez has any proof to back up his charges or will he just act like he never said them in the first place? Things should get interesting from here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NFL Lockout Nears 90 Days Old (June 14, 2011)

Soon, the 90 day mark will be hit in the 2011 NFL Lockout and so far neither side wants to budge an inch. NFL fans are biting their nails, hoping that cooler head will prevail and the 2011 NFL season does not get cancelled. In March, I was very positive that a deal between NFL owners and players would be reached. However, now in June, I am much less optimistic as both sides have dug in their heals and have become stubborn.

President Obama had it right when he said that a league which takes in 9 billion dollars per year should be able to find a way to split up all of that money between its owners and players. I still have hope that the 2011 NFL season will be spared, but as weeks turn into months - all fans of the NFL need to take a reality check of what is possible and what is just a state of denial.

Why Is Raising The Debt Ceiling Important? (Video)

Most American find it difficult to understand why the Congress must raise the debt ceiling. Why can't the US government just stop borrowing money and live within its means? Almost everyday, I talk to folks who do not understand what the US debt ceiling really is and why, at this time in our nations history, it is important for the government not to default on its obligations.

I could write many additional paragraphs explaining how all of this works, but the folks at Reuters Video have released a short film clip that explains everything much better and faster than I could. If you are wondering why raising the US debt ceiling is important, please watch the video below and share it with your friends.

NFL Top 100: Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys) 36 On List

One of my favorite players for the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Witten, was recently honored with a place on the top 100 NFL players list. On more occasions than I can count - Witten has made a big play, during a bad game and turned everything around for the Dallas Cowboys. If any Cowboys' player deserves to be on that list, it's Jason Witten.

I want to congratulate Jason Witten and all the other Cowboys players who earned a position too. Andre Gurode (57), Miles Austin (70), Tony Romo (72) and Jay Ratliff (75). This list of the "Top 100 Players in the NFL" was compiled by the "NFL Network".

Will US Soldiers Be Sent To Libya/Yemen?

With battles still raging in Libya and Yemen, I have become concerned that President Obama might decide to send US soldiers into those nations. Our brave men and women in uniform are already stretched thin and to ask them to take on even another lead role on a battlefield is asking more than they should be asked to bear. I know if ordered to fight, our soldiers will take up their arms and head to the field of battle. However, I am not in uniform and as an American citizen I believe it's time to give our soldiers a rest.

Over the past 10 years, US soldiers have been fighting and dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. They have served this nation with honor and pride, but even the best fighting force in the world deserves a break from conflict from time to time and they all should be given that much needed rest when soldiers start leaving Iraq and Afghanistan next year and heading back home to the United States.

Casey Anthony Trial To End Soon (June 14, 2011)

Yesterday, Judge Belvin Perry announced that the prosecution is close to finishing their presentation of evidence and the defense side of the trial is expect to last for 10 days or less. That means, the jury in the Casey Anthony trial could be deliberating on a verdict by the end of June. I have to hand it to Judge Perry because when it said he would keep this trial moving forward at a fast pace, he was not kidding.

The last I heard - there will be no Casey Anthony trial activity this morning, June 14 2011, but testimony is set to start again at 12:00 noon EDST.  It should get interesting when Jose Baez begins to challenge the evidence from the State of Florida and try and sell his theory that Caylee was not murdered, but instead died in a tragic accident.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Will NFL Strike (Lockout) Hurt US Economy?

Most NFL fans, so far, who are anticipating a "no go" season in 2011 are only looking at the disappointment that will occur - if owners and players do not find common ground. However, there is much more to this NFL Lockout (Strike) story when it comes to the impact it will have on the US economy. Yes, if the NFL does not play football this fall - there will be a major negative effect on the US economy.

That negative effect will not come from the millionaire players, but instead from the regular folks who make their living producing products for sale to NFL fans. There are tens of thousands of salaried and hourly workers who earn a living from working in NFL stadiums around the United States. When added to the thousands more people who earn a paycheck working in factories that produce memorabilia, it is pretty easy to see that there is much more to this NFL Strike/Lockout than meets the eye.

Will Failure To Raise Debt Ceiling Cause A Depression/Recession?

There are all kinds of scare tactics being used by Republicans and Democrats right now to get the American people to go along with the need to raise the US debt ceiling before August. On August 2, 2011 - the US government will have spent all the money it has collect via taxes and will begin to default on payments it must make to countries, individuals and businesses to remain a solvent nation.

In recent polls, most Americans believe the Congress should not raise the debt ceiling and instead go cold turkey and stop spending money that they don't take in right away. While that idea does make me "feel good" inside, it does not show what would really happen to the American economy and jobs - if the US debt ceiling is not raised. So, will failure to raise the debt ceiling cause a depression and/or recession. Most certain it would.

Godfrey Myles (42) Former Dallas Cowboys Player Is Dead

It is with great sadness that I report tonight that a former player for the Dallas Cowboys, Godfrey Myles, has passed away at the age of 42. According to people who were close to him, he died on Friday from a massive stroke. Myles death is just another example of how, to many times, retired professional football players do not live until normal retirement age.

Godfrey Myles played for the Dallas Cowboys during the mid-1990's, during a time when almost everything the Cowboys' team touched turned to Gold. During his playing days with the Dallas Cowboys, he earned three Superbowl rings and played on "America's Team" during a time when this teams on-field play matched that glorious title. May Godfrey Myles rest in peace and may God grant his family comfort.

Hundreds Of Ways To Honor US Soldiers/Families During Wartime

Most of the news surrounding things that can be done for returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan involve major projects and government spending. However, there are hundreds of things regular Americans can do each day to show how much we appreciate the sacrifice being made by so many people. Something as simple as mowing the grass for a soldiers family while they are away is a wonderful jester of support.

For me, I like to pay for the meals of soldiers when I see them eating in restaurants. I learned long ago, that most of them will not accept this gift if asked. So, instead I ask to speak to their waitress or waiter and pay them for their meal and tip and asked that they not be told about this gift until after I leave the restaurant. Small things mean a lot to soldiers and their families, so don't just focus on big stuff that is out of your ability to pay.

Casey Anthony Trial Continues Monday June 13, 2011

In a few hours - the Casey Anthony murder trial will continue in Orlando, Florida. The prosecution is nearing the end of it's case and I believe they have done a great job at proving Casey Anthony did indeed murder her daughter. Some media and legal pundits have been critical of how the State of Florida has presented it's evidence to the jury. Some believe they have offered up too much evidence. However, for them (prosecution) to ask a jury of 12 people to give a 25-year-old women the death penalty - a great deal of proof should be required.

Today, June 13 2011, should be another interesting day as more witnesses will be called to testify about the remains of little Caylee Anthony. While much of what the prosecution has offered in evidence to date has been mundane and at times boring. That will all change when Jose Baez, Cheney Mason and the rest of Casey Anthony's defense team start presenting their case of an abused daughter who was too afraid of her father to report the accidental death of her own child.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long Hot NFL Lockout Summer

Here in Texas, the temperature is over 100 degrees everyday and one of the things that gets me through a long hot summer is the idea that once NFL football begins in the spring - cool weather won't be that far behind. However, in 2011 - there is a good chance that the current NFL lockout will lead to a professional football free fall. Everywhere I go, I talk to fans of NFL football and to a person they are angry that the owners and players don't seem to want to settle their disputes.

I am still holding out hope that sometime during July or August, owners and players will find a way to end the NFL lockout and begin the 2011 season on schedule. Right now, there is nothing to look forward to during the long hot days of summer. Hopefully, this lockout (strike) will get settled and professional football will return this fall.

Raising The Debt Ceiling Is Bad Fiscal Policy?

What will the American people do as August 2, 2011 approaches and President Obama and Members of Congress again raise the US government debt ceiling? If you think the American people were angry during the last national election in 2010, just wait until they vote again in 2012. Almost every political expert says that when push comes to shove, the debt ceiling will be raised on the 2nd of August 2011.

By a large majority, the American people are telling their elected leaders that raising the debt ceiling without major spending cuts is not what they want. However, getting the Congress and President Obama to make real and meaningful cuts to government programs is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. I expect a bunch of talk and very little action on budget cuts when the drop dead day of 8/02/2011 rolls around.

Broke Government To Raise Debt Ceiling Again

For all practical purposes, the US federal government is broke. For decades now, politicians have spent more money then they have taken in through taxation and our day of reckoning is at hand. Sometime before August 2, 2011 the US federal government will run out of money and if Congress does not agree to raise the debt ceiling - the USA will default because there will not be enough money to continue to pay the bills.

While I usually blame Washington politicians for this problem, they are not alone when it comes to the reasons why the United States is in such a terrible financial mess. Sadly, it is "We The People" who are primarily to blame - because we keep sending the same old Members of Congress back again and again even when they do not keep their word. Within the next two months, most of our long term public servants will vote to raise the debt ceiling once again and I will be shocked if any really budget cutting is part of that bill.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

American People Do Not Want Debt Ceiling Raised

In a recent poll, the Gallup organization found that most Americans do not want the Congress to raise the US government debt ceiling. However, when all the dust settles around August 1st or 2nd - all side will agree to raise the US debt ceiling once again and that move will infuriate the American people and turn them against incumbent Members of Congress.

While I understand the frustration of average Americans when it comes to Washington's out-of-control spending, allowing the full faith and credit of the United States of America to default would be one of the worst mistakes ever made by this country. Instead of defaulting, large and regular cuts to our already high spending would accomplish the same thing - but sadly, the American people do not have strong leaders in high office. Instead, Washington is infested with self promoting blowhards that only care about their own self interests.

Kasich/Boehner Join Obama/Biden For Raising Debt Ceiling Golf

It was announced late last week that the other two participants in the upcoming Obama/Boehner golf summit will be John Kasich (the Governor of Ohio) and Vice-President Joe Biden. The topic of discussion at this golf outing will be what cuts can be made to the federal budget to get a majority of the Members of Congress will raise the debt ceiling. According to most experts, if the US debt ceiling is not raised by August the 1st - the government will run out of money and no longer be able to pay all it's bills.

The American people are extremely angry at both major political parties, because neither one seems to be willing to make the hard choices needed to bring US government spending under control. When the Congress must raise the debt ceiling, that is the perfect time to make the budget cuts no one wants to make otherwise. Hopefully, this golf game between Obama, Boehner, Kasich and Biden will made progress toward that goal.

Impending Debt Ceiling Vote Weighing On Wall Street

For six back to back weeks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost value. Many people believe that it is the inaction of Members of Congress and President Obama that is the primary cause. Soon, the US Debt Ceiling will need to be raised in order for the US government to continue to be able to pay the bills. As usual, Congress and the President are waiting until the last minute to do what is a currently unpopular thing to do.

In recent polls, most Americans do not want the Congress to raise the debt ceiling unless they make drastic cuts to the current budget. However, if they do so - millions of Americans would be hurt immediately and that is not how modern day politicians win elections. The United States of American did not create these problems over night and we will not fix them that quickly, either.

Gnats Laid Eggs Inside Caylee Marie Anthony's Body (06/11/2011)

Today, June 11 2011, the Casey Anthony murder trial lasted only 1/2 of a day. However, during that time there was testimony from an expert which made many people sick at their stomach. According to this expert (Entomologist Neal Haskell) the two-year-old body of Caylee Anthony was moved twice. That testimony adds weight to the argument from the prosecution that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter and then left her in the truck of her car for days before finally dumping the body in a wooded area near the family home.

Casey Anthony's defense team is arguing that young Caylee accidentally drown and then her grandfather George Anthony disposed of her body without notifying the police. While watching the testimony at the Casey Anthony trial on Saturday, my mind kept going back to the character Gil Grissom on the popular TV show "CSI". If you have seen that show, you know that the Grissom character was proving how long a body had been dead by examining the insects which had been feeding on the corpse.

The Casey Anthony murder trial begins again on Monday morning at 9am Eastern Daylight Savings Time. If you would like the watch the trial live via the Internet, click here. On that page there is also a chat room where dozens of people discuss the evidence in this case everyday.

Will Casey Anthony Appeal A Guilty Verdict?

As the Casey Anthony trial proceeds, each day it appears that the State of Florida will win a guilty verdict against this young women. If that turns out to be the case, the next question is - will Casey Anthony appeal a guilty verdict and if so will she be granted a new trial? While I am not an unbiased observer, I do know that when a guilty verdict that contains the death penalty is heard by an appeals court - anything is possible.

In reality, even if Casey Anthony is found guilty of capital murder - that does not necessarily mean that her jury will send her to death row. In fact, I would place the odds of Casey Anthony getting the death penalty at less then 5% if she is found guilty. The main reason revolves around her age and they way she is manipulating the jury with her sicknesses and emotional outbursts, as far, during the trial. So, "will Casey Anthony appeal a guilty verdict"? Of course she will and her first course of action will be to fire her current attorney's.

Interesting Debate About The Casey Anthony Trial On Fox News

Friday afternoon on the Shepard Smith Show at Fox News - there was an interesting discussion about how well the prosecution has done, so far, in the Casey Antony murder trial. Two attorney's with completely different views of the trial went head to head in a debate about whether or not the State of Florida has proven their capital murder charge against the defendant.

While I have been in the camp of Casey Anthony is guilty for several years now, I still enjoy listening to smart people debate the course and merits of this trial. If you would like to watch this debate from Fox News on Friday, it is available for viewing in the video box below. The Casey Anthony murder trial begins again tomorrow at 9am in Orlando, Florida.

Casey Anthony Trial 1/2 Day On Saturday June 11, 2011

Judge Belvin Perry told jurors to be ready for court again this morning June 11, 2011 at 9am. As has been the case since the beginning of the Casey Anthony trial, the jury hears evidence 5 and one half days per week in order to finish up as soon as possible. Friday was a tough emotional day for the defendant Casey Anthony as testimony was given from medical experts about what happened to Caylee's body after it was dumped in a wooded area near the Anthony home.

More gruesome testimony is expected on Saturday morning. Dr. G and other officials from the Orange County, Florida medical examiners office testified on Friday that the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony were chewed on by animals after her death and even maggots were entered into evidence during yesterday's court session.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dr. G Testimony Made Strong Case For Prosecution (Casey Anthony Trial)

Today, June 10, 2011, was another bad day for the defense in the Casey Anthony murder trial as Dr. Garavaglia (Dr. G) took the witness stand. After the prosecution asked Dr. G a few questions, it was the turn of the defense to try and shake many of her conclusion about little Caylee's cause of death.

As Casey Anthony attorney Cheney Mason asked Dr. G questions, it became clear that he was no match for her as she stuck to her guns and continue to say with certainty that Caylee Marie Anthony's cause of death was a homicide. Casey Anthony's legal team contends that Caylee drown and rather than calling for help the family covered up her accidental death. The trial resumes tomorrow June 11, 2011 at 9am EDST.

Casey Anthony's Breakdown In Court (Avoiding The Death Penalty)?

As gruesome testimony continued this morning about how animals had chewed on the little bones of Caylee Anthony, her mother murder defendant Casey Anthony broke down in tears and deeply sobbed. One of her lawyers, Dorothy Sims, at one point gave a big hug to Casey to try and comfort her as the testimony continued.

There is much speculation as to why Casey Anthony is breaking down in court. Some people believe that she finally has realized what she did to her daughter, while other believe she is just putting on an act in order to get more attention for herself. My guess is that it will be difficult for this jury to give Casey Anthony the death penalty considering she is showing so many outward signs of emotion.

Nowitzki/Terry/Kidd Lead Mavericks To 2011 NBA Championship?

One year ago, three names dominated the headlines. Those names were James, Wade and Bosh. However, something happened on the way to a certain NBA Championship for the Miami Heat in 2011 and that thing is the Dallas Mavericks. Now three new names are making headlines around the world. Those names are Nowitzki, Terry and Kidd.

The Dallas Mavericks are now just one game away from stealing what was considered a forgone conclusion championship away from the Miami Heat. The odds of victory are high for the Mavericks in 2011 and when they play the "Heat" again in Miami - they might be flying back home to Dallas with a national championship trophy sharing the ride.

Will The Casey Anthony Trial Resume On Friday June 10, 2011?

Court was ended early yesterday by Judge Belvin Perry after murder defendant Casey Anthony became ill. Right now, it is still an open question as to whether the Casey Anthony murder trial will resume on Friday or be cancelled. My guess is that the trial will resume in Orlando, Florida tomorrow morning at 9am.

It became clear yesterday (Thursday) afternoon that Casey Anthony was feeling sick after pictures of the decomposed body of her daughter Caylee Marie were shown in open court. News organizations are filtering out the face shots of little Caylee and I believe that is the right thing to do. I hope that Casey Anthony became sick because of remorse for what she did to her daughter.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Watch Video Of Casey Anthony Getting Sick In Court

On Thursday, June 9 2011, Casey Anthony got sick in court and the judge sent the jury, lawyers and spectators home for the day one hour and a half earlier than scheduled. Right before Casey became ill, photo evidence had been shown to the jury of her dead child's decomposed body in a wooded area near her home. Those pictures were taken by Orange County, Florida crime scene investigators.

In the video clip below, it's easy to see that Casey Anthony was not feeling well after the afternoon break in the trial. Not long after the jury was brought back in the courtroom, Judge Perry decided to end Thursday's court session and begin again in the morning. What made Casey Anthony sick in court today? Opinions on that are varying wildly.

Nancy Grace (HLN) Should Have Interesting Take On Casey Anthony Getting Sick In Court Today

When court ended early in the Casey Anthony murder trial today because the defendant got sick (ill), the first thing that went through my mind was how will Nancy Grace handle this news tonight on her TV program?

One thing is for sure and that is Nancy Grace will likely show Casey Anthony no sympathy when her show airs tonight. I wish I could say that Casey's sickness was due to remorse, but I do not believe that is the case. More than likely she wanted to turn the attention back to herself and away from Caylee once again. That is why I believe she acted like she was sick today in court.

Pictures Of Daughters Skull Made Casey Anthony Ill

Late Thursday afternoon, murder defendant Casey Anthony became ill after photos of the skeletal remains of her dead daughter were shown in court. Judge Belvin Perry dismissed the jury for the rest of the day and ask them not to speculate as to why today's court session ended early.

Casey Anthony is charged with capital murder in the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.  The prosecution is over half-way through their case against her and the defense should begin their rebuttal of the evidence within the next two weeks.

Casey Anthony Trial Ends Early (Thursday June 9, 2011) Defendant Sick?

Around mid-afternoon on Thursday June 9, 2011, Judge Belvin Perry dismissed the jury early. It appeared to me that Casey Anthony became sick after the afternoon recess and shortly thereafter the judge ended today's court session. The trial resumes in the morning at 9am EDST.

Ann Curry's First Day As "Today Show" Co-Host

Today, June 9, 2011, was the first day of Ann Curry's new job as co-host of NBC's "Today Show". For years, I have watched her on the "Today Show" and other programs like "Dateline". On different occasions throughout the years, I felt like NBC always passed over Curry in the top slot of the "Today Show" by going outside their own family of talent to hire another woman from a different network.

Finally, NBC-TV did the right thing and hired the woman who should have been in that position since Katie Couric departed for CBS years ago. Ann Curry is a well established journalist who has the ability to tell an interesting story on television without the needless sensationalism that too often times is utilized in modern media. The right decision was made in giving Curry the position of co-anchor of the "Today Show" and I wish her well.

Anthony Weiner's Wife Huma Abedin Keeping Low Profile

Congressman Anthony Weiner's wife Huma Abedin is keeping a low profile since pictures of her husband in a sexually compromising way surfaced on the Internet. Abedin, a practicing Muslin, must have been mortified by the actions of her husband only one year after they were married. Congressman Anthony Weiner was a respected Democratic Member of Congress who had lead the fight in Washington to promote a liberal agenda.

On Wednesday, it was learned that Abedin was pregnant with her first child. I can't image the pain that she must be going through now as she travels around the world with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. After lying for almost a week about nasty and revealing pictures he posted on his Twitter account to women other than his wife, Representative Weiner has now said that he will go about the business of cleaning up his act - which does not include him resigning from Congress. I certainly hope he changes his mind about resignation.

Arizona Wallow Wildfire Could Cause Electricity Blackouts

It's been a tough week in Arizona as the "Wallow Wildfire" continues to destroy forest and homes in the area. Late Wednesday night, it was learned that this wildfire is on a direct course to destroy long distance power-lines that provide electricity to the States of Texas and New Mexico. High winds are hampering firefighters efforts to bring this massive wildfire under control.

On Thursday, dozens of professional forest firefighters from Oregon will join the battle to stop the progression of this massive fire. If the fire takes out power-lines that bring electricity from western states into New Mexico and Texas, rolling blackout would most certainly be put into place almost immediately. Unseasonably hot summer weather has engulfed the southern portions of the United States and that has put electricity demand at an all time high.

Casey Anthony Trial Thursday June 9, 2011

Today, Thursday June 9, 2001, the prosecution is expected to continue to tighten the noose around Casey Anthony as even more expert testimony will be be heard. From my point of view, the State of Florida has already made a compelling case which proves that Casey Anthony did indeed kill her daughter. However, there will likely be several more days filled with expert testimony offered to the jury in order to make their already good case against Casey Anthony rock solid.

Casey Anthony's attorney Jose Baez has been doing a pretty good job defending her, but he frankly does not have much to work with. In her own mind, either Casey Anthony believes she is smarter than everyone else in the world or she really has blocked out the memory of what she did from her brain. Either way, she is headed for death row unless some miracle happens to definitely prove her innocence. For me, the recent testimony in Casey Anthony's trial has been boring to say the least - but mundane evidence likely will result in her conviction at the end of this trial.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Chloroform Google Search Casey Anthony Trial Wednesday

It was learned today in the Casey Anthony trial that someone searched the word "chloroform" on the home family computer many times before Caylee Marie died. The prosecution believes that Casey Anthony used chloroform to killed her two-year-old baby girl. As the evidence continues to mount against Casey Anthony, she remains stoned face most of the time during her daily murder trial.

In addition to sensitive chemical instruments picking up chloroform in the truck of Casey Anthony's car, several cadaver dogs also gave positive reactions to the smell of death in the backyard of her home as well as in the truck of her car. The trial resumes again on Thursday at 9am ESDT.

Memories Of "The Triplets" As Lockout Threatens Cowboys Season

Since March, when the NFL owners decided to lockout the players, I have been in an on again/off again depression. Could it really be that the NFL, including my favorite team the Dallas Cowboys, might not play any games in 2011 due to a money dispute? A few months ago, when the "lockout" began, I had high hopes that the differences between the owners and players would be worked out before summer. However, we are now in the first week of June and still no agreement has been finalized between the two sides.

Today, I was searching YouTube for news about the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL Lockout when I stumbled upon a video from the good old days when "The Triplets" made all Cowboys' fans feel important and proud. That video made me feel so good, I decided to include it in this post today. You may watch this video entitled "The Triplets" in the video box below.

Delta Airlines Charged Soldiers For Extra Bag

It was learned recently that Delta Airlines had been breaking a contract it signed with the Pentagon that allowed returning soldiers to have four bags of luggage at no additional charge rather than the three normally allowed by Delta on the same flight. The flight in question, which was bringing troops back to the United States from Afghanistan, ended up charging US soldiers almost $3000 in extra bag charges.

The good news is that Delta has admitted to it's mistake and the Pentagon has agreed to reimburse the money soldiers paid for the extra bag of luggage. In my opinion, it's Delta Airlines that should be refunding the money to the soldiers and not the US taxpayers. It's their mistake and not the troops or the citizens of the United States of America.

Raising The Debt Ceiling Must Include Large Spending Cuts

As Washington politicians continue down the path of spending even more money than they have, there are a few new leaders who are saying no to increasing the US debt ceiling without spending cuts that equal or exceed that amount. There has been and continues to be a lack of leadership in the US Congress when it comes to getting their financial "house in order" in regards to setting a budget where they live within their means.

In about one month, the US government will run out of money again and at that time - most political leaders will want to just "kick the can down the road" again and spend even more borrowed money. New Members of Congress desire to see the budget cut before they will support raising the US debt ceiling. I hope they hold their ground and not allow themselves to be bullied by more senior leaders who would rather get reelection then solve hard problems.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Dog Handler/Experts Testify In Casey Anthony's Trial

It was an interesting day in the Casey Anthony trial on Tuesday as a cadaver dog handler with the Orange County, Florida Sheriffs department offered testimony. As hard as he tried to discredit his testimony, Casey Anthony's lead attorney Jose Baez failed. At the heart of Casey Anthony's defense is the crazy idea that trained experts in law enforcement don't know the difference between the smell of a decomposing body and that of old trash.

Also testifying on Tuesday was the same expert who has been on the witness stand before. The State of Florida continues to make their case that Casey Anthony killed her daughter so that she could live the fast paced life of a 20 something year-old-woman. Casey Anthony's defense team has said that Caylee drown in the family swimming pool and that it was father George who deposed of the little girls body. The trial resumes in the morning at 9am.

National Footbal League (NFL) Chat Room

It's been months since NFL owners locked out the players and everyday that goes by brings us one step closer to a cancelled 2011 season. Like many of you, I am frustrated at the possibility that this season might be canceled - because of the greed of millionaire players and billionaire owners. Almost everyone in the United States has a favorite NFL football team and the thought that there will be no professional games this fall causes anger and sadness at the same time for everyone.

Since there is nothing fans can do to make the powers that be in the NFL move any faster toward a compromise, I decided to open a chat room where you may visit and vent out your frustrations about what is going on. This chat room is called "NFL Lockout (Strike) Chat Room" and you may talk about this issue with others in the chat box below. Hopefully, this strike (lockout) between the owners and players will be settled before pre-season begins in August.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Case Against Casey Anthony Looks Strong

Say what you will about the lack of smoking gun evidence from the prosecution, the trial so far against Casey Anthony has been pretty strong. Actually, I believe Jose Baez made a huge mistake in the way he opened the trial by claiming that she was abused for years before Caylee's death. I'm not saying she was not abused, but no amount of abuse could explain why she would carry a dead body around in the truck of her car until is smelled so bad no one could stand to be around it.

Everyone who has happened upon something lying dead, knows exactly what a dead body smells like after only a few days of decomposition. The attempts by Jose Baez to try and convince the jury that no one really knows what death smells like will undoubtedly come across as just as condescending to the jury - as it does to everyone at home watching the trial on TV or the Internet. Right now, conviction appears likely for Casey Marie Anthony.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

FBI Agent's Testimony About Hair Found In Casey Anthony's Car

If you missed the half day court session of the Casey Anthony trial on Saturday June 4, 2011 - you did not get to hear the testimony of an FBI agent who said that one of the hairs recovered from Casey's car was from a person who was dead. While I believe the trial so far has been dreadful for Casey Anthony, I'm not sure that Saturday's testimony about one single hair in her truck will sway the jury one way or the other. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time that kind of evidence has been used in a murder trial - because it is not yet proven science.

The prosecution has more than enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony without bring in this kind of unproven science that gives Baez and Mason something to object to. The trial begins again on Monday June 6, 2011 at 9:00 am. Click here to watch it live.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Damning Evidence Will Send Casey Anthony To Death Row?

It's be a long two weeks as the State of Florida has laid out it's case against Casey Marie Anthony. So far, things don't look good for this young women who is charged with the cold blooded murder of her two-year-old daughter. Even at this late stage of the game, I believe Casey Anthony still believes the jury will find her not guilty. There is a certain arrogance about Casey Anthony and her lies that make it difficult for average people to image that such a pretty face could also produce such an abundance of bold face lies.

While I have written many times about my lack of trust in her attorney's Jose Baez and Cheney Mason, in truth they are probably just as disappointed in their clients actions as everyone else is. Even if the State of Florida does not have a "smoking gun" against Casey Anthony, her own words on audio tape will likely lead to her undoing. Unless 12 of the dumbest jurors ever somehow found a way to be seated on the Casey Anthony case, there is little to no chance that she will be found not guilty of murdering two-year-old Caylee Marie.

Even as I watch Casey Anthony sitting by her attorney's in court each and everyday, I see an emptiness in her eyes that indicate to this layman that she is probably a sociopath. While I am not a medical professional, I have studied the personality traits of sociopath personalities and Casey Anthony does appear to share many of those characteristics. I also believe that Casey Anthony is one of those rare birds who is able to hide her inability to have compassion for others quite well.

The Casey Anthony murder trial will end sometime around mid-summer, but I expect professionals who study the minds of sociopath killers will be examining her from a far for many years to come. In the same way Ted Bundy changed the way millions of women look at attractive men, Casey Anthony will do the same thing for trusting men. It's pretty easy to figure out a women like Casey Anthony. All anyone needs to do is listen to her words and then check out everything she has said. In doing so, it won't take long to discover that few things that come out of her mouth are true. Click here to follow the Casey Anthony murder trial live.

Casey Anthony Trial (Week 2 Of Testimony In Review)

The second week of testimony in the Casey Anthony trial was a journey into the life and lies of the murder defendant. On too many occasions than I can count - Casey Anthony was proven to be one of the biggest pathological liars in the world. Even after following this case for over two years, I was still blown away at how easily and convincingly she lied not only to the police - but also to her family members. Ashleigh Banfield from ABC News just filed an excellent report outlining the court testimony from week two of the Casey Anthony murder trial, which you may watch below.

There will be a half day of court activity on Saturday June 4, 2011 just as there was last weekend. After listening to two weeks of testimony and the mountain of evidence that has already been submitted for jury consideration, I am more convinced then ever that Casey Anthony will be convicted at the end of this trial.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Detective Tells Casey Anthony He Knows She Is Lying June 2, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2010, a detective working for the Orange County Sheriff's Office testified that he knew Casey Anthony was lying to him as he questioned her about the whereabouts of her daughter Caylee. Also introduced into evidence on Thursday were audio tapes made of that interview where Casey Anthony continually lied to the police about her knowledge of where Caylee Marie Anthony was located. Everyday it becomes more clear that Casey Anthony is a liar and sadly for her lead attorney Jose Baez, there is little he can do to mitigate the damage - because he went all in at the beginning of this trial by claiming that Caylee's death was an accident.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Lee Anthony/Amy Huizenga Testimony Wednesday June 1, 2011

Casey Anthony's brother Lee Anthony and former friend Amy Huizenga took the witness stand on Wednesday June 1, 2011. Also, later in the day, police officers from the Orange County Florida Sheriff's Office testified. Below are two video clips detailing what happen in the trial on Wednesday.

Day Two Of Cindy Anthony's Testimony (May 31, 2011)

The walls continue to close in on Casey Anthony as her murder trial starts week number two. As she did on Saturday, Cindy Anthony testified again on Tuesday and her words on the witness stand did not work to the advantage of her daughter Casey. While Cindy Anthony's testimony portrayed her daughter as a cold blooded narcissist who likely murdered her own daughter, the 911 calls played in court on Tuesday made Casey Anthony appear even worse.

At this point in time, I believe it would take a direct act of God to save Casey Anthony from spending the rest of her life in prison. So far in court, everyone who has testified has come across as an honest grown up - with the exception of Casey Anthony. I knew once all of that evidence started coming out at trial, most people would be shaking their hands in confusion as to why Casey did not take a plea deal with the prosecution. My best guess is that Casey still believes she can manipulate everyone with her lies, but she is so wrong.