Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boycott Casey Anthony Group Calls For Demonstration In Front Of NBC Today Show Studios Monday August 1 2011 To Warn Media

To millions of Americans, Casey Anthony literally got away with murder when she was found “not guilty” by a jury of her peers in the death of her daughter in early July. In order to send a message to main stream news media outlets to not pay Casey Anthony for any interviews or entertainment deals, this grass roots organization is hoping to send a loud and clear message that any type of profit for access deal enriching Casey Anthony will be filled with pain and boycotts.

I'm not sure how many people will show up at NBC's 'Today Show' studios on Monday August 1, 2011 to demonstrate – but it will be interesting to see if NBC decides to show the many banners and posters that will likely be there at the time. While many people disappointed with the Casey Anthony verdict have moved on, there are still tens of thousands of folks who are making it their mission in life to make sure she does not earn a dime from the death of her daughter Caylee.

11-Year-Old Celina Cass Still Missing After Monday Night Disappearance From A Small Town In New Hampshire

Hope is fading that Celina Cass will be found alive. Since Tuesday, hundreds of volunteer searchers have been looking for her with few valid leads being reported by police. Cass is 11-years-old and was last seen on her computer Monday night around 9pm. Since that time, police have asked for the public to help in locating Cass and it was learned this weekend that the FBI has joined the search for her.

Usually, the longer a young girl goes missing the less likely it is she will be found alive. However, we all learned when Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard disappeared – that there are those rare occasions when a young girl is found alive, sometimes many years later. Millions of people around the USA are praying for the safe return of Celina Cass today and God willing she will be found safe and alive very soon. If you have any information about the location of Cass, please contact the state police in New Hampshire.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Difficult To Believe That Rebecca Zahau Committed Suicide By Stripping Naked, Binding Feet/Hands Then Hanging Herself

In the alleged suicide case of Rebecca Zahau in California, I find it extremely unlikely that she made the choice to commit suicide by stripping naked, binding her hands and feet and then hanging herself in a public venue. I admit that people who are despondent are capable of doing some pretty crazy things, but if Zahau's death does prove to be suicide – she most certainly was trying to show ultimate contrition on her way out of life.

It has been a known fact for a long time now, that most women who take their own life will not choose a firearm – but instead they prefer to overdose from medication instead. When you take that knowledge about female suicide attempts and apply it to the strange death of Rebecca Zahau, I believe her death was either homicide or she felt like her soul was in such danger – she needed to show complete contrition to God at the time of her death.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Forensic Expert Dr. Werner Spitz Talks About the Deaths Of Rebecca Zahau/Max Shacknai In San Diego With News 10 (July 29 2011)

News 10 in San Diego, California recently talked with Dr. Werner Spitz about the strange deaths of Rebecca Zahau/Max Shacknai. As you may have heard, young Max Shacknai reportedly fell down the stairs at his fathers huge home and later died at a local hospital. Then a few days later, - the fathers girl friend, Rebecca Zahau, was found hanging in the yard of the same home.

Dr. Spitz' told the TV station that both of these strange deaths are somehow tied together and it will be the job of police and the medical examiner to understand the why of this case. You might remember Dr. Spitz as a defense witness in the recently concluded Casey Anthony murder trial in Florida. If you would like to read more about Dr. Spitz' insights into this strange case, click here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If John Boehner Is Forced Out As Speaker Of The House – The Republican Party Will Be Doomed For At Least One Generation

There are a few, but stubborn Members of the Republican Party who do not want to raise the debt ceiling no matter what. Those extremist believe that if the US government does not raise the debt ceiling that nothing bad will happen. Sadly, those folks are wrong and when everything from groceries, gasoline and interest rates go up over night – they will just blame the problem on President Obama.

I understand where some in the 'Tea Party' and conservative circles in the GOP are coming from when they say that John Boehner must go, but they are self destructing the only political party that will even listen to them and worst of all they are hurting this country with their extremist views. My hope is that enough Members of Congress will come together and raise the debt ceiling, but I also want spending cuts to be a part of the overall deal.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roy Williams Will Be Cut By The Dallas Cowboys Later This Week ESPN Sources Said July 26 2011 - Davis/Barber/Brown Gone Too

When I heard today, July 26 2011, that the Dallas Cowboys had cut Roy Williams from their line-up – I started to feel extra good about this season. Roy Williams has been a disappointment for the Cowboys ever since Jerry Jones made it his mission to sign him to a Dallas Cowboys' contract. On more occasions then I can count, Williams dropped an important catch and cost the Cowboys an important victory.

Along with Roy Williams, the Cowboys also cut Kris Brown, Leonard Davis and Marion Barber. The 2011 NFL season for the Cowboys should be bright if they can sign some free agents to help fill in some big gaps on the team. Tomorrow - Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett will hold a news conference in San Antonio, which will kick off the 2011 Dallas Cowboys training camp.

Did Amy Winehouse Commit Suicide Or Was Her Death Caused By An Accidental Case Of Overuse/Overdose Of Drugs And Alcohol?

It will probably be several more weeks before friends, family and fans of Amy Winehouse know what caused her death at the age of 27. Like many of you, I was shocked and at the same time not surprised that Winehouse had died at such an early age. Amy Winehouse spent most of her adult life in and out of rehab and even recorded a song once about that whole experience.

The person who knew Amy Winehouse the best was her father, who told reporters that he had already prepared her eulogy even before her untimely death. My hope is that the death of Winehouse will send a wake-up call to young people around the world about the dangers of drinking too much alcohol and the use of illegal drugs of any kind. Sadly, it's impossible to know what impact Winehouse would have had on this world - if she had not died on Saturday from either an accidental overdose of drugs or in a successful suicide attempt.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dallas Cowboys 2011 Training Camp Set To Begin Wednesday July 27 In San Antonio Texas - NFL Lockout Is Over/Back To Business

On Wednesday, July 27 2011, the Dallas Cowboys will be showing up in San Antonio to begin their training camp for the season. Actual workouts will not begin until Thursday, but the players are expected to be there as team owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett hold a news conference.

Dallas Cowboys' fans dodged a big bullet when NFL owners and players came to an agreement at the last minute a few days ago. Like many other Cowboys' fans, I am looking forward to see what Jason Garrett can do with the team when given an entire season to work his magic. I have my fingers crossed and a big smile on my face as the 2011 Dallas Cowboys season begins.

Good Morning America (GMA) To Interview Nafissatou Diallo July 25 2011 About Rape Allegations Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn

In what some people call a clear case of rape, while other refer to as “Gold Digging” - Good Morning America (GMA) will interview the woman (maid) who was allegedly raped in a hotel room by former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn later this morning. Nafissatou Diallo, will sit down for a one on one interview with Robin Roberts from GMA this morning.

The New York City (NYC) district attorney's office is considering dropping all charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn after learning that Nafissatou Diallo provided misleading statements to police shortly after this alleged rape took place. In a video clip released by ABC News on Sunday night, the accuser Diallo remains steadfast in her claim that she was raped by Strauss-Kahn. ABC News will show this interview several times today not only on 'GMA', but also 'World News Tonight' and 'Nightline'.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is The Death Of Coronado California Resident Rebecca Zahau A Murder Made To Look Like Suicide Or The Other Way Around?

The home of pharmaceutical CEO Jonah Shacknai in Coronado, California is the location of a bizarre police investigation. Over the period of a few days, two people from the same home have died under mysterious circumstances. The first death involved the young son of Shacknai - who allegedly died after falling down a flight of stairs. The second death was either a strange suicide or a murder that was made to look like one.

Police have sealed much of the evidence and information they have gathered about the alleged suicide death of Rebecca Zahau. Zahau was found dead as the result of a hanging in the backyard of Jonah Shacknai's mansion in Coronado, California by his brother. The manner of suicide and the fact that the brother cut down her body before police arrived have created more questions then answers in this case. There will be more to come about this strange case in the San Diego, California area.

NFL Lockout Could End Tomorrow July 25 2011 When Players Vote To Accept New 10 Year Deal Offered By Team Owners Last Week

Rumors have surfaced that NFL players are likely to vote to accept a new 10-year-contract on Monday, July 25 2011, which was offered by owners last week. For football fans, this is great news and it also means that there will be no delay in the start of the 2011/2012 NFL football season.

Fans have worried about this season for several months now, after NFL owners locked out their players only weeks after the 2011 Superbowl game was played in Dallas. There is no reason why this season had to be canceled, considering the billions of dollars worth of revenue that is generated. Thankfully, sanity has apparently won the day in the NFL.

GOP Appears Unwilling To Compromise With Tax Increases In Debt Ceiling Talks Before Stock Markets Open On Monday July 25 2011

GOP leaders in Congress have their backs against the wall as a looming deadline approaches to raise the US federal debt ceiling. For a long time now, GOP Members of Congress have pledged to their base to never raise taxes on their watch and some of them are going to abide by that promise even if it sends Americas credit rating down the tubes.

That said, when push come to shove - the big money guys on Wall Street are going to win the day with GOP politicians over "Tea Party" leaders who never want to raise the debt ceiling again. No matter what GOP leaders do before Monday July 25 2011, they will end up being the losers in this fight - because half of the Republican Party base will be angry with their decision and take it out on them on Election Day.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Troubled 27-Year-Old Singing Star Amy Winehouse Found Dead In London Home - What Was The Cause Of Her Death July 23 2011?

Some will say that it was bound to happen - but most people were shocked this morning, July 23 2011, to learn that 27-year-old singing star Amy Winehouse had died. Her father was in New York when word came of her death. Stunned, he booked another flight back to the UK to make arrangements for her funeral.

Amy Winehouse has been a self destructive young woman ever since she popped up on the worldwide music scene years ago. In addition to battling alcohol and drug problems, Winehouse has been in and out of trouble with London police as her outrageous behavior landed her in jail on several occasions. Funeral plans have not be finalized, as of yet, for Amy Winehouse.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NFL Lockout Could End Today July 22 2011 As Team Owners Offer A Deal To Players Which Could Avert A Cancelled Season Of Football

It took almost to the last minute, but late yesterday - NFL owner made an offer of a new 10 year deal with players and all that is needed now to avert a cancelled 2011 season is for the union to vote and sign on to the deal. NFL fans, like myself, have been worried that stubborn owners and players would somehow find a way to do the stupid thing and that was to cancel this season of professional football.

There is still no guarantee that the players will agree to the proposal put forward by the NFL owners, but I sure hope they will. It's been a long hot summer and the idea that once the weather cools down in September that there would not be any NFL football was a bit much for die-hard fans to accept. My fingers are cross with the hope the NFL lockout of 2011 is finally about to come to an end.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did Baseball Great/Texas Rangers President Nolan Ryan Suffer A Heart Attack While In Houston Recently (Updated July 19 2011)?

This morning, July 19 2011, Hall of Fame player and current President of the Texas Rangers baseball team Nolan Ryan is hospitalized in Houston after suffering from chest pains. It's still to early to know whether or not Nolan Ryan suffered a heart attack. He was admitted to a Houston hospital on Sunday night for observation.

Millions of MLB fans have known the name of Nolan Ryan for decades, especially back when he was one of the best Major League Baseball (MLB) players in the world. In recent years, Ryan has been the leader of the Texas Rangers baseball team and through his leadership the "Rangers" attended their first "World Series" ever during the 2010 season.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Will Rupert Murdoch Be Arrested Next As News Corp Scandal Grows In The UK And Possibly Spreads To The USA Today July 18 2011

The scandal surrounding worldwide publishing tycoon Rupert Murdoch continues today July 18, 2011. Many of Murdoch's current and former employees have now been arrested in the UK and I am starting to wonder if the top guy himself will eventually be charged with a crime as well?

Rumors over the weekend suggested that Rupert Murdoch and his children have been at each others throats in recent days trying to find a way to make this terrible story go away. However, rather than the story finding a way to die off and disappear - it continues to grow as higher executives in News Corp are being arrested in the UK on almost a daily basis.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Behind The Scenes Video Of Casey Anthony's Release From Jail - Orlando Florida TV Coverage Sunday Morning July 17 2011 12AM

For the past couple of hours, I have watched pretty much the same TV coverage of Casey Anthony's release from jail on CNN, MSNBC and the Fox News Channel. Finally - I found video from a local Orlando, Florida TV station where a reporter was camped out at the front door of the Orange County jail when Casey Anthony was released.

This video, which you may watch below, gives a much better feel to what was really going on outside that jail when Casey Anthony was released just after midnight on July 17 2011. As Casey Anthony was brought out of the jail, the video below picks up the angry voices of people waiting and it also gives the viewer a good idea of the police presents both on the ground and on horseback as she is released.

Camera Man Tells What He Saw As Casey Anthony/Jose Baez Walked Out Of Orange County Florida Jail Sunday July 17 2011

Three pool reporters were allowed to witness the release of Casey Anthony on Sunday morning July 17, 2011. One of those pool reporters, a cameraman, was interviewed shortly after her release from jail and you may watch what he had to say in the video box below.

So far, it appears that the release of Casey Anthony was smooth and there was no trouble reported from the hundreds of spectators who were there to shout words of anger at her as she walked to a waiting SUV. So, what's next for Casey Anthony? I'm sure big money entertainment deals are in the works at this very minute, which will include a million dollar or more interview, plus book and movie deals later down the road.

Private Jet Awaits Casey Anthony At Orlando Airport July 17 2011 - Acquitted Murderer Leaving Town In Style At Whose Expense?

Update: July 17 2011 (4:15am) - A private jet allegedly carrying Casey Anthony has left an Orlando, Florida airport in route to Columbus, Ohio.

Several news organizations are reporting that Casey Anthony will soon be leaving the Orlando area in a private jet. Not a bad way to leave town, considering most Americans believe a miscarriage of justice took place after her recent "not guilty" finding by a jury of her peers.

One news organization has already claimed that the taxpayers of Florida are paying for this alleged private jet that will take Casey Anthony away from the city she has always lived in to destinations unknown. For me, I want to see prove that either Orange County or the State of Florida is footing the bill for Casey Anthony's private jet ride. My guess is that a major news organization is paying not only for the private jet, but also her living expenses in the near future in exchange for an exclusive interview.

Watch Live Video Of Casey Anthony's Release From Jail In Orlando Florida On Sunday July 17 2011 - Heavy Police Protection Visible

On Sunday morning, July 17 2011, Casey Anthony along with her lead attorney Jose Baez walked out of the county jail in Orlando Florida. There was heavy police protection visible as Casey and her attorney walked to an SUV and left the jail premises.

Casey Anthony is expected to leave the Orlando, Florida area this morning in favor of some other city where she is not as well recognized. MSNBC has provided a video showing the release of Casey Anthony from jail this morning. You may watch that video from the box below. Casey Anthony is now a free woman.

Casey Marie Anthony Walked Out Of The Orange County Florida Jail A Free Woman Today Sunday July 17 2011 With Attorney Jose Baez

Under tight security, Casey Anthony was released from the Orange County, Florida jail early this morning July 17 2011. By her side was attorney Jose Baez. Fox News Channel showed footage of Anthony and Baez walking out of the jail compound.

It appears that a private jet is fueled and ready to take Casey Anthony to another city which has not been named. It seems weird to me that Casey Anthony or any of her lawyers could afford to charter a private jet to take her anywhere. I wonder who paid for that private jet? My guess is it belongs to a new organization who intends to interview Casey Anthony and make millions of dollars off of her story.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Box Office Gold For Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - Movie Earns Almost $100 Million On First Day Friday July 15 2011

The latest and final installment of the Harry Potter series of movies is proving to be a blockbuster even after only one day at theaters around the country. On the first day of nationwide release, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 has earned almost $100 million at the domestic US box office.

Entertainment experts are predicting that when all the money is counted on Sunday, Potter will set a new record as the highest grossing movie, during it's first weekend of release, of all time. A coworker told me last night that he went to see the new Harry Potter movie on Friday afternoon. He said the theater was packed and he was forced to sit on the first row of seats.

ABC Television To Repeat Diane Sawyer Interview With Jaycee Dugard Tonight (Saturday) July 17 2011 From 9-11pm EDST

Last Sunday night, my wife and I watched one of the best interviews ever conducted on broadcast television. ABC "World News Tonight" anchor Diane Sawyer took millions of viewers inside the life of kidnap survivor Jaycee Dugard. Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped at the age of 11-years-old and was sexually abused by a predator for most of her childhood.

If you missed the first airing of Diane Sawyers' interview with Jaycee Dugard, please try to watch it tonight when it is shown again. If you cannot be at a television set this evening, you may use the video box below to watch it online via your computer. No matter how depressed you may feel about your own life, you will feel better about things after seeing what that crazy man did to Jaycee Dugard for most of her life.

Casey Anthony Prepares To Walk Free Tomorrow July 17 2011 - Was Justice Served In This Case Or Did She Get Away With Murder?

Tomorrow morning, some time around 2am EDST - Casey Anthony will walk out of an Orlando jail free to live the rest of her life. I would venture to say that 95%-96% of the people who followed the Casey Anthony murder trial believe the jury got it wrong when they found her "not guilty" of murdering her daughter.

The US justice system is not a popularity contest, so what a majority of people think does not carry weight in a court-of-law. Rumor has it that Casey Anthony will immediately leave Florida when she is released from jail on Sunday and other speculation suggests that she will change her appears so she will not be easily recognized by a public who does not like her at all.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Obama/GOP At Stalemate In Raising The Debt Ceiling Negotiations Today July 15 2011 - Will The USA Default On Financial Obligations?

There have been so many dire prediction made about what will happen to the United States of America, if the USA debt ceiling is not raised before August 2, 2011 - that most Americans have just tuned out this debate all together. That is a terrible mistake, because what is happening right now in Washington will effect all Americans over the next few years.

All sides agree, that no matter what political posturing is being floated right now - when push comes to shove and August 2, 2011 comes around - the USA debt ceiling will be raised and the full-faith and credit of this country will not collapse. I blame both Republicans and Democrats equally for this problem and there is another group of people who are to blame as well. Those folks are all of us Americans who have tuned out what has been happening in our nations capital for decades and instead focused our brain power on stupid stuff like reality TV shows.

Some Health Experts Want USA Government To Take Overweight Children Away From Their Parents (Debated July 15 2011)

In a story custom made for the Fox News Channel, recently some medical expert said that the USA government should take away overweight (fat) children from their parents. Fox News and conservatives around the country have been battling the "nanny state" of affairs that is invading the lives of millions of Americans who just want to be left alone by the government.

Of course, this harebrained idea of removing fat children from the homes of their parents will never gain traction in Washington, but it does show how out-of-touch some medical professional have become when they mix science with a liberal philosophy of life. If Washington politicians want to see their popularity fall to even a lower level, let one or more of them champion this new idea of taking overweight children away from their parents by putting them in government funded foster homes.

LA Carmageddon Begins Tomorrow Saturday July 16 2011 (405 Freeway) Ends 7-17-11 After Mulholland Bridge Removed

In about 24 hours, 10 miles of one the busiest freeways in the world (405) is set to close down for two days. People who call Los Angeles (LA) home already know, first hand, how bad the traffic can be there even on a good day. The ten mile stretch of the 405 freeway set to close on Saturday and Sunday will reopen on Monday morning after the Mulholland Bridge is taken down.

Almost 500,000 cars travel the 405 freeway in LA each day and during most hours of the day and night this freeway is filled with traffic. Some people in LA have labeled this two day event "Carmageddon", because almost one half a million cars will be forced to find other routes in an already congested section of the second largest city in the United States of America.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jaycee Dugard's Book A Stolen Life: A Memoir Is Number One On Best Sellers List (July 13 2011)

Sunday night, millions of Americans listened with great interest as ABC News interviewed Jaycee Dugard. World News Tonight anchor Diane Sawyer did an outstanding job of talking to Dugard about her 18-years-of-captivity at the hands of a sexual predator who kidnapped her at the age of 11.

Today, July 13 2011, Jaycee Dugard's new book A Stolen Life: A Memoirenters the "best sellers list" at number one. If you missed Diane Sawyer's interview with Dugard, you may use the video box below to watch it on the Internet. All week I have been counting my many blessing after seeing first hand how some crazy person can still the live of another.

Will Casey Anthony Change Name/Leave Florida (July 13 2011)?

It appears that acquitted murder defendant Casey Anthony will soon be changing her name and moving out of the State of Florida. It's not that she will be in a bad financial position either - because TV networks, magazines and maybe even a movie producer or two will be eager to give her millions of dollars for her story.

Like many of you, "I believe Casey Anthony got away with murder", but the way the US justice system is set up - she can never again be put on trial for murdering her daughter Caylee. Actually, from Casey Anthony's prospective, it is probably a great idea for her to leave Florida and change her name. She has no chance of living anything resembling a normal life in Florida or anywhere using her real name.

Medal Of Honor Recipient Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Arthur Petry (July 13 2011)

Most of the time in modern history, when a soldier is awarded the "Medal Of Honor" it occurs after his or her death. However, for the second time in a period of months - a living man has been awarded our nations highest military honor. Sergeant Leroy Petry was awarded the "Medal Of Honor" by President Obama yesterday at a ceremony in the White House.

Nothing will get my tears following faster than watching a real American hero be honor with our nations highest award. Leroy Petry is the "real deal" when it comes to what makes the United States of America a truly great country. If you missed Sgt. Petry's "Medal of Honor ceremony" on television yesterday, please use the video box below to watch with pride as another real American hero is added to the hundreds who have come before him.

GOP Proposal To Give Debt Ceiling Power To President Obama (July 13 2011)

In one of the dumbest moves I have ever seen from a GOP leader. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is proposing that the Congress give up its constitutional role in approving debt ceiling increases and instead give that power to President Barack Obama. No matter how much lipstick you put on that pig, it is still a pig.

Current leaders in Congress are more concerned about how they will be viewed by the voters in the next election - if the US debt ceiling is not raised - than they are about preserving the US Constitution and how the balance of power is divided in this country. Shame on Senator McConnell and other Republicans who desire to give extra power to President Obama, instead of doing the job they were elected to do.

Debt Ceiling Debate Wednesday July 13 2011

Does anyone else get the feeling that Republicans and Democrats are playing chicken with our financial future? I do and I am extremely discouraged that President Obama and GOP leaders have not made more progress in cutting government spending - considering the US debt ceiling must be raised by August 2, 2011 or all hell will break loose.

After three long years of acting like the biggest liberal in the United States, President Obama has now turned into a conservative - which has caught Republican leaders totally off-guard. For people old enough to remember, President Bill Clinton did the same thing and he won reelection back in the 1990's. President Obama is still a liberal, but he's just going to act conservative until the 2012 election is over.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Watch Soldier Ask Mila Kunis Out On A Date July 12 2011 (Video)

Scott Moore, Sergeant in the US Marines, recently asked Mila Kunis out on a date via a YouTube video and she said yes. The Internet and cable news channels are alive talking about this story today, July 12 2011.

In a world where there is so much bad news, I thought you might like to "watch the video where Sergeant Scott Moore asked Mila Kunis for a date". His date request is short and sweet and may be watched in the video box below. Way to go Scott.

Jury Foreman From Casey Anthony Trial Interviewed By Greta On Fox News Channel (July 12 2011)

It's hard to believe it was just one week ago when a jury of her peers found Casey Anthony "not guilty" of murder charges. Over the past seven days, millions of Americans and people around the world have cried out in anger over that verdict and some people have suggested that "Casey Anthony got away with murder".

Today, July 12 2011, the jury foreman from the Casey Anthony murder trial went "On the Record" with Greta from the Fox News Channel. You may watch that video in the box below and try to understand what the jury foreman and the other 11 members of Casey Anthony's jury were thinking when they decided to find her not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.

Palm Desert California Funeral Services For Betty Ford Scheduled Today Tuesday July 12 2011

Millions of Americans were saddened to learn last week that former First Lady of the United States Betty Ford had passed away. Thousands of people owe their very life to Mrs. Ford after she took the cause of drug and alcohol abuse to a nationwide audience and introduced effective treatments, many of which are still in use today.

Many notable people will be attending the funeral for Betty Ford in California today, July 12 2011. Included are First Lady Michelle Obama, former First Lady's Rosalynn Carter and Nancy Reagan. Plus former President's of the United States George W. Bush and William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton. Betty Ford was a remarkable woman who left this great country far better off then it was when she was born into it. I am hopeful that all Americans will be able to "watch Betty Ford's funeral live" on cable news channels like CNN, MSNBC and Fox.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Watch Full Diane Sawyer (ABC Video) Interview With Jaycee Dugard July 10 2011

On Sunday night July 10 2011, anchor of ABC World News Tonight, Diane Sawyer interviewed kidnapping victim Jaycee Dugard for two-full-hours. In a heavily promoted interview broadcast nationwide, Sawyer took Dugard back in time to when she was 11-years-old and kidnapped by a sexual predator and held captive for 18-years.

In one of the best interviews I have seen on television in a long time, ABC News did an outstanding job of retracing the years when Jaycee Dugard was held as a slave of a madman and his wife. They (ABC News) also talked to Jaycee's mother about the pain she suffered when her daughter was taken from her. If you missed Diane Sawyer's amazing interview with Jaycee Dugard on Sunday night or you just want to watch it again, you may use the video box below.

Boehner/Obama Continue Debt Ceiling Negotiations Today July 11, 2011

News reports from the mainstream media, are claiming that great progress has been made in budget negotiations between Speaker of the House of Representative John Boehner and President Barack Obama today, July 11 2011. That said, long ago I stopped relying on what I was told by the mainstream news media and instead take what they say with a "grain of salt" and wait of real results from politicians.

In a purely political move, President Obama has called the bluff of GOP leaders by claiming to want huge budget cuts and tax increases to slow down the ever increasing federal debt ceiling. That offer from President Obama was turned down by John Boehner, because it included tax increases Republicans have refused to support. It appears now that President Obama and the GOP will agree to 2 trillion in reduced spending, instead of the 4 trillion reported only days ago.

Wall Street Earnings Reports Begin This Week (July 11 2011)

Both small and large investors will be watching closely as quarterly earnings reports begin to be released this week, July 11 2011, on Wall Street. As the US economy tries to recover from one of the longest recessions in history, profits on Wall Street have never been higher and that has lead to a disconnect between working class Americans and CEO's of large companies.

I expect that overall quarterly earnings on Wall Street, will exceed expectations over the next few weeks. Yes, there was a bad jobs report last week - but sadly tens of millions of people being unable to find a good job, does not translate into lower quarterly profits for most large companies. I expert the disconnect between average workers in the USA and CEO's of large companies to continue for the rest of the year.

Tiger Woods Announcement Planned For Today July 11 2011 On The Golf Channel

Later this morning, golf pro Tiger Woods plans to make a major announcement. That announcement will be made on the "Golf Channel" with the participation of Kelly Tilghman. Ever since the "Golf Channel" reported via Twitter on Sunday night that Tiger Woods would be making a major announcement on their channel this morning, speculation has been running all over the map.

Tiger Woods' fans have not seen him play in that many major tournaments this year, because he has suffered from various injuries including one to his knees. Most professional followers of golf believe that Tiger Woods will announce that there will be a further delay before he returns to the PGA Tour. My guess is that Tiger Woods will take a leave of absence from professional golf to not only improve his physical condition, but to work on some issues of a personal nature as well.

ABC Interview With Jaycee Dugard Was Conducted In Good Taste

For two hours on Sunday night, July 10 2011, ABC News took viewers through the 18-years of kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard's life that were spent in captivity. I was concerned that ABC would try and sensationalize this story with needless hype, but I was thankfully wrong. Instead, Diane Sawyer did a masterful job of interviewing Jaycee Dugard who has turned out to be the poster child for what a recovering victim should look, think and act like.

Throughout the entire two hour Diane Sawyer (ABC-TV) interview with Jaycee Dugard, I saw a young woman who took a terrible tragedy and refuse to let it ruin her positive outlook on life. Any person who watched the entire two-hour-interview of Dugard and still has a negative attitude about their own life, definitely needs to get some serious counseling. Great job, ABC.

Texas Rangers Fans Pray For Josh Hamilton After Falling Death Last Week (July 11 2011)

Both last year and this, the single player on the Texas Rangers baseball team who all others seem to rally around is Josh Hamilton. Last week, a fan at a Rangers game in Arlington (Shannon Stone) fell to his death after Hamilton tossed a foul ball into the stands. Texas Rangers' superstar Josh Hamilton was devastated as he watched that fan fall behind a scoreboard and he was reportedly in tears when he learned that the man had died at a Fort Worth, Texas hospital a short time later.

All around Texas, Rangers fans are not only praying for the family of that Brownwood, Texas firefighter who lost his life trying to catch a foul ball, but also for Jose Hamilton who has battled with substance abuse issue in the past. There seems to be no good reason why firefighter Shannon Stone died last week at a Texas Rangers baseball game and that reality will probably weigh heavy on the mind of Josh Hamilton over the days and weeks to come. Please keep the family of Shannon Stone and Josh Hamilton in your prayers.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Believes GOP Will Cave On Raising Debt Ceiling (July 10 2011)

It has been a long time since I have listened to Rush Limbaugh on the radio, but this weekend I saw a video clip on the Fox News website where the popular conservative radio talk show host said that he believes Republicans are ready to cave on raising the debt ceiling to President Obama. On some issues Rush Limbaugh is way out of the mainstream, but when it comes to GOP voters wanting their leaders not to cave to President Obama - he is right on target.

Just yesterday, July 9 2011, Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner said that he favored a smaller deal when it came to budget reductions. His decision is solely based on GOP requirements from their candidates to never raise taxes under any circumstance. There are a bunch of games being played right now between Republicans and Democrats over raising the debt ceiling and Rush Limbaugh is taking full advantage of the discourse by trying to push a conservative agenda down the throats of moderate Republicans.

Watch Video Of Japanese Earthquake On July 10 2011

Today, July 10 2011, a 7.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan causing locals to fear a new tsunami. In the Japanese video below, it's easy to see how the ground shook as this new earthquake rattled the nerves of residents. The good news is that no injuries have been reported and the earlier tsunami warning has now been cancelled.

Only a few months ago, a giant earthquake occurred off the coast of Japan and when it was finished a huge tsunami washed ashore killing tens of thousands of people. Like the west coast of the USA, the Japanese people have lived with the reality of earthquake destruction for many generations.

Diane Sawyer Interviews Jaycee Dugard Tonight July 10 2011 (ABC TV)

In one of the most publicized TV interviews in years - Diane Sawyer from ABC News will interview Jaycee Dugard tonight, July 10 2011, on ABC television. It seems like an advertisement promoting this interview has been shown at every commercial break on ABC-TV for the past week.

On June 10th 1991, Jaycee Dugard was 11-years-old and walking to school with other children in her South Lake Tahoe, California neighborhood when a man kidnapped her. Over the next several years, this man brutally raped and impregnated her with children. Tonight's Diane Sawyer ABC TV interview with Dugard begins at 9pm/8pm central time.

16 Pound Baby Born In Longview Texas (Video)

When I was born in the late 1950's, I weight in at 8 pounds and 3 ounces. However - recently in Longview Texas, a new baby boy almost doubled my birth weight. At 16 pounds, this new Texan was over twice the weight of most other newborns at Good Shepard Hospital.

In a video interview you may watch below, the new mother (Janet Johnson) said that she is just glad her baby is here and healthy. Father Michael Brown said the doctor had predicted the baby would weigh about 12 pounds at birth, but he was slight off once the child was delivered by cesarean section. The baby's father predicts that his son will grow up and play football.

Watch Video Of Fire At Rihanna Concert In Dallas (July 8 2011)

Concert goers in Dallas on Friday night got more then they paid for when a fire broke out at a Rihanna concert. No one was hurt, but the concert was cut short. It is believe that pyrotechnics used during the concert started the fire.

Some concert attendees were already upset, because Rihanna arrived for the concert one hour late. Then after the fire started, the concert ended. No word yet as to whether or not refunds will be given to the tens of thousands of people who showed up at AA arena in Dallas to watch and listen to Rihanna on Friday night July, 8 2011.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Firefighter Shannon Stone's Funeral Monday After Tragic Falling Death At Texas Rangers Game

Last week - a firefighter from Brownwood, Texas fell to his death while reaching for a ball at a Texas Rangers baseball game. Shannon Stone was treated at the scene and was responsive when emergency personnel treated him. However - while in route to a Fort Worth, Texas hospital, Stone went into cardiac arrest and died.

Funeral services for Shannon Stone have been scheduled for Monday at 11am at the First United Methodist Church located at 2500 11th Street in Brownwood. A visitation will take place at the Davis Morris Funeral Home at 5pm on Sunday. Millions of sports fans have watched in horror as Stone reached for a ball pitched into the stands by Josh Hamilton last week.

New York Yankees' Derek Jeter's 3000th Hit July 9 2011 In NYC

In the history of Major League Baseball (MLB) only a hand full of players have broken the 3000 hit mark. On Saturday, July 9 2011, New York Yankees' star Derek Jeter joined that exclusive group. On a beautiful summer afternoon, Jeter broke the record and then went on to have one of the best games of his career.

Derek Jeter was the first New York Yankees' player to break the 3000 hit mark, so even for a baseball club that is use to amazing accomplishments - Jeter's record breaking run today was a really big deal. In the video below, watch more about Jeter's amazing day in MLB.

Iraqi War Veteran James Hackemer Killed On Buffalo NY Roller Coaster Ride July 8 2011

In a horrible roller coaster accident yesterday, July 8 2011, a badly injured Iraqi war veteran lost his life after a fall. James Hackemer lost both of his legs when an IED exploded during one of his tours of duty in Iraq. After a long recover, Hackemer returned to his home in the Buffalo, New York area and was fitted with two prosthetic legs.

James Hackemer lost his life on a roller coaster ride at the Darien Lake Theme Park. The ride is a popular attraction at the park. According to witnesses, Hackemer got into the first seat of the roller coaster and fell out as the ride began once one of it's steep falls. It is so ironic and troubling when a person survives a deadly attack on the field of battle, only to die upon returning home on a ride in an amusement park.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Will Texas Rangers Face Lawsuit Over Fan Death On July 7 2011?

More than likely - lawyers are already lining up to represent the family of the man who died after falling at a Texas Rangers baseball game on July 7, 2011. Don't get me wrong, sometimes filing a lawsuit is the only way for a wronged party to get justice in this country. However, after watching the video of what happened to the man at this Texas Rangers baseball game yesterday - it's hard for me to see how the team should be held financially liable for his death.

Trying to reach over the stands and steel bars that protect spectators from harm at a MLB game, is a well known technique used by baseball fans to catch foul balls . However, on occasions - some fans get a bit carried away and do things that they should know might harm them. Will the Texas Rangers be sued for the accidental death of a fan at their ball park on Thursday July 7 2011? Probably yes, but I do not believe they should be ultimately held responsible on this occasion.

Final Space Shuttle Flight Today July 8 2011 / History Lesson

While there is only a 30% chance that the final Space Shuttle flight will get off the ground today, July 8 2011, the fueling has been done and the four astronauts who will take this final ride are rested and ready to go. It is with both pride and sadness that NASA ends the 30 year plus Space Shuttle program.

Like many other people who are over the age of 50, I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I saw the first American Space Shuttle take off from Florida. The United States of America was a much different place 30 years ago then it is today and sadly when it comes to the exploration of space - that change it not a good one.

Obama Says Progress Made In Debt Ceiling Deal Friday July 8 2011

President Barack Obama said yesterday that positive progress is being made in the negotiations between the administration and both political party's in Washington. If true, that's good new for all Americans - but like the rest of you I have heard "pie-in-the sky" predictions from political leaders before.

Even as the President proclaims positive progress with the GOP, he continues to say that there is still a long way to go before the two side agree on a plan to raise the debt ceiling before August 2, 2011. I am very tired of politicians playing chicken with the future of this nation, just so they can produce political TV ads claiming to be on the side of one special interest or another.

Fan Dies After Falling At Texas Rangers Game Thursday July 7 2011

In a terrible story out of Arlington, Texas - a man who fell while trying to catch a baseball at a Rangers Game on Thursday night has died. In the video below, WFAA-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth explains what happened and how upset all fans and even players were when this accident happened.

In a statement released late Thursday night, July 7 2011, Texas Rangers President Nolan Ryan said "We had a very tragic accident tonight and one of our fans lost their life reaching over the rail trying to get a ball". No one attends a MLB game intending to lose their life, but does sometimes happen.

Gunman Rodrick Dantzler Kills 7 Then Self In Grand Rapids Michigan July 7 2011

34-year-old Rodrick Shonte Dantzler went on a shooting spree in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday July 7 2011 and when his day was done - 7 people were dead before he turned the gun on himself. After Dantzler's murderous rampage, he took police on a high speed chase that ended with him taking two more hostages.

As Rodrick negotiated with police, a spokesman in the video below stated that Dantzler's was very agitated while talking to police and on at least one occasion he tried to negotiate a "suicide by cop" situation by asking where he should stand so police sharp shooters could take him out. In the end, Rodrick Dantzler took his own life and the remaining two hostages were freed unharmed.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

President Obama Wants To Raise Debt Ceiling For Long Term (July 7 2011)

Over the past week, some in Congress have been floating an idea of raising the debt ceiling on a short term basis and revisiting the idea next year. Only a Washington politician could think that idea is a good one. Even now, Democrats and Republicans cannot agree on how to solve our budget problems before raising the debt ceiling - so what makes them think it will be easier a few months down the road?

While I disagree with many aspects of what President Obama is trying to do in the debt ceiling negations, when he calls on both sides to solve this problem now and not kick it down the road - he is right. Both Republicans and Democrats need to start earning their pay as legislators and do what they were sent to Congress to do. It's time for all of them to man up and for once do the right thing.

Jeff Sessions Reasonable Voice In Raising Debt Ceiling Debate

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is one of the few people in Washington today, July 7 2011, who have a reasonable approach to solving the debt ceiling issue. Unlike ultra-conservatives and liberals who always say it's either their way or the highway, Senator Sessions is proving that he has ideas that are worth listening to.

Regular readers know that I do not support either the Democratic or Republican approach to solving the debt crisis in the USA. A balanced approach of raising taxes and drastic cuts in spending will be needed to pull us out of his hole we have dug for ourselves. I wish there were more politicians in Washington like Jeff Sessions. When I was young back in the 1970's, there were hundreds of Democrats and Republicans who work together for the good of this nation, today there are only a few of them still around.

Chris Matthews' Take On Raising The Debt Ceiling (July 7 2011)

Few people on the political left express the viewpoint of liberals better then Chris Matthews on MSNBC. In the video clip below, you may watch an editorial from Matthews on MSNBC yesterday where he uses passages from the bible to blast Republicans and conservatives for their stand not to raise the USA debt ceiling.

In an earlier post, I talked about the opinions of Rand Paul and other ultra-conservatives who claim failing to raise the debt ceiling would not be that bad for the country. In the video below, Chris Matthews gives the total opposite point of view when it comes to this issue. Sadly, there are few well known politicians left in Washington who take the correct view that both extremes in this argument are equally wrong. Political moderates in Washington D.C. are an endangered species.

Rand Paul Wants Balance Budget Law Before Raising Debt Ceiling

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky wants the Congress to pass and President Barack Obama to sign a balanced budget law before he and other "Tea Party" Republicans support raising the US debt ceiling. Most Democrats are opposed to a balanced budget law, while most Republicans support it. It is unlike that Paul's desire to get a balanced budget law passed will succeed before the government runs out of money on August 2, 2011.

Over the past several months, I have listened with great interest to the ideas put forward by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. On many issues, I agree with him - but I "big time" disagree with his assessment that it would not hurt the USA over the long run - if the nation defaulted on paying our bills by not raising the debt ceiling.

Debt Ceiling Partisan Politics July 7 2011

In less than one month, the USA will run out of money and will be unable to pay the bills unless the Congress and President Obama reach a settlement on the debt ceiling. Like has been the case for decades now, neither the Republicans or Democrats want to compromise and both side are talking at each other rather then sitting down in a good faith effort to solve the problem.

While I understand the arguments on both sides of the debt ceiling issue, neither extreme position either right or left is going to solve this problem over the long haul. Only a good faith compromise will solve this problem over the long run. Instead, both Democrats and Republicans are continuing their war of words today, July 7 2011, while our nation is getting ever closer to running out of money for good.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Taylor Lautner Video Spoof About NFL Lockout July 6 2011

Like most other NFL football fans, I have been disappointed that no agreement between the players and owners has been reached. Then today, July 6 2011, I saw a very funny video clip starting Taylor Lautner in a spoof of the movie "Field of Dreams".

I remember well when "Field of Dreams" was a hot movie, because I saw it many times at the theater and at home on HBO and Showtime. This new spoof video clip staring Taylor Lautner is called "Field of Dreams 2" and if you would like to watch it, you may use the video box below.

Time To Move On After Casey Anthony Verdict

Back in 2008, I started writing about the Casey Anthony case. At that time, Caylee Marie Anthony was a missing child - but most people thought, even then, that she was dead. As the months went by and more evidence was released under Florida's "Sunshine Law", it became clear to me that Casey Anthony was responsible in one way or another for the death of her daughter.

Fast forward three years and now there is a verdict of "not guilty" of murder for Casey Anthony and I am shocked. All day yesterday, I could not imagine how a jury of her peers could find Casey Anthony not guilty of murder, but they did. I know many Americans are angry tonight, but we need to remember that old legal saying of "it's better that 100 guilty people go free than for one innocent person to be convicted".

I'm pretty sure that a guilty person will soon be free in this case, but that's just the way the justice system in the USA is set up. For me, it's time to move on to other stories happening around the world. Over the past three years, I have blogged almost 1000 times about the Casey Anthony case and unless something really big happens again, I am going to move on to other stories.

Before I do so, I want to thank the hundreds of thousands of people who have stopped by this blog over the past three years to read my opinions about the Casey Anthony case. During that time, hundreds of people have commented on my postings and countless others have emailed me with their opinions both favorable and unfavorable.

I believe it's important to remember that true justice is only administered by Almighty God and if Casey Marie Anthony did indeed murder her two-year-old daughter Caylee. His justice will be far worse then anything she could have faced by the US court system.

Will Casey Anthony Be Sentenced To "Time Served" In Court On Thursday?

While it was ignored for the most part in the mainstream media yesterday, Casey Anthony was convicted on four charges of lying to law enforcement. Each one of those conviction could lead to a sentence of one year and when taken together Judge Belvin Perry could sentence Casey Anthony to four years in prison. However, I doubt if Judge Perry will make Casey Anthony spend another year in jail.

Instead, I expect Judge Perry to sentence Casey Anthony to time served (three years) and set her free on Thursday morning. That said, it seemed clear to me and others that Judge Perry thought Casey was guilty of murdering her daughter by his rulings in court and he may want to see her spend another year in jail - because he disagreed with the jury's verdict on the murder charges.

Jose Baez Tells Geraldo Rivera Why Casey Anthony Was Found Not Guilty

Fox News Channel's Geraldo Rivera secured an exclusive interview with lead Casey Anthony attorney Jose Baez and Cheney Mason only hours after their client was found not guilty of murder charges in an Orlando courtroom. You may watch video of that interview in the box below.

As he did in a press conference immediately after the verdict was read, Jose Baez continued to take the high road in this interview with Geraldo and spoke in a soft and calm tone. Like him or not, Jose Baez's stock as an attorney shot up big time yesterday - when he accomplished something few thought was possible in securing a not guilty verdict for Casey Marie Anthony.

Cindy/George Anthony Pleased With Not Guilty Verdict

Late yesterday, July 5 2011, Cindy and George Anthony released a statement about the "not guilty" of murder charges verdict of their daughter Casey Anthony. Here is a portion of that statement released by their attorney:

“While the family may never know what happened to Caylee Marie Anthony, they now have closure for this chapter in their life, They will now begin the long process of rebuilding their lives. Despite the baseless defense chosen by Casey Anthony, the family believes that the Jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented, the testimony presented, the scientific information presented and the rules that were given to them by the Honorable Judge Perry to guide them. The family hopes that they will be given the time by the media to reflect on this verdict and decide the best way to move forward privately.”

I guess that statement is about as politically correct as a lawyer could write considering the circumstances. However, I continue to believe that justice was not served in this case.

Casey Anthony's Jury Took "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt" Seriously

Over the years, through movies and personal experience, I have heard the words "beyond a reasonable doubt" instructed to juries. That jury charge means different things to different people and "beyond a reasonable doubt" is the main reason that Casey Anthony will walk out of a courtroom on Thursday a free woman.

It's still too early to know why the jury in the Casey Anthony trial ignored all or most of the evidence presented by the State of Florida and found her "not guilty". However, in time they will talk to the media and everyone will get a chance to try and understand how they could find Casey Anthony "not guilty" when most of America was totally convinced she was a child killer.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Did Casey Anthony Get Away With Murder Today July 5 2011?

Like most people in the country, I thought and still believe that Casey Anthony had something to do with the death of her daughter Caylee. However, the jury in her murder trial has spoken and their decision carries the weight of law. Ever since I heard the verdict this afternoon of "not guilty" on any of the charges related to the death of Caylee I kept asking myself "did Casey Anthony get away with murder"?

The answer is probably yes, but Caylee Anthony's untimely death will never be punished and my guess is that everyone in the Anthony family will go to their grave without revealing anything. The looks of shock and disbelief  on the faces of people this afternoon told the real story about how most people felt about the verdict in disturbing case.

Watch Video Of "Not Guilty" Verdict In Casey Anthony Trial

People around the world were shocked this afternoon when a jury in Orlando, Florida found Casey Anthony "not guilty" of any type of murder in the death of her daughter Caylee Marie. Most experts, including lawyers, were totally convinced that Casey Anthony's jury would convict her of capital murder.

If you missed the reading of the "not guilty" verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial, I have included video of that event below. Of all the people who were shocked the most by Casey Anthony's "not guilty" verdict was the defendant herself. On Thursday, Casey Anthony will be sentenced on the lessor charges against her and will probably walk out of the courtroom a free woman.

Casey Anthony Is Not Guilty Of Murder (July 5, 2011)

The jury has reached a verdict in the Casey Anthony Murder Trial (July 5, 2011). 

"Casey Anthony Verdict: Not Guilty Except For Providing False Information To Law Enforcement."

Casey Marie Anthony will be sentenced for "lying to law enforcement" on Thursday July 7, 2011. She could walk out of the courtroom a free women, if Judge Belvin Perry counts her "time served" in jail waiting for trial.

Teachers Should Use Casey Anthony Trial In Classrooms To Show The Dangers Of Lying

It often times seems like young people lie all the time and a perfect example of how lying can get a person into trouble can be found in the Casey Anthony murder case in Florida. Most people believe that Casey Anthony accidentally overdosed her two-year-old daughter Caylee and rather than telling the truth about what happened - she started a lie that got out of control and it ended up putting her on trial for capital murder.

The prosecution in the Casey Anthony murder trial would like everyone to believe that it was Casey's cold heart and a desire to party like there is no tomorrow, which lead to the cold blooded murder of a child. I, on the other hand, and many more people believe that Caylee was killed as a result of an accidental overdose administered by her mother and rather than telling the truth - Casey just made up one lie after another until there was no place left for her to hide.

Casey Anthony's Amazing Transformation From Arrest Until Trial (Video)

It's has been three years since Caylee Marie Anthony was murdered and during that time millions of people who care about the treatment of children have been following the Casey Anthony case with fascination. For some people, the interest in Casey Anthony did not begin until her murder trial started in late May 2011.

Below, is a video that was taken by the Orange County, Florida Sheriffs Office before anyone except Casey knew that Caylee was no longer alive. In this video and others, which were shown during her trial, Casey Anthony is clearly more concerned about herself then she is her two-year-old missing daughter Caylee Marie. For newcomers to this case, it very important to go back to the beginning and listen to what Casey Anthony said then and compare that to what was presented in her trial by the defense.

Verdict Watch Filled With Boring Speculation (Casey Anthony Trial)

On Monday, while the Casey Anthony jury was behind closed doors deliberating her verdict, HLN spent the entire afternoon speculating about what the jury was doing on a minute by minute bases. Is it just me or has HLN gone overboard in their coverage of this trial? Sure, I know the ratings at HLN have double since they started carrying this trial live - but there does come a point when enough is enough.

Then on Monday night, the Fox News Channel had a special where the shows moderator and guests did personality profiles on each of the twelve members of the jury. It was surreal as four or five people who did not know any of these jury members personally debated who would be the jury foreman, who would be the leaders and which members of the jury would be like sheep and get lead around by the others. Cable TV coverage of the Casey Anthony trial now resembles a sideshow at the circus.

Orlando Police Prepare To Block Off Cindy/George Anthony's Street

When a verdict is reached in the Casey Anthony murder trial - members of the Orange County, Florida Sheriffs Office will block off the street where Cindy and George Anthony's home is located. Ever since the jury began their deliberations yesterday, the traffic going up and down their street has increased dramatically.

Some members of law enforcement are concerned that no matter what the ultimate verdict is in the Casey Anthony murder trial, some trouble makers will head to Cindy and George Anthony's home in an attempt to cause trouble. This action by the Orange County, Florida Sheriffs Office is a good idea - because we have all seen trouble makers show up many times before at the Anthony home.

Day Two Of Jury Deliberations July 5 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

In a few hours, the second day of jury deliberations in the Casey Anthony murder trial will begin. Yesterday, around 6pm Orlando time - Judge Belvin Perry ended the first day of jury deliberations in a trial that has caught the attention of the world. Sending the jury back to their hotels at 6pm was probably not something most of the jurors wanted to do.

On most occasions when given the option of continuing their work or ending the day early, Casey Anthony's jury has chosen to stay and work. However, on Monday - it did not appear that Judge Perry gave them an option. Court will resume today, July 5 2011, at 8:30am when the jury will continue their deliberations. Sadly, some cable news networks did personality profiles on the jury Monday night - which I thought was in bad taste.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Nancy Grace Interviews Jim Hoover On HLN July 4 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

On Monday night, July 4 2011, Nancy Grace from HLN interviewed Jim Hoover. Many people will remember Hoover as a private investigator who worked early on in the search for Caylee Anthony. Jim Hoover was called as a witness in the Casey Anthony murder trial. I remember Hoover's testimony well, because he talked really fast and seemed extremely nervous on the witness stand.

Over the course of the past three years, many strange characters have presented themselves in first the search for Caylee Marie and then the search for the truth of what caused her death. If you would like to watch video of Nancy Grace interviewing Jim Hoover, you may use the video box below.

Is Nancy Grace The Media Face Of Casey Anthony's Trial?

Since the beginning, when Caylee Marie Anthony was just a missing child - HLN's Nancy Grace has been covering this case with a definite negative slant toward Casey Anthony. In fact, Nancy Grace is better known for referring to Casey as "tot mom" rather than by her real name. I have thought for years now, that when most people here the name Casey Anthony the next two things that come to their mind are "child killer" and "Nancy Grace".

Whether she wants the title of being the media face of the Casey Anthony case or not - Nancy Grace is the one person, outside of the courtroom, most people think about. So what will Nancy Grace do when the Casey Anthony murder trial ends? My guess is that she will find another story that is similar in nature and begin covering it. However, it will be a long time before another case as popular as this one comes along.

Day One Of Jury Deliberations End With No Verdict (July 4, 2011)

For all of those who thought the Casey Anthony jury would return a verdict after only one day of deliberations are finding themselves disappointed now that Judge Belvin Perry has sent the jury back to their hotel for the night. The jury will return in the morning July 5, 2011 to start another day of deliberations.

The folks on TV conducting the "Casey Anthony jury watch" have to be disappointed as now they will be returning to the courthouse again tomorrow morning. Now the TV "talking heads" are pedicting a jury verdict by tomorrow night, but what do they know? They are not in that jury room debating the fate of Casey Anthony.

What Must Casey Anthony Be Thinking Today July 4 2011?

One can only imagine what murder defendant Casey Anthony is thinking today. Earlier, Judge Belvin Perry charged a jury with deciding - if she is guilty or not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee. Soon thereafter, they started deliberating the ultimate fate of Anthony who is now 25-years-old.

Each time I have served on a jury, there were one or two leaders - while everyone else seemed to always follow their lead. I believe the same thing is happening right now in a jury room at the Orange County, Florida courthouse. What I wonder is, are the leaders of the Casey Anthony jury on her side or working against her? We will find out soon, because every member of the mainstream news media will be trying to interview them as soon as this trial ends.

Now We Wait For The Jury July 4 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

At this moment, the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial is deliberating her fate behind closed doors in Orlando, Florida. Some people believe there will be a quick verdict of guilty against Casey Anthony, while others think the jury will take several days to come back with a decision. Right now, I am not going to predict how long it will take - because I have been surprised so many times before in  high profile cases.

I do believe it would be highly unlikely that any jury would come back with a complete "not guilty" verdict against Casey Anthony. Frankly, she just has too many skeletons and lies in her closet for most people to say she is totally innocent of anything. My gut feeling is that she will be found guilty of something less then capital murder. We will all know soon what the jury decides.

Who Won In The Casey Anthony Murder Trial (Defense Or Prosecution)?

An interesting debate took place on CNN Sunday night as lawyers supporting the defense and prosecution debated which side won the day with the jury at the Casey Anthony trial. Like on TV, when I ask people on the street what they thought about this trial - there are good arguments on both sides of the issue.

For most of the trial, I thought the prosecution lead by Jeff Ashton was in total control. However, when it came to closing arguments - I believe Jose Baez was in the drivers seat. I guess the next question should be, did this jury have their minds made up before closing arguments were even offered? Stay tuned, because anything can happen once a jury is charged with deciding the future of a murder defendant.

Was Judge Belvin Perry Fair During The Casey Anthony Murder Trial?

As the Casey Anthony murder trial draws to a close, legal experts will begin to debate the fairness of Judge Belvin Perry's courtroom. I am on record as believing that Perry did an outstanding job of keeping Casey Anthony's murder trial moving along - even as both the prosecution and defense tried to drag it out.

From the first day till the last of the Casey Anthony trial, Judge Belvin Perry has kept his primary focus on making sure that both sides were treated fairly - but more importantly he turned out to be the biggest advocate for the jury hearing this complicated and twisted case. Everyone knows that the Casey Anthony jury was taken from their homes near Clearwater, Florida and relocated and sequestered in the Orlando area. Judge Perry did a much better job then Judge Strickland before him in keeping this trial fair and making sure the jury was treated with respect.

Jose Baez Calls Casey Anthony A "Lying No-Good Slut" In Closing Arguments

Lead defense attorney Jose Baez referred to his client Casey Anthony as a possible "Lying No-Good Slut" and then went on to say that "she is no killer". Wow, when I heard those words come out of Baez's mouth on Sunday - I knew that he and the rest of Casey Anthony's defense team must believe they are in real trouble as this case is turned over to the jury.

I thought calling your client a "Lying No-Good Slut" was the kind of thing that only happened in murder trials at the movies? Sadly, it's not just Casey Anthony who is a liar - but her entire family got up on the witness stand and lied under oath throughout this trial. Who knows what this jury is going to do? If I were one of them, I would likely find Casey Anthony guilty - then go home and hug my own family, because they are not liars like the Anthony family from Orange County, Florida.

Will There Be A Quick Verdict In The Casey Anthony Trial?

Most experts predict Casey Anthony's jury will take several days to a week to reach their verdict. However, I believe they might surprise everyone and come back with a decision before most folks go back to work on July 5, 2011. It's important to remember that these men and women have been sequestered for more than one month without being allowed to read any unapproved newspapers or watch television news programs which were not edited.

For all practical purposes, the members of Casey Anthony's jury have been locked up in a similar way as the defendant in this case and most certainly they are ready to render their verdict and get back home to normal life. I have a gut feeling that most members of this jury decided days ago what their verdict would be and as soon as Judge Belvin Perry releases this case to them - they will not let any grass grow under their feet before agreeing on a verdict.

Jury Deliberations Could Begin Today July 4 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

In a trial that was predicted to last three months, the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial could be charged with deciding her innocence or guilt as early as today, July 4 2011. Over the last part of May and the whole month of June 2011, millions of people around the world have watched this trial through its many ups and downs.

However, the rubber is about the meet the road and soon we will all know - if Casey Anthony will be heading off to prison or walking out of an Orlando, Florida courtroom a free woman. Of course, there is one other possibility and that is the Casey Anthony jury could become hung. Then this whole situation would start over again, while she continue to sit in an Orange County Florida jail cell waiting for a retrial.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

One More Day Of Closing Arguments Casey Anthony July 3 2011

Only one more day of closing arguments before the Casey Anthony murder trial is turned over to the jury. For most of the day on Sunday, July 3 2001, lead defense attorney Jose Baez took the State of Florida to task in regards to their evidence. While I do not think Baez is going to win, he did do a pretty good job at trying to create reasonable doubt by proving some of the inconsistencies in the prosecution's case.

For me, there is one piece of evidence that is the most damning to Casey Anthony and that is the fact that her two-year-old daughter was missing for 31 days and she said nothing to anyone. This drowning in the backyard swimming pool story is nothing more then a defense "red herring" designed to keep the jury from focusing solely on that 31 day time frame when Casey Anthony was partying and having a good time.

4th Of July Fireworks At Casey Anthony Murder Trial

There could be some old fashion fireworks at the Casey Anthony murder trial in Orlando, Florida this 4th of July weekend. In an almost unheard of Sunday session in court, the State of Florida and Casey Anthony's defense team will offer their closing arguments to the jury today. Then immediately thereafter, Judge Belvin Perry is likely to charge the jury with instructions and deliberations could begin soon thereafter.

It's not clear yet whether the jury will want to begin to deliberate on Sunday afternoon or whether they will desire to start their work on Tuesday morning, after the 4th of July weekend. From the beginning of the Casey Anthony murder trial, the jury has expressed to Judge Perry that they want to work weekends and holidays so they can finish their work and return back home to their families in Clearwater, Florida.

Could Casey Anthony Walk Free Like OJ Simpson?

Within the next 24 hours, a jury of Casey Anthony's peers will be deliberating her fate. The last time a trial in the USA received this much attention was years ago when OJ Simpson was found "not guilty" of murdering his wife and an innocent bystander. In some ways, the Casey Anthony murder trial is similar to that of OJ and in others they are completely different.

To me, the major difference between Casey Anthony's trial and that of OJ Simpson involves the explosive issue of race. For that single reason, I believe OJ Simpson's jury allowed him to walk free - even though in their heart of hearts they knew he was guilty of murder. The major issue that connects the Anthony and Simpson trials revolve around the high profile nature of each and the fact both juries were held tightly sequestered during the entire trial process.

Ashton/Baez Closing Arguments July 3 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

Later this morning, July 3 2011, Jose Baez and Jeff Ashton will give their closing arguments in the Casey Anthony murder trial. For some people, this journey has lasted three years. It's important to never try to second guess what a jury might do in a high profile case, but I would be shocked if they came back with a "not guilty" verdict.

On a personal level, I believe Casey Anthony will be found guilty of murder - but I do not think it will be capital murder. When Jeff Ashton stands up in the morning, I'm sure he will be asking the jury to throw the book at Casey Anthony simply because she is a bold face liar. Then, Jose Baez will rise and tell the same jury that she should walk totally free at the end of the day. That's why I believe this jury will come down somewhere in the middle between freedom and the death penalty.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Amazing Video Of Casey Anthony As A Child

As the jury prepares to be charged with deciding the fate of Casey Anthony, on Thursday night CNN released new video of her when she was at a birthday party at the age of six. The video was shot by the mother of the little girl having the birthday party. Folks, this is some amazing video and it is striking how much Casey looked like Caylee when she was a little girl.

While watching this video of Casey Anthony as a young girl and seeing how her mother Cindy was treating her back then - the contrast between the way Casey and Caylee were raised was very different. As this trial winds down and millions of people try to make sense of why Caylee died, this video does give some insight into the personality of Casey Anthony when she was just a little girl, too.

Smell Of Death Can Off-Limits To Jury (Casey Anthony Trial)

When the Casey Anthony jury begins their deliberations in a few days, all of the evidence that was presented in open court will be available for their inspection with the exception of one. The now famous "smell of death can" that was introduced into evidence by the prosecution will not be allowed back in the jury room during deliberations.

On Thursday, June 30 2011, Judge Belvin Perry ruled that jurors would not be able to examine or smell that can because it would be prejudicial by offering new evidence into the case without Casey Anthony's attorney's being able to have a rebuttal. Judge Perry said that it was possible that one of the jurors has smell a dead body before and that person would have great sway over the rest of the jurors if that evidence was allowed to be sampled during deliberations.

Middle Finger Of Affection Sends Man To Jail (Casey Anthony Trial)

In the video below, you may watch a spectator at the Casey Anthony murder trial on Thursday first get dressed down by Judge Belvin Perry and then be sent to jail for contempt of court for six days. This spectator, who I will not reward by sharing his name with you - decided that it would be a good idea to flip off Jeff Ashton the lead prosecutor in this case while court was in session.

I'm not sure if this guy was looking for his 15-minutes of fame or what, but tonight he is in the same county jail as Casey Anthony. I have seen the lines of crazy people on TV waiting hours in line just to get a seat in the court room while the Casey Anthony murder trial is in session. I personally just chalk this guy up as a crazy dude who thought everyone would think it was funny if he flipped off the prosecutor in this case.

How Long Will It Take Casey Anthony's Jury To Reach A Verdict?

Right now, it appears that the jury will be given the Casey Anthony case on Saturday. Then the big question will be, how long will they deliberate before reaching a verdict? While I believe their verdict will be a fast one of guilty, a long time ago I quit trying to figure out what juries will do in a high profile murder case. Anyone remember the OJ murder trial?

There is another wildcard when it comes to the Casey Anthony jury, because there is at least one member who told the judge during jury selection that she did not like to sit in judgement of others. I'm not sure why she was not excused, but she was not. The TV cable news networks are already advertising that they will be on jury watch through the holiday weekend.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton Closing Arguments July 1 2011 (Casey Anthony Trial)

The Casey Anthony murder trial could end today, Friday July 1 2011, when Jose Baez and prosecutor Jeff Ashton offer their closing arguments. There is still some unfinished business left for this mornings session, but by Friday afternoon both Baez and Ashton should be finished with their closing arguments.

I have been surprised that so many people are quick to believe the story that Baez put out about Casey being abused to the point she does not know how to tell the truth. I am also surprised that Casey Anthony did not take the witness stand in her own defense, but frankly that decision was the right one for her - because prosecutor Jeff Ashton would have torn her to pieces. Soon, the jury will pronounce their judgement on Casey Marie Anthony.