Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of GOP Debate (01/26/2012)

There was not as much excitement in the GOP debate of January 26, 2012 in Florida as there was in South Carolina - but the remaining four contenders still put on a good show. If you would like to watch a video replay of the best clips from the debate tonight, simply click the video box below.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of Obama State Of The Union (01/24/2012)

Tonight, January 24 2012, President Barack Obama gave his annual "State of the Union" address before a joint session of Congress. If you would like to watch his full speech. Simply click the video box below.

Monday, January 23, 2012

GOP Debate - Watch Live Online (01/23/2012)

There will be a GOP debate held in Florida tonight. The event starts at 9pm EST (8pm CST) and will be held on the University of South Florida campus. If you would like to watch the debate tonight, January 23 2012, live online - click here.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Watch Video Of Newt Gingrich Victory Speech In South Carolina

Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina GOP primary tonight by a large margin. Click the video box below to watch a replay of his victory speech.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What Was Etta James' Cause Of Death?

Legendary singer Etta James passed away today. She was 73-years-old. While most people will remember her huge hit "At Last", I prefer her hit "The Very Thought Of You" - which made the movie "Home For The Holiday's" such a memorable motion picture. Her cause of death was complication of leukemia. She was an amazing talent who will be missed by millions.

Watch Video Replay Of GOP Debate (01/19/2012)

The remaining four candidates seeking the GOP nomination for President debated last night, January 19 2012, on CNN. It was clear from the first minute that Newt Gingrich was going to be on that attack against the media. If you would like to watch a replay of last nights debate, click here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Time Is GOP Debate On CNN Tonight (01/19/2012)?

Another GOP debate will be held tonight on CNN. The debate begins at 8pm EST (7pm CST). During the last GOP debate, most pundits thought that Newt Gingrich won the debate. It will be interesting to see how Mitt Romney responds tonight.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why Is Wikipedia Down Today (01/18/2012)?

In an effort to draw public attention to a new law in Congress, Wikipedia and other large websites have decided to go dark (shutdown) today in protest. Other major sites like Google will post links to important information about this pending law referred to mostly as the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA. The US Chamber Commerce and most members of the Hollywood community approve of this new law, while Internet companies oppose it.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ron Paul Is Most Powerful Candidate In 2012 GOP Field

I have a gut feeling that mainstream Republicans and a few from moderate leanings are going to sabotage their chances of defeating Barack Obama in 2012, because of their treatment of Ron Paul. From liberal media sources like NBC, CBS and ABC to down right conservative outlets like Fox News - all are putting Ron Paul down, which is a huge mistake. Millions of Americans like Paul's message of smaller government and lower defense spending. That fact makes it likely that Paul will run as an independent candidate this fall, if his own Republican Party continues to turn on him.

Watch Video Replay Of Fox News GOP Debate (01/16/2012)

Monday night there was a debate hosted by Fox News in South Carolina. If you would like to watch a video replay of this debate, click here. This debate was held on January 16, 2012 and was televised nationwide by the Fox News Channel.

Video Replay Of Newt Gingrich Getting Standing Ovation At Debate

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich brought debate spectators to their feet on Monday when he called Barack Obama the "Food Stamp President". It was clear to me that Gingrich won this debate and has positioned himself well for this weekends primary. Watch and listen to his words by clicking the video box below.

Watch GOP Debate Live Online (01/16/2012)

Tonight, January 16 2012, a GOP debate will take place in South Carolina. If you would like to watch this debate live, click here. The debate will take place on the Fox News Channel and will begin at 9pm Eastern time.

Is Jon Huntsman Leaving The Race?

Most mainstream news media websites are claiming that GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman will leave the race today and endorse Mitt Romney for President. We shall see if this turns out to be correct.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Will GOP Disenfranchise Ron Paul Supporters?

It is looking more likely everyday that the powers that be in the Republican Party will eventually disenfranchise millions of voters who support Ron Paul for President of the United States. If this trend continues, President Obama will certainly win another term - because whomever the 2012 GOP nominee is. They will need every vote they can get in order to win in November.

What Time Are The January 15th 2012 Golden Globes?

The 2012 edition of the Golden Globes will be broadcast on NBC-TV tonight, 01/15/2012, starting at 8pm EST (7pm CST). Ricky Gervais will once again host the show. This event will begin live at 6pm MST and 5pm PST. Watch highlights from last years program in the box below.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What Time Is The Fox GOP Debate Monday (01/16/2012)?

The GOP candidates meet once again in a debate on Monday night (January 16, 2012) on the Fox News Channel. The debate begins at 9pm EST (8pm CST). Check your local listings for the cable channel in your area.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of Robert Pattinson Winning People's Choice Award

Millions of people watched the 2012 People's Choice Awards on CBS TV last night. Robert Pattinson won an award, but most of the chatter involved his new short hair cut. Watch a replay of Pattinson accepting his award in the video box below.

Will Mitt Romney Beat President Obama?

It appears right now, that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee for President in the fall of 2012. That said, will Romney beat President Barack Obama in the general election? My thinking is no. Why? Romney is too much like Obama to begin with, so why would the voters decide to make a change?

What NFL Team Will Draft RG3?

Wednesday afternoon, Robert Griffin III (RG3) announced that he had hired an agent and will be entering the NFL draft in 2012. The next question is, what team will offer Griffin the most money? Most sports experts are all over the map when it comes to that question, but my hope is that there will be a long shot chance the Dallas Cowboys will get him.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of Newt Gingrich Speech (01/10/2012)

Over the past couple of weeks, the campaign of Newt Gingrich has followed the path of a roller coaster ride. On Tuesday night, a non smiling Gingrich addressed his supporters after finishing in a dismal fourth place. If you would like to watch a video replay of Speaker Gingrich remarks, click the box below.

Watch Video Replay Of Rick Santorum Speech (01/10/2012)

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum did not have a good night after the New Hampshire GOP primary. However, when he addressed his supporters - he was upbeat and ready to take his fight to the State of South Carolina. Watch a replay of his comments tonight from the video box below.

Watch Video Replay Of Jon Huntsman Speech (01/10/2012)

John Huntsman came in third on Tuesday night after all the votes were counted in the GOP primary in New Hampshire. An upbeat candidate talked to his supporters shortly thereafter and told them that they were "in the hunt" when it came to winning the Republican nomination. Click the video box below to watch a replay of Huntsman's speech.

Watch Video Replay Of Ron Paul Speech (01/10/2012)

Ron Paul came in second in the GOP New Hampshire debate on Tuesday night. If you would like to watch what he had to say to his supporters afterwards, simply click the video box below. Paul and the other candidates now head to South Carolina for the next primary.

Watch Video Replay Of Mitt Romney Victory Speech (01/10/12)

Tonight, January 10 2012, former Governor Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire GOP Primary by a wide margin. After the victory, he gave a speech to hundreds supporters. To watch a video replay of what he had to say, click the box below.

Game On In New Hampshire - Voters Cast Ballots For GOP

In a few hours, several thousand people in New Hampshire will travel to the polls to cast their vote for President of the United States. The latest polls suggest that Mitt Romney will not only win, but do so by a large margin. Every four years, both Democrat and Republican candidates spend millions of dollars in this state to capture the support only a hand full of American voters.

New Jersey's Alex DeCroce (GOP) Died Today

Early this morning, the leader of the GOP in the New Jersey "Statehouse"  - Alex DeCroce died in a restroom of nature causes. Medical professionals rush to help him, but minutes later he was declared dead at the scene. NJ Governor Chris Christie broke into tears at a news conference announcing his death. Funeral plans are pending.

Will Ron Paul Run As Independent In 2012?

A few months ago, I thought it would be unlikely that GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul would run as an independent candidate. However, as the writing on the wall continues to point toward Mitt Romney as the 2012 Republican nominee - I now consider it a 50/50 possibility that he will run for President outside the GOP establishment and make it extremely likely the President Obama will win a second term.

Will Mitt Romney Win The New Hampshire Primary Today?

The lights will go out on some of the GOP contenders tonight as Mitt Romney is expected to win the New Hampshire primary by a large margin. The two candidates who will be hurt the most are Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich will continue on, at least, under the South Carolina contest next week.

Did NBC Omit "Under God" From the Pledge Of Allegiance Again?

Not long ago, NBC News was criticized for omitting "under God" from the US Pledge of Allegiance. Is it possible that they tried to do the same thing again? Maybe they did. Watch the news clip below from NBC Nightly News on January 9, 2012. This clip shows Gabby Giffords giving the pledge in Tucson, AZ on Sunday. It appears that NBC News used editing to remove "Under God" from Congresswoman Giffords own words while giving the pledge.

Monday, January 09, 2012

If Romney Wins New Hampshire/South Carolina The Race Is Over?

Most of the time, I do not trust political conventional wisdom. However, most pundits believe that if Mitt Romney wins in New Hampshire on Tuesday and in South Carolina next week - then the 2012 GOP nomination is his for the taking. While I am not a big Romney fan, I do believe that to be true.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of Girl Surviving After Bungee Cord Snaps

In the video below, watch as a young woman survives a fall after the bungee cord used to stop her fall from a tall bridge, snaps. This lady is lucky to be alive. If you do not like looking down from high places, you will not like this video.

Watch Video Replay Of Denver OT Touchdown (01/08/2012)

In one of the most exciting finishes to a football game, ever - watch Tim Tebow throw the game winning touchdown pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers to advance to the next playoff game. Sunday's Broncos victory was one of the most amazing things I have seen in the NFL. Watch it for yourself in the video box below.

Voters Love/Hate Relationship With Newt Gingrich

I think it is safe to say that in the Republican Party there are voters who love Newt Gingrich while just as many others do not. Unlike Romney, there is no middle ground when it comes to the former Speaker of the House. That said, if Newt fails to turn in a top tier finish in New Hampshire on Tuesday - he is likely to withdraw from the race soon thereafter.

Were There Too Many GOP Debates For Campaign 2012?

I think most Republican voters agree that there were too many debates leading up to the first primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. That fact has not been missed by GOP leaders who are expected to greatly reduce their number during the 2016 campaign season.

Why Do Conservatives Dislike Mitt Romney?

Most conservative Republicans do not like Mitt Romney. Why? Well, probably because he is not a true blue conservative in keeping with Rush Limbaugh. That said, a real life-long conservative might have a difficult time beating Obama in the fall. That is why most mainstream GOP voters are holding their nose and supporting the former Governor of Massachusetts for President.

Rick Perry Makes Everyone Laugh At New Hampshire Debate

You may remember a few months ago when Texas Governor Rick Perry was unable to list the three government agencies he would get rid of, if elected President. On Sunday morning, Gov. Perry listed those in quick secession and in doing so caused questioners, participants and guest at the debate to have a much needed laugh. Watch below.

Watch Video Replay Of Gingrich Calling Romney A Moderate

For several days, presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has been calling GOP front runner Mitt Romney a "Massachusetts Moderate". The former Speaker of the House went after him again on Sunday. Watch a replay of what he had to say this time in the video box below.

Watch Video Replay Of Meet The Press GOP Debate (01/08/2012)

This morning, January 8 2012, the GOP candidates held one final debate before the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. The debate took place on NBC-TV. If you would like to watch a replay of that debate, you may do so by clicking the video box below.

Can Ron Paul Win The GOP Nomination In 2012?

In 2012, there are millions of loyal followers of Ron Paul's campaign to win the GOP nomination for President. However, most folks in the mainstream media and even a few who work at Fox News do not believe his alleged extreme stands on the issues will carry the day. Watch a video replay of a recent TV campaign ad for Paul and decide for yourself.

Can Romney Defeat Obama In 2012 General Election?

It is looking more likely all the time that Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination for President in 2012. That said, can Romney defeat Obama in the general election and become the next President of the United States? A few months ago, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer talked about that issue on Fox News. If you would like to watch a video replay, just click the box below.

Watch Video Replay Of Rick Perry Saying He Would Send Troops Back Into Iraq (01/07/2012)

A few days ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry went back home to reassess his campaign for President. Unfortunately for him, he decided to stay in the race and showed up in New Hampshire last night at a debate to say that he would send US troops back into Iraq. It is so past time for Rick to go home and stay there.

Ron Paul Attacks Rick Santorum During Debate (01/07/12)

For a small part of the ABC News GOP Debate last night (01/07/12) it was a two man show as Ron Paul and Rick Santorum went after each other like boxers in a heavy weight championship fight. It's clear these two men do not see eye to eye on much of anything. Use the video box below to watch a replay of that exciting exchange between these two men.

What Time Is The GOP Debate Sunday Morning (01/08/2012)?

Another GOP debate will be held this morning on national television. The NBC News program "Meet The Press" will hold a rare Sunday morning presidential debate starting at 9pm EST (8am CST). The debate will last 90 minutes and will be shown live, nationwide, on MSNBC cable and to about half of the country via the NBC television network.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of GOP Debate (01/07/2012)

Saturday night, January 7 2012, there was a debate in New Hampshire featuring the remaining candidates running for the GOP nomination for President. This debate took place on ABC News and you may watch a video replay of the event in the box below.

What Time (Network) Is The GOP Debate Tonight (01/07/2012)?

There will be a huge debate tonight between the Republican candidates for President. The debate begins at 9pm (8pm CST) on the ABC television network. There will also be a debate in the morning (01/08/2012) on NBC-TV  "Meet The Press". The New Hampshire Primary will be held on Tuesday.