Monday, October 31, 2011

What Day Does Daylight Savings Time End In 2011?

You may have noticed that the days are getting shorter as we drift deeper into fall and the time when the government orders our clocked back one hour seems to get later every year. In 2011, daylight savings time ends on November 6th at 2am local time. So next weekend (2am Sunday morning to be exactly) will be the time when you need to roll your clocks back one hour. From my point of view, I wish the powers that be would stop messing with the time.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Million Dollar Gold Coin In Australia Is Really Worth $58 Million

The Australian government recently put on display a coin they said was worth $1 million. In reality, the value of this coin is closer to $58 million because of its gold content and the extremely high prices that metal is selling for right now. If you have never seen a $1 million dollar coin before, take a look at the picture below and just dream that it belonged to you.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why Is Fox News Against Herman Cain For President?

Most of the time, I enjoy watching the Fox News Channel. However, in recent weeks - most of the anchors on Fox seem to be against GOP candidate Herman Cain. Why this is the case I do not know, but it is very obvious and I think they should stop. The base of the Republican Party are looking for an outsider candidate like Herman Cain to go to Washington and make real change. It appears that Fox News Channel is only interested in backing a main stream Republican candidate who will do nothing, if elected the next President.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Watch Herman Cain's New TV Ad (Brilliant)

The powers that be in the GOP and the news media still don't know what to make of Herman Cain's candidacy for the Republican nomination for President. However, grass roots America loves Herman Cain and that is making some powerful people in Washington and New York very uncomfortable. In one of the best TV ads I have seen in years, Herman Cain's spokesman ask for the support of the American people while smoking a cigarette. What a wonderful politically incorrect idea that is sure to make Cain supporters smile. If you would like to watch Herman Cain's new TV ad, click the video box below.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Texas Rangers Win Game 5 / Return To St. Louis On Wednesday

When the going got tough, the 2011 Texas Rangers got going and won Game 5 in Arlington on Monday night. Now the 2011 World Series returns to St. Louis and that has to be an advantage for the Cardinals. While Monday nights game was a good one, I enjoyed Game 4 much better with Derek Holland pitching for the Rangers.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Texas Rangers Lose Game 3/Win Game 4 In 2011 Baseball World Series

Saturday night was a downer for Texas Ranger fans as the St. Louis Cardinals won, but on Sunday night - the Rangers returned to their winning ways and tied up the 2011 Baseball World Series at 2 games each. Sundays game was a must win for the Texas Rangers and with 'Holland' pitching for most of the night, in the end, the Rangers were able to add another 'W' to this series.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Texas Rangers Win Game Two Of 2011 World Series

It took until the 9th inning, but in the end the Texas Rangers won game two of the 2011 World Series of baseball (2-1). Like millions of other Texas Rangers fans, I was worried until the last minute that somehow the Rangers might find themselves behind two games heading back to Arlington. That would not be a good thing. However, I like the Rangers chances playing at home tied at 1-1 with the Cardinals.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Was The Final Score Of The Rangers/Cardinals Game One (World Series)?

As a proud Texas Rangers fan, the first game of the 2011 World Series on Wednesday was not a good day for me. In the end, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers by the score of 3-2. This is the second year in a row that the Rangers have played in the World Series and I am certainly hoping that their loss on the first night of the 2011 championship does not foretell a bad omen.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watch Replay Of Las Vegas GOP Debate 10/18/2011

Sometime early this morning - CNN is expected to release a video replay of the full GOP debate from Las Vegas, Nevada on October 18 2011. As soon as that video becomes available, I will post it below. In the mean time, they have already released some interesting clips from last nights debate and the best of those are included below. I thought Herman Cain still looked very strong at the end of last nights debate.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Watch Video Of Dog Playing Fetch With Himself

In the video below you may watch a Jack Russell Terrier play fetch with himself as people around him are talking away. This is one of the cutest videos I have seen in a long time. As a dog lover, I know first hand that our four legged friends do require a lot of attention and this dog proves it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What Time Is The GOP Debate In Las Vegas Tuesday Night?

Tuesday night at 8pm (7pm CDST) there will be another GOP debate. This time it will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada and shown on CNN. This election cycle has proven to be an exciting one for GOP voters as no single front runner has yet to emerge from a large group of candidates. Remember to watch the Republican debate Tuesday night (10/18/2011) at 8pm on CNN cable television.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jason Garrett Explains Why The Cowboys Lost To The Patriots Sunday

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett explains why his team lost to the New England Patriots on Sunday in the video below. It was a close game until the 4th quarter. How many times have Cowboys fans seen the exact thing happen before? From my prospective, I think the Dallas Cowboys played good against a great team like the New England Patriots and while they did not win on Sunday, they certain did play with a lot of heart and conviction.

Watch Replay Of Car Crash That Killed Dan Wheldon (10/16/2011)

Earlier today - there was a terrible car crash in Las Vegas, Nevada that killed Indy car racer Dan Wheldon. The crash that killed Wheldon involved 15 different race cars on the track. If you would like to watch a reply of the car crash that took the life of Dan Wheldon, click the video box below. It's a sad day in Indy car racing.

Watch Replay Of Nelson Cruz Winning The American League MVP Award (10/15/2011)

The Dallas/Fort Worth area was one big party zone Saturday night after the Texas Rangers baseball team won their second in a row MLB American League Pennant. The most valuable player award in the 2011 series was awarded to Nelson Cruz at the end of last nights game in Arlington, Texas. If you missed that ceremony and would like to watch a video replay of Nelson Cruz receiving that high honor, simply click the video box below.

Watch Video Of McDonald's Employee Beating A Customer Who Jumped The Counter

Over 500,000 people have already watched the video below where a McDonald's employee beats a person who jumps the counter and tries to pick a fight. I must admit that the McDonald's employee did go overboard and continue to beat the customer long after he was on the ground. However, I can also understand how that employee might think his/her life was in danger and just keep hitting the attacking customer.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Government Should Hire Unemployed Americans At $40K Each

Just when you thought there were no new liberal ideas, one comes along from Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. in which he recommends that the USA federal government hire all unemployed Americans at a salary of $40,000 per year. While this idea sounds great to Members of Congress and other federal government employees who earn many times that amount in an annual salary. In reality, many millions of Americans work for far less than that rate of pay and how will they feel about this type of government spending - which will allow unemployed Americans to earn more per year than they do, simply because they are out-of-work?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is Lisa Irwin Alive Or Dead?

Most folks are starting to ask the question of whether Lisa Irwin is alive or dead. It's now going on two weeks since Lisa disappeared from her home in the middle of the night. It's clear that police attention is now focused on her mother, because she was the only other adult in the home when Lisa Irwin allegedly disappeared. Also, Lisa's mother reportedly told a friend that she took a lie-detector test and 'failed miserably'. I would like to think that Lisa Irwin was kidnapped and is alive and well somewhere tonight. However, my gut is telling me that she is probably dead and her mother is somehow involved in it.

Herman Cain Explains His 999 Tax Plan In Recent Debate

Yesterday, it was learned that Republican candidate for President Herman Cain has moved into the lead in the 2012 GOP nomination for President. Could it be that Cain's '999' tax plan is the reason why so many Republican voters are now considering him their favorite choice for President? While most of the GOP candidates for President in 2012 are just cookie cutter politicians from the past, Herman Cain is offering something new and millions of American Republicans are listening to him and liking what he has to say. Listen to Herman Cain explain his 999 tax plan below and make up your own mind.

Video Of Seal Beach California Shooter Arrested By Police

On Wednesday - a lone shooter entered a salon in Seal Beach, California and opened fire. When the gunfire was over, at least eight people were dead and the shooter was arrested a short distance away from the salon. According to local reports, the shooter was either married to or had a relationship with one of the employees of the salon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GOP Voters Like Herman Cain's Flat (999) Tax

For as long as I can remember, Republican voters have been saying that the USA tax system is too complicated and not fair to middle class Americans. Fast forward to 2011 and a man by the name of Herman Cain is proposing a tax idea called 999 that has GOP voters seriously considering his idea. Rank and file politicians do not like Herman's plan, but rank and file voters do. Learn more about Cain's 999 flat tax plan by watching the video below.

New Poll Shows Herman Cain Number One With GOP Voters

After last nights debate, the mainstream media was all abuzz about Mitt Romney and how well he did at the GOP debate. Once again, those media powers missed the appeal of Herman Cain and tonight there was a new poll released that shows Cain in the lead for the GOP nomination. Conservatives like Herman Cain and the more the mainstream media tries to marginalize him the more support he will get from the American people.

What Is Herman Cain's 999 Tax Plan?

Now that Herman Cain has moved into the upper tier of GOP candidates running for President, millions of people are starting to take a closer look at Herman Cain's position on taxes. Cain has proposed a '999 tax plan' and that idea was put on center stage at the GOP debate in NH on Tuesday. What is the Herman Cain 999 Tax plan? Simply put, his plan would create a flat tax rate of 9% on income, 9 % on corporate profits and a 9% sales tax on many of the things we purchase from retail stores. Listen to Herman Cain explain his 999 tax plan by clicking the box below.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Watch Replay Of GOP Debate October 11 2011

It has been extremely difficult to find one location where the GOP debate in New Hampshire tonight may be watched in its entirety. That said, I did find one pretty good clip on YouTube and as others are located I will add them below. If you would like to watch a replay of some of the GOP debate tonight, October 11 2011, from New Hampshire - click the video box below.

Watch Video Of Deer In Pennsylvania Sprint Store

Just when you think you have seen it all, comes amazing video from Wayne, Pennsylvania of a deer inside a Sprint cellular phone store. I'm not real sure how the deer got into the store, but it eventually left through the front door. A TV station in Philly obtained the video below from an employee at the store.

Missing Child Lisa Irwin Update October 11, 2011

Unless Lisa Irwin's mother has ice cold blood running through her veins, I am starting to believe that she had nothing to do with the disappearance of her daughter. I use to look at child disappearances differently than I do today. What changed my point of view? Elizabeth Smart. I, along with almost everyone else, believed that her family was involved in her disappearance - because it seemed impossible that someone could have entered her home and kidnapped her without her parents hearing anything. The Elizabeth Smart case made me take pause and consider crazy possibilities in child disappearance cases and I hope police in Missouri are looking at all possibilities, as well.

What Time Is The GOP New Hampshire Debate Tonight?

Tonight, at 8pm EDST (7pm CDST), GOP candidates will debate again. This time, the location of their debate will be in New Hampshire and it may be seen on Bloomberg TV. Since the last televised debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry has fallen in the polls - while former pizza CEO Herman Cain has moved to the top of the pack. The two men to watch most closely in tonight's debate are Rick Perry and Herman Cain.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Has Baby Lisa Irwin Been Found?

Sadly, the answer is no. After six plus days, baby Lisa Irwin is still missing as her parents have once again started talking with the police. Lisa Irwin is 10-months-old and was allegedly kidnapped from her home in the middle of the night by an intruder. With no real evidence that someone broke into her home and kidnapped Lisa Irwin, police attention immediately focused in on the family with special attention pointed toward Lisa's mother Deborah Bradley.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Did Deborah Bradley Cause The Death Of Her Daughter?

Police in Missouri seem to be focusing their attention on the mother of 10-month-old missing child Lisa Irwin. According to sources near the case, Deborah Bradley took and failed a lie-detector test administered on Friday. I expect a break in this missing child case to happen within the next few days. I remember watching an episode of CSI several years ago - where one of the children in a family killed a baby child and after learning the facts, that family made up a lie where an intruder kidnapped and murdered the child in order to protect the guilty child. I believe this case might be exactly the same as that fictitious story on CSI.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Feel Good Story About Horse Named Latin Honor

Early Saturday morning, I was scanning videos on YouTube in an effort to find something positive to write about after a week a of terrible news. Then, by chance, I found a video about a horse named 'Latin Honor' who was basically left for dead and bought at an auction for only $120 plus. In the video, which you may watch below - see how some real Americans, with heart, took a broken down horse and gave it a new life with nothing more than their tender loving care. 

Thursday, October 06, 2011

What Effect Will Steve Jobs Death Have On Apple Stock?

One of the smartest men in the world died yesterday. His name was Steve Jobs and he once ran a company by the name of Apple. Millions of people own devises like the iPod and the iPhone and the person who made those luxuries of life possible was Steve Jobs when he was the CEO of Apple. Steve Jobs died at the young age of 56, but during the few short years of his life - he changed the way we all communicate with each other. What effect will Steve Jobs death have on Apple stock? In my opinion, his death will not be a good thing for current Apple stock holders. 

What Was Steve Jobs Cause Of Death?

The same as my father in 2001, Steve Jobs died on Wednesday from the devastating effects of pancreatic cancer. If you have never had a friend or family member diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, thank your lucky stars - because it is a terrible way to die. Millions of people had noticed that Steve Jobs lost a bunch of weight over the past few years. Weight loss is another side effect of pancreatic cancer. I pray for the family and friends of Steve Jobs, because they are living through mixed emotions today of sadness as well as relief.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Watch Video Replay Of Amanda Knox Statement On Tuesday

On Tuesday, Amanda Knox returned to the USA as a free woman. An appeals court released Knox from Italian custody after declaring her innocent of murder charges. If you would like to watch the Amanda Knox statement to the media when she arrived back in Seattle, please click the video box below.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Is Barack Obama A Bad President?

President Barack Obama has been the leader of the USA and the world for less than four years now. So, is President Barack Obama a bad President? The truth is that it will be over a year from now before the American people give their final grade on whether or not President Obama has been a good or bad leader. Right now, most Americans are not happy with President Obama and his liberal brand of politics. However, it's a long time until Americans start showing up to vote in the next general election in November of 2012.

Foxy Knoxy Should Get On A Plane And Leave Italy Immediately

My advice to Amanda Knox (Foxy Knoxy) is to get on the first plane leaving Italy and return to the USA ASAP. After watching how the court system works in Italy, I have decided that I do not want to ever visit there. While I have been on record criticizing how the USA legal system operates, at times, it is light years ahead of the Italian system and this young woman needs to get out of Italy - before they try to arrest her for something else.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Watch Video Replay Of Hank Williams Jr. On Fox/Friends Monday

You may have noticed Monday night that Hank Williams Jr. did not sing his trademark song before the football game. The reason? On Monday morning, Hank Williams Jr. appeared on Fox & Friends and compared President Barack Obama to Hitler. If you would like to watch a video replay to see exactly what Hank Williams Jr. said, please click the video box below.

Andy Rooney's Retirement From 60 Minutes

Like many other people in the USA, when Sunday night rolls around, one of the regular highlights of my evening is watching Andy Rooney at the end of '60 Minutes'. Last night, Sunday October 2, 2011, Andy Rooney retired from his full-time job at '60 Minutes' and now will only appear from time to time on that show. It's difficult for me, a happy go lucky kind of guy, to understand why I have enjoyed the weekly and mostly negative commentaries from Andy Rooney on '60 Minutes' - but I have and did for many years. All the best to Andy Rooney on his retirement and thanks for the many years of good writing and pleasant memories.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

What Was The Final Score Of The Cowboys/Lions Game?

The Dallas Cowboys completely fell apart in their game with the Detroit Lions today. After leading by a large margin at half-time, starting quarterback Tony Romo started throwing interceptions and by the end of the game the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Detroit Lions by the score of 34-30. Dreadful game for Cowboys fans around the world, simply dreadful.

Time For The Dallas Cowboys To Trade Tony Romo

With the exception of his first season, what benefit has quarterback Tony Romo brought to the Dallas Cowboys since? Two years ago, I wrote here that Tony Romo should be fired - but still Jerry Jones keeps hoping that his starting quarterback will become the great player every fan wants him to be. Here in Texas there is a saying that one should either fish or cut bait. I believe it's clear that Tony Romo will never be the kind of leader we all hoped that he would be and the time has come for Jerry Jones to cut Romo loose and find someone else for that position.

What Are Wall Street Protests About - Who Is Funding Them?

For over one week now, protesters have been gathering near Wall Street to protest corporate greed in America. This weekend, new protests with a similar message have taken place from coast to coast. What is the message behind these Wall Street protests and who is funding the people demonstrating? NBC news tries to explain that in the video report below.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Watch Video Of Plane Crashed Into Ferris Wheel In Australia

In a freak accident, a small plane crashed into a Ferris Wheel in Australia today. There were some minor injuries, but fortunately no one was killed. If you would like to watch video from the scene of this accident, click the video box below.