Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cowboys/Seahawks Game A Total Blowout

It was a long Sunday afternoon for Dallas Cowboys fans as the Seattle Seahawks soundly defeated them. Only 10 days after the Cowboys started the 2012 season with a hard fought victory over the New York Giants, this afternoon fans saw their smiles from week one quickly vanishing into a sea of gloom.

So what should we expect from the Dallas Cowboys in 2012? Will their excellent play in week one prevail for the balance of the season or will they fall apart and end this season like so many others over the past decade? There are two major problems with the Dallas Cowboys, the first one is unsolvable - but the other one could be fixed if the team wish to do so.

The biggest challenge facing the Dallas Cowboys in 2012 is the same problem the team has had since Jimmy Johnson was fired. That problem is owner Jerry Jones. It became clear soon after the Cowboys became yearly champions in the mid-1990's that Jerry Jones' ego was too fragile for him to hire a great coach to take the Cowboys back to the Superbowl. The one person who needs to be fired the most from the Cowboys organization is the only person who cannot be fire, owner Jerry Jones.

The second problem is Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. He can and should be fired so the team can hire a real leader for the future. While there are moments of pure genius in Romo's play, when the going gets tough - he often times does not rise to the challenge facing the team. While replacing Romo would help the Cowboys in future years, as long as Jerry Jones owns the team - Superbowl's will likely be only something the Dallas Cowboys use to win.

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