Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watch 6-Year-Old Lori Anne Madison Compete In Spelling Bee

A young girl barely able to reach the microphone, competed for the USA spelling bee this year. She did not go far, but she won the hearts of all who watched the competition.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Video Replay Of Soldiers Returning Home To Their Families

We all love to watch those emotional homecoming videos where soldiers return home and surprise their families. At last there is a best of collection of these videos and you may watch them below. Kleenex required.

Video Replay Of Shooting In Seattle - May 30 2012

After killing four people in Seattle today, 5/30/2012, the shooter turned the gun on himself in a parking garage. Watch a video replay of the standoff in the box below.

Video Tribute To Doc Watson - May 30 2012

Watch a video tribute to singer Doc Watson below. He died today at the age of 89. While his music was not heard often on the radio, millions of people loved his folksy style. May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bath Salts Are Deadly As Was Seen In Miami Last Weekend

Last weekend, police in Miami Florida were forced to shoot and kill a naked man who was eating the face of someone else. It was learned today that the reason why this person took on the form of a living zombie was ingestion of 'bath salts'. 'Bath Salt' drug abuse was something new to me - but the video replay from ABC's 20/20, which you may watch below, will help explain why this is a deadly drug.

Man Identified Who Was Eating The Face Of Another In Miami Before Being Shot By Police

The man who made news a few days ago after being shot and killed by police in Miami has been identified as Rudy Eugene. He was 31-years-old and apparently high on a new drug called 'bath salts' when he stripped naked and started eating the face of another living man. Click the photo below for more information.

Was The Hatfields & McCoys Movie On History Channel Any Good?

The first of three parts of a new made for TV movie 'Hatfields & McCoys' started last night on the History Channel. I was not able to watch it, but I wanted to know if it was any good? If you watched it and have time, please comment below. I bet the ratings were through the roof.

Tuesday Morning Update Construction Crane Standoff In Dallas

Very little has happened the past few hours in the construction crane standoff at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Shortly before 10pm, the man holdup 150 feet in the air started to throw stuff out of the cab of that crane, but soon thereafter he stopped when heavy flood lights were shined upon him.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

SMU Releases A Statement About Campus Crane Standoff

Southern Methodist University in Dallas has released a statement about the current standoff in a construction crane at their school. The statement is re-posted below with a link back to the SMU website source.

'Released by SMU May 28, 2012: Throughout the situation May 28 involving a man occupying a construction crane at the Residential Commons construction site, SMU Police have worked closely with University Park, Highland Park and Dallas Police to assess any possible threats to campus and to release reliable information as it becomes available. Early reports indicate the individual is not affiliated with SMU. Upon being notified by police of this situation late Monday morning, SMU immediately took steps to secure the area, which is bounded by Central Expressway, Mockingbird Lane, Airline Drive and Binkley Avenue. All building managers in the impacted area were notified, and buildings in the area were emptied by police. Campus areas considered at potential risk by police were cleared and closed to pedestrians and drivers. Because of the Memorial Day holiday Monday, and with no classes in session, only SMU essential personnel and a limited number of student employees, students and visitors were on campus. The broader campus community was informed via the SMU home page, Twitter and Facebook pages, and through building managers of residential halls. No student housing is in the affected at-risk areas. Student residence halls and the rest of campus remain open. SMU and Dallas Police continue to monitor the situation and will keep the campus community updated. '

Carjacking Suspect Refuses To Leave Crane At SMU - 05/28/2012

Nightfall in Dallas brought floodlights and the second day of a man holdup inside a construction crane at SMU. Police say there is no food, water or air conditioning in the cab of that crane - so it is likely the fugitive residing there is extremely tired, scared and possibly incoherent. As of 10pm, no progress had been made in talking the man down.

No Surrender Of Suspect Hold Up In Dallas Crane - 05/28/2012

It's amazing that a robbery suspect has been able to hold up in a construction crane at Southern Methodist University for 9 hours now. Afternoon high temperatures in Dallas reached 95 degrees today. Police say the man has become sick and is likely dehydrated at this late hour.

Current Power Outages In Jacksonville Florida - 05/28/2012

Hundreds of residents in Jacksonville Florida are still suffering through power outages resulting from Tropical Storm Beryl. Click the image below to view affected areas and the estimated time electricity will be restored.

Dallas SMU Construction Crane Standoff (Video) - 05/28/2012

A man fleeing police, climbed a tall construction crane in Dallas today on the SMU campus. At present, he is still there as authorities wait him out. Watch video below.

Rob Lowe To Star In Casey Anthony Movie (Video) - 05/28/2012

Hollywood star Rob Lowe has begun production on a movie about Casey Anthony. In the flick, he will play the character of Jeff Ashton who unsuccessfully put Ms. Another on trial for murder. This is a TV movie and will be shown on Lifetime at some future date.

President Obama Honors Vets On Memorial Day - 05/28/2012

Today is Memorial Day 2012 and in the video box below, watch a replay of President Barack Obama's remarks designed to honor USA fallen soldiers.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

TS Beryl Makes Landfall (Radar Coverage) - 05/27/2012

Tropical Storm Beryl is making landfall tonight, May 27 2012. Click the image below to watch live (real-time) radar images from Jacksonville, Florida.

Boxing Champion Johnny Tapia Found Dead (Video) - 05/27/2012

Boxing champion (5x) Johnny Tapia was found dead in his home Sunday night May 27, 2012. Few details surrounding his death are available at this time.

Video Replay Of Dario Franchitti Winning Indy 500 - 05/27/2012

Dario Franchitti won the 2012 Indianapolis 500 today - May 27, 2012. Watch a video replay of his amazing victory in the box below.

Sunday Night Tropical Storm Beryl Update - 05/27/2012

Bands of heavy rain are approaching the east coast of the United States tonight as tropical storm "Beryl" prepares to make landfall. Millions of people live in the path of this major storm that stretches from South Carolina to Florida. Watch a video update, Sunday evening May 27 2012, in the box below.

Man Shot By Police While Eating The Face Of Another - 05/27/2012

In Miami yesterday, May 26 2012, a man was shot and killed by police when he would not quit eating the face of a live victim. Part of this amazing zombie like true story was 'caught on tape' (video) by surveillance cameras at the Miami Herald Newspaper. If you have a strong stomach, you may watch below.

Video SpaceX Dragon At International Space Station - 05/27/2012

I get all warm and fuzzy inside after watching pictures of men or women in space. When the new USA "Dragon" capsule was hooked up to the International Space Station, I was extremely proud of our nation.

Children Murdered In Syria - May 27 2012

Events are going from bad to worse in Syria today, as new video is released of murdered children being buried in a mass grave. How long will the world community stand by and let these massacres continue?

Update On Tropical Storm Beryl - May 27 2012

Tropical Storm Beryl could cause Memorial holiday travelers to get wet as it approaches the US East Coast. From Florida to North Carolina, people are keeping a close eye on this one. Watch a video weather report below.

Video Of Michigan Wildfire Destruction - May 26 2012

Thousands of acres of grass and undergrowth in Michigan have burned this weekend. In the video below, view the aftermath of trees and other vegetation destroyed by wildfires.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Weekend Heat Wave

In the video clip below, Lester Holt reports on the massive heat wave spanning the USA this Memorial weekend. Be careful if you are outside. Have fun, take breaks and stay hydrated.

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Watch Scary Movie Chernobyl Diaries Trailer

Watch video trailer of new scary movie call Chernobyl Diaries, below. This looks like a great flick to see over the holiday weekend. Don't see it alone!

60000 Dominoes Drop In 12 Seconds

Watch video of 60,000 dominoes drop in 12 seconds. Wow, it's so cool to watch this happen. Watch time-lapse of the 12 hours plus it took to set it up.

Marine Stands Vigil For Fallen Soldiers

A single Marine stands vigil in the video replay below as thousands of motorcycles pass by in honor of soldiers on Memorial Day 2010. It is impossible for me to watch this video without tears coming to my eyes. God bless US soldiers and the United States of America.

Alternate Juror Flirts With John Edwards

Apparently, a juror at the John Edwards trial has been flirting with him. The judge called together to two party's on Friday to discuss this development. The jury has been deliberating almost one week over his fate. Still no verdict.

Colorado Woman Shot After Entering Home

In the amazing video below, watch as ABC News tells of a recent college graduate in Colorado who is shot by a homeowner after she walks into their home at night and refuses to leave. It turns out the young woman had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her blood.

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Men In Black 3D Movie Review

I just finished reading several reviews of the new movie "Men In Black (3D)". The thing that struck me strange was that one reviewer said the ending of the movie made no sense at all. Folks, I have not seen this movie yet - but it will be interesting to find out if this one review is correct. "Men In Black (3D)" is now showing in thousands of theaters across America.

Coronado Beach California Best In Nation

In the video clip below, check out beautiful Coronado Beach in California. According to a new survey, this beach is the best one in the United States of America. Wow, I wish I owned some real estate there now that it has been voted number 1.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mentally Ill Pedro Hernandez Confesses

When I hear the words mentally ill and confesses to a 33-year-old murder, my mind takes a giant pause. Recently, Pedro Hernandez confessed to the murder of a young boy, Etan Patz, decades ago. I have no idea whether this man is guilty or not, but the NYC Police Department is sure hyping his arrest considering they have no evidence of guilt accept his confession. I will wait and see what other leads are developed in this case - before I believe the authorities have got the right man. Sensationalism is common place these days in law enforcement and in courts-of-law.

Hug A Soldier On Memorial Day

As Memorial Day 2012 approaches, we should all remember that this day is set aside each year to honor both living and dead US veterans. Nothing you could do would show greater respect for the men and women of the US armed services than to walk up, give them a big hug or handshake and say two words "thank you". In watching the video tribute below, consider the lives of families left behind as you watch this huge list of military names who were killed last year. God Bless America!

VP Joe Biden's Speech On May 25 2012

Without notes or a teleprompter, Vice-President Joe Biden spoke to families of soldiers killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan about how he survived the death of his wife and daughter. In a refreshingly honest tone, the second most powerful man in the United States government - talked about how he could understand the thinking of a person who might consider suicide after a traumatic loss. If you did not hear the entire text of VP Joe Biden's speech on May 25, 2012 - click the box below and watch a complete video replay.

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Orlando Brush Fire Closes I-4

On Friday afternoon, there was a major brush fire near Walt Disney World. Smoke from the fire was so heavy that Interstate 4 was closed for a short time. Traffic is moving again and the cause of the blaze is under investigation. Watch video of this fire.

Fire At "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Kim Zolciak's Home

There was a fire recently at the home of Kim Zolciak, one of the stars on the TV show "Real Housewives Of Atlanta". It's easy to see that she was shook up in the 911 call below. An ATV in her garage started the fire.

Motorcycle From Japan Washes Up In Canada After Tsunami

It took a year to arrive, but a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was washed away by last years tsunami in Japan floated across thousands of miles of ocean and washed up recently in Canada. Take a look at the picture below of this amazing bike. The next stop for this motorcycle is a Harley-Davidson museum.

Dara Torres Talks To Piers Morgan About Gold Medals & Sex

Dara Torres sat down for an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan recently and talked about how she felt missing out on the Gold Medal in China and how she plans to fix that issue in London this year. She was also asked by Piers about great sex. Watch the entire interview below.

Women Kicked Off AA Flight Because Of T-Shirt Content

Recently, a woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight - because the airline judged her t-shirt to be offensive. Watch a video replay about the event in the box below.

SpaceX Capsule Hooks Up With International Space Station

For the first time in US history, a private company built and launched a rocket and successfully hooked up with the International Space Station. Watch a video replay of the capsule as it approached the station below.

Men In Black 3 (In 3D) Trailer - Opens Memorial Day Weekend

Millions of people will be taking a break from the heat this Memorial weekend by purchasing tickets and 3D glass to watch Men In Black (3). This is a very successful franchise and I expect it to early well over $100 million (domestic) before Monday night.

Video Recipes For Memorial Day Weekend - Good Cooking

One of my favorite things to do over the Memorial Day Weekend is to eat. In the video clip below, learn some great tips for outdoor cooking this weekend. Also, least we forget - pay special tribute to soldiers too.

Video Highlights Replay Heat Beat The Pacers On Thursday Night

The Miami Heat defeated the Pacers on Thursday night eliminating them from the playoffs. Now it's on to the finals for the Heat. While folks in Cleveland still dislike LeBron James, most other NBA fans around the world are loving him right now. Go Miami Heat!

Will Hurricane Bud Be A Dud Or Do Real Damage To California & Mexico?

The first hurricane of the season, 'Bud', is heading toward Mexico this morning packing Category 3 winds. 'Hurricane Bud' is the first major storm of the season. Citizens of Mexico and Southern California are preparing for the worst, while they pray for the best as this storm nears landfall.

Fort Hood Bomber Naser Jason Abdo Convicted In Waco Thursday

A man who wanted to explode a bomb on Fort Hood, in Texas, was convicted for his crime in Waco on Thursday. 22-year-old Naser Jason Abdo was found guilty in a high profile trial. Abdo's defense was that he could not be convicted, because he was not able to construct the entire bomb himself. However, a jury of his peers decided that his intent was to kill as many US soldiers as possible. He will be sentenced on July 20th.

Video Replay Of Man Braking Into Kansas TV Station - Stabs Two Before Being Restrained

In the amazing video below, watch as a man breaks into a Kansas TV station by breaking the front glass door with a lamp. He stabs two people who were treated at a local hospital, before several employees tackle and restrain him until police arrive.

Man Confesses To Etan Patz Murder 33 Years Later

A New Jersey man, Pedro Hernandez, was arrested Thursday after confessing to the kidnapping and murder of Etan Patz 33-years-ago. There is no other evidence linking him to the crime at this time. According to New York law, a confession is not enough to send a person to prison. Other evidence must be found to link that person to the crime. The "Today Show" on NBC profiled this case on their Thursday morning edition and you may watch that report below.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of Phillip Phillips Winning American Idol

A new American Idol was crowned last night. His name is Phillip Phillips. This young man has a great future ahead of him in the entertainment business. His Facebook page is receiving tens of thousands of 'likes' per hour since winning last night. If you would like to watch a video replay of Phillip Phillips winning American Idol, click the box below.

15-Year-Old Discovers Test For Early Pancreatic Cancer Detection

Oh my goodness, I almost could not believe my eyes when I read a story today about a young boy (15-years-old) who discovered an easy way to test for pancreatic cancer. My father died from pancreatic cancer in 2001, shortly after the 911 terrorist attacks on America. Like so many people, he did not know he had the disease until is was too late for treatment. This brilliant kid, Jack Andraka, won first prize in a contest for his amazing discovery yesterday. Of all cancers, pancreatic is one of the most fatal and the most painful. Before dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he was a strong man who worked hard his whole life. However, it did not take long for pancreatic cancer to destroy his body and eventually take his life while inflicting unbelievable pain in the process. Like many other people, dad was misdiagnosed during the early stages of his pancreatic cancer - because there was not a test to detect it in blood work. Thanks to Jack Andrake, future victims of this type of cancer will at least have a fighting chance to beat the disease - before it's too late for treatment.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who Won Dancing With The Stars Tuesday Night (May 22 2012)?

The winner of "Dancing With The Stars" on Tuesday night (5/22/2012) was Donald Driver. For some, his victory was a surprise - but for anyone who watched him dance during the final two shows, his accomplishment seemed guaranteed. Donald Driver is an NFL football player for the Green Bay Packers. I still remember the outstanding performances by Dallas Cowboys great Emmitt Smith several seasons ago on the same program. I must admit that professional football players seem to do well at dancing. Maybe it's because both activities require strength, conditioning and focus to be successful? "Dancing With The Stars" continues to be a ratings winner for ABC-TV as millions of people either rush home to watch it or set their DVR or TiVo device to record each show. Congratulations Donald Driver on becoming the newest champion on DWTS.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Facebook Stock Preformed Poorly In Monday Trading

For those masses who thought the sky was the limit for the price of Facebook stock, a new week brought about the realization that despite all the hype - the IPO of Facebook was a flop. So what happened to cause Facebook to sell off, rather than go steadily higher after the opening on Friday? My feeling is that either Facebook, Morgan Stanley or both got greedy at the last minute by raising the price of the offering and by selling millions of additional shares. It's true that most Americans use Facebook at least once per week, but the bottom line on Wall Street is all about making money and sadly Facebook is not nearly as good at that as peers like Google. In a few days, options will be offered on Facebook and when that happens the stock could find a foundation to build upon.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Picture Of Miley Cyrus Dress At Billboard Music Awards

I must be getting old, because the dress Miley Cyrus wore to the Billboard Music Awards (May 20 2012) did not seem to be in good taste. It's not unusual at all for Hollywood stars, like Cyrus, to show up at award ceremonies dressed like a street walker. However, when it come to Miley - there was a pre adult persona she put on for all the world to see as the hip, cool and decent acting young character of Hannah Montana. I don't have a lot of respect for Miley's father Billy Ray Cyrus. In my view, he promoted his own career right along side his daughter's - instead of being a grown up helping her figure out how Hollywood can ruin young women and men. If you would like to see a picture of the dress Miley Cyrus wore to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, one is posted below.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of Solar Eclipse

In some parts of the world a total solar eclipse was visible tonight (5/20/2012). People from the west coast of the United States to the Texas panhandle got to see something spectacular. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun at just the right time to cause most of the sunlight to be blocked from view. Here on Earth, daytime is turned into night for a few minutes. If the weather was bad, or you did not live in a part of the USA that experienced this total solar eclipse - you're in luck, because one person filmed it for all to see. Use the video box below to watch a replay of the total solar eclipse from May 20, 2012.

Battleship Bombs At The Box Office

From the previews, I thought that "Battleship" the movie would have kicked butt at the box office opening weekend. However, the results are now out and it appears that this much hyped movie will be moving to DVD within a matter of weeks - instead of months. With big stars and even bigger special effects, Battleship appeared to be a sure fire winner movie in the summer of 2012. I wonder if the success of "The Avengers" had anything to do with the lack luster performance of Battleship? While these two movies have different story-lines, they both have major special effects as part of their formula. Making box buster movies depends more on luck than science and right now it appears that the folks who produced "Battleship" were plum out of luck.

Robin Gibb Cause Of Death Complications From Cancer

When I heard the news tonight that Robin Gibb's had died from cancer, it felt like a member of my extended family had passed away. Back when the Bee Gees were putting out hit records almost on a weekly basis, I was in my late teens and earning a living as a radio disc jockey playing their music. At that time, no individual singer or group was bigger than the Bee Gees. The world has known for a long time that Robin Gibb had cancer and when he slipped into a coma a few weeks ago - I figured the end to his life would be soon. To me it is ironic that Robin Gibb and Donna Summer died within a few days of each other. Both Summer and Gibb were superstars in the music industry at the same time and that makes it strange they died so close together. The best way we could honor Gibb and millions of others who have died due to cancer is to give money generously to organization that are search for a cure to this dreaded illness.

Video Tribute To Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) Who Died Today At 62-Years-Old

A man who was 1/3 of a musical group I grew up listening to died today. His name was Robin Gibb and he and his brothers dominated the disco music scene back in the late 1970's. Gibb had been battling cancer for many years and recent he fell into a coma. Then on Sunday it was reported that he had died at the age of 62. While the Bee Gees had many hit songs in the 1970's, one of my favorites was "How Deep Is Your Love". Feel free to watch the music video for that song in the box below.

DFW Texas (McKinney) Amber Alert - May 2012 Video Replay

Two children are missing today in the town of McKinney Tx, which is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 14-year-old Camren Anthony Guresh and 10-year-old Kaitlyn Amber Guresh were last seen on Saturday around 12:00am. It is believed that the children's father, Craig Allen Guresh, took them because of a legal custody fight. It is likely that these two kids are safe with their father, but police want to know for sure. In the video box below, you may watch a replay from a Dallas television station (NBCDFW-5) to get more details. This is not the first time nor will it be the last when a father or mother takes the law into their own hands, when it comes to the custody of their children. If you have information on the location of these two young children, please contact the McKinney Texas Police Department.

Wedding Pictures - Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan - May 2012

One of Americas newest billionaires, Mark Zuckerberg, got married to his long time girl friend on Saturday. It's been an interesting week for the CEO of Facebook as not only did he have a big birthday and his company went public, but now it is learned that he has married for the first time. His new brides name is Priscilla Chan and she has been at his side since they both attended Harvard University. Very few pictures have been released from the couples wedding, but I have included a few that you may see below. The world is such a different place than when I grew up in the 60's and 70's. Back then 20 somethings like Mark Zuckerber, were more interested in chasing woman than building a worldwide company worth billions of dollars. I hope Mark and Priscilla have a long and loving relationship.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of "I'll Have Another" Winning Preakness Stakes & Kentucky Derby - May 2012

The hype begins today, as horse "I'll Have Another" won the Preakness Stakes this afternoon (May 19 2012). Two weeks ago, the same horse won the Kentucky Derby. Now the world waits two more weeks to see if the year 2012 will have a Triple Crown winner. I still get goose bumps when I watch Secretariat winning the Belmont Stakes back in the 1970's. Certainly, TV ratings will be through the roof when "I'll Have Another" takes to the track at the Belmont Stakes. Just in case you missed the 2012 Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes or both - you may watch a full video replay of each in the boxes below.

Facebook IPO Considered A Flop By Wall Street Professionals

Like most other folks, I was surprised when the much hyped Facebook IPO on Friday turned out to be a giant dud. I'm not sure what happened to cause Facebook to drop in price so quickly, but I do have a few educated guesses I will pass along. First, the long delay in opening Facebook stock for trading on Friday caused many people to start speculating as to what was happening behind close doors at the NASDAQ market. Then when Facebook finally did start trading, thousands of people who placed market orders did not get a confirmation of their transaction until hours later. On Wall Street, an information vacuum is usually treated as bad news - so the smart money started dumping Facebook stock within a hour of it's first trade. Another reason why Facebook stock tanked on Friday was the non-stop talking head warnings from financial experts on CNBC telling all retail investors to not buy shares of Facebook on the first day. Soon, there will be an official explanation of what happened to Facebook on the first day of trading, but I doubt if many people will believe what is reported.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook (FB) Stock Quote Free - Company Goes Public

The most talked about IPO in recent history 'Facebook' (FB) occurs today. Follow the stock price below. Trading begins Friday morning (May 18, 2012).

Will Facebook IPO Shares Hit $100 Friday (May 18 2012)?

I've watched the stock market pretty close for the past 30 years, but nothing I have ever seen before compares to the hype surrounding the IPO of Facebook today. Wow, even entertainment programs are hyping the Facebook IPO. Starting in about 8 hours, millions of shares of Facebook Inc. will be sold into the marketplace at a price of $38 per share. Without a doubt, investment banks will try to keep control over the price of Facebook as hundreds of thousands of people purchase a piece of this company. However, I think they will fail at that task and by the end of trading Friday May 18 2012 - Facebook will be priced at $100 per share or more. While some might think such a thing would be good for the company, in reality - such a blow off to the upside will certainly cause average investors to lose money when the stock comes back down to earth next week. I hope I'm wrong, but my gut tells me that once trading starts in Facebook this morning - the demand for shares will totally out strip the ability of investment bankers to control the price of the stock.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Will It Be Black Friday For Facebook IPO Stock?

We are a little more than 24 hours away from millions of shares of the Facebook IPO hitting the stock market. Almost everywhere you turn, there are Wall Street professionals warning against buying Facebook stock on May 18, 2012. That said, I doubt if all of this negative attention will hurt Facebook's IPO price. As I wrote yesterday, there have been and always will be emotional stock investors and frankly there is nothing more emotional for millions of investors than to get a piece of Facebook stock on day one. It's really easy to see why so many people want to buy Facebook on the first day of trading. Simply put, most of us use Facebook everyday so to us this company is no different than something like Coca Cola. However, there is a big difference between Facebook and Coca Cola. While Facebook illustrates everything that is new and exciting about the world today, the company is still unproven over a period of a decade or more at making money. No small investor should buy stock in a company on its first day of trading. The odds of getting burned are just too great and I hope you will stay away from buying Facebook stock, at least for a few weeks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Should JP Morgan Chase Fire Jamie Dimon After Trading Losses?

The past few days have shown exactly how little Washington politicians know about the free enterprise system in the United States. Almost from the first moment Jamie Dimon (CEO JP Morgan Chase) announced the loss of $2 billion in a trade, Members of Congress walked to microphones and belittled the bank and CEO. Folks, companies lose money all the time - just like regular people do. However, our elected leaders make it sound like JP Morgan Chase is on the brink of failure - even though the truth is they will earn $18 billion in profits this year - instead of $20 billion before the mistake. Some Washington leaders are even calling for the removal of Jamie Dimon as the CEO, because he lost $2 billion in a speculative trade. We certainly need smarter politicians in Washington who understand how risk capital and the stock markets work. I believe that many USA elected leaders are still 'snake bit' after USA banks acted so recklessly in 2008. That said, what Jamie Dimon and his bank JP Morgan Chase did to cause this huge loss - in no way is the same thing that happened to financial and stock markets in 2007 and 2008.

Why Have Gold Prices Dropped? Will They Go Higher Again?

The thrill of owning raw Gold has faded over the past few months as the price has dropped. While there are still cheerleaders on television and in newspapers that hype Gold for all to hear/read, the fact is that right now does not seem to be a good time to be investing new money in Gold. So what happened between the end of last year and today to cause the price of Gold to drop? Put simply, governments around the world - but especially in the United States - are printing money like crazy to pay their bills without cutting government programs that voters like. What some investors have lost sight of is that Gold always preforms best during times of inflation. Right now, in the United States and around the world - there is little to no inflation. Some people invest in Gold because they believe that it is the only real money currency, which will withstand the test of time. History proves that idea wrong time and time again. If you want to really make money from Gold, wait until all this easy money printing leads to higher inflation. At that point, buy Gold and watch your investment grow.

Is Facebook Getting Greedy By Increasing IPO Shares?

It was learned Tuesday night, that Facebook will add an additional 85 million shares to the IPO it will sell to Wall Street on Friday. Some call this action a huge confidence factor by Facebook in the offering, while others say that Facebook has turned into a giant greed machine as shares in the company go public this week. I wrote earlier today about how most first day investors in Facebook stock will likely lose money and now there are even more shares available for those folks to lose money in. Sadly, most retail investor have turned away from Wall Street - because they view the buying and selling of stock as an insiders game. While some believe that Facebook will bring average investors back into stock investing, I believe the exact opposite could happen if hundreds of thousands of Americans find themselves on the losing end of a bad Facebook IPO trade on Friday. Please, think long and hard before you pull the trigger on a trade in Facebook this Friday. There is so much hype and so big of a chance that you will have lost money by the end of the first trading day.

Run On The Banks Threaten Greece's Economy/Euro

Political turmoil could cause a run on the banks as Greece threatens to leave the Euro. Already, almost one billion euros have been withdrawn from Greek banks and soon that amount could resemble 'chump change'. The minority of people in Greece who have large sums of money in Euro's are terrified that one morning when they wake up all of the Euro's in their bank account will be gone and replaced with a new currency that will be worth next to nothing. Just image how Americans would feel if our government was talking about moving away from the US dollar and replacing all our money with the Mexican Peso? That is pretty much the same thing that is likely to happen in Greece and folks with money there are scared to death. In the big picture, Greece is a small nation and if it withdraws from the Euro - very little impact will be felt on worldwide financial and stock markets. However, the real fear is that when one nation withdraws from the Euro - it could cause a domino effect that could bring the whole currency down.

Everyone Says Stay Away From Facebook On First Day Of Trading

I just finished watching Jim Cramer on CNBC tell all of his viewers that they should stay away from buying Facebook stock on the first day of trading, Friday. While his advice makes good sense, in reality - millions of people will be caught up in the excitement of the moment and not be able to control their emotions when Facebook goes public. It's that excitement and lack of control over emotions that causes most retail investors to lose money in the stock market. When I was young, I had to learn how to control my own emotions when it comes to buying stock. While it is hard to do, the very best investors have little to no emotion when it comes to investing. Instead, they find a method of investing that works for them and they stick to it no matter how much hype or 'the sky is falling' news comes their way. Jim Cramer is right when he says that Friday is the wrong day to buy Facebook stock. There will be a time and place when investing in Facebook makes logical sense and that time and place is not Friday during the Facebook IPO.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Will Greece/Spain Cause The Euro To Split Up?

For the most part, finances in the USA are in great shape compared to Europe. For years, the Euro has remained higher as a currency compared to the US dollar. However, in recent months - the Euro has dropped and it appears that a bottom for this troubled currency is nowhere in sight. At the heart of the problem for the Euro are the countries of Greece and Spain who continue to spend more money than they take in. Both nations are liberal in nature, which means that austerity within those governments is a hard thing to accomplish. Over the past couple of months, the US stock market has been able to hold onto gains - even while much of Europe has struggled with recession and ideas to pay their ever increasing debt. After recent elections, the people of Greece have made it clear they do not want anymore cuts in social programs and if that means they leave the Euro Zone, so be it. Time will tell, but right now the long term future of the Euro as a currency does not look promising, but the idea of it dying is something no sane person should wish for.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Three Top Executives At JP Morgan Chase Are Fired

Over the weekend it was learned that three top executives at JP Morgan Chase will be fired from the company as early as this morning. Of course, the company is claiming these three people are resigning, but in reality the difference between being fired and resigning is a simply piece of paper. Not included in that list of folks losing their jobs at JP Morgan Chase is CEO Jamie Dimon. It's common on Wall Street and in politics for the guy or girl at the top of the food chain to keep his or her job, while underlings take the fall when rules are broken or mistakes are made.  While Jamie Dimon is not being fired today, his brand and his future will be in doubt for many years to come. In my view, this trading mistake at JP Morgan Chase will soon fade - if no new allegations of wrong doing are reported. That said, one other US bank (Bank of America) will be hurt more than many other banks - because they have been slow to recover from the 2008 stock market meltdown. I expect requests for interviews and offers of federal government jobs directed toward Jamie Dimon will dry up by the end of this week. Right now, Jamie Dimon is damaged goods.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why Does Wall Street Not Like Mark Zuckerberg? (Facebook CEO)

The powers that be on Wall Street and members of the financial news media that carry their water seem to have a love/hate relationship with Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg? It's not the fact that Zuckerberg is rich and has built one of the most successful companies in the world that causes them to dislike him, but the fact that when his company goes public this Friday - it will be Zuckerberg who will still totally control Facebook and not some big group of stockholders at hedge funds on Wall Street. In a rare IPO, Facebook will sell shares to the public - but there will be no way for those shareholders to ever challenge Zuckerberg as the leader. Basically, if a person or mutual fund buys Facebook stock they are not buying a voice in the company - but instead they're buying into the business intelligence of a single man. Frankly, I have no problem with the way Facebook has set up their IPO - because they should have a right to structure their company in anyway they see fit. The customer who buys their shares starting on Friday, will have full knowledge of how the company is set up and they are in no way obligated or forced to purchase a dime of Facebook stock.

What To Expect When Facebook Goes Public This Week

Conventional wisdom on Wall Street says that when the Facebook IPO begins trading on Friday, shares will likely double or more from the initial price. While this might be true, it's what happens to the price of those shares over the next few weeks and months that will tell if the Facebook IPO was truly successful. If there is a time when the average investor could be hurt the worst buying Facebook shares that would be on the first day of trading. Share available to the general public will be issued throughout the first day of trading in a slow way to make sure the stock price remains high. Or if the price starts going up too fast, the underwriters could flood the market with additional shares all at once to try and slow down the increase. This week could be an interesting one on Wall Street as more bad news comes out of Europe and additional fallout is likely from the $2 billion trading loss at JP Morgan Chase. If US stock markets are in free fall by midweek, Facebook might postpone their IPO until more favorable conditions are present in the future.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Is Jim Cramer Nuts Or Just Crazy Like A Fox?

Hundreds of thousands of people watch a man by the name of Jim Cramer, on CNBC, daily. What is it about this man that causes straight and narrow investment types to love his crazy explanations of what makes the stock market work? Frankly, I don't know the answer to that question - but I find myself watching Jim Cramer on via streaming feeds most late nights. I'm not sure I agree with much of what Cramer preaches to his choir on the CNBC financial channel, but he is certainly entertaining to watch. Back in 2008, Jim Cramer did something most Wall Street prognosticators never do and that is to admit he was wrong about the stock market meltdown of the time. I like people with humility and that is especially true for folks who go on television promoting various stocks or mutual funds. While there will always be some buttoned down folks who will never like or trust people like Jim Cramer, I believe he serves the public interest well with his no holes barred view of companies that make up the United States stock markets.

What Happens To The Stock Market If No QE3 In June?

There is an old saying in the stock market called 'sell in May and go away'. In May of 2012, while all of the major stock averages are down - they have not sold off to the extent they should have considering the amount of bad news that has been reported. The next question is why? In my opinion, it is the US Federal Reserve that has help stock prices stay strong, even in the face of bad news from around the world. Ben Bernanke has made it his mission in life to keep the US economy going right now, at the expense of future generations. In his heart, Bernanke believes what he is doing is right - but there are plenty of people who have studied history that think he is dead wrong. US stock markets will continue to hold steady and/or increase in value until June - when the current easing move by the Federal Reserve expires. However, if June comes and goes and there is not a replacement for the current 'Operation Twist' resembling at new QE3 program - there will likely be a huge drop in the stock market, which will resemble what was seen in late 2008.

Jamie Dimon Has Gone From Hero To Villain Overnight

The President and CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, has gone from being the biggest darling on Wall Street to a villain almost overnight. Until Wednesday, every time the name Jamie Dimon came up in a conversation it usually revolved around how smart he is and how he continues to turn one of Americas largest banks into a cash cow for stockholders. Then the news broke this week that Dimon's company has been buying derivatives and other risky investments via one of its subsidiaries in the UK. My view of Jamie Dimon has not changed, at least not for now. Sadly, the people who are taking the biggest shots at him are the same old tired politicians in Washington that do not have a clue how the free enterprise system works. It may turn out that some really bad things were done on Dimon's watch at JP Morgan Chase, but right now - I think he is correct in his assessment that the company simply made stupid choices and ended up losing at least $2 billion dollars in the process.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Should USA Stock Markets Decouple From Current Problems In Europe?

On most days, I spend several hours watching and listening to CNBC on television. I don't watch this channel for advice on what investments to purchase in the stock market, but instead I enjoy watching something intelligent on TV - rather than the silly political talk on the cable news channels. That said, I have started to get tired of the CNBC anchors and their regular guests always talking about how nice it would be if the USA stock market could somehow decouple from events in Europe. As you may know, Europe is in a recession right now and many of the counties that make up the EU are bankrupt or close to it. In my mind, the USA is doing the exact same things that Europe did before us and if we don't get our fiscal house in order, it will be the rest of the world wanting to decouple from us - instead from Europe. The USA economy and the stock market for that matter are only high right now, because the Federal Reserve is flooding the country with cheap money. No politician or political party is prepared to do what is right in Washington, so the reality we are witnessing in Europe today - will become our own, soon, if we do not change our ways.

First Internet Stock Bought In A Decade - Pandora (P)

On Thursday, I opened a small position in Pandora (P). For me that was a big deal, considering I have not purchased an Internet stock since the NASDAQ melted down over a decade ago. I'm not completely sure why I decided on Pandora as my choice to reenter the Internet marketplace, but I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that many of my friends and myself enjoy listening to this service on our smartphones everyday. If you listen to the so called Wall Street experts, Pandora is a terrible investment using their charts and other crazy methods for picking stocks. However, the only times I really made great investment decisions was when I bought stock in a company that I knew and used on a regular basis. For me, Pandora fits that bill and time will tell if the management really understands how to use their millions of regular customers to monetize the business effectively. Please don't take this post as an encouragement to purchase Pandora stock for yourself. All I am doing is sharing a little piece of what I did on Thursday with the rest of you.

JP Morgan Loses $2 Billion In The Same Type Of Investments That Caused 2008 Stock Market Crash

The CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, announced after the markets closed on Thursday that his company had lost $2 billion in the same types of investments that created the first Wall Street bailout in 2008. Don't these guys ever learn anything? I guess not, because the worst thing that will happen to them when they lose boatloads of money is another government bailout that will leave them in charge to do it all over again. What ever happened to all that new government regulation that was passed by Congress to prevent this from happening again? My guess is that the big money interest on Wall Street are still paying big money to political campaigns who in turn push regulators to look the other way. The powers that be on Wall Street are already trying to down play this event. I remember the same thing happening right before the 2008 stock market meltdown, as well.

Superstar Basketball Star Brittney Griner Suffers Broken Wrist

Baylor Lady Bears basketball star Brittney Griner is known to be a good long board rider, but this week - she found herself on the wrong end of a hard fall. That tumble caused a broken wrist and while her young bones heal, she will be wearing a cast for the next month. It's common for superstars in sports, like Griner, to be very competitive in other aspects of their life as well. Not long ago, there was a story on ESPN that profiled Brittney Griner and her love a riding on the long board. You may watch that story by clicking the link below. With the exception of head coach Kim Mulkey, Brittney Griner has put more butts in the seats at Baylor sports events than anyone else. While Coach Mulkey is highly compensated for her contribution to the financial bottom line of Baylor University, Griner's big payday is still at least one year away. I love watching Griner and her teammates play basketball and I hope she heals quickly.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Facebook IPO May 18 2012 - How To Trade The Stock

One week from Friday, public shares in Facebook (FB) will start trading on Wall Street. Not since Google went public has there been such a great interest from mom and pop investors in a single company. Many experts are afraid that average investors will be taken advantage of on the first day of Facebook trading, because large investors will control the initial activity. To a certain extent I agree with those folks, but I also think there will be some good money made by average investors in Facebook - if they remember to sell as soon as they see a good profit. To me, it's interesting that Facebook starts trading publicly on a Friday. People that don't flip their Facebook shares before the market closes on Friday, will be stuck with them through the weekend while every Tom, Dick and Harry tries to talk the stock down over the weekend. I'm not sure if I will buy shares of Facebook on May 18, 2012. However, if I do decide to put my toe in the water, it will be a pinky and not one of the big ones.

Obama Supports Same Sex Marriage - What Do You Think?

On Wednesday afternoon, President Barack Obama told ABC News that he now supports same sex marriage in the United States. During his first campaign for President, he was against it. According to the President, his opinion on this subject has evolved over the past four years. In my view, it took guts for President Obama to back gay marriage in the USA - because most people are against it. When you add that to the fact he is even at best in the latest polls with expected GOP nominee Mitt Romney, today's decision by President Barack Obama was one that could very well come back and cost him reelection in November. I would like to know what you think about this decision and issue. Toward the bottom of this post there is a comment box where you may be heard on this topic. Comments for this subject and all others are reviewed before they go live. Please, no matter what your opinion is on this subject - try to be civil and not go into an angry tirade against people who do not share your same view.

Anti-Gay Laws Thrive In USA - (Viral Video Update Replay News)

North Carolina is the latest state to say that they do not want gay marriage or civil unions. Watch video below about this topic and how it might effect you in your state.

Facebook IPO To Start Trading On May 18 2012 - (Breaking News Video Replay)

If everything goes according to plan, public shares of Facebook inc. will start trading on May 18, 2012. Watch a replay of video below that will explain what is at stake as this huge company becomes publicly traded.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Latest Developments In Kidnapping Case Of Tennessee Family - (Video Replay)

Some are dead, while other are still missing in the case of the kidnapping of a Tennessee family. Watch replay of ABC News video below.

Will Sarah Palin Be Mitt Romney's VP Choice? - (Video Replay)

To win the US presidential general election in 2012, Mitt Romney must find a running mate that is more conservative then he is. Could the right person for that job be Sarah Palin?

Childrens Book Writer Maurice Sekak Has Died - (Video Replay)

With titles like: 'Where the Wild Things Are', Maurice Sendak became a household name around the world. Watch a tribute to this man in the video box below.

Richard Lugar Of Indiana Falls To Tea Party Candidate - (Video Replay)

Long time US Senator Richard Lugar lost a primary election in Indiana, today. Watch a replay of video below explaining why he lost.

Gay Marriage & Civil Unions Banned In North Carolina - (Video Replay)

The issue of gay marriage and civil unions is a hot topic in America today. In the video box below, was a replay of folks debating this important issue.

Watch Replay Of How Latest Terror Plot Was Prevented - (Video - 05/08/2012 - #terrorplot)

Watch a replay of video below to find out how the CIA and Defense Department prevented a recent act of terrorism against the United States.

Texas Rangers Superstar Josh Hamilton Hits 4 Home Runs In 1 Game - (Video - 05/08/2012 - #joshhamilton)

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers is hot again. Last night, he hit 4 home runs in one game to lead the Rangers to victory. Watch the video below.

Teenagers Hit By Car In Buffalo New York - (Video - 05/09/2012 - #hitbycar)

In the terrifying video below, a car comes out of nowhere and mows down a group of teenagers in Buffalo. One of the kids was taken to the hospital in serious condition and fortunately the driver of the car was arrested.

Will Rick Santorum Become Mitt Romney's VP? - (Video - 05/08/2012 - #romney)

A few weeks ago, most Republicans would have considered the possibility of Rick Santorum becoming Mitt Romney's vice-presidential running mate at near zero. However, now that Santorum has endorsed Romney, I think it is possible that these two opposites will join forces to defeat President Barack Obama in November. Simply put, Mitt Romney does not need a moderate running mate to even out his ticket. He is already a known moderate. What he needs is a conservative on the ticket to make sure the far right shows up to vote for him in November. While it is still unlikely that Santorum will join Romney in November, right now - anything is possible.

New Underwear Bomber Threatened US Airlines - (Video - 05/08/2012 - #underwearbomber)

It was learned yesterday that terrorists again tried to attack a US bound airliner using a suicide underwear bomber. This time, the CIA caught wind of the plot and was able to shut it down before any damage was done or lives lost. Details are still sketchy, but what is known is that this plot was hatched to take place around the one-year-anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. For more information about this foiled terrorist attack, watch a replay from NBC News last night.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Watch Replay Of Cole Hamels Hitting Bryce Harper In The Back With A Baseball (Video - 05/07/2012 - #bryceharper)

Cole Hamels should be thinking twice before he hits another baseball player, like Bryce Harper, in the back. In the replay below, watch video of the pitch that resulted in a 5 game suspension for Hamels in addition to a fine. I don't know if Hamels hit Harper on purpose or not, but considering the throwing ability of all MLB pitchers, the league did the right thing in punishing him.

39-Pound-Cat Named 'Meow' Has Died (Video - 05/07/2012 - #meow)

Last week, millions of Americans fell in love with a severely overweight cat by the name of 'Meow'. Sadly, this cat died over the weekend after suffering respiratory distress. The vets who were taking care of 'Meow' said all along they were in a battle against time to get the cat's weight down before health problems took his life.

Dallas Cowboys Might Have A 55-Year-Old Cheerleader This Season (Video - 05/07/2012 - #dallascowboys)

As a man approaching his mid 50's, I was excited to learn this morning that the Dallas Cowboys are allowing a 55-year-old grandmother to try out as a cheerleader this season. We have all seen the 20 somethings that usually brighten the Cowboys sidelines each year - but the idea of having a nice looking older woman there, as well, is something most folks would welcome. This lady, Sharon Simmons, is in excellent shape and she looks much younger than she is. If you would like to see Simmons in action, watch a video replay from ABC News in the box below.

Is Austerity Dead In France/Greece? (Video - 05/07/2012 - #austerity)

For most people, when they find themselves in financial trouble - the first thing that is recommended by professionals in austerity. That word has become a dirty one in nations like France and Greece where socialism has become a way of life in recent decades. Now that new elections have given rise to a different path toward financial independence in Europe, will the word austerity be replaced by growth in upcoming months?

Francois Hollande Defeats Nicolas Sarkozy In French Election (Video - 05/06/2012 - #francoishollande)

In France on Sunday, the voters made a strong push to the left when the voted Nicolas Sarkozy out of office in a tight election. The winner of the 2012 French presidential election was a socialist by the name of Francois Hollande. To watch coverage of this important election, click the box below.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Watch George Lindsey 'Goober' Interview Later In Life (Video - 05/06/2012 - #georgelindsey)

George Lindsey (Goober Pyle) passed away this weekend. He was a fixture in millions of households during the 60's and 70's on television shows like 'Andy Griffith' and 'Hee Haw'. When someone like George Lindsey dies, it has a profound effect on folks like me who grew up watching he and his brother on those shows 'Gomer Pyle' Jim Nabors. The effect has more to do with the fact I and millions of other folks are on the last part of our life - rather than the beginning. May George Lindsey 'Rest in Peace'.

Movie Avengers Breaks All Box Office Records - Video 05/06/2012 (#avengers)

This weekend, the movie 'Avengers' broke box office records not only in the United States, but around the world. This Marvel movie is on track to be one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Watch the film trailer below.

Watch Video Replay Of RG3 At Redskins Rookie Camp - 05/06/2012 (#rg3)

Former Baylor quarterback RG3 worked out with the rest of the rookies at Redskins camp this weekend. It was learned today, that RG3 will definitely be the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins this season. Watch a video replay of more news about RG3 below.

Black Monday - Stocks To Drop 3% Or More At Open - Video 05/07/2012 (#wallstreet)

Stocks in Asia are in free fall this morning (May 7 2012) as a bad employment report in the United States on Friday preceded elections in Europe over the weekend that put socialist into power. So what does all of this mean for Wall Street Monday morning? At the present time, US stocks are predicted to fall as much as 200 points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the open. The only thing that has been holding stocks up the past month or two has been the US Federal Reserve hinting that they will push even more cheep and easy money into the markets - if the economy continues to slide.

What's Wrong With The F-22 Raptor - 60 Minutes Video 05/06/2012 (#f22raptor)

On Sunday night, the CBS news magazine '60 Minutes' reported about ongoing problems with the F-22 Raptor. In the video below, watch a video replay outlining some of the problems. The US Air Force pays millions of dollar each for these advanced military jets.

Goober Pyle 'George Lindsey' Dead At the Age Of 83 - Video 05/06/2012 (#gooberpyle)

It is with sadness that I report today that George Lindsey has died at the age of 83. We all remember Lindsey as that goofy and loveable character on the Andy Griffith Show named Goober Pyle. Lindsey died in Nashville after a brief illness. To watch a video tribute to him, click the box below.

Mayweather Defeats Cotto In Saturday Night Fight - Video 05/06/2012 (#mayweather)

In a Pay-Per-View (PPV) fight Saturday night, Mayweather beat Cotto. In the end, it was a unanimous decision and not a knock out that lead to his victory, but it was sweet none the less. At the end of the fight, the two boxers hugged, which was more civil than the weight in shortly beforehand. Click the video box below, to watch how these two fighters acted then.

Hundreds of Pelicans Died In Peru - Video 05/06/2012 (#deadbirds)

Several times per year in different parts of the world there are mass bird die-offs. Last week, along the coast of Peru - thousands of pelicans turned up dead on the beaches there. Right now, there is no explanation as to why all of those birds died - but it does concern local citizens. If you would like to watch a video replay of news reports about this story in Peru, click the box below.

What Time Is The Aaron's 499 Race At Talladega Today? Video 05/06/2012 (#aarons499)

One of the biggest races in NASCAR, the 'Aaron's 499', takes place today (May 6 2012) in Talladega. The start time for the race is 12:00 noon EST. Jeff Gordon will be in the pole position at the beginning of the race. Fox-TV will broadcast the race live. To see highlights from last years finish, click the video box below.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Watch Replay Of The Kentucky Derby - Video 05/05/2012 (#kentuckyderby)

When the dust finally settled at Church Hill Downs today, 'I'll Have Another' was the first horse to cross the finish line. Compared to previous years, the 2012 Kentucky Derby was a nail biter till the very end. If you would like to watch a full video replay of the 2012 Kentucky Derby, click the box below.

President Obama Kicks Off His Reelection Bid Today - Video Replay 05/05/2012 (#barackobama)

President Barack Obama kicked off his 2012 reelection bid today with appearances in two states. The 2012 presidential campaign will be one of the dirtiest in American history and by the time November rolls around, all voters will be ready for it to be over. Right now, I don't know if the President will be reelected or not - but I do know that he did not follow through with many of his ideas expressed in the last election and that gives me pause about voting for him again. That said, there is nothing about Mitt Romney that gets me excited. He would say anything to get elected and I have no idea what his core principles are or whether or not he has any. If you would like to watch a video replay of President Obama's speech today, May 5 2012, click the box below.

Adam Yauch Cause Of Death Was Cancer Of The Parotid Gland - Video 05/05/2012 (#mca)

Until yesterday, I thought I had heard of all types of cancer. However, when it was reported that Adam Yauch (MCA) had died from cancer of the parodid gland that was a new one for me. My dad died over 10-years-ago from pancreatic cancer and then I spend a bunch of time on the Internet studying the various kinds of cancer as research for what he was going through. MCA was far too young to die from anything, including cancer. That said, cancer takes the lives of people of all ages and it's sad that a cure for this killer has not been found yet. I pray that the death of Yauch leads to even more cancer research and that his death will lead even more scientist and researchers to push forward in the search for a cure.

Family Of Junior Seau Okays Doctors Request To Examine His Brain - Video 05/05/2012 (#juniorseau)

It was a sad week for millions of NFL fans when the news that Junior Seau's had committed suicide was confirmed by the medical examiner. I believe, that years of hard hits to his head while playing football and possible brain damage lead to Seau becoming depressed and that depression lead to him taking his own life. Junior Seau's family has agreed to allow doctors to examine his brain to look for evidence that damage was present there. May Junior rest in peace and may the NFL become less of a violent sport in the future.

More Disgusting Testimony Friday In John Edwards Trial - Video 05/05/2012 (#johnedwards)

If there is a more vial and disgusting man in American than John Edwards, I don't know who it would be. As his trial continues, the number of lies this one man was willing to tell to keep his affair secret and still run for the highest office in the land is astounding. John Edwards could have been elected the President of the United States and just image what our country would be going through now if he, rather than Barack Obama, was living in the White House. There was new and even more disgusting testimony in his trial Friday, which you may watch in the video box below.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Colombian Prostitute Dania Londono Suarez Talk Show Appearance - Video 05/04/2012 (#daniasuzrez)

The woman at the heart of the Secret Service scandal, Dania Suarez, recently took to the airwaves in a call in radio show in Columbia. If you would like to watch a video replay of what she had to say, click the box below.

Should Patricia Krentcil (Tanning Mom) Lose Custody Of Kids? Video Report 05/04/2012 (#tanningmom)

By now, you have certainly heard about a lady called the 'tanning mom' (Patricia Krentcil). For the past week, almost every daytime talk show has discussed the allegations against her of subjecting her young daughter to a tanning booth. Watch a video replay of a discussion about this subject in the box below.

Beastie Boys Singer Adam Yauch Dies From Cancer / Watch Video Tribute 05/04/2012 (#adamyauch)

It is with sadness that I report today, May 4 2012, that Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys) has passed away after cancer ravaged his body. If you would like to watch a video replay tribute to Yauch and the Beastie Boys, click the box below.

Chris Harrison/Gwen Jones Separate - 'Bachelor' TV Host 05/04/2012 (#chrisharrison)

Chris Harrison and Gwen Jones have separated and are expected to divorce, soon. You might know Harrison from his job hosting the popular TV show 'The Bachelor'. According to Hollywood sources, Harrison and Jones separated weeks ago. If you would like to watch a video replay about their separation and likely divorce, click the video box below.

Facebook IPO Will Make CEO One Of The Richest People In The World 05/04/2012 (#facebook)

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg will become one of the richest men in the world when his company goes public later this month. At first glance, Zuckerberg looks like any young man you might meet as a student at a university. If you would like to watch a video replay explaining exactly how much money Mark Zuckerberg will be worth when Facebook goes public, click the box below.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of Junior Seau's Mom Talking To Reporters Wednesday 05/03/2012 (#juniorseau)

In one of the saddest moment I've seen on television, Junior Seau's mother talked to reporters shortly after learning that her son had committed suicide. I was brought to tears listening to this poor woman. If you would like to watch a video replay of Junior Seau's mother's comments, click the box below.

Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng Released / Video Replay Update 05/03/2012 (#guangcheng)

Maybe I am just jaded about the Chinese government, but when Chen Guangcheng was released from the US Embassy and set free in China yesterday - I worried that this man might be imprisoned again or even killed at the first good opportunity. While China puts on a good front for the world media, in reality - old communists still run the country and brave men like Guangcheng are not their favorite kinds of citizens. Watch a video replay of more news about this breaking news story by clicking the box below.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of How Brain Injury Might Have Caused Junior Seau's Suicide 05/02/2012 (#juniorseau)

For several years now, the NFL has been trying to prevent new brain injuries from happening to current players. That said, there are a bunch of older players who were hurt years before these new rules went into place. Today, May 2 2012, Junior Seau apparently committed suicide at the age of 43. Now NFL leaders and fans from across the world are wondering if a brain injury caused Seau to become depressed and if that depression lead to his suicide? If you would like to learn more about brain injury in the NFL, watch the video below.

A Painting Called 'The Scream' Sold For $120 Million Today 05/02/2012 (#thescream)

In recent years, the best investment by far around the world has been fine art. On Wednesday, a painting called 'The Scream' sold for almost $120 million dollars. In the video replay below, find out more about this expensive piece of art.

Watch Replay Of Helicopter Video / Junior Seau's Home 05/02/2012 (#juniorseau)

Earlier today, May 2 2012, former San Diego Chargers linebacker Junior Seau allegedly committed suicide at his home in the LA area. NFL fans from around the world were shocked to here the news. In the video box below, you may watch a replay of live helicopter video filmed over the home of the late Junior Seau on Wednesday morning.

Some Think Junior Seau's Death Could Be Murder Not Suicide 05/02/2012 (#seau)

It's not that unusual for folks to think a suicide must be murder when someone young and so full of life like, Junior Seau dies. Today, after I wrote a blog post about Seau dying from what was being reported as a suicide, I started getting email that police should check out his girl friend as a possible murder suspect. I'm sure the police department will check out all aspects of his death, but one thing I have learned from the suicides of friends in the past. Hardly anyone saw it coming.

Did Head Injury Lead To Junior Seau's Depression? Watch Video Replay Of NFL Testimony 05/02/2012 (#seau)

It is not breaking news that head injuries are a major problem in the NFL. In fact, the league is working hard to reduce it. After Junior Seau's suicide today, I wonder if a head injury caused him to become depressed and that depression lead to his suicide? Watch a video replay of what the NFL is doing to reduce head injuries to players in the box below.

Former Chargers Player Junior Seau's Commits Suicide / Watch Video Replay Of His NFL Career 05/02/2012 (#juniorseau)

Reportedly, former San Diego Chargers player Junior Seau committed suicide this morning (May 2 2012). If you would like to watch a video replay highlighting his NFL career, click the box below.

Massive Fire At Tyler Perry's Movie Studios / Watch Video Replay 05/02/2012 (#tylerperry)

Tuesday night, there was a massive fire at the movie studios of Tyler Perry. If you would like to watch a video replay from the scene, click the box below.

As The Kentucky Derby Nears / Watch Video Replay Of Secretariat's Win In 1973 - 05/02/2012 (#secretariat)

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend. As we all prepare to watch this race again, I thought it was time to watch the last great horse who won the triple crown starting at the derby. Click the video box below to watch a replay of Secretariat's giant victory at the Kentucky Derby.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Watch Video Replay Of How To Prepare Delicious Food For Cinco De Mayo 05/01/2012 (#cincodemayo)

Besides the cool Mexican beer, the thing I like best about Cinco De Mayo is the food. If you are looking for some good food ideas for this special holiday, click the video box below.

Watch Video Replay Of President Obama's Speech From Afghanistan (#obamaspeech) 05/01/2012

President Barack Obama gave a speech from Afghanistan tonight May 1, 2012. If you would like to watch a video replay of what he had to say, click the box below.

Watch Video Replay Of Latest News In Isabel Celis Missing Child Case (#isabelcelis) 05/01/2012

Today, May 01 2012, there are new leads in the missing child case of Isabel Celis. If you would like to watch a video replay of the latest news in this case, click the box below.

Watch Video Replay Of Freedom Tower Becoming The Tallest Building In NYC 4/30/2012 (#freedomtower)

On Monday, the new 'Freedom Tower' became the tallest building in New York City. There was a lot of emotion surrounding this massive achievement. If you would like to watch a replay of video from Monday - click the box below.

Watch Video Replay About Octomom Declaring Bankruptcy 4/30/2012 (#octomom)

Apparently, Octomom has decided to declare bankruptcy. She has been having financial problems for many months now. If you would like to watch a replay of video about this story, click the box below.

Watch Video Replay Of May Day Violence In Years Past (#mayday)

Today is 'May Day', 2012. In years past, there has been violence on this day that was set up to honor people around the world. If you would like to watch a video replay of some of the anarchy of years past, click the box below.

Watch Video Replay Of Jordan Hill's Comments About Assault Charges 4/30/2012 (#jordanhill)

LA Lakers star Jordan Hill has been charged with assault on his girl friend in Houston, Texas. If you would like to watch a video replay of Hill's response to these charges, click the box below.

Watch Video Replay About Amare Stoudemire's Injury 4/30/2012 (#amarestoudemire)

After the New York Knicks loss last night, Amare Stoudemire reportedly injured his hand in the locker room. To watch a video replay of news about this story, click the box below.